Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pros and Cons

I am growing weary of pointing out the glaring holes in the logic that Pink Truth calls truth.

I started this site, and still have as a major goal, to create a vivid and accurate picture of what someone should expect from the Mary Kay experience.

Secondary to that is the goal of listing advice and where to find advice to succeed.

Well below both of these is exposing the scam called Pink Truth.

In light of that, I request the following from you my readers:

Please provide a list of Pros and Cons in getting involved with Mary Kay.

If you only have Cons, you don't have to make up Pros! And vice versa.

Speak from your own experience as this will be the only thing you are qualified to speak authoritatively about. In other words, don't say, "my director is making $1M every year". Or "every director pressures you to buy inventory you don't need"

You can talk about what you liked, why you liked it, what you like about the product, what you hated, why you hated it... pretty much anything that you felt/feel about your experience with Mary Kay.

Go crazy, get detailed, whatever! This post will be saved as a link at the bottom of the page, so if you want to take some time to compose "all your thoughts", take as long as you need, it will be there for you when you are ready.


  1. Pros and Cons of MK. I guess I will start with the pros. It's always nice to start on a positive note. The day I met my director to be she told me how smart I was, how sharp, how I would be GREAT at doing what she was doing. She knew I was good with people, she could just feel it! She told me things only my mother had said (and moms are a little biased). I didn't believe her. She didn't know me. But it was sure nice having someone sing your praises. And I was smart. And sharp. And before that second child came along I could hold my own in the looks department! So the praise was nice. The time out of the house for meetings was nice, too. Being home all day with the kids makes for a long day. So being able to put on lipstick knowing it won't get kissed off by a messy two year old and being able to wear a white shirt with out thinking how long it was gonna stay white was nice, too.

    Now the cons. I felt I was lied to. My director told me the training was free. The first time I showed up at a meeting was before I signed up and no one mentioned a fee for the room. My first meeting after signing up, I was asked to pay $5. (Some times it was $2, depending on how many people were expected to show up.) I asked my director about it and she told me that yes, the training was free, the room was not. I felt deceived. $5 a week was going to add up, especially since my meeting was a half hour away. I refused to pay it. We did have free conferences with our national - at 11 p.m. at night! I had one small child and another on the way, that time slot was not an option for me. I did fork over the money for career conference. I did not feel that I got much training. There was a lot of motivation, but little how to. The women would shriek from the potiem "Book, book, book!" Ok, how? I wanted examples. And for the amount of time we spent in that room I don't feel we got much in the way of training. Much less the pizza party - that we had to pay for - after with our national. I felt it was a waste of time. I, personally, didn't need to be motivated. I needed to be trained.

    The God first mantra bugged me, too. I personally do not feel God has much to do with business. How are we enriching women? By teaching them make up tricks? Helping them make their skin better? There are other ways to get self esteem. I didn't like the prayers at the meetings. It's like sports players praying to win. Just didn't sit right with me. I don't think MK is on His agenda.

    1. I personally think Kitsy Lane is a great direct selling company. It’s unique and different because its not the typical place to invite your friends to buy jewelry. It’s more integrated as well because your friends and family can make their own boutique with jewelry pieces that they want to show others. Plus the commissions are great!

      Such a fun and easy way to shop and sell jewelry and become that funky boutique owner you never had time for ☺! If you’re interested in joining, use my referral link to join: http://bit.ly/10qduDf

  2. Pros... I love the product and the ability to work when I want and if I don't want then I don't. I love the training classes, and yes Judi ours are FREE! I like the fact that I am in control of how much or little my business does. I like the possibilites. I Love the Lord my God and yes He plays a rule in all of the things in my life. I love the fact that yes we can pray before, during and after a meeting. I put the Lord my God in like I said all aspects of my life because without HIM I have nothing.

    I don't have any cons. I like this business, what I don't like is the people that are trying to tear it down. I don't like the fact that they lie against this business.

    Well, I guess one con and this is with anything that you want to achieve in life is the short term scarifices for the long term results.

    Judi, GOD has everything to do with everything. HE is in all that goes on. We have become a nation that doesn't want GOD in anything I personally want HIM in everything, I was this way before MK and I will be this way always.

    1. Very well stated!! I could not have said it better. God Bless you Bren!!!!

    2. I understand you believe in God, I also believe in God but some people (like myself) believe that praying is very personal. Judi was not saying she does not give praise to God or that he does not have anything to do with anything. There was no reason to attack in that matter. Since you are trying very hard to build up the MK business, you should not attack because you left on a very sour note. This in return reflects negatively on MK.

    3. I agree with Jessica-
      Bren, hug your beliefs hold them tight to you but also respect that others either want to keep their beliefs personal and private or have different beliefs then you... Faith, Family, Career helps us expand and holds us true to our own lives and businesses. If you meant God has everything to do with everything FOR YOU... that's wonderful. Judi was not tearing down the company but sharing her experiences which should be applauded and I do.
      Judi it takes alot to share your feelings and run the risk that some will react out of emotion of defense instead of just sharing their own experiences. I applaud you. And Jessica I applaud you for standing up and defending Judi and sharing with Bren.
      the post did feel like more of an attack and did leave a sour taste in my mouth. One of the reasons I joined Mary Kay was because of the acceptance of the differences I've seen come from the company. That includes the acceptance in beliefs or religions without being shut out or feeling like an outsider. I've talked to a few people who don't like to be prayed over. I personally don't mind but my friend told me she would not attend anymore big events because it made her feel uncomfortable.
      Mary Kay is about inclusion not judgement.

    4. This is amazing I am interested in signing up and putting God first was what caught my eye. God has everything to do with a decision like this.

    5. Bren yes you are absolutely right we are especially in this last hour suppose to put God in everything including our careers. Satan I come against you influencing others on let's make peace by using compromise. That's not God's word. Compromise that's the problem with America today we have allowed Satan and our flesh to invite compromise to fit the world's wants. Now getting back to this business. God says to seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and All these things will be added unto you. As long as we follow Christ in everything we do He will bless us. Greater is He that is in me then he who is in this world!!!

    6. I completely agree with Bren!!

  3. I do not feel that God is not in our lives. I do feel that way. I do pray. I just do not pray to sell something. I do not pray for money. I do not pray for recognition. I do not feel that God is in everything. I certainly don't feel He is responsible for all the bad things going on in the world. I do not feel like He lead me to MK.

    I do know that the bible tells us that if we are living as we should God will not abandon us. He will provide for us just as he does the lilies of the field, the birds of the heavens and the fish of the sea.

    I am not going to write too much about this since it is such a personal matter. In my opinion, God does not belong at the MK weekly meetings. The weekly meetings should be for training, no worship. I think it is disrespectful to pray for bookings. We are teaching skin care and make up application, not bible study.

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    2. Dear JUDI, you must use money expenses to start a business..There is no such thing we can get free for our business. MK is about ur small business. me myself invest for about RM 4000 (USD 1,176) approximately to buy enough skincare n cosmetics as sample/ trial for my prospects customer. It is not include with money expenses on car oil,MK stock, sample, food etc..But i really enjoy to use this product. It change my face a lot, it makes my face looks healthier that before. Before this i'm look as a sick women with pale face and black spots..

  4. Religion is a touchy subject. I think business is business and religion is personal. The two are best kept separate otherwise feelings get hurt and/or arguments arise. I've heard there are two things you shouldn't debate and those are religion and politics. Why? Because people feel strongly about their beliefs on both and if they feel differing beliefs are being pushed upon them; they are going to get defensive.

    That's my very general, simplistic take on the religion and business view. I wrote a post about it awhile back, but never published it on my blog. I'm not sure I want to go there with that debate. But, I may get bold one of these days...

    I'm still working on my pros and cons. ;)

  5. Pros for me are:
    I love the product. I have made many friends with this business. I learned about the proper way to approach skin care and the proper way to apply makeup. I really enjoy selling the product. I like how you can go to a meeting and come away energized. I like the praise you get just for trying. I love that I can have classes or facials in my home if I want to. I love that if I need a few extra dollars I can get reorders in a few hours or minutes if I need to or have a few classes. Mary Kay has given me a level of confidence I did not really have before, like speaking in front of people.
    I like that even if i dont recruit I can still make extra money. I like that I get my products from corporate and not from the person that recruited me like some direct sellers do. I also like that no matter where I live or what is going on in my life i can always do this business. Even if I step away from it for awhile, I can always take it back up again with minimal effort compared to other business ventures. I like that the only real obstacle in this business is my own attitude.

    I am not crazy about the star consultant prizes lately (not sure if that is really a con or not but oh well).
    Also I wish there was some way that MK could police what directors do more often.
    I dont like the frontloading that some directors do.

    1. What is frontloading? I'm a new consultant and there's things going on that I don't understand, but I never get a straight answer.

    2. Priscilla- frontloading as i understand it is ordering alot of inventory before you've even made customers. this has been a problem that i've read alot about. I still consider myself new, joined in Oct2012, and as i understand alot of ex-consultants were most upset about this. they bought alot of inventory in the beginning and when they started getting customers they found that customers wanted different products. Some took out loans either from encouragement of directors or over excitement and later found themselves in debt. I like doing research before jumping in, which is how i found this site.

    3. I've been a consultant for 5 years I decided it wasn't right for me to but inventory when I first started and I always tell my team to not feel like they have to. I just recently purchased inventory because I have a big customer base now and I know what's on my shelves I will use. I reccommend waiting on inventory!


    4. if you cannot sell inventory, the buyback is 90%

    5. Is the buyback only for the first year?

  6. I was sent here to voice my pros and cons on Mary Kay....as a customer I find Mary Kays method of payment very bad, they leave it wide open for the consumer to get ripped off by a dishonest consultant, which if by Friday I do not hear anything from the girl I just purchased Mary Kay from at a party that is now going into its 3rd week since it was held,... is the boat I will be in...I think Mary Kay should step in when that happens and either refund or send the people there orders themselves, it is a "christian" buisness, so they should have a Christ like attitude, I was told that was not important, that customers are dishonest as well, so being a "christian" buisness should not come into play, well I say investigate me, check me out, I have nothing to hide, I paid with my check that has already gone through the bank, but I still have no Mary Kay, and if the consultant is dishonest check them out as well, investigate them, it will all come out in the wash, then we will see who is being the dishonest one!!! I will never order from Mary Kay again, and I am seriously thinking about calling a news station to see what can be done about this pratice...at least when I go to Dillards, Sears, or Walmart, I get my product the moment I pay for it, and I can take it back and get a refund if need be...I am not left at the will of sone individual I do not even know!!! with Mary Kay your just screwed.

    1. This comment makes me want to purchase an inventory should I decide to sell MK! LOLL!!

    2. I am becoming a consultant today. I too will be buying inventory

  7. American Woman, with all due respect, being "Christ like" does not equate giving the customer everything they want just because they want it. Being "Christ like" is being sympathetic and treating the customer as oneself would want to be treated in that situation. That is what Mary Kay's Golden Rule Philosophy is all about. Incidentally, MK is not the only company that follows this philosophy.
    There is dishonesty on both sides of the spectrum. The company must address this fairly when approached from both sides. If they gave you a bad attitude while giving you information you may not want to hear, then, that is not "Christ like." If they gave you an explanation, treated you with respect, and answered your questions, and you didn't feel insulted at the end of the conversation, then, I'd have to say they behaved as "Christians."
    This is exactly why I think the religion aspect gets out of hand in MK. They are a business, not a church. They have Christian values in how they run their business, but it's still a business.

  8. American Woman, what do you mean by you were "sent here"? By whom? How did you even find this blog?

  9. Wondering, I referred someone here earlier today. Based on the situation described in American Woman's post, I think she was referred by me. She had some questions that I thought could be better answered by some of the directors here. ;) No harm intended.

  10. American Woman: May I asked if you asked the hostess if they consultant has been in touch with her in regards to the time and date of the delivery of your order. (There is a chance that the consultant left your order at the hostess's house and with the holiday's, the hostess has neglected to contact you)

    If you already did this, did you call the consultant and ask here when you were going to get it - that you feel you have waited long enough? Maybe she has tried to reach you to make arrangements to deliver and hasn't been able to reach you (holiday's you know)

    and if you have no luck with either of these. You are always welcome to call the company, Here let me help 1-800- mar ykay and
    explain the situation to them and I assure you they will make things right for you.

    It is possible you may have met a dishonest consultant but until you find out if maybe your products are ready to deliver - do you think it is just a tad unfair calling and entire company and all of its independent consultants, bad.

    If you end up with something from MK you are always welcome to exchange it or get a refund. As far as waiting once paid. You just proved why Mary Kay says it is wise to have inventory. (If you post on PT, I would not use this complaint because -they think waiting is just fine) And I did order a pair of earings from Premier Jewlers, about 4 weeks ago, gee.... I am still waiting, but I don't think the girl is dishonest.

    If you like Mary Kay but not the service of the consultant you are using than you have the right to find a consultant that will service your needs appropriately.
    In my opinion, it would be your loss giving up a great product because of what MAY be just a matter of timing.

    Hope you get it straightened out soon, or please do call Mary Kay for them to assist you. You will be surprised at how wonderful our company is!!

    Happy New Year!!

  11. American Woman, if you are the person who sent me the email a few days ago, why did you not just copy and paste your email into this thread? You were very vague and made accusations rather than stating the clear facts as you did in your email. Had you done this, MK4ME (and others) would be able to give you some sound advice.

  12. i wonder if American Woman ever got her product.

    If you did recieve your products American Woman, please let us know

    If not, then please know that not all consultants behave this way. I would never take money from a customer and not deliver, and if it takes a while I will always call that customer and let them know how much longer it will be. I feel that it is just plain old curtosy to keep a customer posted when an order takes a long time.

    One time my order got mixed up with UPS and it never came, so I had to call the company and have it shipped again. I had to let my customers know what had happened.

    There have also been times when I have tried to deliver product to people and you just cant reach them.

    You never know what the reason could be.

    This is the very reason why it pays to have some inventory on hand. But if you dont, then you should always let the cusotmer know that it may be a few weeks before their order arrives. After all, when ordering anything from the tv or internet, you pay first and then wait for you products, they always say allow 4-6 weeks for delivery and no one has a problem with this method.

    All I am saying is that we should always keep our customers abreast of when their order is arriving. That is just good customer service. Maybe that is why I have had many of the same customers for over 10 years.

  13. Pros, and Cons, Yes, I can get to those later. But I want to say to Judi, I am sorry you didn't feel like you got the training you needed. Let me tell you, some units train better than others, and I am sorry you didn't get what you needed.

    I am also sorry that you don't really understand the company. This is a relationship building business and we enrich women's lives, not by teaching them make-up, but by helping them feel better about themselves. By helping them start their own business, so they can improve their situation. And God has a lot to do with it. You sure would pray to God to sell a lipstick if your grocery bill depended on it.

  14. Hi Stephanie,

    Welcome and thanks for stopping by!

  15. PROS:
    *Whenever I ask my director for training on a certain topic, I get it.
    *The product is great and really does "sell itself" (thank goodness).
    *The flip chart makes it easy to start.
    *Your income reflects your effort. When I worked extra hours grading papers or holding parent conferences, my teaching paycheck wasn't any higher.
    *The training is superb, and a lot of it is free on InTouch (I didn't know a thing about skin care or makeup when I started, and now I have a stunning makeover portfolio and feel like an expert).
    *The company's executives are very available, and it's easy to get questions answered by a real live person.
    *I get to feel, sound, and look like a professional, even though I'm a WAHM.
    *I hate mornings, and now my son is my alarm every morning. :D
    *Shockingly, my self-esteem has gone way up.
    *It's an excuse to leave the house looking nice.
    *The extra $2,000 I got in tax refunds last year.
    *After spending so much time around "co-workers" who actually don't stab you in the back, I'm less cynical than I used to be.

    *When I don't do anything for a long time, I don't get paid very much. (sigh)
    *Rejection takes a long time to get used to.
    *You have to deal with people flaking out of appointments. (grrr)
    *I don't feel free to leave the house without looking nice — even to go to the playground.
    *I kept putting things on my "Mary Kay only" credit card, instead of cutting it up and using profits to pay off my initial inventory investment like my director suggested.
    *Getting used to the happy-rah-rah took a little time.
    *Not all consultants or directors live up to the Mary Kay image.

    Any of these "cons" could happen in other jobs as well (except maybe looking nice), so it's not like they're reasons not to do MK. Plus most of them are self-imposed anyway (like being lazy, not doing things in the time-tested way, etc.).

    Following up on the training issue, we are also asked to pay $5 each week for room rental. However, my director said that if any of us had a problem coming up with it, to let her know (which I have done in the past). Also, the amount and quality of training can vary even in one area as the area's directors grow. I've found with several ex-consultants in the area that they were just given CDs and materials but not walked through them, whereas I got to participate in four new consultant training sessions that were very beneficial and answered all my newbie questions. Plus, most of the seasoned consultants in my area are very helpful and don't mind questions at all (even if you're not in their unit). In addition, talking to your director, using InTouch, and reviewing the materials in your starter kit are always free.

    1. Love this, this has been my experience so far for most of this.

  16. I feel like I need to speak to Judi's questions: "How are we enriching women? By teaching them make up tricks? Helping them make their skin better? There are other ways to get self esteem."
    Yes, there are many ways to get self-esteem. Unfortunately, we live in an appearances-driven society, and most women think less of themselves at least in some small way because of a perceived appearance flaw. If I can help a woman find some measure of self-esteem through MK, I'll do it! I'm not going to tell her, "Hey, I know that this would make you feel better, but why don't you go find your self-esteem from a more traditional source?"

    The first time it actually got through to me that this really was about enriching others (not just "selling lipstick") was when a thirteen year-old told me how she was teased at middle school every day because of her genetically-dark undereye circles. A week after my appointment with her and her mother, her mother called me and told me how her daughter was so thrilled that she now kept her Facial Highlighting Pen in her jeans pocket — and that she didn't get teased anymore. It blew me away that something as simple as a little MK could make a difference in someone's life. Up until then, I'd thought it was just rhetoric.

    What I've found myself praying for before every appointment is that I can focus on my customers and their enrichment, not in trying to sell as much as I can. It's hard to get out of that mindset, living in such a commercial world. Do I pray that God will grant me favor when I sit down to call for bookings? Yes — but I don't pray and then sit there and hope customers call me to book.

    We don't pray at our meetings, which I think is a good thing. Religion and faith are very personal, and people practice it in different ways (even among Christians). We share an "inspiration" at the end of each meeting, but it's very rarely a Scripture (and it's never about religion). I won't get into our (Christians') obligation to share "the Good News," because I think the company philosophy involves putting God first in your personal priorities and in the practice of your MK business — not necessarily the content of what you share through your business. I'm sorry your meeting wasn't inclusive for you!

    Just in case it matters to anyone, I've been building my business for just under two years (including a 6mo maternity leave). I don't currently have any team members.

  17. PROS:
    ~Great products! Mary Kay skin care was the first line of products that didn't irritate my skin.
    ~I've been able to overcome my shyness.
    ~Friendships. I've built many new friendships due to my involvement in Mary Kay.
    ~Confidence. I've become more confident in myself.
    ~Support system. I cannot believe the amount of support MK women have for one another. It is not only evidenced in every day interactions with people I see at meetings, but even here in blogworld. ;)
    ~Flexibility. I can work when I feel like it. If life happens, I can take off without a guilt trip from a superior.
    ~Unlimited potential. The potential to excel is a great motivator.

    ~If I'm not feeling successful, I can't blame anyone but myself.
    ~Self discipline can be difficult! It's a challenge to motivate myself to just get on the phone sometimes.
    ~Sometimes it's hard to be "on."

    I don't have many cons. I really love being a part of Mary Kay and representing the company and its products.

  18. I just want to thank all the people who put their comments and thoughts about Mary Kay onto this blog. I'm considering becoming a Mary Kay Consultant and am finding these conversations very helpful in my decisions.

  19. Pro’s and Con’s to the MK business
    ~Pros to MK~
    ~50% off discount! (That was enough to get me to join!)
    ~It's Fun! I love learning and teaching about Make up and Skin Care.
    ~Personal Growth~ I have learned so many Life lessons and gain a lot of self esteem
    ~The Girlfriends! I have gained so many friends in the 3 years I've been in. Not just sister consultants but my customers have become my friends too! I never thought I could be around so many women at one time without being jealous or catty.
    ~The Fulfillment I'm a people pleaser. It’s great recommending products that I love that will also fill other peoples need. Helping women look and feel beautiful is the best feeling!
    ~Flexibility~ I can do this business a little or a lot or anywhere in between. I can adjust it to my life style from month to month if I want or need to. I love that there are no requirements, quotas or territories.

    ~The Cons~
    ~Financial Management I have learned you have to be extremely careful just how much you invest in inventory and manage the money from your sales to keep out of debt. It is easy to impulse buy inventory (not just initially but every month) and even sales aides/office materials. Being disciplined with the management of the money is not always easy but can be learned.
    ~Getting too caught up in the "fluff"~ MK is very inspirational and motivational, which is good but sometimes can lead to misplaced expectations. I have learned to keep it real and not to dismiss common sense, especially in the hype of the moment.

    Overall, MK is a wonderful company to work with and a great opportunity. As with any business, you get out of it what you put into it. If you follow the basic principles taught by Mary Kay Ash along with proper money management, Mary Kay is a truly wonderful experience.

    1. Thank you for this post. It has been very helpful to me as I consider my options.

  20. I hate the idea of wearing a suit even one with a skirt I enjoy mary kay i just started and do not have to wear a suit yet... id rather be the submissive house wife ( to an extent) I am only 23 yet i am a bit old fashioned I do not want to climb the corporate ladder and be ahead in the "mans" world and i think mary kay is a good opportunity to make some extra money and for networking and its fun to make people feel so good.. I like to wear nice dresses and fell that I can be just as successful in one as in a suit.. i like in SD people here are mostly farmers and only the men wear suits ( unless they are mary kay women) I feel it will hold me back from moving up because im all for equal rights for women ( God bless the women of the 1920's) also id feel very uncomfortable in a suit and i think it would hurt my confidence the whole corporate look is not for me... id rather be in a pretty dress, bare foot and pregnant,and backing cookies! after all who is better at taking care of the home! power to the women men would be lost without us!

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  22. another con

    i had never used mary kay products before but the skin care makes me break out.. director told me not to switch i am using time wise 3-1 combination the hotline said to use the soap but switch to the normal to dry moisturizer since it sounded like the combination was drying me out to much causing my skin to over compensated making me oily...
    she gave me blemish control mask that dryed me out alot ive never had such bad skin... and the lipstick smears a problem ive never had but then i usually use covergirl... and the mascara runs like crazy...

    according to other consultants im doing everything correctly

    im starting to find it had to be excited about a product that doesn't really work all that well

  23. Dear Pinballfreak2001-

    First, it doesn't sound like the best info you could be getting, I would call Medical relations, tell them what is going on and take there suggestions.

    (1-800-545-4347 - Option 7)

    Without any more information and with you only being 23, you may even just want to use Velocity skin care line.

    Secondly, if you are having trouble with mascara, if you are not using the lash lengthening, try that instead of the ultimate.

    (And until you get further up, there is nothing wrong with a nice dress - probably barefoot isn't so good but cute strappy shoes) are fine.

    Welcome to Balance MK!

  24. pbf2001 - if the lipstick is smearing - the only time when I have had this happen is when someone is putting it on too thick, try using less.

  25. pinball, I had a client whose skin dried out so severely from the 3in1 bar she turned into a snowflake. My experience is that the 3in1 bar is incredibly drying. Like squeaky clean. Use just the 3in1 cleaner and depending on your skin type, you can use the intense moisturizing cream or oil-free hydrating gel until you get things under control. These products are really nice. I live in a very severe climate and people have very dry skin or dry spots. They always raved about both of these. Once things are under control, switch to the moisturizer. Don't do anything to aggravate your skin, like a microdermabrasion, for a long while. Keep it simple. If you absolutely must exfoliate, use baking soda and water only once a week and be very, very gentle.

  26. Greetings!,
    I accept your invitation to list Pros & Cons of life as a Mary Kay Consultant. My experience in MK lasted about a year. I offer my own personal story and associated emotions. I promise to be totally honest about what happened to me.

    1) The Products. I loved the TimeWise Line. I was a faithful customer for years.
    2) The 50% product discount, one of the main reasons I became a consultant.
    3) The girl time. I really enjoyed the sisterhood with my best friend. We signed up together.
    4) The bling. I was excited about the jewelry.
    5) The dream of owning my own business and someday quitting my day job.
    6) FUN ! I had a lot of fun. It was cool trying new stuff and showing it off.

    1) My sales director. This is my #1 issue. She's very persuasive. I allowed her convince me to do things I knew in my heart were not good for me. I know people will say "No one held a gun to your head" which is true, it doesn't mean I wasn't pressured. I believed the things she told me because I wanted to be successful. She knew I had good credit and spent 90 high pressure minutes persuading me to start with a Diamond level Store ($3600). I had no intention of spending that much. But she kept on me about selling from an empty wagon, arena seating at seminar, etc. I remember saying to her "What if I don't want to go to Seminar?" She actually laughed at me and said "You silly girl". WTF?? I am a grown woman, not a child. It still ticks me off when I think about it. It was the ultimate pressure situation and she wore me down until I gave her my credit card # so she could place my first order for me. It was the last day of the month and my guess is she was trying to meet production to avoid a copay on her MK car. Enough. You get the idea. I am sure not all directors are this way, but I certainly saw many others with the same mentality.
    2) Everything and I mean EVERYTHING cost money. Unit Meetings, Muffins & Makeovers, Seminar, Fall Retreat. I spent over $1300 on airfare and hotels for 2 events, $9000 in inventory not to mention SCC supplies, section 2 items, upfront state sales tax, shipping, postage, etc. Lots of cash, unfortunately not enough sales to cover the expenses. Enough said. You can say I didn't work hard enough, but that's just not true. I poured my heart & soul into this endeavor. I worked just as hard doing MK as I did in my FT day job. I still didn't make $$.
    3) Deceptive Recruitment Practices. For instance, Only $100 to start your own business, no quotas, product sells itself. I found all of those statements to be untrue. True the starter kit was $100 plus tax & shipping. But you need to place a minimum $200 wholesale order to get the 50% discount, and a $600 dollar wholesale order to become active. After that you need to place a minimum $200 wholesale order within the next 3 months (and every 3 months after that) to keep your 50% discount status. You can say there's no sales quota in MK, but I would argue there is.
    The product does not sell itself. It takes a lot of phone calls, warm chatter and time to convince people to spend a minimum of $50 on a facial cleanser and moisturizer. It's not easy to book appointments and it's even harder to get people to keep them.
    4) I hated it when my friends and family cringed whenever I mentioned a party or a new product. They love me, but they didn't like the Mary Kay lady very much.
    5) It took time away from my home life. It did not offer me freedom of choice to stay home. If you want to sell product, you need to be out of your house in people's faces showing them your stuff. Most people work days so that leaves nights & weekends to get in their face. Where is my family in all of this? I'll tell you. At home making grilled cheese sandwiches for supper.
    6) I hated the rejection. I hated the sick feeling in my gut whenever I thought about "phone time". It made me feel sick and it was not something I could get past.

    So that's my opinion. I didn't expect it to be so long, I'm sorry. Oh, yes the final straw was my 1040 at tax time. I saw in black & white expenses vs sales and decided this is not the business for me. I sent back my product and re-cooped about 70% of my investment. The other 30% is the tuition for my bachelors' degree in the "Hard Knocks of Life University".
    Let me say, I respect all the Mary Kay Ladies of the world. I hope I didn't offend or bash anyone. Let's just say, It's not for me.

    1. OMG, this was definitely eye opening and thank you so much for sharing! I had been thinking long and hard about joining Mary Kay. but something seemed deceptive and not all together there when I was "tricked" into a contest that I apparently one for spa day, which just turned out to be a bit of foundation on the face and that's it. Regardless of the deception, I was interested in joining, especially how they beefed up the business. But I noticed they weren't too open to answer most of my questions fully. Thank you so much. I'm gonna think longer before I decide. I absolutely hate when people sugar coat things. That doesn't help anyone.

    2. Wow very interesting and eye opening.

  27. redsoxfan, you do not have to place a $600 wholesale order to be active. All active status takes is a $200 wholesale order. $600 will get you qualified, but you are active at $200.

    I did not find you comments to be offensive at all, but very well said. Looks like you took your experience and learned from it, good for you.

    1. i agree with foreverpink, i just found out that 200 was all you needed for my initial order to be active, my initial order was a 600. it was well shared. you stuck to your experiences and didn't try to blame the whole company for what it sounds like one person said.

  28. Forever Pink,
    Ok, my memory fails me. There was something about the $600. It meant something to either my recruiter or my director. They couldn't count me until I ordered $600 or something like that.
    Can you clarify?

  29. Hey RedSoxFan,

    sorry it took me so long to get back to you..very busy weekend.

    But basically it comes down to this:

    "An Independent Beauty Consultant is considered “active” in the month a minimum $200 wholesale Section 1 product order is received by the Company and in the following two calendar months."

    Of course you probably remember that $200 wholesale will buy you $400 worth of retail product. So all you basically have to do to be considered an "active" Independent Beauty Consultant is place that miminum product order of $200 wholesale. "Active status" means you are eligible for the 50% discount and that you can start recieving commission on team members "wholesale orders." Most ladies that cant afford initial inventory will just have a class or take orders so that they can come up with the initial product orders to activiate their status. That is what I did.

    Now that is a bit different from a "qualified" wholesale order. A qualified order is at least a $600 wholesale order which will buy you $1200 in retail product. It is probably called a "qualifying" order because it qualifys the new consultant for many more initial product bonuses as well as enabling the recruiter to be able to count that new beauty consultant towards her seminar goals. So with a $600 wholesale order there is more of a benefit to both recruiter and new consultant.

    The $600 wholesale order is the recommended starting point for inventory in a lot of units, simply because that level will start you off with enough inventory to service more customers, but wont put you in deep financial trouble if things dont work out.

    The messed up part is that some directors or recruites lead new consultants to think that $600 is the amount required to become "active" and never tell them that they can actually become active with $200, OR sometimes the new consultant misunderstands the information given to her and thinks that she can only get activated if she comes up with the $600.

    There is a lot of info to learn when it comes to MK. I disagree with PT when they say that every aspect of this business should be told in the beginning, because a lot of it wont make sense to a new consultant or potential recruit and may only serve to confuse them.

    But I do think that ALL inventory and starting points should be discussed including letting someone know that they can activate for $200 bucks and go from there. Some directors (not all) may shy away from this because it doesnt start the new consultant out with much, but at least it will be the truth and then the recruit can decide when to order more as she works her business.

    Hope this helps clear up things. Some of the directors on this site can go further with this information than I can.

    Glad to see you on the site.

  30. Forever pink,
    Very nicely put. I think this information should be explained to new IBCs. It's not really that complex to understand. In my case, I was really ticked off when I was pressured into a large inventory order. None of this was explained to me. I think I could've handled it.
    Like I said before, my biggest issue was always the pushy director. I was manipulated like silly putty. This is what still what bugs me after 2 years. I am angry at myself for allowing it. In general, I'm pretty bright and am completely competant to hold fulltime employment, raise my kids, and manage all the finacial responsibility associated with homeownership and other living expenses.
    When it came to MK, I was a fool. I am a trusting soul and wanted to succeed. By nature I am non-confrontational and my director was verbally forceful and demeaning. I guess it was like being backed into a corner and agreeing just to get her out of my face. Sad huh?
    Anyway, thanks for the welcome. I appreciate it. I am glad that this blog exists to offer new people both sides of the coin before making a decision to join. PT is brutal. When I discovered it, it sucked me in because it validated all the emotions I was feeling at the time. In lots of ways the things they say are true and these things that are never spoken about in the "pink bubble". I commented a few times, but never really belonged there. I wondered why there were never any opposing views except the weekly "hate" mail. All they ever did was tear down and make fun of spelling. Not nice from a bunch of ladies who claim to be Christians. And then I find out that comments are censored and opposing views & posters are simply banned. It's like a mob mentality. I don't like that. It's just not fair.

    Well enough from me. I need to get to work. Thanks for having me.

    Can't wait for baseball season to start!

    Best Wishes.

  31. no problem redsoxfan!

    Looks like you made the discovery that most of us made early on..and that is that Pink Truth is horribly one sided, and the moderator is known around the blog world as being maniuplative and a cyber bully. So how can it ever hope to gain any real credibility as far as helping women with thier disappointments with a Mary Kay business? The moderator behaves in the same way that she accuses many MK directors of behaving.

    Those that are the loudest and most faithful commentators on PT are the ones who were actually working their businesses unethically and causing consultants like you to feel the way you feel about MK. Some of them made thier way to the top of MK, but they did not stay their because thier business were built on frontloading and lies. When their businesses fell apart as they were destined to do, they blamed MK, saying that there was no other way to do this business unless you take advantage of others, like they did. They want everyone to believe that all directors and consultants behave like they did, but that is something they say to make themselves feel better about their actions.

    I know you can work this business honestly, my director has done it for years, I do it and many others I know do it. I know there are dishonest people in MK, I know some of them to, but thankfully, they are no longer in MK, because you can only cheat folks for so long, no matter how successful you become.

    Not all of us are dishonest and not all directors behaved like those on PT did.

    You sound like you are very smart and I can appreciate you getting away from your director when you did. I just wish you could have experienced MK the way I do. More supportive and less of the other stuff.

    To anyone reading this and not sure about what you are being told, just make sure you read Intouch, call the company for questions and talk to other beauty consultants. This business can be done ethically, and you can earn money. Its takes hard work and consistency but it can be done with the right kind of support.

  32. American woman: If you don't mind waiting just a short while like one week there are several places where you can get product shipped directly from companies. You can order directly from Avon and Mark (a sub-line of theirs) and if you have a rep just type in her name to give her credit or go to her Avon/Mark web site and order from there. The company still does the shipping. You can also shop at Ulta or Sephora online, or Mac or Clinique etc if you like high end exclusively. All these companies ship fast and will replace any product that is broken in transit. I have had good service from them all. Most (check policies before ordering) will accept returns if you are not satisfied.

    As it is, call up the consultant or if you can't, call up the hostess and ask for contact information. Tell her product please or refund now. Failing that, call MKC. If you get someone annoying on the phone, hang up and call back and someone else will probably answer.

    As far as religion: it's personal. It's not to be crammed down the throats of those who aren't interested. Freedom of religion (or no religion) is for everyone, not just for Christians. Including freedom not to have it shoved in our faces. I'm not a Christian but I know what the Bible says about it nonetheless. It says pray in secret to God your father who is in secret, and you will receive your reward in heaven; and that those who pray in public loudly are like a clanging symbol or clashing gong and the reward they receive is the attention of men. So being private with your religion is absolutely Biblical. Don't just take my word...check your Bible!

    I have to get back to work. Check you later, peeps.

  33. Hi Everyone,

    I was very happy to hear your messages about Mary Kay. I will be a consultant as of Monday.

    I read Pink Truth and I got very scared. I know MK has an excellent reputation, an so does Avon. I want to create a job that helps me inspire and empower woman, and I couldn't think of a better company.

  34. hello

    I just became a MK consultant last week. I recently moved from Tallahassee to Orlando and find it awkard to approach random strangers. I work at the University of Central Florida's cafeteria and find it easy to connect with the students( being that I am a student myself), but I find it uncomfortable to mention that I am a consultant. I am uncomfortable because I work nights and weekends- which i feel would be the availability of most students. I do have Pros :)
    *My director was very helpful to me when it came to providing helpful information that would get me on my way
    *The reputation of Mary Kay is powerful
    *the opportunity of killing my "minimum wage" job sounds amazing
    *Training is offered
    *The products do work on my skin

    *i believe I became a consultant at the wrong time. I just did have the money for the starter kit
    * I felt as if I was not properly informed of all the money needed to invest in the inventory ( took out a loan from a family memeber)
    * Training does cost money, but I understand that I must give before I can reap the benefits
    *the terrible feeling you get when starting something new
    *Not knowing how to really get my business off the ground
    *Having patience is easier said than done.

    I love advice and personal stories, please if you have any for me I would truly appreciate it

  35. Hey Givens!
    Glad you made it to the site. I know exactely how you feel, it can be a bit overwhelming to start a new venture like this. But just know that a lot of successful Mary Kay women started out just like you and are still enjoying their business!

    Just try to learn everything you can by reading Intouch (the consultant web site) and taking advantage of all the training that is given by your unit.

    Since you are on a college campus, maybe see if you can put an ad in the campus newsletter or something like that. MK has many company approved ads that you can use, so you dont have to go to the trouble of coming with your own ad. Also intouch has flyers that you can print out as well.

    Dont know if you have done this already, but get that website up if you can. Its only $25 for the first year for new consultants right now. Normally its $50 a year, which is still not a lot considering what it cost to maintain a webpage. You can find this on the Intouch website too.

    You may want to get started on what is called a power start, where you facial 30 women in 30 days. There are many ways to do this and I am sure your director can give you some tips.

    Another way to get started is to do a 24*24*24. That is where you have 24 people order $24 worth of product in a 24 hour period. This will give you close to $600 worth of retail orders which is just enough to come in as a qualified consultant. I dont know what your inventory is like at this point, but that will get you started without breaking your pocketbook or having to worry about starting with a credit card. You can start with people that you know, let them know you are starting your business and see if they wouldnt mind helping you by ordering $24 worth, and some people might order more than that. (a lipstick and a matching lipgloss or a lipliner will get that done) and when they pay in advance, you can use the money they pay you with to place your orders. You may have to kick in a little of your own money for tax and shipping, but its an investment.

    Hope thats not too much at one time, but just wanted to respond to you to let you know that many of us have been there and it does get better, just relax and have fun. Dont hesitate to ask your director and sister consultants and dont be afaid to let people know that you sell Mary Kay. If you dont tell them, how will they ever find out? Just become others focused instead of self focused and you will be fine. When you focus on self you become to pre occupied about how others see you, and it will stop you from moving forward. You will hear the word NO but just move on and dont take it personal.
    Good Luck!

  36. OK I have a question. I a considering selling Mary Kay as a well to pay for extra expenses. Not big expenses but more like "the extra things in life" expenses. Right now, I make enough to pay my bills and have a little leftover for myself. So my question for everybody is
    1) Would Mary Kay be a good option for me? And I hope this doesnt come off wrong but please dont give me the normal Director lines. Tell me straightforward ( Im that kind of girl lol) would Mary Kay be good for me?
    2) How does the Tax thing work? I am worried that I will be stuck with a huge Tax bill come next April or how does that work?
    Thanks for all your help!! :)

  37. Hi Jennifer! Welcome! I believe that Mary Kay is a good option for those who already have a steady income and want something extra on the side. If that is you, which it sounds like it is, then I think this could work for you. Just keep in mind that it does take some time to build a customer base, but if you know people who would help you get started you can start to have some extra money right away.
    Always keep in mind that things won't always go the way you want them to go and you have to stay focused and positive even when that happens and not get discouraged.

    As far as taxes, if you work another job, expenses you have in starting your MK business offset the taxes you pay for your other job. If you show a loss in your first year in MK you will not owe the IRS at tax time (or you could owe less if you typically owe). You can write off the cost of your starter kit, inventory (if you choose to start with inventory), business supplies (cards, pin, catalogs, etc.), miles you drive for your business, and so forth. I wouldn't worry too much about the taxes. You would have to show a pretty hefty profit to have a huge tax bill and that isn't likely to happen in your early years of any business. ;) I typically show a loss at tax time because I write off my miles and a lot of them are deliveries I make at my regular job which is 30 miles one way. I'm driving there anyway, but because I am delivering products, I can write that off. It shows a loss on my taxes, but I'm not in the hole. ;) This is my 6 year in the business and I will show a profit this year because I have been much more actively selling. I've more than doubled my sales from last year just from March to July this year! It is relative to the work you put into it and the activity you focus your energy on. MK4ME can help you more with the tax stuff. ;)

  38. Hello Ladies, I was wondering if you could answer my question. My lifestyle is a little different as I travel full time with an evangelistic team and meet wonderful ladies at small local churches each week all across the nation. I've been looking into MK so that I could bring in some extra cash for my family as times are a little rough right now. Would anyone recommended selling MK while traveling on the road full time? Please let me know what you think. Would my lifestyle not work for this type of business?

  39. that is a tough question beth. It is a bit different. You would have to consider a few things.

    The main thing about MK is that you must sell this product. You must be available to show it and sell it. Would being on the road prevent you from doing that?

    Also we are responsible for delivering the product to our customers. so if you dont already have it, then you have to get it to your customer once it comes in. will being on the road prevent you from doing this in a timely manner?

    When you say full time travel, what does that mean? Do you have a home base and how many hours of the week are you away from home? Where will you have your inventory/product delivered so that you can fill your orders? Will you be there to get it?

    You would have a few things going for you in that you would be surrounded by new folks and potential customers all the time since you always meet new people. that could certainly work for you. so i would not say dont do it, but you have got to figure out how you would have skin care classes and where, and how often a week you wanna have them. You could just be the type of consultant who passes out beauty books and takes orders, but the real money is in showing the product through skin care classes.

    People have started Mary Kay businesses under all sorts of circumstances and made it work. U would most likely have to be very strict about your time managment and probably carry some inventory with you. That can be done.

    So I would not tell you not to do it, but have realistic expectations and a clear plan to make it work

  40. Hey Beth, I just read your bio..you have a "house on wheels". That sounds like an RV. No reason why you couldnt have skin care classes there! That would be great! Also MK has a new customer delivery service for consultants who have reached a certain sales level. You could possibly take advantage of that and have the MK company mail the products directly to your customers so that you dont have to worry about them waiting on you to come back to town and get it to them.
    Still a lot to consider.
    Good luck!

  41. Easy probably not, doable, yes! mr. mk4me jokes all the time about when he retires we are selling everything buying an RV, building an office in it and taking off to make America more beautiful.
    Forever made some great points. if you bond easily with people (in your given life style) I would assume you do, I definetely think you could do it - with inventory available and then as long as you provided great customer service I believe you could retain many clients servicing them by mail as long as you were prompt on delivery.

    The idea is actually very exciting, think of all the people you have an opportunity to meet! Keep in mind, you aren't going to get rich quick but I do think it could end up being a great supplemental income and you would more than likely be able to gain some tax benefits (of course check with an accountant to make sure you don't cross any lines).

    Please let us know if you decide to give it a go and how you make out.

    If you love the product and love people, I think you have a wonderful opportunity!

    All the best!!

  42. Beth, if you have any questions you would prefer not to post, please feel free to ask me at

    I would be happy to help in anyway I can.

    I do have one unit member that has been with me since she turned 18 she is now 26. She does alot of missionary work and does her MK on the side but loves the freedom it gives her. She always takes care of her families needs and usually needs to order 4 - 5 times a year. She is not getting rich but she is providing for things that they woudn't otherwise be able to afford. She just had her first child so they are "home" for awhile so she is planning on doing more while she is on "leave".

  43. Thank you so much ladies for taking the time to answer my question! I appreciate it!
    The thought of selling was pushed aside for a few months, but recently a good friend brought it up again and mentioned now's a good time to join. ($50 for starter kit...free website for 6 months...)
    So I'm doing more research and considering again what my options are. Yes I do live in a travel trailer traveling full time. There will be times when I'm stationed somewhere for a couple months and summers are our time off from traveling.
    Taking that into note, I figured I could sell by catalog, or by website during travel periods, and during off times, book parties.
    My husband would like me to be more familiar with how the whole system works. Pay-roll, taxes, how much inventory would be wise since I won't be doing a whole of parties till down time. I guess you can say is that he wants me to be 100% ready in I join instead of just diving in.
    I would love to sell. I think my options are great. I know that I won't be tons of money because of my lifestyle. I already know of potential customers who would order from me.
    Another thought I had was...how does it work when you have someone under you sell?
    Hope my thoughts came out clear! I'm still kinda up in the air and need help on deciding and some answers for my husband! :) since we live in such close quarters, he will be apart of the business as well. well kind of. :) thanks again!

  44. 1st - always remember the lever of inventory you carry (if any) is up to you, with limited space, I would make sure you carry the things that you know you and your clients use.

    Payroll taxes, unless you have employees, these are not necessary. As far as quarterly sales/use tax, you do not need to worrky about these as Mary Kay takes care of them when we purchase the product that is why we pay the tax based on the retail value of the product.

    The only quarterly taxes that you will need to worry about are your own personal ones when you get making enough - that you will not be able to cover it with other withholding taxes are already coming out of other forms of income.

    Will share more but gotta run right now.

  45. Beth, send me a list of questions to my email listed on balanced and I will do my best to answer ever one accoring to proper MK answers.

    Get the questions first, so you have no regrets!!

  46. I'm not a rep, matter of fact, until recently, I had never ever used MK.

    I "stumbled" on to MK simply because I was at a store where there was a rep present. On a whim, I entered her $50 gift certificate contest, never expecting to win. Well, 2 days later, I got a call notifying me that I had won. Long story short, the rep (who was very nice) came to my house, and I ended up purchasing $100 (before the $50 was applied), most of it makeup. Frankly, I was very pleasantly surprised at the quality.

    That particular rep did do a bit of "pushing" in terms of becoming a rep. She emailed me a link to a 30 minute podcast extolling the benefits of being a rep, sweetened the deal with a $20 credit (which I did not redeem) after answering a short survey. Plus, she also lives 45 minutes away, so I decided to look for a rep who lives in my city for easier access.

    My initial purchase of makeup piqued my interest enough that I tried a trial size of the Miracle Set. I saw an immediate improvement in my skin, and I'm a pretty tough customer!

    My new rep hasn't bugged me about becoming a rep, or even discussed religion with me. Maybe that's because we live in San Francisco; it's not that we're not religious (although I consider myself more spiritual than religious), but we're definitely not part of the Bible Belt. My rep is also pretty new as a rep, and hasn't tried the entire line because she wants to have stuff on hand to sell rather than for personal use, and I really appreciate her honesty. She also hasn't pushed me into hosting parties or anything like that.

  47. Hi girls!

    I'm considering selling MK, but I'm not sure if it's right for me. I have a few questions. Maybe you guys can help?

    I love the company-I'm very girly and it seem like fun! The people seem nice, the products are great, and I love the religious aspect. But I need a lot of flexibility.

    I'm in college right now, and I'm really busy with it. I was hoping to be able to sell MK products to some of the girls in the dorm, but if school gets tough, I can really only do MK stuff during Christmas and summer breaks. So my question is, are there a lot of meetings/training, and are they mandatory?

    Also,do I have to report to someone or go into an office or anything like that? My aunt is an MK rep and she has an office she goes to a few times a week. Will I have to go to an office?

    Another thing, since I'm in college, I don't have a lot of extra money. What are the rules on inventory? Do I have to buy a lot of products or can I sell things out of the catalog and have shipped as they're sold?

    What do you have to do to get a pink car? haha

    Thank you! Sorry it was so long!

  48. k-pink-pricess

    Your post is 20 days old but I just wanted to share some information with you. My director graduated college last May, and became a director last December. She started Mary Kay her sophomore year of college and is now driving a Mary Kay Grand Prix.

    Inventory is absolutely optional but we do recommend it. You pay tax plus $8.75 shipping on every order so if you are doing catalog only, you might want to collect orders and place one every two weeks (or once a month) or whatever would work for you. One thing I recommend is having a party with your friends (debut) and have them invite their friends. Or host some small parties. Use your starter kit to demo products and take orders. Let them know it'll be a week or two before they receive their products. Get at least $400 in retail. This gets you the $200 wholesale order required to become active. If you can, order a little extra of your best sellers. You'll be able to determine those as you go and just build your inventory like that. Say you'll order every $400 you receive. That means you buy $200 from the company, and you keep $200 minus $8.75 shipping. If you put an extra hundred into that order, you're keeping half of that $200 and building your inventory!

    I started with an $1,800 inventory about a year ago. I consistently order $1,000 (give or take $100) each month and don't go into debt doing it. I only stock what I know I'll sell. I do however have one of everything that doesn't normally sell just in case.

    You really can do well in college with this. My director proved that! Think about it... college girls love makeup! Some still rely on daddy and daddy's give them money! Some don't but they still want their eyeshadows and lip glosses, which do add up!

  49. Hello, I'm considering becoming a MK consultant. However I just lost my job 5 months ago and am currently unemployed and living on my unemployment income. So my question for any one with some advice is..........can I become a consultant with this low income?? I can't even afford the $100 starting fee.

  50. I am ready to stop working at my part time job, wanted to know if i joined the MK team how long would it take to earn about %1,500 a month. from what i've read i know that you get what you give, but i also know that some things take time even if you're giving 100%. I live in a smaller city, but it's near a military base--will that effect my sales? Also, i was wondering on average, how many hours does one who is 'successful' put in a week? I heard that 10-15 hours is considered 'full time' hours with MK (when comparing it to a traditional job) --thank you all ladies for your comments and your honesty, i appreciate it very much...

  51. Man o man. I have to laugh as I look at this blog. I completely forgot that I wrote on this blog a year ago. I had great grammer!!! :D Well I let excuses keep me from truly being active in Mary Kay. Which is great **** I can blame no one but myself**** I don't have anything truly bad to say about the company. I still have to put forth the effort. The difference in circumstances is that I currently don't have a job. O YEA... I'M WORKING MY BUSINESS NOW. I get orders here and there from warm chattering. I can see where this would be successful, but I still have issues with the inventory. Being that I don't have a job I don't feel comfortable spending the $600 wholesale. Do I have it? YES.... to give... NOT WILLINGLY. Need that back up plan. Now I did invest the $200 whole sale and might do an large one with the holidays coming up<---- BIG IDEAS FOR THIS ONE :D>

    It does require a deal of money to keep this business going. Still scared and hesitant about investing so much at one time... last time I bought inventory I wasn't that active. I know it all deals with attitude though. Since this is all about the attitude.... I WILL BE SELLING MORE THAN $1,000 WORTH OF PRODUCT AND PERSONALLY TAKE HOME A MINIMUM OF $1,500. NO JOKE!! I have no other joice. Student loans are stacking high. Plus majoring in hospitality marketing/sales---- this is perfect practice.
    Crossing my fingers

  52. I became a Mary Kay consultant about 4 weeks ago. I don't have money for inventory, that I even needed inventory came as a surprise as nothing was mentioned until after I was recruited. Especially the part of needing to recruit others. I'm learning things that have me frustrated.

    I don't think I'm going to be able to do this following the appointments/party plan; I'm not comfortable with party situations. I have other work that I do that is full time self-employment; time away from that is loss of guaranteed income.

    I love the product, and I use it now, but I'm not sure I want all the hassle of having inventory. I've probably made a mistake in joining up. That I was drawn into making the decision without due time to consider it has been discouraging to me. Especially having to be part of a team. I like to be truly independent. I don't like even gently pressuring people to buy something or join. I know I've turned down things in the past that I would have liked to have had because I just didn't have the money. The times when I gave in and made a purchase or decision it hurt me later on. For example... right now! I guess I'm not an active salesperson when it comes right down to it. I don't want to cause anyone unnecessary regret over a purchase after the fact.

    Seeing all the negative comments across the web is also very discouraging. I'm finding myself not wanting to say I'm involved with it. And I know this feeling has to do with how others selling Mary Kay handle it, and not the company itself.

    Is anyone doing this another way? Via the web, etc? I don't want to make a lot of money or be a director. Extra money just to put away as savings is all that I desire.


  53. Mary, personal opinion is you love the product you did not make a mistake purchasing the starter kit.. If you just take out the products you like and use, it is still a greater value than if you bought it from your consultant.

    So if you regret your decision, just tell your recruiter/director, you have decided to do nothing with your business, please leave you alone.

    Second. I have many unit members that have very small inventories, they will collect orders and when they have collected enough money to cover the order (usually around) $230 - they place the order and deliver the products when they come in. (I call this being an "avon" lady of MK.) This still leaves the consultant with $200 worth of product that they select what they want. Only one order a year is required to remain a consultant.

    If you want to believe everything you read on the negative sites, then you may as well throw in the towel now, attitude does make a difference, if you are not confident in your product or yourself, then why would anyone want to purchase from you.

    Recruiting is not required, attending meetings is not required, taling to your recruiter and your director is not required.

    Pleae read the negatvie sites and notice all of them saying I did it like this and now I wish I hadn't. Cheating the system, signing up fake unit members, buying production for your car or directorship, etc.. will lead to your boat sinking like the Titanic.

    I love this Company and our product. Are there NSD's and Director's that I have issues with on some of the things they say, oh yes, yes and I will speak out as loudly as I can and I will teach the ones I am responsible for the correct way to do things. What they choose to do once I give them the information is on them, not me.

    I have been a director many years, I have not ever been nor will I ever be pushy nor do I maniupulate my people for my gain, you could ask my over 100 unit members and my over 600 clietns.. .. I attribute not being pushy the reason I have what I do have.

    The reason this site is here is we try to give the "middle of the road" - mk will be all good, negative sites will be all bad... and we try to be the voice of reason..

    Welcome and ask any questions - we here at Balanced will do our best to answer them for you.

  54. I have no intention of signing up fake unit members or cheating the system, this is exactly what I do not want! Nor do I want a car or to be a director. These things never entered my mind, not even for a second. If there is a way of getting the news out that I do sell Mary Kay, in accordance with Mary Kay rules, that does not violate the rules, but is more passive, then I would like to know if someone has been successful this way, if there are any suggestions. Sneaky work-arounds has never been the way I do things. I am a minister, I hold that responsibility close to my heart.

  55. Dear Spirits, please know I was not implying you would do such things, but you referenced info from the negative mk sites and I wanted to point out a reoccuring theme for those that end up in big debt and quiting. I don't want to see this happen to anyone.

    I only knew a handful of people when I started MK. I had recently moved into the area. I did where my mk pin, I had the decal on my car, where there were bulletin boards that I could pin up several business cards, I did all of these things... (and back in those days we didn't have personal websites and the power of email.)

    I did set up product displays at inexpensive business expo's, craft fairs, etc... and that all lead to exposure which lead to business.
    There is a way to ask if people are interested without hounding them. Offer.. yes or no is their choice.

    People will not know what you are doing if you don't tell them. We know from reading your one paragraph above that you are a minister and I have seen your blog. I didn't feel you pushed either of that information on me. So if I said in a similiar situation that "I am a mary kay beauty consultant" - it is not bad, it is just something I do.

    What you would like to gain from MK is very possible.

    and may I share when I joined it was only to help a friend earn her car and save money on my products... things changed and I have been a fulltime very happy sales director for over 10 years. love it, love it, love it!

    Looking forward to hearing more from you and please look back over some history on this blog and ask away!

    Happy New Year!

  56. Okay I just became a Mk consultant in November. I am a wife and mom of four children I love the Mary Kay products. I just have no clue how to build my business. I am very quite when it comes to talking to people I don,t know. Moving out of my comfort zone is easier said than done. What are some ways to generate leads that could help until I am confortable talking to random individuals? I go to the meetings get motivated but when I am alone I revert back to old ways. Are there any moms that can help me. I would like to hear your stories.

  57. Business is business and unfortunately many women build their business with their emotions rather than character. So we take everything to personal. but its simple..

    1. I love the products
    - why? I use them.. all of them and they are amazing quality, my mom doesnt look her age, my 3 sisters have beautiful perfect skin, and its helped me so much with my acne. and the make up? gosh it stays forever and ihonestly think its soo affordable.

    2. I like people.. im a people person.
    - remember, "people buy people first, then the product" its so true.. we wonder why our customers get angry or they stop buying.. well maybe we're not being nice. I know for sure if i someone's rude to me at the store I'll leave and go to a different one. If you want success, have the best customer service.. the BEST!

    3. I like the unit im in
    - Some complain that they are being pushed to invest, and all that. Unfortunately there is bad everywhere, so nobody in Mary Kay is perfect. remember that! advice: GET TO KNOW YOUR CONSULTANT BEFORE YOU SING UP. and your director, be a hostess first, attend events. if you dont like them look for a different unit. In my case, my mom's the Director.. and my 3 sisters are also Beauty Consultants like me.. so do I like my unit? of course, and in our area we are recognized as Integrity and Honesty. Look for those.

    4. I am so HAPPY with the company!
    - Honestly girls, there is no other company that will pamper you and regonize you the way Mary Kay does. The company is unbelievably rich, but they share their riches with us. Who gives out Pink Cadillacs? Diamond rings? Luxury Trips? Just by doing our job because remember it IS a job. we have to work anywhere we work but we work we cant expect to receive all that without working.

    - Not to mention the values and principles, I am soo HAPPY that I can still mention my faith where I work.. and where at seminars with more than 3,000 women show respect by praying before the fancy banquets Mary Kay gives us.

    Im saying this because my mom's been a Mary Kay Director since I was 2, so I learned to be very positive and optimistic because all I would hear from my mom was positive encouragement. She would lead other women to success and help them so i learned to be humble. Not to mention her good looks and glamour, because of that I learned to be glamorous.. i am who i am because of her. so I want the same for my family (whenever I have one). THATS WHY I am soo sure about this company and the products.. I've known it for 18 years.

    I do agree.. I wish Mary Kay could monitor what Directors do.. and they try, they've let some of them go because of their actions.. maybe they're the ones in the Pink Truth Cult. mad and negative because it didnt work out for them. hmmm.

    ALL I KNOW is I'd rather be a part of the positive and be a FOUNTAIN rather then being a part of the negative and be a DRAINER.

    :) thanks!

  58. Welcome Roxana and thanks for sharing.. I liked it so much... you are going to see it on the front page soon! Stop by and contribute often.

    Have a great weekend.

  59. Hello,

    I am thinking of becoming a Mary Kay consultant. I have been very firm with the gal trying to recruit me and have told her this...

    I am a stay at home mom...I like to be home at nights and on the weekends to spend the time with my family. I previously sold Lia Sophia and it got in the way of my family time.

    I do NOT want to purchase an inventory. (I am hoping since she has an ENTIRE ROOM full that she lets her consultants come to her for quick orders and then replenish the stock.) I do NOT want to be putting extra money into this until I have a separate account with profit building up. I've heard the wagon theory and, personally, do not want to hear it again. If Mary Kay is the product that sells itself, then my customers should be more than happy to wait for their products. (I've never had a problem waiting...)

    I want to make sure that my significant other is onboard with this. I know that I will need SOME time away from home for parties/shows/meetings etc, but I DO NOT want to be gone more than one night a week.

    All that said, the gal seems to think I can do this and still be successful at selling. What do you think?

    Also, her and her husband are coming over Friday night to talk to myself, my significant other, a girlfriend and her husband. What questions should I have prepared to ask?

    Thank you kindly.

  60. @nascarbabe, my apologies, a family emergency has taken me out of the office alot and limited my time for "extra stuff" I know it is after Friday but I will get an answer up in the next couple of days for you... sorry
    Hope things went well for you.

  61. It's okay! I hope everything goes alright for your family.

  62. Pros and cons...still working on that....

    In the meantime, I would like to comment that my problem with financial management is having the right products for the right time. I started with a $3000 store, which I know now was a bit (a lot bit) overzealous of me. My director pressured me somewhat (it was the end of the month), and I ended up taking out a loan from my brother (I still probably owe him $2500). Now my issue is not moving some products (like MKMen for example), but then I have an order for that eyeliner and eyeshadow color I don't have. Well, if I'm not already active, I have to place a $200 wholesale order to get active, when frankly, I probably don't need the products I'm ordering - certainly not all of them.

    It's so frustrating - because I can't tell my mother-in-law I have no Velocity and I won't have it for weeks. So I order. And order. I'm not trying to buy recognition. I probably place a $200-$300 wholesale order every 3 months or so. But I never have what I need.

    Am I the only one who struggles with this? What can I do?

  63. OK, don't stock the men's stuff. If someone ever asks for it, *then* you can get it.

    What's your customer base? Consider the climate where you live, age and skin tone of most of your customers, etc. Stock popular items only (such as moisturizers for ppl in dry climates, everybody uses black eyeliner, etc) and only order other stuff as needed.

    That's very general. Email mk4me specifically for more details on determining what is worth stocking/what moves fast. For existing mistakes, better to hold a sale and sell them at or slightly above your cost than to lose money on them expiring. Or use them as gifts with purchase if the sale doesn't move much of it.

  64. First, I don't recommend full inventories for the very reasons mkmommy states as her issues. I believe if the starting inventory had been smaller, then built to full inventory, it could have been built with items that the consultant had a client base for.

    Miranda said it well. don't really get hung up on stocking it until you have a client for it (or at least not stocking more than one) -

    Actually all of Miranda's comment are excellent. If it is a new client and you have to ask her to wait, explain to her that now that she is your client, you will have her products available immediately in the future and that until you have a client for it, you don't stock it because you don't want your products to get old just sitting around, and then honor that.

    Contrary to negative sites, clients do not like waiting for their products. I personally know I do not like my clients waiting for products either. Personally I also know if I want something, I do not want to wiat for it.

    Once you sell an odd ball, don't replace it unless you know that client is going to want it again and then remember, you don't need to replace it immediately as she isn't going to need it again right away.

    Hope this helps a bit...

    on a side note: What moves the fastest for me:

    Skin care (esp. tw n/d w day/night & firming eye)
    Oil free eye makeup remover
    Ultimate black mascara
    serum plus c
    black & deep brown eyeliner
    mineral power foundations Ivory 2 and Beige 1
    medium coverage in 200, 204, 300, 400
    Whipped Berries
    Dusty Pink liner
    Satin hands pampering sets
    Sparkling Cider Blush
    Sweet Cream, Granite, ivy garden, spun silk eyeshadows.
    Liquid lips in raspberry and cherry coffee
    Lip gloss in sweet raisin
    Velocity cleanser/moisturizer
    acne treatment gel
    (I sell alot of basic skin care and blemish control toner)
    Thinking of you and Bella Belara
    Domain and Velocity for him

    now that isn't everything but I think these are by far the ones that move super fast.

  65. nascarbabe, can you let us know what you decided? I'm curious...

    If you still haven't made a decision, let me say this. I don't know your full situation, but if you're a SAHM and you don't want to be gone more than one night a week, you'll have to cut into your 'day' home time. Once you have customers and reorders, it'll be less, but right off the bat, maybe you could get with other moms during the day. But just one night a week won't make you much until you get actual customers.

    Also, have you seen the way your director operates? Does she hold classes, make sales...is SHE a good consultant? Another also. It was the end of the month when you posted that, which makes me a little nervous, particularly if she has a roomful of product.

    Again, I have no idea the situation, but based on what you've said, I hope you give some serious thought to this decision in deciding if it will be for you or not. It also depends on what you mean by 'successful.' If $500 a month is 'successful,' then sure, this will probably work for you. If you are looking to more than supplement income, well, then maybe not.

    I don't know you or your director, but based on your post, and as respectfully as possible, I suggest you ask some of those questions before you make a decision.

    ALSO: thank you to Miranda and mk4me. Your comments are well-received. Now I just need to work on getting customers in my new area (moved in August - I'm a teacher - not sure how to get started again). This blog has been very helpful to me.

  66. Gentle sharing with your associates that you "play" Mary Kay on the side seems to at least let them know you are a consultant, as the relationships grow you can certainly politely offer or ask.

    Until then, business cards on bulletin boards, and around our area spring craft fairs are being advertised all over, check into community events and if afforable (ours are very inexpensive) see if you can get a spot and set up a display and have folks register for a complimentary makeover. This works great for me because I am not a fan of warm chatting.

    Wear your pin and have your decal on your car.
    Good luck in your new home!!

  67. Anybody out there besides mk4me, Miranda, and David?! I LOVE this blog and find myself reading and rereading all the time...maybe I should be spending that time building my business. Anyway, I digress.

    How can you tell if your director is ethical? I feel like mine focuses more on recruiting. The woman who recruited me told me that at each party, she picks one person who she thinks will be great at what she does, and she chose me that night. I ran over to the party after a long day of student teaching, was wearing foundation and nothing more, jeans and a tee, and my hair was in a ponytail. I later found out that my SIL was fed that same line a few years ago - it made it all feel fake because I was the only one at the party who hadn't heard the line.

    My director did some 'pushing' in terms of my inventory (can't sell from an empty wagon and whatnot) and had me choose my level based on the prize I wanted. This was back in 2009, and the prize was a big purple purse - which I do love - but definitely wasn't the way I should have chosen my inventory level. I know now it was way too much. Also, I was featured as #3 Queen of Sales two weeks after my order - so obviously, I hadn't done anything yet, which felt ridiculous to me even then. We get the occasional email offering mascara or whatever for placing an order by the end of the month. Also, I don't feel like I have much support from her - probably because I only place a $200ish order every 3 months...

    Finally, what is the required production for a Senior Director? She has around $1000 herself and 2 others who are highish - everyone else is closer to me $100, $200, $400....what do you think?

    Somebody? Anybody?

    P.S. Thanks, mk4me - I'm going to look into the community events - and what decal?

  68. Thank you mkmommy, it is always nice to hear that people find our information helpful. I am glad that you enjoy the blog. I on occassion, feel I lack creativity and if I have written about it once, I figure it is in the history and that readers probably would prefer not to read "reruns".

    As far as knowing if your director is ethical, there really isn't anyway for sure except by dealing with her. Because a director focuses on recruiting as oppossed to selling doesn't make her unethical, it is just the way she chooses to do business. You have read enough of my posts to realize it is not my belief but everyone has a right to feel the way the feel.

    It is true that it is easier to do this business with product but how much is a judgement call... what is good for some is not good for others so once again it goes to personal opinion. I am sure there are many out there that convince people to come in with big inventories to help production, but that can work against them down the road. Others truley believe it is the best... Personally where I am in my business now, I could not even imagine trying to support my clients with only $3,600 w/s. When the Company was closed for a couple of days because of bad weather, I actually had to borrow a few cleansers from a unit member because my order didn't get here as quickly as I am accustomed to. I felt horrible. I can not stand making my clients wait.

    Product for any directors... $4000 is minimum required and $5,000 to get the $500 bonus.

    To find out all the details .. go to marykayintouch and check out the "Advance" brochure, it outlines all the requirements for all the levels.

    I do not want my consultants to place an order if they don't need anything simply to win a prize because eventually, they are going to have way too much product and that will be the end of them as a consultant.

  69. sorry, my comments didn't post in the order I wrote them but hopefully you can make sense of them.

  70. Here's another question for anybody: I've looked on InTouch and haven't found anything yet...

    Does the product replacement work for the consultant too. If I take a lipstick for personal use and the color looks terrible on me, can I do a product replacement? Technically, I'm a customer. I pay the business when I take something. What do you think? (the reason I ask is I just did that with a lipstick that isn't a good shade for me - I thought it would be).

  71. Ok as I read more and more I find that I am not the only one who has been ripped off by a shady Mary Kay consultants who have taken my check, cashed it and then never produced the product! Worst off, I was a bride to be that was ordering product for my wedding day. The consultant offered a free makeover and sold me on a bunch of stuff I probably didn't need anyway. Also the consultant roped me into signing on with Mary Kay so I shelled out money for a starter kit (which I really shouldn't have, paying for my wedding and all) Now I can't get her or her director to call me back or answer emails, facebook messages or IM's.

    My bank has a fraud department for checks. They have offered to go after her for not producing what was clearly paid. I marked the checks memo line as Mary Kay so that was a help in proving that this consultant cashed this check for Mary Kay products. But, do I want to have to drag this out? Of course not!

    I just think it is crazy that a company that offers to refund or replace product if you are not happy can't even get you the product or a refund if one of their consultants don't deliver. I mean even her director who has been "working very closely with" her will not return my messages.

    I have stuck my Mary Kay kit in the back of the closet (all the stuff I myself can't use) because I will never do anything with it again. I will not be a part of such a deceitful company that employs such horrific customer service policies.

    We as a consumer have no recourse other then long drawn out lawsuits or other legal routes that end up costing us more time and money in the long run then the original $100 purchase.

    I agree with a post on here from several years back American Woman I believe, that said I am seriously thinking of bringing this to the news. They are alway doing specials and rip off reports. It helps that I have a few friends who work at one of the local nationwide affiliates, maybe we can pull some strings and get this aired as well. Just to warn other unsuspecting women of the risk the take in dealing with Mary Kay Independent Consultants!

  72. Hi Cheyenne and welcome!

    I am very sorry to hear about your experience. I know this may be difficult (I remember the business of planning for a wedding, having a wedding and then recovering from the wedding - thank you notes, moving, etc...) but I would recommend that you call the corporate office when you get a chance.

    Tell them who you paid the money to (and her director) let them know about your varied attempts at getting a response and ask them what you need to do to get out. If you got your starter kit, you may need to return that, but take action before that kit sits in the back of your closet for too long....

    good luck.

    also, I am pretty sure that Mary Kay has been covered (positively and negatively) in the news already.

  73. sorry, enjoying a long weekend away from work and computer. Cheyenne, I will reinforce what David said, please, please call Mary Kay Corporate 1-800-Marykay - given them the names of the consultant and the director.

    I also think that if you have been reading enough to gather that you aren't the only one that has ordered product but not had it delivered, there are far many more that have never had a problem with their consultant.

    There are dishonest people in every avenue of life and I am not excusing bad behavior but for you to judge all in Mary Kay based on two individuals simply isn't fair, I assure you, I have about 500 clients that would speak very highly of the service I provide for them.

    I am sorry things went the way they did for you but work with corporate and they will make things right for you.

    And consultants/directors conduct themselves as these two did, don't make us honest consultants happy either. Trust me, the tick me off more than anything because they make all of us look bad.

    I hope you wedding is picture perfect for you!

  74. mk4me, you said a while ago that building business based almost solely on recruiting and bringing people in with star orders isn't unethical, it's just a way to do business. I think it depends on what you consider unethical.

    This is what I said previously:How can you tell if your director is ethical? I feel like mine focuses more on recruiting. The woman who recruited me told me that at each party, she picks one person who she thinks will be great at what she does, and she chose me that night. I ran over to the party after a long day of student teaching, was wearing foundation and nothing more, jeans and a tee, and my hair was in a ponytail. I later found out that my SIL was fed that same line a few years ago - it made it all feel fake because I was the only one at the party who hadn't heard the line.

    I do feel I was lied to. She made it sound like at every gathering, she chooses one person who just radiates positive energy and would be fantastic at this business. I found out a few months later that she tried to talk the following people into it as well years before: my mother-in-law, my grandmother-in-law, my aunt (in-law I guess), and my sister-in law. I was the only new person at the party. I felt that was dishonest. Carrie (my SIL) told me that's exactly what my recruiter said to her. I feel that the 'compliment' was insincere because I was literally the only person there who had never heard the sales pitch - word for word.

    Also, I had never even used Mary Kay. I think recruiters should take a breath and wait. I bought Satin Hands that night. I didn't even try anything else until after I had become a consultant - two weeks later. Part of that is my fault. Part of it came from a desire to succeed, to feel pretty, to do something different. And part of it was just pressure. What if I had hated the product!? What if it didn't work for me? Shouldn't my recruiter have waited to feed me a line until after I was a satisfied customer?

    My director builds her unit by bringing in new bodies with large orders. I can't tell you how many women I've seen on the front page of the newsletter as a star consultant and then never see their name in print again. The only time this woman contacts me is when I have a $100 day; my recruiter called me at the end of April (after never attempting to make contact in a good year and a half - I started two years ago) to see if my other SIL would be interested in joining MK.

    I know I sound like I'm ranting and hate MK. Actually, I love it. But I hate the 'business model' my director uses, and I do feel I'm in a dysfunctional unit. I get a lot of strength from InTouch and this blog, so I again thank you for what you've done with this site.

  75. yikes, wrote a reply to you mkmommy and went to post it and the thing disappeared, daughter in law and granddaughter are stopping in any minutes, so I will be back to you shortly.

  76. I apologize if I sound blunt. I'm a pretty direct person. I hope that if anyone sees these types of behaviors or participates in them, that they will change. We all need to do try to uphold the highest level of integrity and business sense because we aren't just here for ourselves. We're representing a company, and people doing things the wrong way are making us all look bad. There's a good reason, why in a lot of areas of this country, people think Mary Kay ladies are aggressive and pushy and literally recoil when they hear someone is one or when one tries to talk to them.

    Again, I apologize if I've offended anyone. I truly do. But I think this message needs to be said loud and clear. If you participate in unethical or obnoxious behaviors, PLEASE stop. If you know anyone who is, PLEASE tell them to STOP. We must return to selling and training others to sell instead of the 'churn and burn' reputation we seem to have obtained. I sincerely hope my words have affected somebody, somewhere. We can do something about this. The change has to start with us.

  77. Oops...the first part was this:
    I just have to say this: I disagree with whoever said something to the effect of: "bring some hot new recruit in with a huge store." You must SELL the product, not recruit every warm body that will buy the starter kit and do nothing with it. Also, whoever said leave the dead - if you're recruiting everyone in sight just to get a team in place to finish DIQ, sorry, I'm not saying this to be rude, but that's setting you up for failure - BIG TIME.

    Think about this: build a quick team of semi-working consultants to lead you to be a very weak director, constantly on the hamster wheel, worrying about production at the end of the month...A brand new consultant staring at $3600 of retail product is going to freeze and do nothing with no guidance. Then they will be 'dead,' and you will be forced to either 1) help them or 2) recruit more and fall into the same pattern. (I was that frozen IBC before, and I'm currently being defrosted.)


    Wait until you have a strong team - a strong SELLING team, NOT recruiting. Bring them in with modest inventories, and don't push. Doesn't it make sense to bring a consultant in with a $600 inventory, teach her to sell it, and then she will reorder more!? The commission will be the same, but at least she won't be ready to quit in 4 months if she really does want to do it but can't. Teach them how to sell the product, not to be a crazy Mary Kay lady. Teach them that 'no' really does mean 'no' much of the time. Do not accost women in the store while you're pretending to be shopping. Please don't teach anyone else to do this. And only recruit after you have a strong selling base. Let me say this again: ONLY RECRUIT AFTER YOU HAVE A STRONG SELLING BASE. Does it make any sense for the blind to lead the blind? Think about that. If you do debuts, don't use them for recruiting! Use them to book more facials and classes so she can build a customer base.

    If you do it right (not necessarily fast) and teach them to do it right, you will have a strong unit. If you push it and go into directorship before you're ready, you might become desperate and make bad decisions: frontloading, recruiting everyone with skin, buying recognition with products you aren't selling, lying, stretching the truth, taking advantage of others, etc.... please don't think I'm implying that you would do those things, but desperation can cause people to make terrible decisions.

    If you are putting yourself in a position of leadership, you have to step up and lead! That goes for everyone who is hoping to be a director. There are SO many IBC's on here begging for help, asking questions their directors should be answering, and are in a position of giving up because they've been left "DEAD." That is an attitude that makes me crazy. So many directors and recruiters are just trying to literally recruit everyone with skin, their mom, and their sister-in-law. It's ridiculous. NOT everyone will be good at Mary Kay. NOT everyone will like it. There are women signing up fake IBC's to finish DIQ. Some are flat-out lying to prospective recruits; some are just bending the truth or exaggerating. Yes, sales is a numbers game, but you shouldn't be stepping over or on people to get further in your career. You aren't standing on these women's shoulders to get to a higher shelf. You should be trying to help them be successful.

  78. wow, you sound just like me when I get on my soapbox. amen!!

  79. For mkmommy, what I meant when I said that about "unethical" is some that operate underthose ideals are unethical but I also believe there are some that do it because they believe it is best and would pick out one 'sparkler' from the group to talk to about MK (Mary Kay did always say that there was one potential consultant at every party) - but there are no guarentess.

    How tacky for a person to say the same line to each person who was at a show one time or another - let's face it - woman talk, isn't she smart enough to realize how fake and insincere she will look when you all compare notes? Mary Kay herself always said to pay a SINCERE compliment, no one ever wants to feel like someone is "conning" them.

    What would not be unethical would be for the consultant to actually just talk to the people she thinks would be good and then tell them why they might be good (based on the individual) once she got to know them.

    Starting levels of inventory will always be a matter of opinion, but my opinion has been on this blog from the very beginning, I do not want to see a new consultant start with a full inventory, I would much rather her build her inventory as she builds her costumer base with what she is selling. And I absolutely will not recruit anyone until they have mk on their face, love it, and have an ideaof how we do a party or a private appointment.

    I don't want to waste their time or my time and don't feel like putting myself on a hampster wheel. It is sad that so many operate under this manner but I will continue to set the best example I can to do things the "ethical" way.

    I am very glad that this has been a helpful place for you!!

  80. Hello everyone,

    My name is Alondra and I would like your advise. I know this will sound redundant, but I'm not sure if Mary Kay is for me.

    First of all, I am 22 years old, I am a single mom of one 5 year old, and I am a full-time university student.

    I think I would be good at selling Mary Kay because: 1.I love makeup, 2.I live on campus (access to a lot of ladies), and I host a book club and Spanish lessons every week 3. I am fluent in Spanish and are very friendly.

    I do not think I would be good at it because: 1. I do not like pressuring anyone into buying things. I am not good at selling anything by means of pressure or sweet talking. So I do not know how well at hosting parties I would be. 2. I absolutely can NOT afford ANY inventory. I will not be buying any at all. I would only be ordering as I get orders from the customers. I can only buy the $125 started kit (I live in Canada), and the website is $75.

    I can't afford to lose any money. I am looking into this because no one is willing to hire me with my restricted schedule of being a single mom and full time student. I am not looking to become rich, or get the cars. All I want is to make a little bit of money each month to help around with the bills. I am willing to put in the work to get results. I just simply can't spend on inventory, I can't afford to lose that money if I don't make the sales.

    What do you guys think? Should I make the call?

  81. alondra.minor - if you love makeup, you love, people, you can afford the starter kit, I say go for it. From the bottom of my heart I couldn't sell ice water to someone in h*ll, I am anything but pushy, actually, I often talk people out of over buying. I love sharing the product and love watching people enjoy using it. I have never had to "con" or "bully" people into buying anything because if they don't want to buy it, I won't talk them into it because I never want anyone to resent me if they buy because of pressure or bribing.

    My business methods have kept my customers with me for over 15 years and I get alot of referrals from very happy clients. You know your clients like and trust you when they refer their friends to a "sales" person.

    Make the people and their interests, your priority, do not see them as $$ signs. Sell enough and collect the money to place the order and then deliver the product as fast as you can. Eventually you will be able to build enough of an inventory you will be able to service some of your client's needs right away.
    Good luck and keep us posted!

  82. I am so glad I found this blog site. Would you please tell me exactly what to expect if I decide to sell MK? I know the cost of the starter kit. What else is there? Do I get a set of make-up for me--if I'm to be wearing it from "head to toe?" Is the name tag included? and the decal? These sound like relatively inexpensive details, but I can't afford anything unnecessary to begin. I've been out of the country for many years and we're needing income. What exactly can I expect at the beginning?

  83. Back to the subject at hand.........Pros & Cons. Sorry for going off topic :)Keeping in mind that I am no longer selling (although I have been reconsidering it) and that this list is by no means concise.

    Pros - I made several friends that lasted well beyond my time in MK. While I was mainly personal use, some of these friendships were formed with my clients. I did learn to think more positively. I learned to take better care of myself. I overcame my shyness around new people.

    Cons- I found it rather difficult to get classes to book and hold. This may be because there are several consultants in my area, may be just bad timing, any number of contributing factors. I wasn't crazy about the minimum required to stay active. I understand it, however I wasn't crazy about it.

  84. There is no reason to stay active if you prefer to do MK as "personal" use... work to sell enough to place a minimum order every six months, and remember you can order as little as once a year and remain a consultant.

    I actually really enjoy doing individual appointments andit is easier to book because it is only one person's schedule to worry about.

    If you love the products and think you will have a few clients, in my opinion it is worth it.

    Keep us posted.

  85. Seriously considering becoming a MK consultant. I really want to do my best to bring in extra income into our household (I am a mother of 3) and be successful. I have been reading all of the pros and cons, and I feel that I am still leaning towards becoming a consultant. However, how can I best equip myself for handling rejection? I was just talking to a family member about becoming a consultant, and I could hear the negativity in her voice. I am still not discouraged, but how do you keep going or what do say to yourself (to stay encouraged) when someone says "no"?

  86. No's are a part of any business.. It is easy to say, just don't take it personally they are saying no to what you are offering, not no to you... but sensative people are going to feel rejected... it is up to us to just keep on keeping on.... and seriously no... can mean no for now... people that laughed at me at first... down the road came to me. (very satisfying I might add).... I never had support of family and close friends at the beginning... but they sing my praises now. I found it was easier to work with those I wasn't closest with initially. Will do more but like the rest of the world... very busy with the Holidays, Family, and Business right now!!

  87. Thank you mk4me. I really appreciate your words of wisdom and encouragement. I have finally decided to go ahead and become a MK consultant because I would like to make extra money and then build up to replacing my income, and I actually do love the product. At the moment I am trying to figure out how much inventory to start with, but truth is, I can't afford to buy any inventory right now. As a result of reading all of the posts, I am now getting a little worried because it is the end of the month and my director is trying to get me to purchase a large inventory. But, I am also relieved by the information I am getting from the posts. I guess I am going to have to be a big girl and say no to my director and let her know that I can't afford a large inventory, and that I will have to build my business slowly. I would love to have inventory on hand for my starter party. But, I couldn't live with myself if I took money from the household to buy inventory. Thank you again for all of the information and encouragement. I believe that I can be successful still as long as I work hard and attend as many training sessions as possible. But still concerned about the unit I am in since my director is pressuring me to buy product I can't afford.

  88. Allure27,

    Thank you for commenting! I will let mk4me weigh in as well, but I wanted to jump in real quick to ask about something that jumped out at me from your comment. You mentioned that you believe you can be successful if you work hard and 'attend as many training sessions as possible'. This is not something that we emphasize heavily here and I want to make sure that you are not getting the wrong impression.

    Training is helpful and important, but personally, I would not put too much stock in it's ability to make you successful. In fact, in light of all the potential pitfalls involved with being in certain areas of Mary Kay, I would rank 'having a good director that you can call with questions' much higher than 'going to as many training sessions as possible'.

    Just wanted to throw that in there as food for thought.

  89. Ty Jonathan. That is good to know as I am a mother of 3 with a full time job already. My concern now is will my director be as motivated to help me now that I am not planning on buying any inventory?

  90. I can't really answer that one for you Allure... I guess you will just have to find out. :)

    If she is not, I guarantee there are directors out there that will. mk4me for one!

    Good luck

  91. Personally, I will support any of my consultants whether they start with inventory or not. Personally if a consultant doesn't have the money, she probably needs my help even more. Training is important but how much you get at the meetings will depend on the style of your director. I would go especially if there is new consultant training offered. First and foremost.... go to www.marykayintouch.com under training find the Silver Wings Scholarship Program for new consultant, There truely is some valuable stuff to be found there. Read your consultant guide that comes in your starter kit and watch the dvd of the skin care presentation over and over. If you need to make money faster (rather than at your leasure) you will earn more be letting people try the skin care and color with an actual trial. Taking catalogue orders will get orders but many people do not understand the benefits of a "system" and how well the products do work. I love Mary Kay's old saying "KISS - Keep it Simply Sweetie" We book, sell, book, sell, and then build your team. I like to see my unit members have several good clients before they start building a team. Recruiting every client for personal use is not a smart business move. Let's face it 4% of $200 is a whole lot less than 50% of a $200 sale!!

    We are to love our unit members unconditionally. I have many consultants that must sell their first order, collect the money, and then place it and then deliver. Most clients are willing to support the new consultant and understand that while she is new they may have to wait a little bit, but once she is able to start building an inventory, they will have delivery asap. Best Wishes as you build your business!!

  92. Well, I am 3 months into this thing and can say:

    Pros: The idea of "business in a closet" is great! When you family is in a pinch, pull this bag out and sell something. It has worked for me many times. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the skin care. I have been trained by the best in Georgia and feel fully confident about the skills and techniques given to me in training. I have some consistent customers that I wouldn't want to give away for the world! I love offering a great product for women that are searching for the right fit. I have had terrible experiences with cosmetic counters and store aisles. I like giving a personal touch to everything I do. Single mother? No problem. Need to wait a bit to order? No problem. Need to try multiple skin care options? I'm here for you. Need to switch? That's fine. I'll help. EVERY person deserves great customer service NOT a flourescent experience in a store OR a pushy, overdone counter.

    Cons: The little costs did bug me. $15 for training materials, $5 per meeting, pay for website, pay for debit card processing. But at the end of the day, these are all things that normal business have to do. (Conferences, services used for business etc) I wish that my recruiter was more up front about these costs. I am not fully business brained, but I'm slowly getting there. Another con: there seems to be a lot of negative experiences out there. Customers being left high and dry or having under-trained consultants. If you are gonna do this, do this right. Take the time to get to know the product, OR give the person over to a consultant that's doing MK for life.

  93. Hi there,

    I live in Ottawa Canada and have been doing some research recently regarding Mary Kay and have been contemplating on becoming a representative. I have read numerous negative stories about pushy directors and that has concerned me quite a bit. Nonetheless I contacted a representative in my area on Friday looking to join and have not heard back from her yet and then decided to send an email directly to the company this morning and have not had a reply back from them either. This all very disappointing. I was all gung ho to start and then read so many discouraging stories and still have not had any replies back from anyone regarding sign up that I'm just beginning to wonder about all this?. Is this usual to have to wait so long to get start up information etc?.

    Many thanks,

  94. I am BRAND new to Mary Kay, and I am so happy that I found this blog. After being pressured to try to buy inventory, which I still have not done, I have to admit I am a little frustrated. HOWEVER, I worked at a salon prior to Mary Kay that sold makeup and skincare, and I know what type of item WILL sell. I know that they pressure you to get such a large order, but why should I do that? This business should be about me, and my clientele base. I will not allow myself to be pressured to buying items I don't need, because as my sales director said, "I am smart, and sharp.." I know I will purchase what is needed and not in excess. The only other negative thing, so far, that I will say, is that when I was speaking to my sales director, before I signed up, I had mentioned that I did makeup tutorials on YouTube, and that would be a great tool to build my business, which she thought was a great idea. After being signed up, she then later told me that it was not "allowed," and that Mary Kay's agreement does not allow me to use their products in that way.

    I am going to give more time in this company, because I did make the initial investment, but we will see. I am 26, and a mother, and thought this would be a great idea, instead of going back to college. I think at this point teaching middle school-ers will be more rewarding.

  95. Dear NewMKGirl, I am glad you found us, hopefully there will be some helpful information here to help you do Mary Kay "your way" without doing anything against company policy, and noone needs to start with a big inventory to be successful..

  96. Hello, I have been thinking about selling MK but was wondering if you could answer some questions of mine.
    I am a single mother of a 6 month old and will be needing to take a leave of absence from my part time job. I was thinking about selling MK to have some income. I am hoping to get some honest answers to my questions;

    1)would this buisness work for me as a single mom who cannot be away from her child for too long or often?

    2)Do you have to sell $200 to be active for the next 3 (or 2?) or do you just have to sell that much in 3 months to be active the next 3?

    3)What happens if you do not reach the $200, is there a penalty fee or can you not sell again until you have an order that's a certain amount?

    4)How much does the website cost?

    5)Dress code?

    6)Can people in other states order from your website and have it shipped directly to them or do you have to be a recognized consultant (do the $600 inventory) or sell so much or reach another goal before this could happen?

    Please honest answers, I'm not trying to get into something and get screwed over.
    Thank you,

    1. I would like to know 2-6 of those as well! :o)

    2. I would like to read the answers to those too!

    3. It would still be nice to have the answers to these questions... :)

  97. I will have answers to this asap!! dealing with storm situations right now!

  98. I've read a little bit but I'd like a more current answer to what I'm going to ask.....I am pregnant with my first baby and as of now I watch 2 kids for 150.00 a week. My husband and I are struggling as of now, but when the baby gets here it'll be even more tough. We both agree that we want me to be a stay at home Mom, at least for awhile. Is it possible to sell Mary Kay and make a living? I need more than just extra money, I'm needing it as a job to help pay bills. My husband works as well, but my income is just as crucial. Besides the 100.00 starter kit, what other expenses do I need to be aware of?

  99. I love my Mary Kay Business!!! Before Mary Kay I was living paycheck to paycheck, which it all went to Rent Bills and i had to save if i needed my cosmetics or misc items.. Then my MK consultant told me about the Mary Kay Opportunity and I gave it a shot ... All i gotta say is that I am so happy I signed on under my friend and under a GREAT Director.. our Director is there to help us when we need the help or when we ask for it.. she is not pushy nor expects us to pay because she knows we are trying to start our business. Jessica if you are looking to start a Mary Kay Business remember this ... This is your business so if you go get sales you will make money, if you need the training go get the training, YOU do what you feel YOU need to do to make your Business jump start. if you need to make more money then you do whatever it takes to make more money!!! No one can tell you or PUSH you to do anything you do not want to do!!! If you see the meetings you are attending are not what you like, then go try another method/mtgs to help YOUR business.. the only other advice i can give those that would like to Join Mary Kay is research who your Director will be, find out who he/she is first before signing on... if it turns out she is different than what she said she is then ask to be moved to a different meeting ... there are always options but no one will research the options for you this is your business so you will have to research and do the work!!! I signed on almost 2 years ago and I love my Mary Kay Business and LOVE my Director. She helped me by showing me how to book parties which helped me with sales.. I have a daughter in College and I am able to give her money on a monthly basis for school expenses, my husband and I are able to go out for dinner 2 sometime 3 times a week and I have extra money cushion for emergencies.... But like i said you can not make money if you do not go try to make some money

  100. I wonder what Stacy said, how do you make sure to find a good director? I don't have a MK consultant to go to, right now my plan is/was to contact on listed on the MK that's local to me, but I feel I want quite a bit of support.

    1. I just went on the site a browsed through Mary Kay Consultants in my area and found a director.... man I really wish this thing took my full story. I just caution anyone taking on Mary Kay or any business with the false hope that they can leave their full time job, go through every training under the sun and be successful because it isn't going to happen. I strongly urge anyone if your going to take on owning a business know how to effectively run a business before jumping in. Do not allow anyone to convince you that purchasing inventory will be the only way you will keep your customers happy because it isn't true. Really do your homework before investing...


  101. Sorry for the 1/2 thought, I'm wanting to be a consultant.

  102. LT - my suggestion, go to www.marykay.com and the consultant locator -- enter city info or zip code info and see who comes up -- look for the director titles ... and then call them and basically interview them... and then perhaps ask to attend a meeting.... don't sign until you feel it is a good fit for you!

  103. Hey there! SO I just joined but a couple days ago as a new IBC with the help/encouragement from my mom who paid for my kit. I'm struggling to get by in my late 20s in GA and have only found work as a nanny, so I figured I would give it a try since nothing else seems to be working (with a BA degree as well!) It all seems promising but I'm starting to have a lot of set-backs like:

    1. I paid for my personal website ($25), because it seems like that's the most realistic way to make money from people so they can shop 24/7....and there's no automatic way to take payments from people?!
    a. I must sign up for a PROPAY account that automatically signs you up for a credit/debit card account with Mary Kay? QUESTION: (which isn't being answered by any of my directors right now and frustrating me) DO you HAVE to sign up for this Pro-pay account in order to take any online payments? If so why must you get a Mary Kay CC? I don't want bad credit/more debt and it seems like this is soon become a snowball effect.
    b. I keep reading/sort've being told that my first order has to be 600$ wholesale..... so does that mean even though people place orders with me I can't purchase it for them until I have reached a batch order of 600? (ALSO WHY IS THIS NOT LAID OUT BEFORE YOU SIGN UP?!)

    I'm kind of confused and hurt by this too because for a company that claims to stand on "Christian values" I'm not sure why they would be encouraging me to go into debt.

    Anyone offer sound advice?

    New and Confused!

  104. First you DO NOT have to apply for a Mary Kay Credit Card to have a propay account.

    Second you DO NOT need to start with a $600 w/s - you can start with a $200 w/s

    and a company does not actually have values, people do and some people don't. sorry you are dealing with some that don't.

  105. oops and third, to accept secure online payments via your website, you do need to have a propay account because it is linked and it will process it - however - you do not have to offer secure online payments as people can still place an via your website and you can make other arrangements for payment if you choose not to select propay.

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  107. I'm glad this blog was started! I am really considering starting and this gave me a TON of information that I needed to know! I apologize but I'm not able to read every posting but I do a have questions as well.

    1. I do not have a potential client base to start with. I do not have family around, I don’t really have friends (3 kids under four, don’t have time to really connect and hang out). And I’m shy, would this be a good choice for me?

    I will appreciate all responses, positive or negative. Thanks!

  108. Just to add why I want to sell Mary Kay. As a customer I enjoy the feeling of having someone to sit down with me and talk about skincare and make up for a couple of minutes. And that’s because I’m really in to pursuing glowing natural skin and enhancing with makeup. It’s fun to me and I think I could make it just as fun and addictive (lol) for others. Because I understand how little thing like skin care can help with self-esteem because it has helped me. I just feel like I’m missing my main tool (potential clientele) to even start to be successful.

  109. My Mary Kay Experience:
    It first started by having a one on one facial done by a lady. She seemed really positive and happy and like this stuff was awesome. I envied her attitude. I had just found out I was pregnant and my then current waitressing job wasn't ideal. She really talked me in to it and made me feel so good about myself. Then she introduced me to the director. She was and is still today a wonderful woman with a bright personality and love for people. The problem was I felt that the consultant had me meet her in order for the director to "win me over" and get a new consultant. The director went on and on about how she was part of "corporate america" and as a woman had hit her "glass ceiling" when she found mary kay. It all sounded so amazing. Could I really do that awesome and make that much money? I was sold. So, I happily paid my $100 to get started. I was pumped and ready to get going. Then the director sweet talked me in to getting inventory to have on hand. She talked me in to getting a credit card and having my Grandmother to co-sign on the card. So yes, I purchased $4200 work of product that my director said I needed. Again, I was pumped and ready to go.....two weeks later I had a miscarriage. I went from the highest point in my life to the lowest. I couldn't function for a long time. Every day I'd pass the cabinet that held all that product and just cringe. The sad thing about it is that non of my fellow consultants really cared. I told them but they were like "oh yeah, that happened to so and so. It'l be ok. Just try again." Really? Oh I didn't realize it was that easy. lol. SARCASM. I ended up deciding to sell it all back to the company. My directer was very upset about it and tried to persuade me to keep trying, but at that time in my life...I just couldn't. So I got 90% of my money back for unused product. Of course that money doesn't put a dent in a credit card that has a 25% interest. Three years later and we just about have that credit card paid off.
    My advice
    1. If you are motivated to sell...you will.
    2. You really can help improve peoples lives.
    3. The products are good (but of course you could get comparable products for cheaper at Walmart)
    4. Know who you are as a person. If you're not a people person or make new friends easily than this is not the career for you.
    2. If you deal with large insecurities...the rejection from this job is painful.
    3. Never let a person convince you to do anything! Ever! You have to make the decisions about what is right for you. This is especially true when dealing with money. Be wise about spending.
    4. This career really does work for some people. They are bright shining starts that we can all look up to. You may be the person to get to the top or you may be the person who does not. It's all about your choices and decisions.
    5. We all want to make 6 figures and be given cars but the reality of Mary Kay is that you have to start from the bottom and work your way up. You have to be able to convince people to do what you do and love the products. Realize that sometimes that comes off very fake. You have to be a good networker and people person.

    My story is sad not because Mary Kay is a bad. My story is sad because of very sad circumstances. I also let myself be talked into things and now I know better.

  110. Hi, ladies! I am a 25yo single mom. I'm currently living on welfare and going to school. I do not have my own car yet, though I should be getting one in the next six months. I LOVE this makeup, and I want to become a consultant. What advice can you give me? I'd love to hear ideas and warnings, so I know what I'm getting into. Thank you!

    1. It's been almost a month did you get the advice you were looking for and have you joined? I didn't see anyone respond to you so I would love to if you haven't joined yet.

  111. I had a story to tell but it was too long and it wouldn't take.

    My best advice is if your not ready to truly run a BUSINESS do not sign up until you are. The meetings in my experience are more for motivation, pageantry and women getting together to have fun.

    Know how to manage your books, know how to set up reminders for when it is time for your customers to restock their products. If your wanting to make money there is money to be made however, know when to keep your recruiter and your director OUT of your business.

    When you get your kit learn the products you have 30 days before you can no longer get the free product. Learn the products and place your own initial order based on what your comfortable selling as well as what really sells. Don't focus on trying to be a "Star" consultant or even becoming Director. Before trying to build your team know your business and how YOU want to run it. Don't allow your director talk you in to purchasing a storefront when your not ready to run the store.

    Do not come in to Mary Kay thinking you can quit your job and this be your first source of income. A true business takes 5 years to show a true profit if done correctly and be free from debt from the startup. Do NOT get a loan for inventory. Purchase what you can afford. Satin Hands, Timewise Skin Care and the Botanicals are great starters.

    Should you make it to DIQ be prepared to foot your trip for training in Texas to become Director. Be prepared to possibly pay back residuals if any one from your downline drops out and sends back their product for the 90% buy back program. If you made a commission you have to pay it back.

    So if your going in it know what our coming in to ... if your wanting to make extra cash it can be made but just be willing to work. If your really not interested in the titles you can move up but stop at Red Jacket don't take on DIQ and Director if your not ready to take on a much bigger commitment. You think the pressures of being a consultant is a lot get up to DIQ and Director and beyond... being a consultant is the piece of cake piece of pie.

  112. I was recruited in ga a couple years back but I didnt kno anything or how to start my own business. No one pointed me to training for facials and what not. So I stopped I didnt fully quit but I didnt sell or do anything.
    im rethinking selling mk again in al because I think if found someone who can help push me in the right direction. I dont have a car so the mk car is very appealing to me.
    so I've researched what I can (google isnt very helpful sadly) n this site/blog is very helpful cause you get both good n bad (pink truth annoyed me cause it was so hateful). I am more confident now that I know what ill need to start a business (thank you) cause pink truth started to discourage me. However I do have a few questions.

    1. The car. Do you actually get to keep keep the car? Cause I found info that you/your team have to make a certain amount each month for the next 2 yrs after you get it. What about after? Is it completely yours then?
    2. Restarting. Is there any fee for restarting your mk business after a few years? I didnt do anything other than purchase the starter kit. Would I be fine just buying another starter kit n starting my business that way? Or are there certain procedures ill have to go through/pay?

    1. Not sure if you have gotten your answers or not, I am a new consultant and I'm pretty sure that in Dec MK is offering the starter kit for 75 dollars for people that want to get their business started again. My email is Malloriehilley2213@yahoo.com email me if you'd like me to get more info from my awesome director!

  113. Hello ladies!!
    I recently joined Mary Kay a few weeks ago & would love to share my experience thus far. I am a college student & work a full-time job - MK is just a way to make more money to spend on myself or save or whatever. Now I know I'm still in the early stages & things can change but here's my take so far:
    1) It's giving me something to be determined about. I love starting new things bcus I put my all into everything so this is making me work hard at something and push my boundaries
    2) I was never really big on makeup, but MK makes me want to explore that feminine side. I enjoy learning about makeup & skin care and sharing how I went from no interest to a lot of interest with this company & with cosmetics in general
    3) I love the empowerment. I'm very humble & positive & it's great surrounding yourself around positive people who motivate you and cheer you on even when if you haven't accomplished anything
    4) My team rocks! I've read posts about horrible directors & such & everyone in my team is supportive, encouraging, and not pushy. When learning about my inventory I did not have the $$ to buy but my director listened to me & understood my situation & helped come up with a personal solution for me. I know a lot of women who want/use MK and I have a very out-going personality so I knew selling the product wouldn't be the hard part (I sell things for a living) but my funds were extremely tight. I did get the MK Visa credit card & created a $900 inventory bcus I wasn't comfortable with spending 3600 but I didn't want to start small either. From looking at what I received in the inventory I know I won't have any problems selling everything in my inventory
    5) I get the chance to network & connect with so many interesting women
    6) I get to travel. I'm usually always busy or don't have the $$ to travel but MK allows me to do so. Granted you still have to pay, but now that I have extra money I can afford to do so
    7) MK is extremely flexible. If you want to buy the minimum to just have products for personal use you can. If you want to make some serious money, you can. If you want to take time off you can.
    8) The 50% discount & free products you get on your first order. I never used MK products & now thats all I use (my personal choice bcus I notice the difference & see how great the products are)
    9) I love the philosophy of putting God first in your business. I'm not religious but I am very spiritual & I include God in every aspect of my life.

  114. ... couldn't fit the cons in the last post (didn't realize how much I typed sheesh)

    1) Your experience can be bad given the wrong leader. Your director helps make this experience great. Mine is always positive & checks on me personally - its not always about MK. A bad director can leave a sour taste in your mouth & can fail at relaying the truth and giving you adequate training and advice
    2) The $5 weekly meetings. That kind of took me by surprise but my first meeting was a great experience. I probably won't make it every Tuesday consecutively but I will be at most bcus I feel if you don't put in any work, time, or money - you won't get much from the business
    3) It can be somewhat intimidating in the beginning bcus you don't know what to fully expect. I was very overwhelmed initially with all this foreign terminology & concepts of earning stars & what not & when I received my inventory I was extremely overwhelmed bcus I didn't know what to do with it all. My recruiter helped me organize & helped clarify any questions/concerns I had & now I am passed that overwhelming stage.
    4) This is not a con for me - but it can be for some. You have to put in work. You can't expect to do nothing & make money. You have to be disciplined & organized. You have to WANT to learn about the company & be great. There is still so much I need to learn & don't know but I make sure that I try & figure things out on my own before I ask for help. I found places to get product knowledge & useful tips & advice on how to deal with situations that will arise in the company (I keep all of this stuff in my binder). Some things you will have to teach yourself but if you are not willing to put in effort outside of what you are told to do you won't be successful. I read these blogs often just so I can know what questions to ask my director & so that I can know what to research if I'm not sure about something.
    5) MK isn't for everybody. You have to have a certain determination & passion for selling products period. You have to have some type of people skills & if you don't you have to be willing to learn new concepts & actually apply them. You will be taken out of your comfort zone & you will feel nervous, but it'll allow you to grow even outside of MK.
    6) You will get rejected!! People will make appointments or say they're coming to something & will just no show. Don't let this stop you. Rejection is apart of life - it's all about how you recover & bounce back.

    Sorry for rambling but so far this is what I have gotten out of it. I'm somewhat nervous bcus I don't know what to expect long-term but I am optimistic and dedicated to making the most from this. My debut party is approaching so I'm excited about that & I hope that I can establish the relationships & connections to make this side job work for me.

    Thanks for reading :)

  115. I am thinking about becoming a consultant and I'm a little nervous. I just moved to the area I live with my husband and I thought it would be a good way to know people and use makeup I love. However our area is pretty saturated with MK consultants, how do you get started when it feels like everyone already buys from someone else? Also I'm really shy, how do I even meet people to sell to?


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