Saturday, November 24, 2007

Who else is talking about Mary Kay

This is long overdue, and is still not perfected. In the interest of presenting the most balanced view possible, here is a list of what other websites are talking about Mary Kay. For some of them, I have offered a small excerpt either from or about that particular site.

Is Mary Kay a good opportunity? Is Mary Kay a scam? Is Mary Kay a cult? Can you make money with Mary Kay? Will I go into debt with Mary Kay? How can I succeed with Mary Kay? Does Mary Kay sell itself? These questions are all things that I hope to answer on this site. But if you want to get another perspective, here are some links you may find helpful.

Pro Mary Kay – Helping you run your business better

Shades of Pink

Consultant since 2003, works her business part-time around a full time job and school. This site features lots of good advice about how to succeed in Mary Kay

My Pink Truth

“I’m just a person–an imperfect seeker who tries to live right but falls occasionally, just like everyone else. I wanted a place where I could vent frustration, talk about various things and not get slammed in the process. The internet is the best place–I can get lost here yet access it from anywhere.”

Pynk Myst

“Welcome into the myst! This site is a great place to discuss Mary Kay opinions and questions. You will find many positive Mary Kay consultant stories and Mary Kay sales director experiences.”

MK Rules

“MK Rules is here to encourage positivity while keeping reality in mind. We are here to provide a place to share experiences, knowledge, and provide answers to your questions. I hope to grow with you and expand our businesses together in an honest manner, not only being legal but also moral.”

Bee Productive

Mary Kay Women

Turning Pink

The “War” – Is Mary Kay Extraordinary or Scary?

Pink Truth says, “run, don’t walk the other way”

Personally, I have seen very little in the way of actual complaints and facts here. This site feels more like the personal vendetta of someone who is either trying to make a quick buck taking cheap shots at a corporation trying to make a difference for women OR someone so blinded by a bad experience that any chance of journalistic integrity is out of the question. Please read with caution and know that you are not allowed to disagree with any of the content on this site. If you read something on this site, and feel the desire to disagree with it, please drop me a line here. I may post it on the main page.

PT Lies says, “Pink Truth is full of it, here’s why”

Some call me duh! Neutral but… WOW. *Please use caution on this site. If you are easily offended by foul language or “adult content”, this may not be the site for you.

Pink Lighthouse – Simple site that provides some resources about what to do if you are uncertain of your involvement in Mary Kay

The Pinking Shears – This seems like a very good resource if you are looking for problems within Mary Kay. This site presents information about the problems that you could encounter with involvement in any MLM, but specifically Mary Kay. I am impressed with what I have seen so far. This is a professional site. If you are concerned about what your director is asking you to do, this is probably a good community for you.

Edumacation (MaryKayOpinions)

Perhaps someone can enlighten me about this site. It appears that this site is a byproduct of wikipedia. I think it focuses on consumer education. This part is about Mary Kay. It seems like it has good opinions and experiences on both sides of the fence. I have found it hard to navigate, but it has a lot of information if you can work your way through it.

Liquidate Your MK inventory

I don’t have the time to check out what sites are good or bad in this area, so I recommend that you take a look at pink lighthouse’s resources here.

As I mentioned earlier, this post is long overdue and incomplete. It will probably always be incomplete, as people are joining the conversation everyday. If I have missed you (or someone that you think should be here, email me at


  1. Tracy Coenen, owner of PinkTruth, is actually a well-respected fraud investigator who has appeared on national television.

    To see and hear her in that capacity, you would never realise that it was the same person behind that site!

  2. I would love to see that television program.

    Any idea what station it aired on and when?

    Any chance you have a copy of it?

    Do you think there is a chance that the owner of PT is committing identity fraud and the "real" TC is unaware of this grossly negligent use of her persona?

    If so, I would love to be the one to call the "real" TC and let her know!

    Thanks for dropping in.

    (please pick a nickname though so that we can differentiate all the anon. personalities here!)

  3. T'is I, Scam.. I have a video on my site featuring TC and, no, I don't think she is committing id theft - she really is behind PT.


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