Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!


My wishes for all to have a Very Happy and Safe Memorial Day Weekend!!

Don't forget your sun screen if out in the sun!!

Model Makeup Artist Opinions


Colleen posted a link to a great piece on the comments of several makeup artists and their opinions about Mary Kay products. I thought it was worth bringing it to the front page so that everyone could enjoy it.

This is the link:

or, Click Here

The majority of the comments are very favorable, the negative comments (of course there are a few) sound like many of them are from past experience(as in not recent). Any of us that have used MK over time know we just keep getting better all the time. So if one hasn't tried the MK line in the last 5 or so years, I would love for them to revisit the product before making an opinion. Most technology today is superior to the technology we had five years ago in any field. (not everything but most). Just as a comparison, 5 years ago, many people had desktop computers, the tower, monitor, & keyboard. It was common and laptops were the "luxury item with the big price tag" - today, who would want the "bulk" of a desktop set up when one can buy a laptop for the same price? I remember the price of my first laptop, lol, and to think of what we can purchase them for today.

Enjoy, the article and thank you for sharing Colleen!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Men in Mary Kay


This question was brought up and I know Colleen commented on we have had men become directors and even earn the pink cadillac. What I am about to write, is based on my opinion, not personal experience because honestly, I haven't had any men join that actually joined to pursue MK as a career - even part time.

I think it would be tough. Yes, I realize that many, many of the top makeup artist in Hollywood are males but the dynamics of the way Mary Kay is set up, imho, would make it more difficult once a male ran out of family and friends. The reason, we work in a person's home or in our homes, with the exception of bringing guests to an event. With the way society is today, I would speculate that a "strange" male inviting a woman or group of women to "his" place would not go over well nor would inviting a strange man into our home. I also feel it would be very uncomfortable for him to "warm" chat, because most people would be suspicious and even if he catered to men and the men's line, I do not think he would have enough of a market base.

I could be way off base in my thoughts but in a nut shell that is what I think. I sincerely think it would be very tough for a male to make more than part time income. (as a general rule, of course, we will always have exceptions)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope everyone is having a special Mother's Day. I have had a very wonderful day!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

April Promotion - Results are In


Received a message from Corporate, with the results from the special spring break promotion, Mary Kay had the largest number of agreements submitted in Company History!! We add over 160,000 consultants! This figure is 6 times the monthly average for new agreements.

This is good for growth, even if many of them only joined for the great deal on the starter kit and never do anything with the business, some will and with the excitement that it brings, that excitement will spill over and when we are excited more wonderful things happen!!

My unit had a good month but I really drilled it into my consultants, that we were not selling starter kits. I would much rather have them earning the 50% for the products they would sell to their clients than having a team member that wouldn't need to purchase those items from their consultant. (I was not about to take possible income out of my unit members pockets). But we did have some individuals that had been considering Mary Kay decide it was a good time to give it a try).

Coming soon, men in Mary Kay and some scripts!!

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