Thursday, May 26, 2011

Men in Mary Kay

This question was brought up and I know Colleen commented on we have had men become directors and even earn the pink cadillac. What I am about to write, is based on my opinion, not personal experience because honestly, I haven't had any men join that actually joined to pursue MK as a career - even part time.

I think it would be tough. Yes, I realize that many, many of the top makeup artist in Hollywood are males but the dynamics of the way Mary Kay is set up, imho, would make it more difficult once a male ran out of family and friends. The reason, we work in a person's home or in our homes, with the exception of bringing guests to an event. With the way society is today, I would speculate that a "strange" male inviting a woman or group of women to "his" place would not go over well nor would inviting a strange man into our home. I also feel it would be very uncomfortable for him to "warm" chat, because most people would be suspicious and even if he catered to men and the men's line, I do not think he would have enough of a market base.

I could be way off base in my thoughts but in a nut shell that is what I think. I sincerely think it would be very tough for a male to make more than part time income. (as a general rule, of course, we will always have exceptions)

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