Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spring Limited Edition Inventory Update


From MK Intouch
Inventory Update: Limited-Edition* Dual Lip Glaze in Glistening Sand
Published 04.25.12
The limited-edition* Mary Kay® Dual Lip Glaze in Glistening Sand (050907), part of the limited-edition* Mary Kay® The Art of Nature Collection launched with the March 2012 quarter product offering, is now sold out at the following branch locations:

The remaining Mary Kay branch locations are expected to sell out of this product within the next day or two. We encourage you to check MK® News each day for further updates.

As a friendly reminder, limited-edition items are available only while supplies last; once limited-edition products have sold out, they are no longer available for ordering.

We appreciate your understanding and thank you and your customers for your support!
*Available while supplies last.

Head Up On Intouch Log In


This morning there have been serious issues logging into intouch and after three attempts one is then locked out. The wait with the Company is over an hour. May I suggest when you go to log in, simply enter your consultant number and click on, forgot password and then change it. You will get right in. When things settle down, you can always go in and change it back to whatever you wish. Hope this helps.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hi Everyone!!!


Hi Everyone, please hang on just a bit longer, I apologize for not posting anything new in a bit however, we have two family members going thru chemo/radiation treatments and a parent in very poor health. I am so happy that I can help out and still keep my income coming in, but it is taking time in other parts of my life.. Will try to get some good stuff up soon... and please share with me topics or questiosn that I could answer without taking alot of time - until then!! Take care and make it a great day!!!


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