Monday, September 29, 2008

Update on Pink Truth's Outrageous Claim of Copyright Infringement

On Saturday, I informed all of you that someone claiming to be from Pink Truth (but without so much as a signature) alleged that I have "infringed" and "violated" their copyrights on this site. (Link - Pink Truth Threatens Balanced Mary Kay)

Now, as I assured you all in my last post, the very nature of my use of images and text from that website is clearly not a violation or infringement. Nonetheless, even as I contemplated what to do in order to ensure that I would not find myself being forced into a courtroom to discuss this, I received an email from blogger (the ones that host this blog), indicating that someone has, indeed, claimed that "content in your blog allegedly infringes upon the copyrights of others".

The following posts are the ones that are being called into question:

(For your convenience, I have labeled them all as accurately as possible)

Pink Truth Lies About Copyright Infringement 1
Pink Truth Lies About Copyright Infringement 2
Pink Truth Lies About Copyright Infringement 3
Pink Truth Lies About Copyright Infringement 4
Pink Truth Lies About Copyright Infringement 5
Pink Truth Lies About Copyright Infringement 6
Pink Truth Lies About Copyright Infringement 7
Pink Truth Lies About Copyright Infringement 8
Pink Truth Lies About Copyright Infringement 9
Pink Truth Lies About Copyright Infringement 10
Pink Truth Lies About Copyright Infringement 11
Pink Truth Lies About Copyright Infringement 12

Here is the part that I find most interesting:

We are asking that you please remove the allegedly infringing content in
your blog. If you do not do this within the next 3 days (by 10/2/08), we
will be forced to remove the posts in question. If we did not do so, we
would be subject to a claim of copyright infringement, regardless of its

Here is the thing. If "blogger" who is owned by google, does not want to deal with a claim of copyright infringement, "regardless of its merits", I have to wonder, why would I?

They conclude with:

"We can reinstate this content into your blog upon receipt of a counter
notification pursuant to sections 512(g)(2) and (3) of
the DMCA."

I have not yet decided what I will do about this. My life is fairly busy right now and I have other "drama" cooking in my "real" life. But in the meantime, I want to keep all of you up to date.

I am particularly interested in making sure that everyone sees clearly the pathetic tactics and maneuverings that someone who is afraid to be completely truthful will stoop to in order to maintain the cloak of lies that she must constantly perpetuate in order for her jaded world view to continue to seem "true".

I now put it to you, my readers. What should I do?

Special thanks to those of you that have already emailed me with your findings on this subject.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fortune Magazine and Mary Kay Ash

Anyone that reads Pink Truth on a regular (or even semi-regular) basis knows that they often like to find little tidbits from obscure publications that paint Mary Kay in a negative light.

The spew of comments that follow these invariably include something along the lines of, "I wish a major news organization would do an exposé on Mary Kay so the world can see how terrible they are!". The problem with that wish seems to be that whenever credible journalism gets involved - you know the kind where people look beyond the hearsay, overblown exaggerations and manipulative lies of a handful of bitter bloggers to conduct "actual" research - the result is usually something that puts Mary Kay in a considerably positive light.

MK4ME recently posted one of these items. (Link - Mary Kay on Good Morning America)

Well, when I saw the following article on Fortune Magazine's website, I could not help but think of all this... and how much Balanced Mary Kay readers would probably appreciate it.

The article is titled "10 bizarre and daring feats of salesmanship" and features, as the title suggests, ten unique but highly successful sales ideas in recent history.

(Link - Fortune Magazine: A look at how legends mastered the sales pitch - and raked in the revenues.)

Guess who the first person on their list is.

No really, guess. Or, click the link to find out.




well? did you check it out yet? seriously, I am not going to tell you, you have to go look at it yourself... no screenshots today. :)

When you have had a look (and I am sure that you will want to click through all of the stories there... maybe even check out some other Fortune articles) come back here and let me know what your thoughts are.

Oh, and any of you Pink Truth readers, please notice that I did not say, "Look, Mary Kay was in Fortune Magazine, so it must be an easy way to make money!"

The Truth is out... Pink Truth does NOT tell the truth

At least not according to the results of our unofficial poll.

Thanks to everyone who participated.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pink Truth Threatens Balanced Mary Kay with Copyright "Violation" and "Infringement"

Greetings Balanced Mary Kay Readers,

I suspect that what I am about to share with all of you will come as no surprise to most of you. Nonetheless, I have chosen to be completely transparent with all of you, my readers, about what is going on.

I am, unfortunately, faced with a dilemma. This dilemma involves deciding between doing what I know is right and risking a legal battle that would most likely be awarded to whoever has more time and money – or – allowing something I know to be wrong to prevail in order to “play by their rules” and stay safely away from the potential of facing frivolous litigation. Unfortunately, thanks to the way our law is currently written, right and wrong will probably have less to do with this decision than money and time. As the adage goes, “The golden rule prevails, the one with the most gold makes the rules”.

As most of you are aware, at 12:01 AM (PDT) Friday, September 26, 2008 I posted a screenshot of’s most recent attack on Mary Kay. The intention of posting this image, naturally, was to allow discussion about the claims represented in that post. I also explained that I would make every effort to provide similar images on a daily basis.

Shortly after 9:00 AM (PDT) Friday, September 26, 2008 I received the following email:

from Pink Truth
to This information removed because a private email address that has never been posted on this site was used to deliver this message to me.
date Fri, Sep 26, 2008 at 9:04 AM
subject Copyright infringement

It's come to my attention that you're taking screenshots of pages of Pink Truth material and posting it for Balanced Mary Kay readers. That's a copyright violation, as I own the rights to the material and have not given you permission to post it. Please remove the infringing material immediately, and in the future, refrain from using PInk Truth's content without my express permission.

Now a few notes about this.

First of all, I am not an attorney, and I don’t claim to have a full grasp on copyright law.
Second, keeping the above in mind, I am extremely confident that this use of screenshots is NOT a copyright violation.
However, because of the first statement, and because I have not yet received legal counsel about this, I have chosen to err on the side of caution.

It is unfortunate that the people spreading lies about Mary Kay, ironically on a website with the name “truth” in the title, are so afraid of any scrutiny of their assertions that they would resort to ambiguous and unsubstantiated threats about “copyright infringement” to prevent their lies from being exposed.

I do not take kindly to being manipulated.
I firmly believe that Pink Truth is spreading malicious lies about Mary Kay.
I wholeheartedly intend to find a way to expose their lies for what they are.
I will, starting immediately, begin looking for the solution to this problem.
In the meantime, I ask for your patience.
I also would ask that – if you have any knowledge on this subject or could offer legal advice, recommendations or potential safeguards to consider – you contact me at

Balanced Mary Kay will continue offering the pros and cons, the good and the bad of Mary Kay. As always, all are welcome to participate and we welcome everyone’s opinion. Please keep in mind that we STILL do not allow opinions to be expressed as facts… even if doing so is necessary for your “style” of self expression.

Now, what do you think about this?

It is obvious that someone from Pink Truth is reading this site. What would you like to say to them?

Someone claiming to own the “rights to the material” on Pink Truth is suggesting that using an image of their work for the purpose of criticism (as I have done) is “a copyright violation”. However, I think that the U.S. Copyright Office – Title 17, U. S. Code, Section 107 clearly disagrees. What do you think?

In my opinion, this feature is important. Possibly crucial. Do you agree? Is this worth putting the energy into? Should I just give in, roll over and allow them to continue spreading vicious lies about Mary Kay unchecked? What do you think?

I know that some of you have not yet created a profile. I am sorry for the inconvenience, but I hope that you will take this opportunity to log in and weigh in on this important decision.

Thank you all for your support and continued patience.

Great Piece for Mary Kay on Good Morning America

In a recently aired television segment entitled Don't Fall for Work-From-Home Scams, ABC's Good Morning America workplace contributor and CEO of Women for Hire, Tory Johnson, referred to Mary Kay Cosmetics as one example of a legitimate "pay first" opportunity. Watch the clip now.

Friday, September 26, 2008

What do Tough Financial Times mean for Mary Kay


New Feature Announcement



Please note, the full screenshot that I posted earlier is gone. It is replaced with something that could not possibly be construed as copyright infringement. I am out the door to take care of some other business. However, rest assured that a full explanation is forthcoming. Look for it, as well as my thoughts and what I plan to do about it, tomorrow.

Thank you and sorry for the temporary inconvenience.


Yesterday, "Shashew", a Balanced Mary Kay reader and commentator pointed out some of the frustrations many of the other readers of this site share. Specifically that every visit to that site is like a "vote" of approval as it gives the impression (to search engine spiders and the like) that people are going there as a source of information about Mary Kay. We, in what seems like a majority (based on the current poll), know that it is not. As has long been my contention, there would be no problem with them expressing their opinions if they were being presented as opinions. They are not. They are being presented as "facts" and "truths".

As many of you know, one of my goals in setting up this site was to create a forum that allowed opinions that disagree with the vehement anti-Mary Kay sentiment expressed on Pink Truth.

In light of all this, I am introducing a new feature that I hope will help ease these frustrations for all of my readers.

Starting today, I will begin posting full screen-shots of Pink Truth's daily blog. I will try to post each day's post the following morning. In other words, yesterday's post will be available today. Alternatively, every day you can read yesterday's Pink Truth post here.

By waiting one day to post the screen shot, you will be able to see the comments from that post. It seems that there is rarely conversation on a certain subject after the day that it appears, so this seems to be the best way to get the "feel" of the conversation about that topic.

Please alert anyone you know that has been frustrated in the past at Pink Truth's lack of transparency, tightly restrictive comment moderation, and frequent banning.

This is a place that they can come and see what Pink Truth is talking about and respond. If you are a Pink Truth reader, please consider this a much better place for you to leave your comments, as you will actually be able to engage in conversation with someone that will challenge your thinking and help you escape the anti-pink-fog that has been created on Pink Truth.

Consider this. If all the people that visit Pink Truth daily - wishing that they could leave a comment but knowing they will be banned if they say anything - would visit this site instead, Pink Truth might just be pressured to allow other points of view and offer a more accurate depiction of Mary Kay.

Now, without any further delay, here is yesterdays Pink Truth post:

(hint, click on the link below to see the post)

Not sure how this will look, so we will work on it as we go. Please don't forget to leave your own comments after you read it.

If you are having trouble seeing the image below, you can either click on the image or the following link - Pink Truth talks about Mary Kay


Ok, there you have it. Be sure to leave your comments. Also, don't hesitate to tell me what you think of this new feature. If I can keep up, I will do this daily.

If you have not created a profile yet, I encourage you to give it a shot so that you can join the conversation.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Forgive me, but I can't help myself!

I have noticed I have been not reading pt as much as norm simply because it really is the same ole', some ole' but I still take a gander, you never know when there will be something worth countering but this was just too dog gone good to let it slide. ....
The conversation was around how much you needed to do to make so much and how much you can make from reorders if you do 1 - 2 classes a week.


TRACY said:
I love it when they lie about how much is ordered by women each year for reorders. NONE of my customers ever came close.

- now even if I didn't like MK, I still wouldn't like the personality and rudeness I've seen from TC, are we to believe she was any different in MK, than she is now? - Gee I wonder why her reorders weren't very good. (It couldn't be that once someone dealt with her they didn't want to have to do it again??) ark, ark, ark, ark.....

Now please forgive my lapse of professionalism. It was not a very mature thing to do.

(and just for the record, my reorders average about $2,000/month before any new classes and facials).

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Inspirational - Lemons/Lemonade = A Winner


BEIXIAOYING TOWN, China (AP) -- Natalie du Toit pulled herself onto the dock and waited for someone to bring her prosthetic leg. She stretched out the other leg -- the one she didn't lose in that horrendous motorcycle accident -- and chatted with an official about the first open water race in Olympic history.
Du Toit didn't finish where she wanted. Not even close.
But just making it to Beijing was a huge victory for anyone who's ever faced a disability.
Hoping to contend for a medal, the 24-year-old South African amputee fell off the pace toward the end of the grueling 6.2-mile race and finished 16th on Wednesday, more than a minute behind gold medalist Larisa Ilchenko of Russia.
"I tried my best," du Toit said. "I'm not too happy with it, but I'll be back for 2012."
Don't bet against her.
When she walked out with 24 other swimmers to be introduced for the groundbreaking event, it was quickly apparent she wasn't like any of them.
Du Toit hobbled along stiffly on her artificial leg, No. 23 written on her back and both arms. While others bounced up and down to loosen up, she settled for shaking her arms. A couple of times, she walked over to the edge to splash water on her face and goggles, leaning over tenuously with the wooden prosthetic sticking out to the side, keeping her from falling over.
When it was time to race, she walked slowly onto the dock and removed her replacement leg. Someone moved it to the side, and du Toit sat at the edge of the water, her right leg dangling in. When the starter called for everyone to get ready, she pulled herself up, wobbled just a bit and dove in.
She was an Olympian.
"My message isn't just to disabled people," du Toit said. "It's to everyone out there that you have to work hard. I've been through a lot of ups and downs ... but I've seen a lot of good things along the way. I was able to use the negativism in a good light and say after my accident, 'I can still do it if I work hard.'
"You have to set dreams, set goals and never give up."
Du Toit, who carried the South African flag in the Opening Ceremony, hung with the lead pack much of the race, but she had a problem with her cap and couldn't keep up when the pace quickened toward the end of the two-hour ordeal. She finished 1 minute, 22.2 seconds behind Ilchenko, who out-sprinted two British swimmers who led most of the way.
Then again, du Toit's time of 2 hours, 49.9 seconds put her ahead of nine others, including 16-year-old American Chloe Sutton, who broke down in tears after finishing, every part of her body cramping and aching.
"I was swimming next to her and she beat me -- and she has one leg," Sutton said. "It's incredible she was able to do that."
Du Toit was an up-and-coming swimmer who just missed qualifying for the 2000 Sydney Games when her life took a tragic turn in 2001. Returning to school on a motorbike after a training session, she collided with a car and sustained massive injuries to her left leg. Doctors tried for a week to save it but finally had to amputate at the knee.
Instead of giving up on her athletic career, du Toit was back in the water six months later. Swimming made her feel whole again, though she wasn't competitive with able-bodied athletes in the pool, where the legs are vital for starts and turns.
Along came open water, which was added to the program for Beijing. There are no flip turns to negotiate in marathon swimming, which is usually held in lakes and oceans, and the upper body is more important than the legs.
"When I take my leg off and I'm completely free in the water," du Toit said, "that's who I am."
She had found her new calling. Du Toit qualified for the Olympics with a fourth-place finish at the World Championships in Spain this year.
"I find it hard, and I'm a completely able-bodied person," said Cassandra Patten, who won bronze in the race held at the Olympic rowing and canoeing course. "She's an amazing role model."
The race didn't go according to plan. Du Toit caught her skintight cap on a buoy and spent much of the time fiddling with it, trying make sure it didn't fall off.
With the cap occupying her attention, she kept skipping the drink stops along the course and wound up getting dehydrated. By the end, her leg was cramping and searing pain ripped through her bulky arms.
"I couldn't even get out of the water," du Toit said. "That showed I gave my best."
After bobbing on the surface in the finish area for a few seconds, she finally hoisted herself onto the deck. The official came over with her artificial leg, which was stuffed with the T-shirt du Toit wore out for the start. She pulled it out, slipped on the prosthesis and walked slowly toward dry land.
Du Toit has put herself out there for everybody to see, and she's eager to share her story.
"Sometimes you feel a bit awkward kind of asking, but she told me everything. She told me about the accident, what happened, the rehab," Patten said. "She's got such courage. Everyone's insecure, everyone has insecurities. To kind of put that in show and be totally fine with that is totally amazing. I'm going to go and give her a big cuddle."
Du Toit was not the first disabled athlete to compete at the Olympics, or even in Beijing. Natalia Partyka, who was born with a right arm that ends just below the elbow, made the Polish team in table tennis.
Both will remain in Beijing after these Games to compete in the Paralympics. Du Toit will be looking to match the five gold medals she won in Athens four years ago.
No disabled Olympian was more successful than American gymnast George Eyser, who won three golds and five medals overall while competing on a wooden leg at the 1904 St. Louis Games. His left leg was amputated after a train accident.
Still, it's quite unusual for someone with a major disability to compete at this level, especially in a sport such as swimming where the legs provide so much power.
Ilchenko praised du Toit for not letting her disability hold her back. She was right in there battling with everyone else in a race that's often called wrestling in the water for its rough tactics.
"I'd even go so far as to award her a separate medal," the winner said through a translator. "I have enormous respect for her. It is exceedingly hard. Just looking at these people inspires you."
Du Toit did receive a special gift from officials at the rowing basin: a traditional Chinese drawing encased in a wooden box. She doesn't want to be treated any different, however.
"I worked hard to get here," she said. "I want to do everything on merit. This is not just a free ride."
Du Toit didn't get a free ride Wednesday.
She was an Olympian, just like everyone else.

I thought this was a very inspiring story. But as I read, I picked up on so many of the “things” we are taught in MK that pt want to poopoo on. Life is how you look at it and what you make it, and you must love, love, love this line:
I was able to use the negativism in a good light and say after my accident, 'I can still do it if I work hard.'

There is a major difference between not being negative and being a polly ana – but it is how you handle the negative that decides the quality of your character.

I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I did and now I want to go do something BIG today!

How Long From Consultant to DIQ?


Disclaimer: there is not an exact time period for this journey and if I already posted this, I apologize, I don't think I did because I believe I was ready to post it and we had four or five new topics posted very closely and I didn't want to take away from those articles. I simply saved this for a future date and thought now would be a great time to share!

This is a question that does not have an exact answer and will leave a lot of room for discussion. I am going to base my explanations on my personal experience. I will start with this part and then as the discussion takes place, I will add more because I could actually write a book if I wanted to include everything that I would want to share.

In this business, there is a lot to learn. A new consultant has to learn about the products, how to present them in a knowledgeable manner, proper color application, learn good people skills, and sales techniques, how to book, how to present themselves in a professional manner, how to separate business and personal emotions. This will take time, depending on how many classes/presentations a consultant does, the more they do, the faster they master their techniques and skills – the more confident a consultant becomes, the better the results.. I personally like my unit members to master a skin care class before they begin team building because as you decide to build your team, you now have to master how to present the Company opportunity and how to support a team member. How are you going to do a good job at this if you yourself haven’t mastered the basic presentation yourself? My view has been: you learn to walk before you learn how to run and the same principle applies to developing your business.

With a consultant working fulltime and with a family, I find it takes about a year, to get confident in your ability just doing your presentations. (Please note –this is just my opinion and it is not every case – I am speaking in general). Then once the class is mastered, building your team will also take time to figure out how to do it well. Earning the car and learning how to work with a team and continue to do a good job with your bookings and personal sales is a great way to find the balance before you jump into the responsibility of directorship.

Can it be done faster?? Of course it can. Can it take a lot longer, of course it can. But from all I have witnessed and experienced – investing 2 -3 years before becoming a director is going to benefit the person becoming the director. There is a heck of a lot more to being a director than “wearing the suit”. It adds a whole new dimension to your business. You don’t only deal with your ups and downs but also your units and that can take a lot of energy at times.

The numbers are spelled out. I had always heard to be a unit, it takes 30 and only 1 of the 30 will be a super star and that will be you – the director. That probably explains why we are required to have 30 to become a director, working with less than that is going to cause one to struggle. So if you become a director on “fake” consultants, you are hurting yourself because you don’t have the numbers that you need to produce the volume you need. – This is just the way it is. The Company tells us that a unit of approx. 75 will produce a Saturn unit. Why?? To maintain the production – doing it with fewer people will cause you to struggle. Doing anything with enough consultants working, can be achieved and maintained without headaches. For Cadillac you are looking at a unit of at least 125. Can it be done with fewer people, yup; does it also leave you in a position if “life” happens to a few of your top producers you are going to be wondering what to do?

Doing things too fast seems to be the downfall of many units. Once we become a director, we want to be a Senior director, but if you remember the numbers, if only 1 in 30 is going to be a superstar and you have a unit member become a director and take 30 out of your unit and leaves you with 30, you are back to really only having one superstar and will go from enjoying your business to struggling. I know many say fast is easy, slow is hard – but there must be a balance between doing it too fast and taking too long.
Often doing it too fast leads to weak units and instead of production coming from selling consultants having to order product to service their clients, the work ethic changes to find a newbie and bring them in with a big inventory and the unit managed to make production for the month. So what happens the next month? The same thing, so as long as you can find someone you can talk into starting with a large inventory – your unit will make production, what happens the month you don’t find someone?? You miss production because now even your selling consultants have too much product so they don’t need to order and you end up on the hamster wheel that some directors complain about. Imho, this is setting yourself and your unit up for failure. It will cause burn out – it is probably why many end up charging product they don’t need because they don’t want to give up what they have worked for. Pride gets in the way, because who wants to go from a Cadillac unit, to a Saturn unit? - You know what, I would have way more respect for a director that realized her unit wasn’t supporting the Cadillac and she dropped down to a Saturn unit. This is a smart business move. There is no disgrace. Hey, it is an “earned” car. I have been a senior director, guess what, I had two directors stop down – no they didn’t have too, life changes caused them to go a different direction and they are both still consultants. Was their a little ouch for me going from an almost “future executive senior director” to a director, yup… but it wasn’t because of anything I did or didn’t do. I am still just mk4me and those that respect me still do, and well, those that didn’t, didn’t any way so who really gives a hoot what they think anyway.

Now my theory… build selling consultants, allow them to build their inventory while they build their customer base. If your unit is selling, they will need to order. Production comes in naturally. Promote selling not ordering. Reward activity not ordering. Understand what you need and do the work that is required to get it. Don’t try to shortcut the system, it isn’t going to work. Set yourself up for success, not failure.

May I share a little personal note…. I have shared that do to medical issues with a child this year, I had several months that I couldn’t be the director or consultant I like to be, we fell short of finishing up the $300,000 unit club and we didn’t miss it by much. Could I have begged every unit member to put in an unneeded order and finished, I honestly think the answer is “yes”. Did I? – No. The reason is simple. I am still very proud of where we finished this year. With everything that happened in my unit, I think the figure is awesome. Now did I encourage my unit to work until the end? Yes, as long as they were selling and needed to order, I was happy to see them put in their order.

But if I had gone the other way, where exactly would I be this month? Historically, July is never a great month. Not only because of the after June fallout, but many people are on vacation, it is hot, it is harder to get groups together, so I would imagine trying to have a decent July if you pulled everything into June, leaves your July looking pretty dim. Generally because we work for the month we are in, our July is almost as good as every other month of the year. Call me to0 analytical or practical but if one uses good business sense, many of the obstacles and problems that we hear about could be avoided. My conclusion: Conduct your business as a business and you will produce good results, you and your unit members will be happy!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy 45th Anniversary Mary Kay & to Many More!

Happy 45th Anniversary Mary Kay! Saturday, Sept. 13, marks the 45th anniversary of Mary Kay. The Company was founded by Mary Kay Ash, with her life savings of $5,000, the help of her 20-year-old son, Richard Rogers, and a dream - a dream based on the Golden Rule and the principles of God first, family second and business third. More than four decades later, Mary Kay® products are sold in more than 35 markets worldwide, and the Company's global independent sales force exceeds 1.8 million. The Company's success, however, can best be summed up by these words of wisdom from our Founder, "The success of Mary Kay Inc. is much, much deeper than just dollars and cents and buildings and assets. The real success of our Company is measured to me in the lives that have been touched and given hope." We extend our heartfelt thanks to you for helping to continue Mary Kay's legacy and perpetuating her dream of enriching women's lives worldwide. For a glimpse into Mary Kay - then and now - be sure to see the September issue of Applause® magazine.

Balanced Mary Kay Reader's wake up times and favorite seasons - Poll Results

"Typically, my alarm is set for...
"My Favorite Season is...

Thanks for participating everyone.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pink Truth calls Mary Kay a Scam, as usual, Can't Deliver any evidence

What does it take to convey the truth about a situation to people who stubbornly refuse to consider that they may be wrong?

Take for instance, this latest lament from "SuzyQ" of Pink Truth.

"Oh, I wish I had the magic words! Just what does it take to get the message across to the pink believers that MK is a scam? What part don't they get?"

She follows this up with 13 "short reminders" allegedly in hopes of convincing "pink believers" that Mary Kay is a scam.

With the exception of (maybe) the 13th example, none of her "reminders" come anywhere near demonstrating that Mary Kay is a scam.

She concludes,

"Decided to stop at 13 as that is the Mary Kay sacred number. Please. You can not make it in MLM. Read and listen. Watch and learn. I promise you, your dream is carved in sand."

Here is an interesting thought about all this.

What is the real problem here?

We recently discussed (thanks to shadesofpink) the "proliferation of misinformation".

Consider two different consultants. For the sake of argument, let's assume both of them started Mary Kay at about the same time, were "in" for about the same amount of time, and ultimately decided to stop representing the Mary Kay brand.

Both sat under the same director, were recruited by the same recruiter, and had, basically, the same "version" of the opportunity presented to them.

One of them, like "SuzyQ", was caught up in the enthusiasm and energy of a charismatic leader, took away her own version of the key selling points, and went about selling the "omg-incredible-amazing-perfect-infallible-opportunity" in her own way.

Unfortunately for her (person 1) there were a lot more people in this world that were more like person 2 than she had expected.

The second one, realizing that there is no such thing as "too good to be true" wanted all the information. When "they" said, "no quotas", she asked, "what if I never sell anything?" When "they" said, "best selling brand in the U.S.", she wanted to know, "what is that based on?"

They both were convinced to give this thing a go.

The first one went in headfirst, like Pete Rose. (AD anyone?)

The second one "took some convincing".

In this story, it didn't work out for either one of them.

But which one do you think ended up in debt?

Which one, do you suppose, burned some relationship bridges and is now bitter at the entire company?

And finally, the reason I am so openly hostile to the majority of Pink Truth members, which one do you think is now on a smear site parroting vicious lies that she hasn't taken the time to verify?

Now please hear me. I do not know anything about SuzyQ. To be perfectly honest, I do not even do that good of a job keeping track of who's who on that site. I do not know what her Mary Kay experience was like. Please don't get distracted by that.

My point here is simply this.

"SuzyQ" just posted, antagonistically, that Mary Kay is a scam.

Her "defense" of this assertion is riddled with lies for one. (no, not the Mary Kay kind, the Pink Truth kind) It also (even if her lies were true) does not in any way defend the premise that Mary Kay is a scam.

No wonder her "brand" of Mary Kay hate (her and the ones that think like her) is never well defended on objective sites like this one. I guarantee that if she were to post that on this site, she would eventually realize that she has no clue what she is talking about and say, "just go visit".

And this is the site that is supposed to be promoting the "Truth about Mary Kay"?


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pink Truth: Promoting Wild Speculations About Mary Kay - Surprisingly, No One Is Surprised

That Pink Truth's "version" of the truth is not credible is hardly a shocking revelation.

However, the wild speculations that are promoted on that site - and subsequently promoted as "the truth" - need to be pointed out and discredited by someone. That is one of the reasons this site exists.

So, here is the most recent venture into turning one thing into something completely different, courtesy of Pink Truth.

The title (apparently from Tracy) is - Massive Mary Kay frontloading is applauded

The evidence presented is as follows:
A recent announcement from Mary Kay:

"We’re thrilled to announce that Independent Elite Executive National Sales Director Barbara Sunden, who currently ranks as the No. 1 NSD nationwide, has broken yet another record – this time for the highest monthly commissions earned. Barbara’s June commission check reached $140,682.91, breaking her previous monthly record of $111,653.92.

As we announced at Seminar 2008, Barbara holds the record of highest earnings in NSD commissions in a Seminar year. During the 2008 Seminar year, her commissions totaled $1,047,747.30.

We’re also excited to report that Independent Elite Executive Sales Director Ekene Okafor has broken the record for unit sales, achieving the $2,400,000 Unit Circle. On behalf of Mary Kay Inc. and the entire Mary Kay independent sales force, congratulations, Barbara and Ekene, on these incredible achievements!"

The first question that is posed indicates just how convinced Pink Truth is that their lies are truth.

"Do you realize the massive frontloading needed to get to these figures?"

(maybe later someone will ask, "How do we know that this came from frontloading?")

Now I hope that everyone will take a moment to note that I do not advocate the idea that Pink Truth does not provide ANY truth. Their next lines about this subject (although I have not done the math myself) seem likely to be true.

"At a minimum, Sunden's area alone did $1.4 million in wholesale orders (probably much more).
And Okafor's unit alone did $100,000 wholesale each month."

These seem like reasonable assertions.

But then we go back to the fantastic assumptions that Pink Truth is famous for.

"I feel sorry for those frontloaded consultants."

and then...

"There's no way all that product was actually being sold."

Is there really anyone out there that can defend this insanity? Would anyone really stand up and say, "I know that these women accomplished this by frontloading consultants"? Besides Tracy, is there really anyone that hates Mary Kay this aggressively that they are willing to deride someone's accomplishments so vehemently on nothing more than an assumption? Is anyone really bitter enough (again, besides Tracy) to declare that their assumption ("There's no way all that product was actually being sold.") is a fact?

Does this outright lie about Mary Kay bother anyone else besides me?

In case you are wondering, the comments just add to the assumption pile.

puc4now said:
"Just what the good people of Nigeria need - $2,400,000 worth of Mary Kay products. Gotta love those Ruby directors.

Can you say "illegal exporter?" I knew you could."

Stepping Down said:
"They are the spin masters....when every else is suffering with: consultants dropping like flies, customers hating the new color, directors stepping down in droves, massive allergies to the new mineral products reported, the new holiday line being tiny and overpriced as usual....they have to find something positive to report.
So, they found two impressive numbers to report to make everyone else feel inadequate. So now everyone else will strive for these numbers and kill themselves trying to make it happen.
It's all a vicious cycle. They will feel that if one person can do it, so can they, and they'll work like dogs to try for it.
They will never believe the 'rumors' that product is being shipped to Nigeria - they'll say - 'oh, that's the enemy talking....she's really got an incredible work ethic...that's why her numbers are so high'
And on it goes.....round and round......until they drop in exhaustion like I did. It's pretty sick, isn't it?

I also find it interesting that this is the first major time that they have highlighted the 'success' of the Nigerian Directors. They've been awfully hush hush about how great they were doing.....except at Ruby Seminar where they spoke. Curious, isn't it?"

nofoolinme said:
"Barbara Sunden should hang her head in shame! She knows how her money is made and it ain't a pretty picture! Granted, we don't see her on U Tube begging everyone to buy $1,200. wholesale but behind the scenes, that's what she's doing. Her downline have incurred massive debt for Barbara to be so handsomely rewarded.

And for Ekene Okafor - There's your sign! MK is refusing to admit that the Nigerian directors are doing anything wrong! That's their greed! I guess it's hard to turn down $l00,000. a month in wholesale production! As puc4now said "illegal exporter". Ya think?"

lightershadeofpink said:
"I know MK Corpse needs women like this to make this much money so the rest will "beelieve" and donate their life savings to the cause. Its a weird strategy . . . its hurts so many."

and I guess the best one of the lot so far,

Queen of Section 2 said:
"How can you even wrap you head around those numbers except to say that if it were me, I would've been sitting with $3600 on my shelves.

I can say that, because that's what happened to me!"

I think that really sums up Pink Truth's alleged quest for the truth...

"I can say that, because that's what happened to me!"

Or, more concisely, "It happened to me, so it must be true for everyone!"

"I did it, so everyone must be doing it"

Anyone else feel this way?

Monday, September 8, 2008

Who Should Teach?

Tonight at meeting, my director had two consultants with less than a year of experience do our training. To an extent, I have a problem with this. Don't get me wrong, I think it is great that they did different appointments lately. One did a lipstick class and the other did a spa class. I don't do many of those myself, so I'm open to hear how they work for others. With that said, I disagree with them being "in charge" of giving us promotion information if they don't understand what's written on the sheet of paper from our director.

This is where the misinformation began. My director wanted them to tell us that we are doing a promotion locally to have face models in a calendar that will be printed through Vista Print. We will choose 12 models. We did this last year in conjunction with the company's national contest "Model of Beauty." What the girls didn't realize was that there is no national contest this year. Now, I read InTouch just about daily. So, I thought this was inside info or something I had overlooked this week. I got really excited and sent out invitations to our event next week which is specifically focusing on our model contest. I thought it was also for a national contest that doesn't exist. Why? Because inexperienced people were talking about the promotions. They misread it. Since they were reading from a sheet of paper written by my director, I can only presume they know what they are reading. WRONG!

So, what are your thoughts? Directors, do you think it is appropriate for inexperienced consultants to lead the meeting? How long should they be in before they do this? Consultants, how do you feel if you have someone with less experience than you teaching you how to do your business? Do you think there are times when it is appropriate and times when the director should take over?

Here is what I think. I think if a consultant is new, but she has done something unconventional and had success with it, by all means she should share. I also think a new consultant that has been holding a lot of appointments can lead the skin care portion of meeting for guests. This way, the director is free to do the real training. The new consultant should NOT, however, talk about company or local contests or promotions as it is still overwhelming and she could get it wrong.

Here is what I think my director should have done (and believe me, she heard from me):

-Covered the details of this contest herself before splitting us apart.
-Have me or another consultant do the skin care for the guests and do the training herself (at one point it was becoming gripy and out of control)
-Only had the newbies talk about their respective experiences

Here are my general views (and I hope I'm making sense because it's late, but I gotta get it out) on the matter. Directors direct. They give the training, talk about contests and promotions, and make sure everyone is clear on what the rules are and whether it is LOCAL or NATIONAL or just our NSD promoting it. My director's director is very high D personality. I find more and more that I am, too. :P Who knew! I digress.

Consultants can teach on something specific. If Jane had a great spa class she should indeed be able to talk about it so we can learn from what she did. That is relevant. If Annie had large sales results from a silent hostess she did, let's hear all about it! If Linda did a lipstick class and sold tons of skin care, too; I want to know what she did. What they should NOT do is give out promo info impromptu without full understanding what it is.

When should consultants be given more responsibility? Should it be when they reach Red Jacket? Not if they did it in 2 months. Just because people are joining their team does not mean they are well read on what's going on. It means they are excited and exuding charisma. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but they are not ready to tell people with years more experience what is new in MK.

I don't like that if you aren't in a Red Jacket, it is as if you aren't working your business properly. There are people who have been in MK longer than I have who are not Red Jackets and they knew more than I know because they have been doing it longer. Just because someone is a Red Jacket (or has been one in the past) is not reason to have her acting as director.

My honest opinion is that in order to be qualified to "practice" being a director, one should meet one of two criteria (maybe three):

1. She should be driving free.
2. She should be DIQ (does it not make sense for someone who obviously has to lead to practice?)
3. She should be a Future Director (meaning she's probably driven free at some point and probably been a DIQ, too)

I think the reason you have a lot of misinformation in the first place is from people summarizing incorrectly; not understanding what they are reading in the first place, or just being plain bad communicators.

So, now, I will ask David's questions (he mentioned I bring these up when I told him what I was going to write about).

What, if anything can Mary Kay, Inc., Directors, and/or consultants do to combat the proliferation of misinformation? :D

Here are my thoughts:

Mary Kay, Inc. could perhaps require directors to streamline consultants they decide to put in charge. Make sure they understand what they are talking about. They could also make specific training requirements before advancements are awarded. For example: a Red Jacket must have 3 active recruits, but perhaps should do some type of written assessment on InTouch. If they don't pass, they don't advance. Just a brainstorm. They can get the commissions, but they can't get the jacket. The same goes for becoming a director. Experience is certainly required to be a director. There is way too much responsibility in that position for someone to breeze into it after just a few months in. Again, I'm brainstorming. These ideas may not even be realistic.

Directors would most likely hold the most responsibility in this situation. Because of the independent structure of our business, it needs to be up to directors to make sure their consultants have correct information and understand it well enough to convey it accurately to others. We are possibly the only Mary Kay someone may ever see. If we blow it, we've blown their impression of the entire company. First impressions are everything, you know?

Consultants need to read, read, read, read, and READ InTouch and other resources available to them. Miracles Happen, Mary Kay on People Management, Living a Rich Life, The Mary Kay Way, More than a Pink Cadillac are all books consultants should read. Mary Kay Ash's autobiography is like reading a training manual for how this business is designed to operate on the personal, regional, and national levels. Don't limit yourselves to Mary Kay books, though. There are a multitude of great business books out there.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Women Inspiring Women (or Men...)

****Editor's Note*******

Hi everyone! I wanted to take a moment to re-post what Praying4Courage posted a few days ago.

I believe this post may have gone unnoticed because of the circumstances surrounding it. (Labor Day Weekend, The "mini-series", and the fact that many of us didn't even realize who Sarah Palin was!)

So, without further ado, I ask you to please enjoy this post from Praying4Courage... and if you enjoy it, leave some thoughts about it.




Regardless of party lines it is clear that the 2008 elections are challenging the traditional role of women in the world. From Hillary Clinton to Sarah Palin America is being told that women are capable leaders. They don’t necessarily have to make it into the White House to shake up the traditional image of women. There have been many other women throughout history who have re-shaped the world’s view of women in various ways.

I challenge you to share the story of a woman in history who you feel is particularly inspiring or who has shaped history. For variety’s sake if you are going to pick Mary Kay then add a second woman as well. Also, lets try to avoid any political mud slinging here. The two politicians were named as a reference to our point in history not as an endorsement of either party.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

How long does a MK Show take?

As I was doing my routine review of pt, I happened across a post from a member that reports the time required to do a skin care class. After reading her breakdown, all I can say is I was…
ROTFLMBO … Please if anyone is reading this, I totally disagree. If this is how she did her classes,and the time she took to do them, then I am not surprised that she didn’t enjoy MK.

May I point out that she is even including time to get dressed and put make up on? If she has inventory that (she has been frontloaded with), why did she not have the product with her to give to the people (who according to pt never buy anything anyway)? Why would she need to call others to find what she needs and then take the time to go get the products she doesn’t have?? According to her agenda, she checks what she is low on and what she needs to order as part of her routine. Once invoices are entered into a software program, it automatically does the weekly summaries sheets and updates your inventory and can tell you what you need to order. As I reviewed her breakdown, the term “double dipping” seems to apply.

I can dispute many, many more things, but I thought it might be fun to play that game, “How many things can you find wrong with this picture?” I also think that her examples shows one, it is smart to have an inventory so that you can deliver the products right at your shows. Look at how much time she would have eliminated if she had simply delivered the products when she was at the show.

I had to chuckle at counting time to get gas and wash the car. Have you ever seen any 40 hour a week job that pays you for getting dressed and putting on your makeup to show up for the job or to get gas? She has exaggerated so much; I am surprised she didn’t tack on 6 – 8 hours for sleeping the night before her class so she doesn’t arrive tired.

For anyone doing research on what time is required to conduct a skin care class, this is not an accurate example. The whole process should not require more than 4 to 5 hours. If it is taking you longer, once you have figured out what you are doing, it is time to take a look at your process and adjust how you are using your time. Below is an example of taking way too much time to do a presentation, work smart not hard.

lightershadeofpink said:
Here's another try. Skin Care Class Task Analysis (7 to 21.75 hours)
Tasks to be Completed:
Contact client for class list (.25 to .75 hrs)
Organize list, profile cards, etc. to call guests (.25 to .5 hrs)
Call guests to pre profile (.5 to 1.0 hrs) Make list of special products to bring based on profiles (.25 hrs) .
Confirm class w/ hostess, discuss gifts, etc. (.25 to .5 hrs) .5 hrs -
Coach hostess prior to class (.5 hrs) .25 hrs -
Download directions from MapQuest (.25 hrs) .25 to .75 hrs -
Pack bags w/ appropriate demos, hostess gifts (.25 to .75 hrs)
Pack bag w/ appropriate product base on pre profile (.5 hrs)
Load car (.25 hrs) Change into career wear, do hair, makeup, touch up nails, etc. (.5 to 1.0 hrs) Stop for gas and car wash (.25 hrs)
Drive to client (.25 to 1.0 hrs)
Greet hostess, set up and coach (.5 hrs) Run class 1.0 to 1.5 hrs)
Individual closes for each guest (.25 to .75 hrs)
Total class, give hostess earnings (.5 hrs)
Clean up, pack up, load car (.5 hrs) Drive home (.25 to 1.0 hrs)
Unload car (.25 hrs)
Take off career wear, etc.(.25 hrs)
Put product back in office (.25 to .5 hrs)
Restock demo bags, clean mirrors, etc. (.25 to .5hrs)
Input receipts, etc. into software program (.5 to .75 hrs)
Locate product that needs to be delivered (.5 to .75)
Contact other consultants for product you don't have (.25 hrs)
Call SD to report of class success/failure (.25 hrs)
Input result in Weekly Accomplishment Sheet and IPA Sheet (.25 hrs)
Pack up products to be delivered (.25 to .5 hrs)
Call to Confirm w/ hostess drop off date/time (.25 hrs)
Change into career wear, do hair, makeup, touch up nails, etc. (.5 to 1.0 hrs)
Drive to client (.25 to 1.0 hrs)
Deliver products to hostess & chat politely (.25 to .75 hrs)
Drive home (.25 to 1.0 hrs) Take off career wear, etc. (.25 hrs)
Check software for low inventory, prep for new order (.25 to 1.0 hrs)

Pink Truth: Mary Kay Lies - a mini-series (Part 7 of 7) Mary Kay Didn't Put a Gun To Your Head

This is part 7 of a 7 part series. For those of you that thought we would never make it through all of these horrible, terrible, atrocious lies, we are at the end. The last one.

For those of you that were/are starting to get tired or bored with these "lame" and "boring" lies, this one should really put a pep in your step!

In fact, this lie is SO good, I am going to make you click on the little "click here to read the whole thing" link.

Trust me, I promise you... It will be worth it!

Ok, you all made it past "the jump" and are here now. I am sorry that I am making you work so hard for this... and I really hope that you think it is worth the effort.

Now remember, we are discussing the LIES that Mary Kay people (kaybots if you will) tell.

So this next statement... ready for this... is ((gasp)) a lie....

Ok? Everyone tracking.

This is a lie.

Alright, I think you are all on the same page.


Here it is:

"No one put a gun to your head!"

((pause for laughter))

I know, I know... okay... calm down... no really... please, no comments about spewing your coffee on your monitor... no seriously... people, settle... aw forget it..

(((pause for more laughter))) ((wait for composure))

That, ladies and gentlemen, that, is a lie.

Come on. Pink Truth. Seriously? Are ANY of you going to "come out" and tell me, with a straight face, that your Mary Kay recruiter held a gun to your head?


Anyway... in the interest of hearing this one out:

"Maybe the biggest fallacy of all in Mary Kay is this statement by the pro-Mary Kay crowd as a defense for any of the wrongs that happen. They contend that women should have said “no” to anything they didn’t want to do. They had free will and should have exercised it. The truth is that Mary Kay trains women on mind games used to exploit needs and weaknesses in women, and they train women to not accept “no” as an answer. No is “a request for more information” in the Mary Kay world and they will stop at nothing to get you to change that no into a yes. So while there may be no physical gun to your head in Mary Kay, the emotional torture that you will be put through is just as scary and effective."

Oh... I see. "...there may be no physical gun to your head..." That's better. But wait what is this "emotional torture" thing?

Now look, I know all of you are warming up your "personal responsibility" keys on your laptop... and to be perfectly honest, I can't blame you.

I mean really, I am not sure how many different ways it can be illustrated that just about anyone you meet is liable to try to convince you to do something you don't want to do. Sometimes, they will have your best interest at heart and it will still lead to disaster. Other times, they will be plotting your ruin for their gain, yet somehow it will turn out to be the best thing to happen to you.

But, just this once, let's think outside that box.

Since it seems that most people (that end up really, really pissed off at Mary Kay) don't really want to read things and they (because of their desperate situation, or any of a number of other things) believed, wholeheartedly, the very nice, convincing, professional woman that said, "trust me and give me your money".

Shouldn't all of you that work your business ethically and honestly have to suffer because of this?

Shouldn't you all bear the brunt of daily abuse at the hands of a smear site that says that your business, the company you work for, and you personally are evil, condescending, manipulative liars?

And really, why would you complain about that? I mean, if there are people in different states, saying the same exact lies, doesn't that mean that you must be also? And don't even try to tell me that the fact that you know people in different states that don't lie negates that "inconvenient truth".

What you really ought to do is give Mary Kay a call. Tell them that unless you see a complete and total end to all abuse, all manipulation, all deception across the entire sales force, you are going to quit and join the "blind with pink rage" minions in decrying the awful atrocities against humanity that this company commits on a daily basis.


(aside to "blessed" aka "deleted") Settle down, that was sarcasm... I have not given into the crazy side of the force... yet.

Right, so that is all seven of the alleged lies that Mary Kay tells. There are plenty more in the comments section if you care to go check it for yourself. If you would like to quote one of your favorite Pink Truth "fav's" and whether or not you feel it is a lie, you can do that here.

And let's be realistic. There are lies told. Some accidental. Some intentional. Some negligible. Some pretty serious.

If you are considering a career in Mary Kay (or any new business venture) Please, Please, Please do your homework. Ask questions. Feel free to be a royal pain in the @$$. If you are putting your money into something, you better make sure that you really, really know what the deal is. What are you agreeing to. What are your options to "get out" if things don't go according to plan.

Seriously. This is what we call common sense.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Pink Truth: Mary Kay Lies - a mini-series (Part 6 of 7) Executive income for part time hours

This is part 6 of a 7 part series. Pink Truth made a list of their favorite Mary Kay lies and we have been examining to see just how accurate it is for Pink Truth to call these lies.

While many of the "lies" we have examined so far are, well, "debatable" at best - and it seems that we have managed to point out more lies from the Pink Truth crowd, as they try to pin their unique spin on "all" or "the vast majority" of Mary Kay - this lie is (correct me if I am wrong) most certainly a lie.

Executive income for part time hours

Just as it’s a lie that you can do Mary Kay in a few hours a week, it’s an even bigger lie that you can make an executive income in Mary Kay with part-time hours. Almost no one makes an executive income in Mary Kay to begin with . And those who do are easily working 50 to 60 hours a week, most of that during what many would call prime “family time”… nights and weekends when the spouse and kids are not at work or school and would love to see mom.

Now again, it is (and I can't emphasize this enough) NOT a lie that you can "do" Mary Kay in a few hours a week. Don't expect to see any huge results, but beyond the shadow of a doubt, Pink Truth is LYING when they say that you CAN'T "do" Mary Kay in a few hours a week.

Another Pink Truth lie?

"Almost no one makes an executive income in Mary Kay to begin with ."

"Comparatively speaking", perhaps. Like, if you say, compared to the hundreds of thousands of women in Mary Kay, almost no one is making 'executive income'... however, just like many Mary Kay reps neglect to properly explain the "best selling brand" thing, they don't say that, do they? They say,

"Almost no one makes an executive income in Mary Kay to begin with ."

And that is a lie. Period. (sorry to be blunt, but since we are on the subject of lies..)

So, people do make executive income in Mary Kay.

Also, people can "do" Mary Kay in a few hours a week. (Again, please don't expect any fantastic results from this, but if that is the time input you would like to commit to, there are no rules barring you from doing so, and you most likely will see some results.)

So what is the lie here?

The lie is when you combine both of these elements. When you say, "You can earn an executive income with just a few hours a week." That is a lie.

But my question is:

How often is this really said? And how many people really believe it?

So far the only genuine "lie" that has been posited by the Pink Truth post called "My Favorite Mary Kay Lies" is this one. And whenever you really press an "anti-mker" about this one, this is not a real complaint. I really can't imagine that very many people actually try to convince people of this. And even harder to believe is that people really buy it.

Is it possible that people here "Mary Kay... blah blah blah ... executive income... blah blah blah ... Mary Kay ... blah blah blah ... part time hours ... blah blah blah ... Mary Kay" and, later, when they are processing everything they just heard, this somehow stitches together into "Mary Kay is awesome because you can earn an executive income with part time hours"?

How about it? Any of you ever heard someone say that you can earn an executive income working part time hours?

Were you told this?

Did you believe it?

Do you ever tell people one or the other of these? (Part time hours? Executive income?)

Does anyone know the actual statistic or the real truth behind any of the "more millionaires, more 6 figure incomes, etc" stories?

It does seem to me that most companies have one (1) CEO and maybe a few other well paid 'upper management' types, so while it is not as grandiose as it may seem, the fact that Mary Kay has paid "x" number of women "$yyy,yyy" they qualify to make this claim. Is this perhaps the grounds from which this selling point rises? Does anyone know?


On a side note, did anyone else notice the incredibly powerful, borderline poisonous way in which Tracy manipulatively throws this one in:

"...easily working 50 to 60 hours a week, most of that during what many would call prime “family time”… nights and weekends when the spouse and kids are not at work or school and would love to see mom."

This may just be my own personal hatred (I know, strong word, but I really hate this) of manipulation and manipulative tactics. Whether it is an MK recruiter that uses the "shouldn't you spend more time with your kids" or the "I hate Mary Kay" misanthropist that uses it, it is ugly. Very ugly.

Is it just me? Did that bother anyone else?


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