Monday, June 28, 2010

The Finish!!


Yes, it is the end of the month and the end of the Mary Kay year. Some may be wondering if I am posting less because I am sooo busy.... well the answer is "YES" - lol.... today I finished painting my dining room. two evening races this week.. cleaning house because family coming in from out of state, visiting two family members in the hospital, traveling to visit family over 10 hours away, finding tickets for our wedding anniversary trip.. oh that's right it is year end, I am not suppose to walk away from my desk, I am suppose to be stressed, sick, pulling out charge cards, borrowing family's social security numbers, praying, bargaining, selling my kids for extra money.... - we will finish were we finish, if I don't like where I finish, I will just have to be willing to spend more time with my business next year -

Yes I am working too, but it is important to keep things in balance... I will work hard to finish but I will keep it in perspective and be proud of what I and my unit accomplish because we did it the "right" way.

For any considering Mary Kay... please know that we can have a life and our Mary Kay opportunity as well, it is not one or the other unless you, yourself set it up to be that way. Build a strong foundation and do it with real customers, real consultants and real money and it will all work they way it should... try cheating the system and you cheat yourself and the person that will be hurt the worst is YOU.

For those in Mary Kay wrapping up the month and the MK year! Have a Joyous June finish.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Product reviews: Orchid perfume and liquid lipcolors

OK! I got my box o goodies from MK4me. so it's review time!

Orchid fragrance: mmm. sweet, delicious, feminine, neither weak nor overpowering. The bottle is a generous size. Highly recommended.

Liquid lip colors: I got Royal Plum, Cherry Coffee, and Malted.

Really, I couldn't be happier! These look great, have very good pigment saturation, and feel buttery, not sticky or greasy. Also the colors are very flattering. Neither super warm nor super cool...pretty much "everyone can wear" colors. Cherry Coffee is a very wearable red. Suitable for work or evening. Royal Plum is deep, dark, and luxurious. If you're a goth, you really have to get it. Malted is a "nude" shade for natural looks. I wear colors like that when I model for my artists. I tried samples of raspberry ice and sherbet. Raspberry ice is a medium pink that I would classify as neutral toned. Not blueish, not orangey. A sweet and feminine shade. Sherbet is the only one I cannot wear as it is orange toned. It would work for warm skin tones.

Anyway...keep them in your purse all summer and have no fears of melted lippies!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Working your MK in the Summer ! ?


With kids out of school, folks going on vacation, and the heat, often it can be a little tougher getting a group together for skin care and color.... but.... in my unit we have been doing -Footsie Tootsie Parties & Sandals and Sandals parties & Peach Pedi Parties and get a great turnout. It is fun, relaxing, shorter than our parties and perfect for the summer. They can be held in the yard, on a patio, or in the house.

I purchased large dish pans at the dollar store and bought the glass stones (used in aquariums, vases, etc..... i put the stones in a fill up with water... when the feet are rubbed across the stones it is like getting a message. (to clean the stones, I put them in a cloth bag and put them in the dishwasher. With foot fizzies or the pedicure soak or sometimes even rose petals, I let the guests soak and do some talking about me, the Company, and some of our other products (this can also be a great time just to talk about the skin care line and even let them try it on their arm.. then I use the Satin Hands set - have them put the extra emollient night cream on (optional -they can slip their feet into plastic and then soak them in the warm water) or just put their feet back in the pan.. Then let everyone use the smoothie scrub..(or any of the sugar scrubs) rinse off and pat the feet dry with a towel bags- then I let the guest choose between the energizing foot and leg treatment, the peach or unscented hand cream, or one of our many lotions.

I ask about the part of the arm they tried the skin care on and then I mention all the different types of parties we can offer. Very, very often they want to book the skin care/color party in the fall.. and that is fine with me... I will need bookings in the fall too.

I do a little closing and then either let them snack as I close each guest individually (or they get the "peachie" goodies - or if it is a Sandals and Sundaes party.. I put out the ice cream and all the toppings so everyone can design their own Sundaes (I also have orange sherbet cups in case anyone has ice cream issues.

As everyone is making their sundaes, I also offer the toe separators and nail polish if there is anyone that would like to polish their toe nails.

This is so much fun and when I have done unit guest events, we have really packed the house every time and the sales have been great and bookings too.

Make it fun and people will book.. Enjoy the Summer!! -

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

We are not alone!


You have probably never wondered what Paris Hilton drives..... but... I guess it isn't only Mary Kay Sales Directors that like pink cars! lol
Here is a picture of her Bentley.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Beauty Questions


I was reading an article on MSN Lifestyle and there were actually a couple of very good questions so I thought I would share.

Should I toss out my lipstick after having a cold?

No. You can use it safely after having a cold because that virus should die quickly. Plus, it can't reinfect you. "Your body has built up antibodies against the virus," says Neil Schachter, a professor of preventive medicine at the Mount Sinai Medical Center, in New York City. But strep throat is another story. "These bacteria may be able to survive longer," says Schachter. So throw out the lipstick or you may risk reinfection.

Some creams come with a thin plastic lid under the cover. Keep it or toss it?

Keep it, says Mary P. Lupo, a dermatologist in New Orleans. Exposure to light and air breaks down many active ingredients, including vitamin C and retinol, making them inert. Also, store these products in a cool, dark place to help maintain their efficacy.

Is it OK to store sunscreen or a lip balm with SPF in a glove compartment?

No, especially during summer. Once the car heats up in the sun, "high temperatures can cause the sunscreen's active ingredients to degrade right in the container," says Badreshia-Bansal. And the lip balm will melt, to boot. "When you apply a degraded sunscreen or balm to your skin, you're not getting the SPF that's indicated on the bottle," she warns. "In fact, you might be applying nothing more than a thick moisturizer."

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Why is MK so strict on Advertising??


I realize a constant complaint of anti-mkers is that we can't advertise the way we want or we can't advertise. This is totally untrue. The Company has an entire legal-ease brochure with prepared ad slicks that we have at our fingertips to use any time. There is a great selection and they all look very professional. So it isn't that we can not advertise, we just advertise in the proper way.

Any Company would want to maintain a certain level of professionalism, allowing everyone to use whatever they would want could certainly prove to be a major embarrassement for all of us. I know I have seen an occassional facial box that looks like it could have been a first grader's art project. Would people "not" realize something was not "professional enough"?? - absolutely... I had this emailed to me... I am sure the director has been contacted and things have been rectified but I am sure someone thought it was a good idea and looked great and professional, but serious ???? Wouldn't this training center just make you want to rush in??

So I hope for those that want to complain about advertising and why is it so restrictive..... point made.

New Product - MK Liquid Lip Color


Get rich, juicy, vibrant color with NEW Mary Kay® Liquid Lip Color. You'll love everything this great new lip color has to offer, like:

The coverage and finish of a lipstick.
The foolproof application of a lip gloss.
Lips that feel instantly moisturized.
A formula infused with shea butter to help condition, comfort and prevent moisture loss in lips.
A superrefreshing mint flavor for a quick pick-me-up.
Get your luscious lips on today!

Mary Kay® Liquid Lip Color, $13
Mix it up. Mary Kay® Liquid Lip Color gives you a fun lip color option because it gives you rich, flexible color. Get just a hint of color by applying lightly. Or get bold, rich coverage with full application. Just think of all the looks you can create.

Thursday, June 10, 2010



Every year the Company does a 2 1/2 day mega event in Dallas, TX for all consultants. From what started out as a little dinner event to now over 5 back to back programs to accommodate all the consultants, it is a big deal. It is training, recognition, and motivation. It can be a lot of fun. It can be very educational. It can be a life changing type of event or it could be exhausting. There are some long days but if you know what to expect it can make it a far more pleasant experience.

Personally, I do not believe every consultant needs to go every year. I do believe everyone that is serious about their MK career even if it is part-time should experience it at least once. The Company does a beautiful job and I have heard from more than one husband that it is very impressive from an outsider's stand point. The comments go from the amazement that they can feed as many people as they do in such a short period of time, to the content of the training, etc..

The cost of the event is $175. This includes two breakfasts and two lunches and we receive product that value aprrox. that amount (retail). Hotels can range from very affordable and up. If a plane ticket is required, of course that is going to jump the price but if planned properly, I use a charge card for purchases throughout the year(and pay it off) to earn frequent flyer points and often use a free ticket. I encourage my unit members to put a little away in a savings account every week (or every month) so if they elect to go, there is already some funds available. Many of the nationals have package deals at the hotels that includes the room and some meals. (I know what I pay for two meals and my room is amazing). The Company provides free transportation from many of the hotels to and from the Convention Center. Even if one doesn't stay at one of the Company hotels, it is usually possible to walk to one of them from another hotel.

Personally I totally enjoy it. I would love to offer a few suggestions that can make the experience more pleasant for a first timer. First and foremost, bring a comfortable pair of walking shoes. (I just switch from my "cute" shoes to my walking shoes when I have a distance to go). Just throw them in a tote and switch them out as needed. This is probably the greatest suggestion I could share. To help with packing if a skirt and jacket is packed, a fresh blouse every day or even twice a day, reduces having several separate outfits but keeps us feeling fresh every day. Don't bring clothes that are already too tight for you. Pack a large plastic bag so that when you have your dirty clothes you can just put them in the bag without having to worry about them. (ps - if you need to rinse something out, all the hotel rooms have sinks and many will launder items (for a fee) if one finds that necessary. The other thing with jackets and a blouse if one ends up in a situation where it is hot, the jacket can be removed. Keep perfumes light. Honestly, the hotel is air conditioned, the Convention Center is air conditioned, the buses, limos, and taxis are air conditioned, the amount of time we are actually out in "Dallas heat" is very limited. I have been too cold more often than too hot. I remember one dinner wearing napkins as sleeves because the air conditioning was so chilly. Now I always carry a nice wrap, just in case. (panty hose and closed toed shoes are no longer a Company requirement)

As far as "smells", (lol) may I suggest packing deodorant, tooth paste and brush (the hotel will even provide these if forgotten), cleansing gel, shampoo, and FDS if necessary. (and Dallas does have drug and convenience stores). Red tea and fig deo body mist is an amazing room spray... seriously... a couple squirts and noone will ever know what your trip to the ladies room was about. The hotel doesn't charge for showers, so if needed we can shower more than once a day. The linens are changed daily and fresh towels are provided, seriously, we should feel fresher than at home. (I don't know about everyone else but I don't change my sheets daily).

Days can be long... if necessary take a nap or rest in your room between the day and evening sessions. If the energy starts overwhelming you, remove yourself to a quite part of the convention center, relax and then return. (if you have trouble sleeping try packing ear plugs and the little eye masks).

Awards night can be long but fun. If not crossing the stage, wear an outfit that is sharp but COMFORTABLE! Don't compare and beat yourself up for not doing more. Whatever we did we did (or didn't do) - I can be very happy for others that have achieved recognition. Celebrate their successes, being catty and jealous is so petty. Everything isn't always about "us". Yes, some of the gowns can be over the top (imho), but hey, everyone doesn't like what I like either, what right do I have to judge an other's likes. And I would love to be a Size 2 but I am not so... just look age and size appropriate. I always do the "side" view when trying stuff on before I pack because I never want to look like 10 pounds of stuff, shoved into a 5 pound bag. It doesn't make me look thinner - control top panty hose or spanx have often saved the day. I am me, I don't have to out due anyone.

Caution!! There are always vendors that sell cute stuff or business related items.. I have watched many go nuts spending way too much, there is alot of cute stuff but determine if you "need" it and shop around, often many vendors have the same item but at different prices, I would suggest walking thru once before buying anything and then go purchase what you feel you want.

If you are attending a class and you just aren't getting what you need from the teacher, slide out and go to another one- often there are more than one of the same session with a different teacher. Different personalities can make a difference in what one learns.

Don't overeat. Nothing is more unpleasant then being too full and then sitting. Carry a bottle of water with you and refill it at the drinking fountains Mary Kay provides, keep yourself hydrated. Take time to stretch when you get up, during the day, and before you go to bed because we do alot of sitting.

I am sure there are many more but these simple suggestions will help make your seminar far more pleasant.

And yes, I love Seminar and I am not an "I" personality type.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Acne Treament Gel


Our product, Mary Kay® Acne Treatment Gel is clinically proven to dry and clear acne blemishes and allow the skin to heal. The active ingredient in this product is Benzoyl Peroxide (5%)* My younger clients call it the "zit zapper". It works great.

On a side note, (I am sure it won't work for everyone) but last weekend while docking the boat, I paraded up the bank (barefoot) only to discover that I may not react to poisin ivy but I do to poison oak.. it wasn't very pleasant and wasn't sure what it was at first but I will tell you, of all the remedies I was trying, the acne treatment gel worked best for drying up and speeding up the healing of the poison oak!! It even helped stopped the itching!

I will not be telling everyone that it will always work but if you ever happened to be in the situation I was in - it couldn't hurt to give it a try!

*Oer-the-counter drug product.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Yup, it is a Scam


I have received a few of these and I know a few of my unit members have as well.. Warning to all consultants, if it seems too good to be true.. beware..
(even if it is sent thru your marykay website .

Here is the email I received:

Attn: Independent Beauty Consultant,

Greetings to you.. I will like to make inquiry for the products listed
below in your store. Kindly confirm the availability of the order.
Below is the lists of my inquiry.

TimeWise?? Age_Fighting Moisturizer (normal to dry)_(2 qty)
TimeWise?? Age_Fighting Moisturizer (conbination tooily)_( 2 qty)
TimeWise?? Day Solution Sunscreem SPF 25* (1 qty)
TimeWise?? 3_in_1 cleanser (Normal/ Dry)_(6 qty)
TimeWise?? 3_in_1 cleanser (conbination/Oily)_(2 qty)

Ship To:
8300 Wyoming Blvd NE #824
Albuquerque, NM 87113

Kindly advise back as soon as possible with the quotes excluding the
shipping costs from it. We will be responsible for the pick up of the
order at your location once the payment is confirmed. My shipper will
be making the pick up arrangement once i get the receipt of the
payment from you .

Lastly, i will like to notify you that the payment of the item will be
made with a Certified Cashiers Check cashable at any local store or
Local banks. Email back with the payment details of where to have the
check mailed to. Name, Address, City, State, Zipcode and a working
phone number.

Kindly advise back as soon as possible with the quotes . Hope to read
from you soon.

Best Regards
Debbie Williams

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer Products, Love 'em so far!!


Sorry you haven't seen much of me, family and enjoying the holiday weekend took priority over work and blogging... busy busy weekend too but after that should be around more..

The Coconut Lime Body care set....this had me wondering but I love the same, yummy but lite!!

The liquid lip colors were another item I had my doubts about whether I would like them or not. Two colors are already in the bathroom and the pocketbook, beautiful look and decent stayability!

More to come but the pedi set was a hit at our Sandals and Sundaes night!

The new regular colors are great at first look but haven't had time to play around with them yet, more info to come!

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