Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spring is Right around the Corner-What's New?


What do we have to look forward to in the new Spring 2010 Look Book?

Being added to our regular line are two products:

TW Body Targeted-Action Toning Lotion and $28
TW Body Hand and Decollete Cream with SPF 15 $18

and in the limited edition line:

Men's Fine Fragrance Body & Hair Shampoo
MK High Intensity $18
Domain $18
Velocity for Him $18

Tropical Fruits Collection:
Cheek Glaze: Pomegranate $16
Tangerine $16
Cream Highlighter $14

Lip Nectar: Passion fruit $13
Coconut $13
Mango $13

I do want to point out when one sees the color of the cheek glazes, it looks like it is super bright, surprisingly when applied to the cheek it is so sheer it does just give a beautiful tinted/glow- the way it looks on skin - one would never think it was the product that is in the pot! Try it before you decide it would be too bright!

Directors may order these products on February 26th so that we can allow our unit members to see and try them prior to them ordering them. The new order for begins on March 16th and those consultants that enrolled clients in pcp may order early.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Article request

Seasoned consultants and directors: How about an article on safety, while we're at it? When I was a consultant, I'd get a name and address to go do a skin care class and when I got there, sometimes the neighborhood was terrifying or their house/apartment was really nasty. It wasn't often, but it did happen. How do you handle or avoid these situations?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

What Not To Do!


Your chuckle for the day.... and a valuable lesson learned...if you are going to attack kaybots for posting on pt... it would be far more effective, if you plan on attacking and insulting their spelling and grammar if you did not make a mistake in your comment.....(now who looks a little silly?)(sorry for being petty- but I just couldn't resist)

"okay, I won't slam you for typing with inferior grammer, but listen, I've got a couple of questions for you: xxxx Before you get all "bad ash" on us, take a deep breath and realize that we are not losers (that's the correct spelling) nor are we lazy. Geez Bambo- it's only the 17th of the month- you've got a lot of month left to go, or are you getting nervous about this so called opportunity? "

I guess it is not only kaybots that don't use spell check, lol...."

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fake Online Orders


This makes me sad that anyone would do this (the order from a consultant's personal website is published below)- for most consultants to get an order like this they would get soooooo excited about a "surprise" LARGE order. Sounds great, paid with cashier's check and product doesn't need to ship until after the check is received. Sad part... this is a big scam and not just a hurtful one emotionally... I have learned that often even if the consultant receives a cashier's check or money order, they are fake or stolen. So if the consultant has shipped the product, she is out the product and the payment. Please consultants remember the old saying, "if it sounds too good to be true it probably is" . It is really pathetic that anyone would waste their time and play this sort of mean trick on someone they don't even know. (shaking my head in disbelief and sadness) - what type of person does something like this? (and if the individual is trying to hurt Mary Kay because they hate the Company, this is not the way to do this. This scam only hurts the individual - not the Company).
p.s. I have also heard of the same scam with a credit card and then the consultant will find out it is a stolen card number - same outcome, out product and out payment.

Here is the order that a director friend forwarded to me:

> Subject: A message sent from your Personal Web Site
> Hello,
> My name is xxxxxxx from xxxxxxx. I will like place an order for my sister's wedding.
> Here is the list of my order.
> TimeWise?? 3-In-1 Cleanser (normal to dry) (9)
> TimeWise?? Age-Fighting Moisturizer (normal to dry) (9)
> TimeWise?? Day Solution Sunscreen SPF 25 (8)
> Balancing Moisturizer 2 (Normal/Combination)(8)
> Advanced Moisture Renewal?? Treatment Cream (7)
> Kindly mail me the total price and your contact address such as your full name and contact address with phone number for the payment to be made through Cashier's Check.
> I know you might not be accepting check but kindly accept it from me..That is the only means that i can make the payment.....I will sure wait for the check to clear before the shipment will be made so you have no problem.> Hope to hear from you soon.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Important Info on 3 Cosmetic Companies


Isn’t it wonderful to know that our company is so stable and secure???

Arbonne Bankruptcy - January 27, 2010, Arbonne filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Details at

please scroll down to see the letter sent to all Arbonne Consultants.

(Max Factor and Prescriptives in the US are both gone now.)

Estee Lauder to close Prescriptives

By Laurelle Gilbert | Posted: Fri 18 Sep 2009
Beauty brand Prescriptives to close early next year

Estee Lauder the US beauty company that owns the Prescriptives brand (as well as 30 other beauty lines including Clinique, Origins and Bobbi Brown) has announced today that it will close the company.

President and CEO of Estee Lauder Fabrizio Freda told WWD, 'We believe that the difficult decision relating to Prescriptives will allow us to redirect our resources to key strategic imperatives where we see the highest growth potential.' Prescriptives will close on 31st January 2010, after that date, the brand famous for it's cult skin care and custom blend make-up range will no longer be produced but will remain on sale until supplies are sold out.

From Times Online June 5, 2009

P&G phasing out Max Factor in America
The Hollywood movie studio make-up brand will disappear from US stores early next year as P&G focuses on CoverGirl line
Christine Seib in New York

Max Factor, the original Hollywood movie studio make-up brand, will disappear from store shelves in the US early next year.

Procter & Gamble, the Cincinnati-based owner of the century-old brand, said that Max Factor no longer had a sufficiently significant market share in America. P&G will focus its resources on the more popular CoverGirl line.

Max Factor has only 1 per cent of the US makeup market and unlike similarly-priced rivals is not stocked by major drug store chains such as Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid.

The makeup is far more popular overseas, including the UK. At present, Max Factor outsells CoverGirl with $1.2 billion in sales each year compared to $1 billion for its newer rival. But CoverGirl has increased its US market share every year for the last seven years while Max Factor has stagnated.

Even bringing in big guns such as reknowned makeup artist Pat McGrath, Baywatch babe Carmen Electra and supermodel Gisele Bundchen in recent advertising campaigns failed to revive Max Factor’s fortunes in the US. .


January 29, 2010

Dear Arbonne Independent Consultant,

You are a valued member of the Arbonne family, and we want to make you aware of an important action we have taken to strengthen Arbonne financially and ensure that our company is well-positioned for the future.

On January 27, 2010, Arbonne, along with our parent company, Natural Products Group, LLC, and related entities, filed voluntary petitions for reorganization under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code to implement a "pre-packaged" debt restructuring plan. This plan will reduce our outstanding debt obligations by more than 80%, which will lower significantly the amount of cash we spend on principal and interest payments. We can use this cash to invest in building our business.

You can fully expect Arbonne to maintain normal business operations throughout the restructuring process, with no disruptions to our relationships with our Independent Consultants, employees, or suppliers. Likewise, you and your fellow Independent Consultants can be confident that your compensation from commissions and overrides is secure.

Our practices in the field remain the same. We will continue to provide you with innovative programs and incentives as well as state-of-the-art product technology, the very latest training methods and the most advanced support tools available today.

As numerous companies have demonstrated during this difficult economic cycle, using this type of legal process can be an effective way of achieving a fast and efficient debt restructuring with minimal disruption to the business. In fact, because we have already received the approvals needed from the Company's lenders for this plan, we expect to complete this process within 45 to 60 days.

As part of this process, the Company has prepared a legal document known as a Notice of Commencement. The distribution of this Notice to a wide range of parties is customary. We are required to send it to anyone who may have a claim in the Company's reorganization proceedings. This Notice includes important information about the restructuring, including key dates and deadlines. To view this Notice and related information, please go to If you are unable to access these materials on the Internet, please call (877) 788-2814, toll free in the U.S. and Canada, for further assistance.

Additional information about the reorganization is available in "The Company" section of Videos and written materials are available for registered Independent Consultants and Preferred Clients within the "Internet Consultants" section of We will continue to update this information as we move through this process.


Kay Napier
CEO, Arbonne International, LLC

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Spring styles

So yeah, I have spring fever.

I clicked on the link in my beaut-e news today and it had a little video of models weariing spring looks. Now this compy has no sound card but I could see they were all wearing bright lipstick and neutral shadows. Is that gonna be the trend?

Talk to me...

Monday, February 15, 2010

gothchiq's turn on the soap box

Today's PT post is not rocking my socks. OK, har har har let's make fun of prizes and let's be captain obvious about how ppl can buy their own stuff, YAWN. It isn't even that.

First of all, let's do a tongue in cheek mention of how we're gonna have to go to confession after this one. Actually, if you really are a believer, then you should be headed in to do just that. I'm not a Christian, but I'm not ignorant of the tenets of that religion. I know what your Bible says about judging people.

Now, what was that fun little tidbit about selling to "loose women" late at night at the last minute? To people out late at Denny's?

Poke yo' head up above yo' white picket fence and listen up. Those "loose" strippers? Well, not everyone can get loans or scholarships or have Daddy pay for their education, their apartment, whatever they need. Those strippers are girls paying their way through college, single mothers supporting their kids, et cetera. You aren't any better than they are.

Oh, by the way, those strippers need good quality makeup and lots of it while they are working. Oops, lost that sale.

You know you're not selling to the frat boys. They're BOYS. However, if you actually were (oh! God forbid! SCARY!) in Denny's late at night, you'd find not only those frat kids but people who have come out of the clubs and are hungry. Now, granted, I wouldn't approach them while they're starving. Never smart lol. But these club kids? They wear makeup, and lots of it.

Oops, you just screened them out, too.

MK4ME, what would you say about sales to clubbers? ;)

I'm getting off my soapbox now. I'm just RRRRRAAAAARRRRR about the nose in the air attitude.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valetine's Day to Everyone!


Take a minute to reflect on how many people you love and think of all those who love you. Often the greatest riches are found in the simplest things. To all my family, friends, unit members, and Balanced buddies - thank you for being a part of my life. Please have a very Happy Valentine's Day.
I received a beautiful bouquet of white roses mixed with pink"car"nations this morning and now we are going out for dinner and a movie. I am seriously leaning towards the Lobster Ravioli, yummy! Hugs and Kisses - muah - muah to all! :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

NSD's and My Soapbox


Miranda asked if anybody had more NSD's that they wanted to point out as good teachers and I think that is a great questions.

There really are too many to list and I have not heard them all personally, I think there is over 200 and I will not comment if I don't have first hand information because that would be no more than gossip- notice how many are always quoted on pt - what?? about 5 of them over and over again, actually this further proves our point that there is far more good than bad. To name a few: Sandy Valerio, Jackie LaPrade, Pam Higgs, Maureen Ledda,Vernella Benjamin, Pat Danforth, Sherry Giancristaforo, and Pam Tull in Canada Marcia Grobetta (sp?). (actually I remember listening once to Vernella Benjamin and the majority of her consultants come in with no inventory or $200 because of the area and lack of money and work to sell enough to place the order and build).

And I have to agree with Darci... Anne Newberry who is now an Emeritus (retired)was the best of the best along with Dalene White, and Arlene Lenarz, Nan Stroud, Nancy Sullivan and Molly Morrow.

and further if you listen to Gloria, she talks about "you need to sell so much to order a certain amount". Yes - the nay-sayers will say... the you tube video says.. $1200 ...$1200... $1200 to order but if you have been trained by her you know she means go sell enough to have to order that amount.. I have heard her speak to directors before and flat out said (think it was a leadership conference)... you want your unit members to be selling... because you never, ever want your Cadillac on their credit cards because you won't be driving it long.

Anything can be taken out of context and be made to sound evil. Just like an expression like fake it till you make it.. taken literally it can mean one thing taken but figuratively (and using common sense) it means.. even if you have butterflies in your stomach, believe in yourself and "look" cool, confident, and collective - eventually you will become confident. It doesn't mean buy your car and directorship until you run out of credit.

Seriously.. and I have said this before but it is worth repeating... if we heard someone say... "I am so hungry I could eat a horse" - do you really except to see them eating a horse in the next few minutes? - How can someone say "You scared me to death" ? when they are standing there very much alive in front of you? I could go on but I hope I have made my point. And as far as not sharing all the facts.... well I haven't seen any proof of anything said on any of the negative sites except that the proof is what they say because this is what happened to them. Well that isn't what has happened to me. Don't show me something one national wrote, show me what MaryKayIntouch says and the Consultant's guide and the agreement and the order form, etc.. then point out how "bad" the Company is..

and.... there are just as many "lies of omission" and "not telling" on the negative sites as they point out with the posetive sites. Just because one can regurgitate what may be said, doesn't mean it is all a scam.. Just like if I were to say... when you go to Wendy's they are going to manipulate you into buying more food then you want because once you give them your order, they are going to say would you like fries, with that, did you want to super size it, is it for here or to go?... wow... now if I had told someone... how horrible Wendy's is and how the manipulate people into buying more than they want and try to get you to super size it because there is a game piece on the super large soda cup and you walk into Wendy's and they say what I have told you they were going to say... one would then assume that everything else I said was correct. I personally have never ordered fries just because they asked if I wanted fries with the order... and a super sized drink doesn't fit in my cup holder so I wouldn't get one just to get the game piece just because they asked if I want to super size it. We can all by sold on idea or concept if we want to believe it.

and one last rant... Rena Tarbet is an incredible woman, yes she JOKED about the husband unawareness plan (more tongue and cheek - funny humor) and she was implying to the $100 starter kit.... never ever and I have heard her speak very often, did she ever say charge thousands of dollars of inventory without telling your husband, buy production if you don't need it nor run up so much debt that you must declare bankruptcy on cards you opened without telling your spouse about. I work, my hubby works... if I want to spend $100 - I don't have to check with him anymore then I would expect him to check with me if he wanted to buy his hunting license, fishing license, ammunition, etc...
now of course if we are talking about a big ticket item we would give each other the RESPECT of discussing it. Isn't that what a relationship is? He is my husband not my parent.

okay for real last rant... I have learned plenty at the CLASSES at Seminar, Leadership, and Career Conference... I have never been taught how to manipulate people and run up there credit cards... perhaps if the people that attended the conference actually attended the classes (not just the recognition and general assemblies) and LISTENED and took notes... they may have learned something too and if I was sitting in a class and didn't care for the teacher, I would quietly remove myself and go to another teacher (not go shopping or to the hotel pool, bar or vendors). Additionally, I am not afraid to do research outside of Mary Kay. I am responsible for what I know, what I teach, and what I do (me) no one else. Conflicting statements prove further that one must really pay attention to what they are reading. The negative sites say "very, very few can make money in MK" and if you make money in Mary Kay you are evil. The ones that step down because they were $25,000+ in debt because they bought production, they bought their Cadillac, they bought the Court of Sales ring.... are not an expert that knows everything about MK .. as the general retort is that.. there are many very, very successful ex directors giving their sage advice so it is the truth.. personally I see a conflict... were they very successful so they can now advise us wisely or did they buy all of it and run up debt to prove one can not make money in MK not matter how hard you work? One can not have it both ways. If you were heavily in debt, you were not "successful" because you were driving the pink Cadillac, and dripping in diamonds.

Have a Great Valentines Day Weekend Everyone!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Congratulations to the Saints

Wow, what a great game. We shared it with friends, lots of good food including gumbo, jumbayla, king cake, etc...on a large screen HD tv. Chiminia outside... topped off with fireworks when the Saints won. Why am I sharing all of this with Balanced?

I saw a parallel to what the folks on pt complain about in regards to the Mary Kay opportunity, now don't laugh, I mean for real.

This is the first time the Saints ever went to the Super Bowl, so they should have expected to loose right? why should they even try? Come on let's face it, they just weren't a Superbowl team. They shouldn't take a chance and risk embarrassment by playing, they were just going to loose. Oh, and let's not even consider how many players will NOT get the MVP award. Why even try had, there are so many players on the field, why even bother?

Take this a step further. How many children dream of growing up and playing pro ball? How many actually make it? How many become famous? How many before the become famous put in many, many hours of unpaid practice, games, and invest alot of money on uniforms, travel, possible workshops or clinics, all to get better - all with no guarantee of a future. And yet they do it because they want to, they love the sport, and reaching their goal requires the work without the guarantee of success. Of course, if the success is achieved, so will the rewards and financial perks come to be. I am sure there are millions of athletes that have put tons of time and money into their dream of becoming famous. They don't end up on a blog.. saying the professional sports should be shut down because there is loads and loads of money being made but most who desire it will never achieve it. (and cheating doesn't work in sports either) you can buy alot of publicity and advertising, it isn't going to make one a better player on the field)

Mary Kay, no guarantee you will get rich but at least you will receive a 50% discount when you order the product, if you sell it for more than you purchased it for, you will make money... The more you sell, the more you will make..

So I guess my point is - anything that we want to try, will come with some risks? I will stick to MK, I don't think I could handle the stress of the GAME", not to mention the physical toll the game takes on the body! lol Another perk, is I actual help woman (feel great about their skin & color) & halp many earn money to aid their families. I do make a difference in lives and love it and the best part of it all is I earn a living doing something I love and HAVE NOT COMPROMISED MY INTEGRITY, HONESTY, ETHICS, BELIEF, FAMILY, FRIENDS, MARRIAGE, OR MY HEALTH TO DO SO. I DO NOT TELL 1/2 TRUTHS AND I DO NOT FRONTLOAD.

For anyone reading this site that have read other negative sites. I am sure there are many that were not successful after years and years of doing it wrong and then they decide to "do it right" - scream, it can't be done if you are honest. I call B.S. - perhaps after so much time of doing things selfishly, it is going to take longer than a couple of months to turn things around and they are just not willing to tough it out. But they have no right what so ever to speak for the rest of us.
My suggestion - do it right from the start, it makes life so much easier. Don't listen only to your director... READ INTOUCH...the Company hides nothing it is all available on intouch, on the agreements, in the guide, etc.... (personal responsibility) and my last bit of sage advice. If you have low self-esteem, have an over the top need for recognition, need to be part of a group, DO NOT EXPECT MK TO solve all your personal issues. if you find you need to buy your recognition and praise to feel wanted,it would be much cheaper to book an appointment with a counselor and work on those issues, get those short comings fixed B4 joining MK. Remember every little boy that wanted to grow up and become a famous quarterback has lived a life whether or not he ever made it to the NFL but they aren't screaming that the NFL is evil!

Congratulations Saints!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Vote if you love TW Moisturizer


From Woo Hoo!!
Published 02.04.10

TimeWise® Age-Fighting Moisturizer is up for a People en Español’s “Producto Estrella” Award along with five other competitive brand names, People en Español’s beauty editors have selected TimeWise® Age-Fighting Moisturizer as one of the “Best Moisturizers”. And now it’s your turn to make it number one! For the first time ever, this trusted Spanish publication is giving readers a chance to vote for their favorite products in different categories.

So spread the news! Tell your customers, sister independent sales force members and everyone who loves TimeWise® Age Fighting Moisturizer to visit select TimeWise® Age-Fighting Moisturizer as their favorite moisturizer. Voting will be open for one week, so just have fun and vote!

Product awards from trusted publications like People en Español provide powerful brand awareness. During the last five years, beauty editors at People en Español have chosen Mary Kay® products as winners of their “Producto Estrella” awards. In 2009, Mary Kay® Concealer, Intense Moisturizing Cream and Beauty That Counts™ Creme Lipstick in Pink Passion were selected by the editors. And in 2010, we would like to see the fabulous TimeWise® Age-Fighting Moisturizer among the winners.

Show the power of pink and the beauty of our Mary Kay® products. Don't forget to cast your vote. We only have one week!

Friday, February 5, 2010

morning makeover

I have a friend who is trying to get chosen to do public appearances to talk about heart health. She almost never wears makeup, so I get the call.

It was 7:30 AM, I hadn't had my coffee, and I was kind of a wreck...but I did the job! Using MK I don't have to fiddle and pick and do things ever so carefully lest my girl end up with her eyeshadow on her cheeks as fallout instead of on her eyes. I don't have to worry that the blush will be uneven. Of all the makeup I've tried, MK is the most goof proof!

She wanted a fairly natural look, and she's a redhead. OK, no problem. Oil free moisturizing gel, MK mineral foundation, Sunny Spice blush, lip gloss...that gold sparkly one that (must be LE) is in the double tube with the roll on perfume in the other side. Spun Silk shadow with Chocolate Kiss in the crease, brown pencil liner, Ultimate mascara in black, Chocolate Kiss again to define her eyebrows and then some clear brow gel.

She looked fabulous. And I was still on time to work.

I hope she gets picked for the publicity spot!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hobby or Business ????


From one of our readers: I wanted to start my business as more of a hobby. I would eventually like to spend more time, but currently I am a full-time student(19 credit hrs this semester!), mother of a 4 and 5 yr old, working part-time, and also married. My husband is getting ready for a year-long assignment (active duty Air Force) in July so I will be an “almost” single parent for a year. Can you tell me if I would still be able to consider my business as a “business” and claim expenses, etc? I wasn’t sure since I would probably only spend a few hrs a week and have about 2-3 parties a month. I didn’t know what all the rules were and wanted to do my homework before I got started. I haven’t signed up yet and I am planning to in a few months.

I am not a CPA and haven't stayed totally current on the guidelines, I would suggest everyone visit the irs website to read more about what can and can not be claimed. In most cases if you are operating with the intent to earn a profit, most reasonable expense may be claimed. One must show a profit for a certain number of years within a certain time period (matter of years) or IRS has the right to say that it looks as if you are not operating to earn a profit and disallow the expense - if it is more of a hobby. If one makes under a certain amount, it may not be necessary to file - but as I said, I am not qualified to give you absolutes because I never would want anyone to have trouble because of my advice. It may even be worth a call to your favorite accountant.

Nothing burns me more than hearing a director "over" sell the expenses, sorry all, manicures, nylons, getting your hair done, taking your hubby out to eat, etc... don't count as reasonable expenses!

A little note is even our director's suits may not be claimed as a deduction because it could be used other than "MK" - it is not a "uniform" per se.

Expenses are important in reducing our reportable income so it is important to know what you can deduct. Man yourself with knowledge, it will be worth it. There is no better time than now - at the beginning of the year - to make sure you are keepting track of every allowable expense.

I apologize for not being more definitive but I do not want to cause anyone any potential headaches. Play it safe and check with the pros.

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