Friday, February 12, 2010

NSD's and My Soapbox

Miranda asked if anybody had more NSD's that they wanted to point out as good teachers and I think that is a great questions.

There really are too many to list and I have not heard them all personally, I think there is over 200 and I will not comment if I don't have first hand information because that would be no more than gossip- notice how many are always quoted on pt - what?? about 5 of them over and over again, actually this further proves our point that there is far more good than bad. To name a few: Sandy Valerio, Jackie LaPrade, Pam Higgs, Maureen Ledda,Vernella Benjamin, Pat Danforth, Sherry Giancristaforo, and Pam Tull in Canada Marcia Grobetta (sp?). (actually I remember listening once to Vernella Benjamin and the majority of her consultants come in with no inventory or $200 because of the area and lack of money and work to sell enough to place the order and build).

And I have to agree with Darci... Anne Newberry who is now an Emeritus (retired)was the best of the best along with Dalene White, and Arlene Lenarz, Nan Stroud, Nancy Sullivan and Molly Morrow.

and further if you listen to Gloria, she talks about "you need to sell so much to order a certain amount". Yes - the nay-sayers will say... the you tube video says.. $1200 ...$1200... $1200 to order but if you have been trained by her you know she means go sell enough to have to order that amount.. I have heard her speak to directors before and flat out said (think it was a leadership conference)... you want your unit members to be selling... because you never, ever want your Cadillac on their credit cards because you won't be driving it long.

Anything can be taken out of context and be made to sound evil. Just like an expression like fake it till you make it.. taken literally it can mean one thing taken but figuratively (and using common sense) it means.. even if you have butterflies in your stomach, believe in yourself and "look" cool, confident, and collective - eventually you will become confident. It doesn't mean buy your car and directorship until you run out of credit.

Seriously.. and I have said this before but it is worth repeating... if we heard someone say... "I am so hungry I could eat a horse" - do you really except to see them eating a horse in the next few minutes? - How can someone say "You scared me to death" ? when they are standing there very much alive in front of you? I could go on but I hope I have made my point. And as far as not sharing all the facts.... well I haven't seen any proof of anything said on any of the negative sites except that the proof is what they say because this is what happened to them. Well that isn't what has happened to me. Don't show me something one national wrote, show me what MaryKayIntouch says and the Consultant's guide and the agreement and the order form, etc.. then point out how "bad" the Company is..

and.... there are just as many "lies of omission" and "not telling" on the negative sites as they point out with the posetive sites. Just because one can regurgitate what may be said, doesn't mean it is all a scam.. Just like if I were to say... when you go to Wendy's they are going to manipulate you into buying more food then you want because once you give them your order, they are going to say would you like fries, with that, did you want to super size it, is it for here or to go?... wow... now if I had told someone... how horrible Wendy's is and how the manipulate people into buying more than they want and try to get you to super size it because there is a game piece on the super large soda cup and you walk into Wendy's and they say what I have told you they were going to say... one would then assume that everything else I said was correct. I personally have never ordered fries just because they asked if I wanted fries with the order... and a super sized drink doesn't fit in my cup holder so I wouldn't get one just to get the game piece just because they asked if I want to super size it. We can all by sold on idea or concept if we want to believe it.

and one last rant... Rena Tarbet is an incredible woman, yes she JOKED about the husband unawareness plan (more tongue and cheek - funny humor) and she was implying to the $100 starter kit.... never ever and I have heard her speak very often, did she ever say charge thousands of dollars of inventory without telling your husband, buy production if you don't need it nor run up so much debt that you must declare bankruptcy on cards you opened without telling your spouse about. I work, my hubby works... if I want to spend $100 - I don't have to check with him anymore then I would expect him to check with me if he wanted to buy his hunting license, fishing license, ammunition, etc...
now of course if we are talking about a big ticket item we would give each other the RESPECT of discussing it. Isn't that what a relationship is? He is my husband not my parent.

okay for real last rant... I have learned plenty at the CLASSES at Seminar, Leadership, and Career Conference... I have never been taught how to manipulate people and run up there credit cards... perhaps if the people that attended the conference actually attended the classes (not just the recognition and general assemblies) and LISTENED and took notes... they may have learned something too and if I was sitting in a class and didn't care for the teacher, I would quietly remove myself and go to another teacher (not go shopping or to the hotel pool, bar or vendors). Additionally, I am not afraid to do research outside of Mary Kay. I am responsible for what I know, what I teach, and what I do (me) no one else. Conflicting statements prove further that one must really pay attention to what they are reading. The negative sites say "very, very few can make money in MK" and if you make money in Mary Kay you are evil. The ones that step down because they were $25,000+ in debt because they bought production, they bought their Cadillac, they bought the Court of Sales ring.... are not an expert that knows everything about MK .. as the general retort is that.. there are many very, very successful ex directors giving their sage advice so it is the truth.. personally I see a conflict... were they very successful so they can now advise us wisely or did they buy all of it and run up debt to prove one can not make money in MK not matter how hard you work? One can not have it both ways. If you were heavily in debt, you were not "successful" because you were driving the pink Cadillac, and dripping in diamonds.

Have a Great Valentines Day Weekend Everyone!


  1. I have a sneaking suspicion that a lot of Nthe women who are upset wished that they HAD been successful in MK and still want to be there. I DO believe a lot of the stories on PT and other minor sites I DO believe some of these women have been taken advantage of and were manipulated. What I DONT believe is that they think the company encourages this. MK Corporate would in no way NOT want women to sell the product. If it was only built on frontloading they would have closed or been shut down a long time ago. As far as NSD's are concerned a lot of what they say is taken out of context. Say what you want about Rena T this woman did not have to keep making speeches and traveling and she has done it in pain and continues to. She is my national and now Jana Cox is our new national. If you notice some of the NSD's that are listed above as being ethical and the ones you dont hear about which should tell you something. Nothing against the do it quickers but there is something to be said for slow and steady wins the race. Rena was there from the beginning so it would only make sense that she would preach what Mary Kay would I dont think she picked up on any bad habits if you will. I think Maureen Ledda is great and Nan Stroud. Its a shame that whoever is doing the fastest production gets the most acclaim but at the end of the day what matters is who is the most stable! I wont mention names but I have no respect for anyone who is pushing 4200 orders unless they can afford to do it or they are filthy rich, or want a huge tax write off.

  2. Funny how I never heard any of those names on PT ever.

    I did go to one CC in Charlotte... unfortunately in my humble opinion that one really stunk. I went to all the classes but got jack out of 'em.

  3. Sandy Valero is my National and she is AMAZING!!


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