Saturday, December 31, 2011

Inventory is Not a Business Expense


As we are at year's end and taxes are looming, I have heard many directors tell consultants that ordering inventory at the end of the year is a wise thing to do as it increases your business expense. Formerly from an accounting background this statement has always made me want to scream. Inventory is not an expense, it is an asset. If you need product in December, than order product in December, and if you don't need product in December don't order product in December. The less you have on the shelf, the less you have to count when you do your inventory.

A little piece from our Tax info on intouch is copied below:

You should remember these three facts about inventory/cost-of-goods-sold deductions:
• The amount of this deduction is not the total of all inventory (product) you purchased during the year, unless you sold exactly what you bought.
• The amount of the deduction is not the amount of product you have in stock at the end of the year.
• The amount of the deduction is the cost of product that you sold or distributed as hostess or incentive gifts-with-purchases during the year. Thus, stocking up before December 31 will not increase your deduction.
Inventory is not deductible until sold. (Emphasis was added by Mary Kay)

Any inventory that is purchased but not received before 12/31 will be counted as part of your ending inventory. The ending inventory becomes part of your cost of goods sold computation. All those purchases do is to increase what you have on your does nothing for tax deductability.

and the other little things that makes me want to scream... no we can not deduct nylons and manicures/pedicures. IRS would LOVE to audit some of the consultant's tax returns with some of the things I have overheard.

Remeber when indoubt check with a professional and always error on the side of safety. An IRS audit is noooooo fun.

Happy New Year Everyone!!! Be Safe!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011


Loving every minute of it. Family, friends, love it!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone!!


I am still here, just extremely busy with Family, Holidays, and my business. I should be back in swing very soon, so stay tuned and I am ready to get going soon. Great Holiday selling season, did my last ladies night last minute shopping night at my house... love to help out my clients!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Intouch Maintenance


From Mary Kay Intouch:

Online Maintenance Outage

As a reminder on Dec. 16, online ordering will be unavailable from 12:00 a.m., through 8:00 a.m., Central Time, in order to make the transition of regularly scheduled Fall to Winter Quarter Updates.

In addition major maintenance is being planned for our online communication resources beginning Saturday, Dec. 17, from 7 p.m. through approximately 6 a.m. (Central time), on Sunday, Dec. 18. During this time the following websites will be unavailable:

•All Mary Kay® Personal Web Sites
•Mary Kay InTouch®
•• Desktop Office Manager

During this window of time, anyone trying to access these sites will see a message letting her know that the sites are undergoing maintenance and upgrades. You may consider letting your customers know who could attempt to place orders through your Mary Kay® Personal Web Site during this period. Thank you for your cooperation!

Are Cosmetics Recession-Proof? Famous Female Entrepreneurs Who Have Built Branded Empires - ABC News#.Tun8XkA4xAI.facebook


Are Cosmetics Recession-Proof? Famous Female Entrepreneurs Who Have Built Branded Empires - ABC News#.Tun8XkA4xAI.facebook

Website with great resources and responses to Pink Truth

I just stumbled on this website and absolutely must share it with all of you.

According to the "About Me" page, this is another Mary Kay Director that tried to reach out to Pink Truth and was rejected (Shocking... right).  

Her responses (found here) are well thought out and organized and her resources (found here) are great.

She remains anonymous, but there is a contact section where you can send a message.  Please give her site a visit and send her an encouraging message.

With enough people countering Pink Truth's poison, hopefully less people will fall victim to their lies.


(as always, please post your comments and keep the conversation going)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

In the Cosmetics /Business World


Avon's Andrea Jung loses CEO title By staff and wire

The list of women CEOs in the U.S., never very long, is losing one of its most prominent names.

Avon Products Inc., the global beauty company, said it has begun a search to replace chief executive Andrea Jung, who will remain as chairman. Jung has attracted the ire of investors because of slumping sales and a federal probe about whether the company broke bribery laws overseas.

Jung will be named executive chairman beginning in the new year, Avon said Tuesday, adding that Jung will work with the board to find a replacement.

"The stock has been cut in half this year," Ali Dibadj, analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein, said. "The trust between investors and management has been severed. There have been a few times where expectations have been laid out there and have not been met."

Avon in October said that the Securities and Exchange Commission was investigating the company's contact during 2010 and 2011 with certain analysts and other representatives of the financial community. The company also reported third-quarter profit that fell below analyst expectations, with Brazil weighing on earnings as the result of implementation of a new computer system, while tough economic conditions also hurt sales in other markets.

Jung has been Avon's CEO since 1999 and is credited with helping to grow the company in the late 1990s and early 2000s, as it continued to expand, bringing the prospect of a career or even just some extra pocket money to women from South Africa to South Korea.

But in the past several years, Avon has turned in poor performances in key markets such as Brazil and Russia, poured tens of millions of dollars into its international bribery investigation and struggled to stem declines in a sluggish U.S. market.

Aside from saying in October that the SEC was conducting its own bribery probe, the company also said the commission was looking into whether the company violated disclosure laws in contacts with analysts and others.

Avon shares have fallen 44 percent this year, while the Standard & Poor's 500 Index is down only 2.5 percent.

Though the stock rallied on the announcement of a CEO change on Tuesday, analysts were skeptical about the impact of the move.

"What you can say is the company is going to look for a CEO who hopefully will be able to right-size the fundamentals. But it's too soon to say anything about the turnaround itself," BMO Capital Markets analyst Connie Maneaty said.

Jung is popular with the representatives who sell the company's products, and at one time were known as "Avon Ladies."

That popularity might be one reason Jung is staying on as chairman, Dibadj said.

"Andrea is extraordinarily good at working with the representatives, and letting them down in some sense, very hard, might not be the best business decision," he said.

Jung's successor will need to be somebody who can also inspire the representatives, but at the same time improve operations and set out a vision beyond the "boom and bust" cycle Avon has endured, he said.

Reuters contributed to this report.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Mary Kay Gives!!


Published 12.09.11 from Mary Kay Intouch Community

(may I add I am proud to be a part of this Company)

Mary Kay Donates to the NBC Today Show Toy Drive

For the seventh year in a row, Mary Kay Inc. has made a donation to the NBC Today Show Toy Drive. Today, Jill Wedding, Director NSD Services and Communications, appeared on the show to announce Mary Kay Inc.’s donation of more than $7 million in skin care, color cosmetics and toys.

Over the years, Mary Kay has donated more than $25 million in gifts to this important cause that helps bring joy to many families during the holiday season!

Friday, November 25, 2011

New Blog to focus on Pink Truth

Hi all!

Thank you mk4me for the kind words and the great posts.  I would like to announce a new blog.

This blog is hosted by one of our readers - Michelle - and will have a link (along with a quick summary) to whatever Pink Truth is posting.  Not sure at this point if it will be updated daily, weekly or what, but it should be pretty current.

The blog can be found here -

The idea here will be that this blog can stay focused on discussing Mary Kay as questions and thoughts arise.  The blog that Michelle is hosting will be for responding to things that Pink Truth is saying.

If you have no desire to be weighed down with the garbage on Pink Truth, you can stay here and help keep this community alive.

But if you enjoy occasionally picking a fight, or if you are just frustrated that no one gets to respond to Pink Truth and want to speak your mind, give this new blog a visit.

Hopefully this will keep the two concepts separate, but give room for both of them.

Thanks Michelle.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving to All of Our Readers


As I will be cooking for a house full, I wanted to take a moment and thank all of you for being a part of our blog. I know I have so much to be thankful for each and every day. To all of you I hope you enjoy a Very Happy & Blessed Thanksgiving!! Much love to all! Happy Black Friday to all of you too!!
In closing, saw this adorable idea to make the trio lip balms a cute little gift!

The Winter Gift W/ Purchase


I just think this is so cute! This is the winter preferred customer program gift with purchase for purchasing over $40. It features the new lip glosses in: Icicle,Pink Luster, Red Passion, Beach Bronze, Berry Tart, and Fancy Nancy.This is one of the gifts I speculate will sell out early.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Don't Give Up Too Early!



80% of all sales are made after the 5th call.
48% of all sales people GIVE UP after the 1st call!
25% give up after the 2nd call.
12% make 3 calls and then stop.
5% quit after the 4th call.
10% keep on calling after the 4th call.
And to this PERSISTENT 10% GOES 80% OF ALL SALES!!!!

Don't give up too easily!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

What can I expect?


momof8 said...
I am so glad I found this blog site. Would you please tell me exactly what to expect if I decide to sell MK? I know the cost of the starter kit. What else is there? Do I get a set of make-up for me--if I'm to be wearing it from "head to toe?" Is the name tag included? and the decal? These sound like relatively inexpensive details, but I can't afford anything unnecessary to begin. I've been out of the country for many years and we're needing income. What exactly can I expect at the beginning?

The starter kit will give you what you need to begin your business... the only thing I feel need extra to start presenting the product are cotton balls. When joining the Company does have the 50 free business cards but after that, the business starter kit which varies in price is a great thing to have, you get business cards, the reorder labels, a stamper with your information on it, and a magnetic name bade (I believe that kits start approx. $39.99) - this is optional not mandatory. The Mary Kay website is a nice option and as a new consultant you get it for half price for the first year so that would only be $25 - but if you wish not to do this, people can still go to to see everything on line. To process credit cards, there is a fee for propay but if you only do a cash or check business, you would not need add this expense or could add it when you wanted to make paying with credit or debit cards an option.

What can you expect?? There is no definites. Other than if you sell a liptsick for $13 and purchased it from Mary Kay for $6.50, you have earned $6.50.

No, you would not get a set for yourself... however if you sell $200 worth of products, to cover the initial order, you get to select $400 worth of products, so after you order everything your clients needed, you in theory, could then select $200 worth of items you wanted and it would be covered.

Hope this helps, if I misunderstood, just leave me a comment and I will expand on this!

Thinking About Rejoining?


A great question from one of our readers: I did MK for about 1.5 years quite a while ago and really enjoyed it, but I also see how people can have bad experiences and need to keep a healthy, balanced perspective. I went inactive/terminated in 2003, so if I wanted to be a personal use consultant at this point, I'd need to start all over right? I'd really just like product for myself at the discount and have no need for the starter kit. Is the $20 deal the right one for me? Thanks again for your helpful site.

My answer is yes, you would need to rejoin and maybe on the choice, lol. Let's break it down with the November special. If you use the miracle set, mineral poweder foundation/brush, oil free eye makeup remover, and mascara... even at cost those items would come to $76. With the starter kit for $75 - you would receive all of those items plus Look Books, mirror & trays, and lots of other products, you could sell, give away, donate to a woman's center, whatever... and then in six months or so when you need more products, then put in your product order.... or for the $20 second chance opportunity, you get catalogues and some misc. stuff.. and then you could place a minimum order to get all the times you would like.

So, it boils down to if you use all of the proudcts, I think the starter kit would be the way to go with the special, if you use velocity, or don't use the miracle set, or the products you get in the starter kit, then go with the second chance! Either way, imho, it is a win/win for you if you love the products!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Few Pictures of a MK Display at Vendor Event


In answer to the question for information on product displays here are a few photos!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

More Recognition for Mary Kay


Published 10.27.11

Mary Kay is a Top Four Finalist

Finalists for the 2011 International Package Design Awards (IPDA) were announced at the recent HBA Global Expo in New York. A committee of 100 packaging executives, designers, suppliers and media, selected Mary Kay’s Thinking of You® Eau de Parfum as one of the overall Top Four Finalists in the Fragrance Mass category. Other fragrances on this list include:

•1200 degrees by L’BEL

•BUD Budapest by The Scent of Departure

•Flight by Michael Jordan by Five Star Fragrance (Winner)

•Thinking of You® Eau de Parfum by Mary Kay Inc.

The IPDA is the only design award that celebrates the year’s most innovative packaging in all beauty product categories and received more than 200 entries.

Just a little p.s. I love,love love this fragrance too!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011



Hopefully I put up some helpful posts today, I hope you enjoy them... and.... Stay tuned the next question I will try and answer will be:

from one of our readers and it is:

momof8 said...
I am so glad I found this blog site. Would you please tell me exactly what to expect if I decide to sell MK? I know the cost of the starter kit. What else is there? Do I get a set of make-up for me--if I'm to be wearing it from "head to toe?" Is the name tag included? and the decal? These sound like relatively inexpensive details, but I can't afford anything unnecessary to begin. I've been out of the country for many years and we're needing income. What exactly can I expect at the beginning?

Another Question from Another Reader


Question: Hi I'm a 21 year old college student looking to begin Mary Kay. Its a big decision for me. For those of you that started with just a starter kit how successful were you? Any advice. Thanks

I started Mary Kay with my starter kit and no desire but to get my products at a discount. My first order was $180 w/s (that was the minimum back then - we only received $300 - it was a 40% discount on that size order) and most of the order was for myself. I built my inventory as I built my customer base. Now I have a huge inventory to accomodate my over 500+ clients, and it is paid for. I wasn't fast but I was consistant and steady and have been fulltime since 1994, prior to Mary Kay I was a Corporate Accountant working way too many hours salaried. I am much happier in Mary Kay and enjoy the flexibilty of not having to punch a clock Monday thru Friday. One note of caution, take great care of your clients and they will remain your clients for a very long time!

Please let us know how you make out!

Happy 4th Anniversary to Balanced!!

Thank you to our admin for having this site available as a fair and neutral place for individuals to get the information that will help them! It is hard to believe it has been 4 years already. I am still loving my business & my unit and still making a great income!!

Great Question from One of Our Readers!


Question: My question to you is..... can you do this business without knowing anyone and are willing to market yourself, your product, and the company?

My answer to you is "yes". Will it be easy? Probably not, is it do-able - absolutely. When I started my business I was new to the area, I knew only a handful of people and none of them were "make up" type people. My business was started and built on people I met while marketing myself as a Ind. Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. Seriously, I think it is easier simply because family and friends don't give you the respect that a stranger would that meets you in your capacity as a "consultant".

How did I meet people? I put out facial boxes, wore my mk pin, put my business cards out in places they were permitted, and did craft fairs, health fairs, bridal fairs, and business expo's. Some of these events can be pricey but during the holiday season I was able to find very affordable craft fairs. I did ask my new clients for referrals and many of them did introduce me to other interested potential clients.

Being on the "shy" side myself, I enjoy having a display at an event, because the people that approach you are at least partially interested because if they weren't they wouldn't stop - I also always have a drawing for a small gift certificate with a makeover but if a person is not interested, they don't register.

If one has the confidence "warm chatting" is another way to meet people. Now, I don't ever go out to "warm chat" but because I am confident in what I do and it is part of who I am, I have found that often when striking up a conversation (ie: waiting in line at a cash register, etc...) the conversation may present an opportunity to present what I do and very often it results in the person requesting more information.

It sounds as if great and honest information has been shared with you and that you will have a great support system. With the awesome promotion going on in October, seriously, if you enjoy Mary Kay products, even if you get the kit and give it a shot, it is a win/win situation. If you were to purchase just items you would use from your consultant, cleanser, moisturizer, day/night solution, oilfree eye makeup, mascara, foundation/brush - the total would be over $150. So get the starter kit, look things over and sell approx. $230 worth of products, you can place your first order, deliver the products that were purchased and still have almost $200 worth of products for your inventory. If you just can't get enough orders, well you just don't continue. Seriously, anyone has a year from purchasing their starter kit to put in a product order without having to rejoin the Company.

So, imho, go for it!! And.. let us know how you make out! We are here to provide any answers we can.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained as the old saying goes.

In closing, I would like to add, that if nothing else use what you have read in the negative websites as an example of what NOT to do. I try to at least scan the posts daily and may I say if I ever conducted myself and ran my business as some of those individuals did, I would not be in business today.

October Promotion


If you have ever considered becoming a consultant, now is an awesome time to try it out! What do you have to loose. Even if you decide it isn't for you, the products you receive in the starter kit would cost more than $75 to buy! Below is the October promotion Mary Kay is running - so basically you will loose nothing if you decide you don't want to continue once you have given it a shot!!

Directly from Mary Kay Intouch:

“Refer-a-Friend” Team-Building Promotion
Oct. 1 - 31, 2011
Some great things get even better when shared with friends! Receive $25 for each new qualified** team member you add during the “Refer-a-Friend” Team-Building Promotion! And, your potential new team members can start a Mary Kay business for only $75!* Plus, they can receive up to $150 credit on their initial wholesale Section 1 order!

Here’s how it works:
•Independent Beauty Consultants whose Independent Beauty Consultant Agreements are received and accepted by the Company from Oct. 1 - 31, pay only $75* for their Starter Kit and can receive one of the following:

◦A $50 credit on her initial wholesale Section 1 order of $400 – $599
◦A $75 credit on her initial wholesale Section 1 order of $600 – $1,799
◦A $150 credit on her initial wholesale Section 1 order of $1,800 or more

To receive one of the credits above, the initial order must be placed in the agreement month (Oct. 2011) or the following month (Nov. 2011). Orders cannot be cumulative nor will credits apply to any subsequent orders.

•You can receive $25 for each new qualified** team member, whose Independent Beauty Consultant Agreement is received and accepted by the Company from Oct. 1 – 31, and whose initial wholesale Section 1 order of $600 or more is received and accepted by Nov. 30, 2011.

Of course, this fantastic promotion is not limited to the friends you already know – it’s a great offer to use while meeting new ones!

*Plus shipping, handling and tax.
** A qualified new team member is one whose Independent Beauty Consultant Agreement is received and accepted by the Company from Oct. 1 – 31, 2011, and whose initial wholesale Section 1 order of $600 or more is received and accepted by the Company by Nov. 30, 2011.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

I will be back!!


Sorry I have been mia.... alot of life going on around here but I promise... I will get to the last couple of questions and hopefully by the end of the weekend! Hang tough and don't give up on me. Family, friends, and business still doing great... just alot of stuff and I am happy that I can be flexible to be able to help in so many ways and the flexibility I have is thanks Mary Kay and building a strong client base and unit over the years.

Reader Question - Can I work Mary Kay if I don't know anyone?

This letter came in from a reader a few days ago.

I found your blog The Truth about Mary Kay and have been reading it as I am considering getting into the business. Pink Truth and The PinkLighthouse have completely scared me and I am considering not signing my agreement. I know a lot about the company. My grandmother went to church with Mary Kay Ash and actually went with her door to door when she first started. Mary Kay Ash was a wonderful woman who paved the way for a lot of women and it saddens me that Pink Truth and The PinkLighthouse are so against the company. The company can't help what directors do. They can't "patrol" them making sure they are playing by the rules. To me it reminds me of playing the telephone game when I was a kid. You whispered something to one kid and as it went down the line of children it was changed and by the time the last child said what it was, that "something" never even came close to what was first said. Same thing. Information is construed differently from person to person. Unfortunately that is what happens and people will take advantage of it for their gain.  
I am being actively recruited by a woman out of state on my Facebook page. We became friends playing games and she has helped me out tremendously with homeschool materials for my children. She is like the mother I never had. She has been completely up front and honest and has told me both the pros and cons about the business. She even said do not buy inventory until you have earned it. She told me of all the extra fees (propay, website, samples, business materials etc). She even sent me parts of the consultant rules about marketing and online marketing. This woman is so wonderful and her upline is the same way.....never have I been steered in the wrong direction by either of these women and I love them for it. They even have sent me their tax statements to show they have made money and consistently. I guess they have seen Pink Truth too. I have a very positive experience with them and no misgivings about what they have told me.  
However the thing that scares me is that I live in a new area and don't know anyone. It just so happens I live in Texas where Mary Kay Cosmetics was born. There are consultants around every corner. That scares me. I would be starting this business out like if I had opened up an unknown business at my local shopping center. Its scary to me because all I hear on Pink Truth and The Pink Lighthouse is you can't do this business without knowing a lot of people and having a lot of family. After you have exhausted that you are out of business. Wow makes me feel I am out of business before I get started. I have lots of marketing ideas that my recruiter is amazed about. She has been selling Mary Kay for 4 years now and hasn't thought of them and actually said if I joined her team she would like for me to do a presentation on my marketing ideas. Kind of surprised me but I am glad I can contribute some new and fresh ideas. By they way my recruiter is working her business slowly, the way I want to, and only has 6 active recruits in 4 years.  
My question to you is..... can you do this business without knowing anyone and are willing to market yourself, your product, and the company? That is what is keeping me from signing that contract. Wish I had never found Pink Truth and The PinkLighthouse because I probably would have already been making money :)  
Thanks for you time and thanks for your blog. I love your viewpoint and its nice to see pro-mk people out there.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Balanced Mary Kay - 4 years of talking about Mary Kay

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to take a quick minute to point out that we have now been here for 4 years!!

A HUGE THANK YOU to mk4me for keeping this blog going and for adding relevant content!!  Thank you so much!

I have noticed lately that the conversation has dwindled to almost nonexistent.  I know that many of you are still checking in every day... we have the page views and visitors to prove that.  And I know that we are attracting new visitors daily as well.

I know we are all happy to have this resource available to people that are in Mary Kay and those that are considering Mary Kay (Whether buying it or selling it) for the first time.

But what would make this site better?  What can we add that would make this site more valuable for you?  What would make you more likely to voice your thoughts and opinions.

I just received an email from someone that is considering joining Mary Kay and is wondering about her particular situation.  I am sure that insights from the whole community here would be greatly beneficial to people in similar situations.  Should we have a "reader's questions" section?  Should we post more product reviews?  Would it benefit anyone if we had a regular "success story" posted?  Or would that be too much like a "rah-rah-go-recruit-people" meeting?

Also, it has been a while since we have really heard any opinions against Mary Kay or joining Mary Kay.  Would it be beneficial if I "switched sides" and played the devil's advocate against Mary Kay for a while?

I know these are a lot of questions.  Please let me know that all these visitors to this site are not just random bots scouring the internet for email addresses by letting me know what you think would make this site better (or worse) or if you like it exactly the way it is and don't want to see anything change.

Thanks so much

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

MK Rocks!!


The Awards Keep Coming!

We have more fantastic news to share! Mary Kay® TimeWise Matte-WearTM Liquid Foundation was named the winner in the “Best Base” category of the Fitness Magazine 2011 Beauty Awards!

The awards mention says: “This satiny foundation comes in 23 shades, controls shine and hides imperfections. ‘It blends well – a little goes a long way – and gives me all-day coverage,’ one voter told us.”

Fitness asked readers and experts to narrow down 1,162 of this year’s newest beauty products to find the 60 best products for an active lifestyle. Once again, Mary Kay® is recognized as one of the best of the best!

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Wait is Over!! Facebook can be your friend!


For recommendations and guidelines on building your own Facebook Fan Page, please visit It is time to put social media networking to work for you!

Ready to Build Your Facebook Fan Page? The Wait is Over!

It’s here: all of the information you need to set up a dedicated Facebook Fan Page for your Mary Kay business! Head over to the Digital Zone for all of the details!

Friday, September 2, 2011

To help promote getting together- fun sweepstakes!


Enter the Fall 2011 Mary Kay® Makeover Contest

The entry/submission phase of the 2011 Mary Kay® Makeover Contest: New York! New You! has begun so encourage your customers to visit you for a complimentary personalized makeover!

Three Independent Beauty Consultants with the most eligible entries during the entry phase could win a fabulous trip New York City! The trip includes:
•Accommodations, food and transportation for three days and two nights
•The opportunity to attend a beauty, fashion, or fitness photo shoot for Ladies' Home Journal magazine
•A professional makeup, wardrobe and hair makeover;
•And a fabulous new fashionista wardrobe!

You could also win a Kenneth Jay Lane cuff bracelet if you are one of the 50 independent sales force members with the most eligible consumer entries into the contest between September 1 –15!

Clients can win big too!

Just some updates and info!!


From MKintouch... a dedicated page to let us know what changes are on the horizon!

‘Change’ Site Gives Scoop on What’s Coming – and When!

Mary Kay used to say that if you don’t go forward, others will zoom past you. Scientific breakthroughs, evolving trends and customer preferences all are evolving. So with that in mind, we’re rolling out some incredible changes to our color and skin care lines over the next several months. Ready for all of the details? Check out our dedicated site launching today that will keep you up to speed on what lies ahead – and give you the tools to prepare yourself and your customers. Fasten your seat belts, ladies … exciting times are coming!

Color & Skin Care Advancements - Change is Good!

Exciting product changes are coming!
You'll want to check this site often for new information, including timelines of launch dates and Company inventory status to help you adjust your own inventory needs. In keeping up with the latest trends and scientific breakthroughs you’ll soon be able to offer your customers the latest in skin care and color! You'll want to take advantage of these changes and use this as an opportunity to call customers and tell them all about it! Change is good! Change is exciting! Your customers are sure to agree once they try these fabulous new products.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

What' s new??

Help your customers awaken the age-fighting potential of their skin at night with this innovative product that activates collagen production,* targets the skin matrix,* helps skin recover from daily damage and restores the skin barrier.* Available in combination/oily and normal/dry. Your customers can think of it as empowering their skin while they sleep. Now that should give them sweet dreams! $40 (suggested retail)

Sorry for not answering a few questions sooner, was playing away on vacation the last couple of weeks! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and stayed safe during Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

If it weren't sad, it


would be funny....this order was sent to me via Balanced... now seriously???

Aletha Adal to me
show details Aug 14 (5 days ago)

This message may not have been sent by: Learn more Report phishingAttn: Independent Beauty Consultant,

How are you doing today. I am making enquiry regarding the listed items. I would like you to check the availability of the products in your store.

**** TimeWise® Miracle Set® ----- (qty) 2
**** TimeWise® Age-Fighting Moisturizer Sunscreen SPF 15*, 3 fl. oz. ----- ( qty ) 2
**** TimeWise® Targeted-Action® Eye Revitalizer, .34 fl. oz. ------ ( qty ) 3

I want you to get back to me with the quotes excluding the shipping charges. I will be responsible for the pick-up of the order at your location once the payment is confirmed and ready for pick-up. I will be sending over my mover for the pick-up once you have the funds at hand, so they can have it delivered at its destination.

Also, i would like to notify you that the payment of the order will be made with a Certified Cashiers Check cashable at any local store or Local banks. Email back with the payment details of where to have the check mailed to. Name, Address, City, State, Zipcode and a working phone number. Kindly advise back as soon as possible with the quotes and payment information. Hope to read from you soon.

Aletha Adal

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Personality Types & Mary Kay


I have been very remiss in writing lately, just really enjoying the summer, I prefer not to do "reruns" as some other sites, because the articles are here so hopefully any new readers will just go back in the archives and read some of the awesome information that is on here. I have noticed that there are other sites that post old posts as a new article but since I have read them already, it feels like watching reruns on tv. If we have any readers that would like to write something, I would love it!!!

Forever Pink provided an answer and I second her answer, one can absolutely be shy and still do well in Mary Kay, trust me I am a living testimonial to that. I am the type of person that will blend into the wall until I become very comfortable within a group. Now once I get to know people and feel comfortable, watch out, try shutting me up then, lol... but initially... I don't even like going into places that I haven't been before, talking to strangers on the phone, etc... with all my little quirks, I have managed to be a very happy director for over 15 years. My best advice is challenge yourself to do things that might make you fidget a little bit before you do it, it does get easier but I won't promise that a little bit of it won't be with you forever.

Friday, July 22, 2011

It is Sizzling Hot Outside!!


Leaving the shopping center, I noticed a car parked close to me with a Mary Kay Decal on her window, upon walking by I noticed that in the back seat, there was her starter kit and what probably was product! I would just like to share a word of caution, it is getting out outside but it is even hotter in a closed vehicle. I realize there are time that our products must be in the car but if you know your products need to be in your car an extended period of time, you may want to consider putting things in a cooler with ice packs. Products can be compromised with the heat and no one wants to clean up lipstick soup!

On a personal note, I am just loving this heat wave!

Mustang Mania?? In Mary Kay!!


Now this is something to get excited about. The newewst Company promotion (Premier Club level)

Mustang Mania…are you ready to take the challenge and drive the excitement?

We’re SO excited to tell you about the hot, sporty Ford Mustang career car option available for a limited time through the Premier Plus promotion! You’re going to be fired up about the opportunity to earn the use of this awesome car. This is like nothing you’ve ever seen before at Mary Kay … in fact, it just might inspire you to rev up your efforts and speed all the way to the finish line!

Please read intouch for all details!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It is time to enroll for PCP


Is it worth enrolling your clients in the Preferred Customer Program? I will say absolutely "yes"!! We can't even mail a Look Book w/o the sample for the same amount of money, I love the way my sales soar after my clients receive their copy in the mail without having to do anything! Plus they get a free sample, which often results in a future sale.

The Look
Remember, Mary Kay always said, “The speed of the leader is the speed of the gang.”

• Enroll July 16 –
Aug. 15 • Estimated
Sept. 12 • Only 70¢ per name (plus applicable
sales tax)

What’s New Inside the Fall/Holiday 2011 Issue of The Look

FREE Gift With Purchase:* Help your customers awaken the age-fighting potential of their skin at night. Consider offering a Mini TimeWise® Night Restore & Recover Complex (either in normal to dry or combination to oily formula) and a Mini TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Set FREE when customers purchase $40 (excluding tax) or more of Mary Kay® products. Samplers:** Customers can sample, sleep and see skin that starts the day looking younger with the TimeWise® Night Restore & Recover Complex sampler on page 5 of The Look. Experience the benefits of both the normal to dry and combination to oily formulas.

*Offer available through participating Independent Beauty Consultants only and while supplies last.
Gift-with-purchase offer expires Dec. 15, 2011.
**Limited quantities of samplers available while supplies last.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Not just in MK, Scams....


Wow, I am shocked at the lengths people will go to in order to scam others. I know we have discussed all the fake orders that mk consultants receive and how they seem to be getting smarter and smart.... I was cleaning out my junk in box and noticed this, I usually just delete them but when I saw this it made me sad/mad. I am sure many people will fall for it because of wanting to help those serving our country. so I wanted to make it more public.
Have a wonderful day everyone!! Pedi parties have been great this summer!

Hello friend, I hope my email meet you well. I am in need of your assistance. My name is Sgt Justin Clinton, I am in the Engineering military unit here in Ba'qubah in Iraq,I have some amount of funds that we want to move out from the country.I need your help to receive this funds on my behalf. The problem is can i really trust you on this? please get back to me for more info. Please i hope you are most suitable for this opportunity.You will be entitled to 40 percent for your help. Sgt Justin Clinton

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Orders and turn around time


With my previous fun post I was also thinking it may be worth mentioning that any consultant that "needs" product will get it much faster if it is ordered today than waiting until July 1, simply because a very large percentage of monthly production comes in at the end of the month (I think that is called "procratination")

However, if the year is over - putting in an order just to put in an order for no reason, isn't in my opinion a good move. July 1st is the first day of a new seminar year so, why not start the year with a bang?? Be smart with your business and be smart with you..

Withthe Holiday weekend approaching be safe and have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Don't forget your sunscreen, enjoy your food and friends, don't drink and drive, and post of all have FUN!!


Well folks!! Do you know what today is?? As some will have you to believe, it is the worst day of the year. If I may be sarcastic for a minute - every mk director is imprisoned, with the ball and chain to the phone and computer. I am sure many of you have heard this (now, I am not saying there aren't some months that might be the case, but not every month but the last day of the month and the last day of the year?? Well ... hmmm..

Things to do today, pool party/birthday party for grandson and daughter. Making lasagna for a dinner party tonight, packing to get away for the weekend, and oh, yes, filling a few orders that came in on voicemail and online ordering.

Afternoon spent shopping with daughters, and after desert, movie night with wine and cheese and company. I will check intouch later just in case anyone submitted an order for me to submit because I would hate for them to wait for their order any longer than they would have to since my consultants order product when they NEED they product.

Tomorrow... working on tan by pool... vacation, fun, food, family, fireworks, water/boating... awwww.... I LOVE MY LIFE!!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Revisited: Fake Online Orders!


There is an original article on this topic dated: Saturday, February 20, 2010 Titled, Online Orders. We have had alot of activity lately under the comments so I wanted to bring this topic front page again. (Many of you know I hate "reruns" but this is more like a part 2.

Originally when the phony online orders were being place they were very large orders and payment terms were with money orders, cashier's checks, and were larger than the amount of the order and the consultant was instructed to keep the "extra". Now, the theives are getting more clever. The orders are reasonable and the form of payment is "secure online" payment via a credit card by way of your Mary Kay Website. Many consultant's feel secure because the card can be processed before the product is shipped - wrong!! The credit card has been stolen and eventually the consultant can be liable to repay and charges that were incurred on that card after it was stolen, of course with no recourse regaining the product.

I have heard consultants asking why the company doesn't "stake" out the addresses that these packages are being sent to because now it is an address in the States as oppossed to out of the country, but my guess is there is an address forward so it isn't being delivered to the address shown anyway and I am sure the PO Boxes change very frequently as well as the change of addresses.

I also feel that it isn't Mary Kay, the Company or the consultants being targeted but an easy way via the website to target a large volume of potential victims... if you send enough emails, you will always have some take the bait. I believe that any direct sale company probably is dealing with the same issues.

One thing I would like to point out, most of my serious new online customers, register on my website and for my newsletter, etc.... it isn't just the one online order. And certainly, if the order isn't local, why would they even bother dealing with someone so far away from them, let's be smart consultants!! If it looks to good to be true it probably is!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!!


Wishing all the dads out there a Wonderful Father's Day!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Weekend Humor!!


Walked into the garage and noticed a sign he had tacked to his wall. Scratched my head because I knew we were not in the market for any type of finances until I read it a second time and burst out in laughter. Pretty funny. Thought I would share and tell everyone to have a great weekend and a Very Happy Father's Day!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

What's "in" for the Summer??

I already gave my opinion on the mascara, a big thumbs up. I also like the dual end eye shadow/liner, goes on great, stays well. The eyelash curl has made a big hit with my clients. Love the light fresh scent of the Tranquil Waters Shower Gel and Perfume stick. The limited edition colors in the tinted lip balm, fill a much need whole in the color selection (hopefully, the better sellers will be added to the line as permanent colors. ( My favorite is cherry).

Glad to see the eye color bundles back because it really does help a newer consultant or one that is no confident with color provide a look for their client that will look good but is easy and ready to go. Enjoy and share the new fun summer products with your clients.

If you would like to see the products, just stop by and check them out!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

My opinion is in on our newest mascara!!


Love lashes and your product sales with this new mascara that defines, defends and delivers 4 times the volume. Lashes appear fuller, lifted and multiplied, while looking naturally flawless, soft and healthy. $15 each

I love, love, love it, it is available in black or brown. The brush separates your lashes so nicely. I have always loved the ultimate, but I think I have a new fav.

**Picture is from the New Oprah magazine page 70 ♥

Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!


My wishes for all to have a Very Happy and Safe Memorial Day Weekend!!

Don't forget your sun screen if out in the sun!!

Model Makeup Artist Opinions


Colleen posted a link to a great piece on the comments of several makeup artists and their opinions about Mary Kay products. I thought it was worth bringing it to the front page so that everyone could enjoy it.

This is the link:

or, Click Here

The majority of the comments are very favorable, the negative comments (of course there are a few) sound like many of them are from past experience(as in not recent). Any of us that have used MK over time know we just keep getting better all the time. So if one hasn't tried the MK line in the last 5 or so years, I would love for them to revisit the product before making an opinion. Most technology today is superior to the technology we had five years ago in any field. (not everything but most). Just as a comparison, 5 years ago, many people had desktop computers, the tower, monitor, & keyboard. It was common and laptops were the "luxury item with the big price tag" - today, who would want the "bulk" of a desktop set up when one can buy a laptop for the same price? I remember the price of my first laptop, lol, and to think of what we can purchase them for today.

Enjoy, the article and thank you for sharing Colleen!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Men in Mary Kay


This question was brought up and I know Colleen commented on we have had men become directors and even earn the pink cadillac. What I am about to write, is based on my opinion, not personal experience because honestly, I haven't had any men join that actually joined to pursue MK as a career - even part time.

I think it would be tough. Yes, I realize that many, many of the top makeup artist in Hollywood are males but the dynamics of the way Mary Kay is set up, imho, would make it more difficult once a male ran out of family and friends. The reason, we work in a person's home or in our homes, with the exception of bringing guests to an event. With the way society is today, I would speculate that a "strange" male inviting a woman or group of women to "his" place would not go over well nor would inviting a strange man into our home. I also feel it would be very uncomfortable for him to "warm" chat, because most people would be suspicious and even if he catered to men and the men's line, I do not think he would have enough of a market base.

I could be way off base in my thoughts but in a nut shell that is what I think. I sincerely think it would be very tough for a male to make more than part time income. (as a general rule, of course, we will always have exceptions)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope everyone is having a special Mother's Day. I have had a very wonderful day!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

April Promotion - Results are In


Received a message from Corporate, with the results from the special spring break promotion, Mary Kay had the largest number of agreements submitted in Company History!! We add over 160,000 consultants! This figure is 6 times the monthly average for new agreements.

This is good for growth, even if many of them only joined for the great deal on the starter kit and never do anything with the business, some will and with the excitement that it brings, that excitement will spill over and when we are excited more wonderful things happen!!

My unit had a good month but I really drilled it into my consultants, that we were not selling starter kits. I would much rather have them earning the 50% for the products they would sell to their clients than having a team member that wouldn't need to purchase those items from their consultant. (I was not about to take possible income out of my unit members pockets). But we did have some individuals that had been considering Mary Kay decide it was a good time to give it a try).

Coming soon, men in Mary Kay and some scripts!!

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