Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Another Question from Another Reader

Question: Hi I'm a 21 year old college student looking to begin Mary Kay. Its a big decision for me. For those of you that started with just a starter kit how successful were you? Any advice. Thanks

I started Mary Kay with my starter kit and no desire but to get my products at a discount. My first order was $180 w/s (that was the minimum back then - we only received $300 - it was a 40% discount on that size order) and most of the order was for myself. I built my inventory as I built my customer base. Now I have a huge inventory to accomodate my over 500+ clients, and it is paid for. I wasn't fast but I was consistant and steady and have been fulltime since 1994, prior to Mary Kay I was a Corporate Accountant working way too many hours salaried. I am much happier in Mary Kay and enjoy the flexibilty of not having to punch a clock Monday thru Friday. One note of caution, take great care of your clients and they will remain your clients for a very long time!

Please let us know how you make out!

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  1. My first order was for myself as well so that I could wear the products and know them better. My plan was to be a personal use consultant with a few clients as well.When someone wanted a item, I usually ordered two, one for the client and one for my shelf so I was ready when they wanted to re-order.
    I ordered a nametag and a small set of business cards. I actually didn't use the nametag very much (still don't) but did hand out cards or books if someone wanted one.
    I still call myself a personal use consultant with a few clients but only because that is the way I want it right now.


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