Thursday, October 4, 2007

First Post - My Purpose for Creating this Blog

I discovered a website recently that caught my attention. If you are reading this blog, you probably have seen it. It is called Pink Truth and claims to have "facts, opinions, and the real story behind Mary Kay Cosmetics".

As I have perused their website I have been through several phases of interest in what is being portrayed by these former Mary Kay Consultants. What began as intrigue and concern for a handful of hapless victims became horror as I realized that there were more than just one or two examples of people being burned by this organization. Then, as I dug deeper into the site I began to see some discrepancies and holes in the stories, testimonies and complaints that were (are) being voiced.

I have witnessed first hand, the enjoyment, fulfillment and success that my wife has experienced with her involvement in Mary Kay. I have also spent time with some of the great friends that she has made in the last year and a half and they also have had (and are having) an entirely positive experience.

So here is the problem for me. There are people having a great time selling Mary Kay products. There are other people that did not have a great time selling Mary Kay (for whatever reason) and are now very outspoken about their bad experience. This is not really a problem. After all, “You can make SOME of the people happy ALL of the time, you can make ALL of the people happy SOME of the time, but you can’t make ALL the people happy ALL the time”. The problem arises when those portraying their bad experience depict it as more that just a bad experience. My contention and frustration with Pink Truth is that they are representing Mary Kay as a sort of “evil empire” that is preying on poor innocent women with nothing but pure malice and greed.

I recognize that there are flaws within the Mary Kay Corporation. However, I don’t believe that Mary Kay is as bad as Pink Truth would have you believe. So, I have decided to create a response to Pink Truth. Ironically, Pink Truth, claiming to be exposing the half-truths and lies of Mary Kay, has begun to tell quite a few of their own! Since I am no longer welcome to post on their site (I wasn’t anti-Mary Kay enough apparently) I will reply to their posts here. I hope that as you peruse this site, you will get a balanced view of the Mary Kay opportunity.

In closing, I do not think that the Mary Kay opportunity is for everyone. I believe that there are certain Directors, Team Leaders, and even Consultants that have misrepresented Mary Kay and misled desperate people into making really bad decisions. But, and I stress the importance of this statement, there are a lot of really great experiences to be had, incredible product to sell, and there is NO need to sacrifice your values or integrity to make decent, good or even great money with this opportunity. I will be honest about what I have observed as my wife progresses through the highs and lows of Mary Kay life. I will also represent as honestly as possible the experiences, good and bad, of all current and former Mary Kay Consultants.

If you are considering joining Mary Kay, let me tell you that it has the potential to be the best opportunity of your life. Please research the pros and cons carefully and consider the decision you are making before you do anything. If you are ever asked to do something that runs contrary to your values don’t do it. If you want to ask any specific questions, leave me a comment here.

Mary Kay Reps that want to speak up, please feel free!! I want this to be balanced and fact based. Please help me create an environment that is not biased. I want people to tell their stories here. Good and bad. So fire away!

Thanks everyone.


  1. The problem is, that when a Mary Kay rep approached me about hold a party and then about selling the product, a simple no wasn't accepted. They constantly pushed. They kept telling me that I should be unhappy with my currently job, with my own dreams, and that I should exchange them for their opportunity and their dreams. By the way, the minimum investment is $600 and you really should ask your bank and everyone in your family for a loan to bankroll a larger inventory order. The worst thing, is that they become angry when I express my personal experience and my opinion because we're supposed to "fake it will we make it", be positive, and don't ask questions or tell anyone about our doubts or discontentment. It is this censorship to which I most highly object, this guilt trip when people call us whiners and liars.

  2. Ashley,

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving your thoughts. This is exactly the kind of example that I am looking for. I believe that your experience can be beneficial to two types of people.

    1. The people that are thinking about joining Mary Kay or are being approached for the first time (or as in your case, 2nd, 3rd, 4th...etc)
    2. The people that are in Mary Kay that have perhaps been told (or just thought) that this is a good way to run their Mary Kay Business. By expressing that this was distasteful to you (not to mention dishonest and unethical) hopefully people operating their business this way will realize they should stop.

    The beauty of Mary Kay (as I have observed my wife’s involvement) is that a simple no is always the end of that conversation. Sometimes, because my wife was genuinely interested in the women that she approached (not just a ‘target’), even after they say no to Mary Kay, they end up finding something they do have in common and become acquaintances based on that. I have watched her when she makes follow up calls to leads she has gotten. When someone says that they are not interested she does two things. She thanks them for their time and/or apologizes for any inconvenience she may have caused. Then, after she gets off the phone, she throws away that lead. She doesn’t mark it, “try again in 6 months” or recycle it for some other time. These are obviously the leads that she doesn’t have any other connection to. For friends or family, if they say no, that is the last time that she mentions Mary Kay to them. Unless of course they bring it up!

    One of the biggest complaints that I have seen on other sites is the way Mary Kay encourages you to consider each step of the process to be a numbers game. This is just a simple truth about selling. People are going to say no. If you can’t just accept that no, if you take it to heart as a personal attack, you will be devastated at every turn. You have to be able to realize that “no” is just “no”. You move on to the next person. You can still be friends with that person (possibly). You can still genuinely appreciate them as a person. They are not just a number. I think that what people seem to have a hard time separating is the difference between what they do and who they are. When you approach someone, it is “who you are” that is approaching them. When you mention Mary Kay; that is what you do. If they reject what you do (Mary Kay) it does not mean they have rejected who you are.

    When you allow a “no” to Mary Kay feel like a “no” to you, you tend to get pushy. The feeling of personal rejection will naturally make you want to turn that “no” into a “yes”. Not because that is what is best for the person you are talking to, but because your emotional stability can’t handle the rejection. If you can separate these two things from each other, then you can build great relationships with people and not be pushy. One of the big tenets laid down by Mary Kay Ash herself was her dislike of pushy salespeople.

    I am even more shocked that you were flat out lied to about the minimum investment and not allowed to raise questions because of the “fake it til you make it” line. Not shocked like, “I don’t believe you”, shocked like, “I am so sorry that happened and I am angry that people representing Mary Kay would act so deceitfully”. The minimum investment is $100 plus local tax. The “fake it til you make it” concept is a concept that has been around for years to help people overcome fears such as public speaking and starting a conversation with a stranger. You “fake it” by realizing that no one else realizes you are nervous, so as long as you don’t tell them you are, they don’t have to know. You make it when you realize that not only are they not laughing at you (or whatever it was you were afraid they were going to do) but they are actually enjoying whatever it is you are telling them, and you are having a good time doing it. It is not meant to be a method to silence objections. In fact, if you really want to do well in this endeavor, the most crucial piece of information to you IS peoples objections. You absolutely must know if someone is struggling with something. How else can you help them?

    My wife and I have been married for 4 ½ years. If every time she raised a concern about our relationship I told her, “just fake it til we make it”, I don’t think we would have a happy fulfilled relationship. I want to know what her concerns are. I will often sit down with her and ask her to honestly evaluate how she is feeling about our relationship. What are the things that I do that bother her? In what ways can I better show her that I love her? The more honest she is with me, the better equipped I will be to demonstrate that I love her. I know that takes the fun out of “the game” for some people, but I would much rather just do the things I know she likes and vice versa. I think it is the same way with Mary Kay. If you have recruited a team member the LAST thing you want to do is silence them with, “just fake it til you make it”. You should be all but begging them to tell you the things they are struggling with. When you find out the problems they are having you can actually help them.

    I said “you” a lot in the last few paragraphs; I was referring to the generic “you” as in anyone reading this “you”, not you Ashley! I took a peek at your profile and other blogs (very brief peek). It looks like you are very busy and have a lot going on. I don’t expect you to spend a lot of time here, but I want to genuinely thank you for stopping by and being honest about the negative experience you had. I would also like to again apologize for the way you were treated. That is not the way that the Mary Kay experience is supposed to be. I wish you all the best in all of your endeavors. I may stop by on one of your blogs in the near future!

    Have a great Thanksgiving.

  3. Hey, Dave. This is gothchiq.

    I tried Mary Kay years ago. What I've come to understand since then is that if you want to have any measure of success and enjoyment in it, you have to constantly and purposely break all their rules. At least those that won't get you terminated. I do believe that they are simply set up to fleece people. I also believe that women who know exactly what they are up against can make a little side money... but they must KNOW! You won't get the truth from MK or any meeting or director, either. On top of that, my personal experience using the products has been pretty bad. so... I have to say I would not recommend it to anyone. If I were going to ever sell makeup like this again, I'd go to Avon or Mark instead. But I don't think I will even do that.

  4. speaking the real truthDecember 18, 2007 at 4:51 PM

    Dear Gothchiq,

    I could not disagree with you more. Those who I know that are doing well are not the rule breakers. There are many of us dedicated to working our business' as Mary Kay Ash asked, by the Golden Rule. I wouldn't be able to sleep if I worked as you suggest, I care too much what others think of me.

    The fact that you do not enjoy the products is an issue. One should have a faith and confidence in what they are selling to have any success in that company. I even tell ladies that if their passion is cooking, they might consider Pampered Chef over MK. I personal think that we have the best overall plan, but if you do not enjoy the products, it still will not work.

    I'd be interested in hearing the details of your MK experience, do you care to share them?

  5. Thank you for starting this blog. I can't stand the nonsense that goes on over there on Pink Truth. Just a bunch of bitter ladies, being bitter and nasty together. They won't let anyone share their positive experiences either.

    I love MK. I've been working my business for over a year now, and I love it.

  6. Stay off of Ebay with Mary Kay. don't throw away your commission on seller fee, listing fees and shipment. You can take the time to build a secure business by building repeat business. Rather than listing over and over again without the personal contact. Words of advice from former Ebay Seller. It is not worth it.

    1. Selling on eBay is also a violation of your agreement with Mary Kay and can get you automatically terminated. Same with CraigsList.

  7. Hmmm... my story is pretty much just like that of any other consultant on Pink Truth (I'm not on there though.) I was asked to be a "face model." It turned out to be a recruiting event instead. They were very pushy, and I'd never even heard of MLM, so I didn't know what I was getting into. I thought it would be just like working at a makeup counter but with no counter.

    So when I bought inventory, I bought some personal use items as well. Ugh. Bad stuff. Redness, breakouts, perpetually itching, watering eyes, peeling name it, it happened. Mary Kay is about the worst makeup I have ever tried, and I've tried them all. Also, the foundation was masklike yet came off very easily (one tear would leave a track through it) and could not be touched up without becoming blotchy. However, as I know makeup application techniques, I was able to get those few customers I got looking good. I guess I represented the makeup as better than it was simply by knowing how to teach them proper application. I know a lot of contouring tricks that MK doesn't teach you.

    Getting customers was another matter. It's not what they say it is; it's exhausting, stressful, and difficult. Much work for little return. Most people aren't interested in makeup that's so expensive. Unlike many consultants, if someone said no, I thanked them for their time, left, and never bothered them again. No means no, and I have always respected that.

    For a year I continued trying: sinking my own money into cosmetics inventory which mostly did not sell, dealing with constant product changes and having to get rid of things at cost (the only time people really bought, in fact), wasting my free time trying to get customers, dealing with bookings that didn't hold, people that stood me up, and all the rest of that misery. I'll note here that the main reason I couldn't get customers is that Mary Kay forbids all effective advertising techniques. Since I followed the rules, I had low sales. It didn't help that we weren't allowed to break the basic, either. Who has $60 for that crap, seriously? It's not even worth the wholesale price.

    I did a profit and loss analysis around tax time. I found that I had lost greatly and profited nothing. I didn't go into business to lose money, so I packed it all up and sent it back. Having done that, my final loss after taxes was approximately a thousand dollars. I kept my credit card paid off, so that at least wasn't a problem. However, the wasted time, the embarrassment... ugggh. I wish I had never heard of Mary Kay. I can't think of a single good thing to say about it.

  8. Hello everyone...

    Out of curiosity Miranda, how long ago did you use MK? While some skin types do react to the products (I won't deny that) it sounds to me like you were using a completely different product that I'm used to. And as far as "breaking the basic"...they really don't emphasize that as much as I hear they did years ago. (You probably don't care to hear it, but the new mineral powder really is great!)

    Being a consultant, I thank you for sharing your views...I like to know about different people's experiences so that I can apply them to my own business. Some directors and consultants ARE very pushy...but thats not me, and I encourage my peers not to be either.

  9. Gothchiq, I can relate to your story. What you experienced with Mary Kay Cosmetics is exactly what I experienced with Clinique! My face turned red and rough and dry. I would get horrible boils that would bleed. I had blotchy red scars on my cheeks that I couldn't get to go away. Then, I got invited to a Mary Kay party. Honestly, if I had known MK was skin care, I would have said no. I was afraid of ANY "skin care system" after what I went through with Clinique. So, I went to this party thinking MK = Makeup = I need foundation, maybe I'll buy MK's. I about froze when they put skin care on my tray. I figured I would do it for the party because I would know right away if it was bad for me. It felt good. It felt great, actually. And the foundation matched my pale skin tone better than anything else I'd ever tried. So, I bought the foundation. I was too chicken to buy the skin care. I was invited to a couple more parties and tried the skin care again and my face still hadn't melted off so I decided to break down and buy it--full price. Oh, I also decided it was a product I believed in enough to sell so I signed an agreement, too. Guess what? No one even asked me to sign up. Anyway, after about 2 months (maybe a little less) of being a consultant I decided to get really brave and try the whole Miracle Set. My face still didn't melt off and after about 3 or 4 months on that I noticed that the damage Clinique had done was being UNdone by MK! TRUE STORY.

    The moral: I don't tell everyone I know to stay away from Clinique. I'm obviously allergic to something in it. Just like you are allergic to something in Mary Kay. It happens. I'm also allergic to lotions from Bath & Bodyworks. What a sad fact! Something in the lotions makes me turn red and itchy. I can't figure out what it is I'm allergic to (maybe an alcohol). It's not in MK lotions and it's not in Victoria Secret lotions. It is in one MK product that I'm aware of. The Normal/Dry Time Wise Moisturizer. I tested that on my hand and got that itching redness. I know not to use that. Good thing I'm Combination/Oily. ;)

    At all of my appointments I ask my guests if they have any skin conditions or allergies that they are aware of. If they tell me yes, I ask the allergy and avoid using those products. If they aren't sure I tell them to let me know if anything feels uncomfortable. If they have a skin condition such as rosacea I have them use the Gentle Cleansing Cream and Moisturizer #1 (Formula 1). I also always tell them to let me know if anything feels wrong and we'll wash it right off.

    Some more insight into my consultant existence: I didn't join to make tons of money. I joined MK because I was no longer pursuing dance and recently my part time job as a dance teacher has been eliminated due to funding issues. I decided I wanted to get a new hobby, but I wasn't sure what. MK seemed like a fun hobby and a way to make a little extra side money. Recruiting was never my initial goal. BUT if I meet someone whom I think might enjoy MK and I'd like to work with her, of course I'll ask her if she's interested. If she says no, fine. If she says yes, great. Either way at least I offered her the opportunity to make the decision. No one offered it to me. My recruiter didn't even seem to want me to sign up. It was weird. I think I didn't strike her as a salesperson. I'm kind of meek and not outgoing. She might have thought I wouldn't like it and quit. But I love my director and she has helped me every step of the way. Incidentally, my recruiter quit MK. We're still friends, of course, but it just shows that you never truly know what someone is going to do.

    I don't discount my products often. And I don't notice any difference in selling full price or discounted. I move the same amount of product either way. Just some insight from a current seller.

    OK. Sorry for the novella.

    1. shadesofpink, thank you so much for sharing. Ironically, the combination/oily MK affects me negatively. It feels like a little bit of a burning sensation when I apply the moisturizer on my face, yet I don't have the same effects with the normal/dry moisturizer. Also, every lotion I've ever tried on my legs had a "burning" effect, but the MK shower combo (with the shave gel and moisturizing after-shower lotion) works wonders and doesn't burn! My skin is so tremendously soft after use! Better than anything I've ever tried, and I've tried a momentous amount of products for this desired effect. Note this is after YEARS of me thinking the burn was a normal sensation for my kind of skin, especially immediately following a close shave.

      MK is also just a "hobby" for me, but I've been getting a great positive response this go around. This is my 2nd attempt at it. I was far too distracted and pissed off about being "lured" into MK the last time I signed up many years ago. This time, I wasn't even asked. I was a devoted customer, and went to a MK brunch with my neighbor (who won two MK cars in her tenure) as a favor to her. I was so inspired by mid-brunch, that when it came time to sign up, I did. My neighbor cried. It was a beautiful moment. :) Her team was far superior to what I'd met with my previous experience, and I knew NOW was a much better time for me to get into MK. I believe in the products, I trust my lead (who can say that these days??), and I'm having a lot of fun making friends through this. Somewhere from my last sign up to this one, I grew up and figured out what I needed and how to get there. I don't really care if I make a whole bunch of money or win any cars. I'm doing this to have fun, and I feel like that's really important. My customers appreciate being able to talk to someone who is in it for the "I'm so truly happy I can provide you with this service and I am genuinely happy to have met you!" aspect of things rather than, "So how much product do you want to buy from me?"

  10. *scratches head* 1995 I think.

    I use Aqua Glycolic skin care now, as told by my dermatologist. For foundation, Maybelline Pure.

    The bad reactions to MK aren't terribly rare among women I know. Lots of us experience eye irritation. I don't know what they put in there, but... ugh. Never again.

  11. I service approx. 500 regular clients. I have been doing parties/facials for over 13 years. I think I can count the number of people on one hand that had a reaction to Mary Kay.

    Knowing your products is a key. If you have a client sensitive to antiaging products you might want to introduce these products slowly and one at a time.

    Also it is important not to use anything too close to the eye, so that the body heat doesn't pull the product in. And last it is important with eyeliners and eyeshadows to make sure people have no sensitivity to blue/purple dyes.

    I am one of the many that Mary Kay is one of the few lines that I can use every product. Before Mary Kay, I broke out in hives from almost everything else I used. I also am allegric to soap so that is why it was so important for me to find something I could clean my skin with.

    Long live Mary Kay!!

  12. Gothchic, please understand if you are giving us all your feed back on your use from say "1995" then I think you should retry the new or maybe not voice your opinion. You are talking about products that were designed with technology of 13 years ago.

    I guarantee you there are many, many products I use today that I would not want to have used it that many years ago. Fortunately for all us is we do get new improved products in all areas of life.

    Simply, would you be talking about your 13 year old computer having all the good stuff my brand new laptop computer has?

    We now have HD tv's -compare those to the picture quality of a 13 year old tv. Let's fact it, there will be no comparison.

    Your opinion, as much as you have a right to it, is just way off base. Also, I think if you didn't believe in a product and couldn't use the product, I doubt you would make much money at it. So why would you even try to sell something you never believed in in the first place?

    By the way, I hope gothboy had a full recovery from the horrible accident with the radiator and that thinks are going better for you.

  13. mk4me,

    Be careful with such an extreme point. It may be true that to compare yesterdays technology to today's is sketchy at best. However, if my 13" sony b&w set sucked, and my 27" sony color set sucked, I would be very likely to avoid purchasing a sony HD set. (no offense to sony... just using an illustration) If I began avoiding sony, and someone asked me what I thought of sony, I would not go out and buy a sony just to have a "legitimate" opinion.

    I am interested in EVERYONE'S experience with Mary Kay throughout the ages. It may be true that things have changed and welcome you to describe how great Mary Kay is now (and then if you have experience with that). However, someones distance from their involvement (chronologically speaking) does not disqualify them from sharing what THAT experience was like.

    Also, I am not sure what you are referencing with the "gothboy" comment, but if that is something between you and gothchiq (miranda) please try to avoid bringing it up here. (gothchiq, if you are okay with that, please let me know... I just don't want anyone to feel unsafe commenting here).

    All of that being said, (mk4me) your comments were spot on tonight, and I am really glad to see you adding your thoughts here. I hope this does not discourage you from sharing your thoughts!


  14. David, you know I have been adding my 2 cents since the beginning, sorry that you had to slap my hand, but my question to gothchic has to do with a little random act of kindness, I am sure she can attest to that, I do not think she will see it for anything other than a geniune interst.

    And I still feel if you are going to say how bad Mary Kay products are now, then your experience with it should be from now or... it should be prefaced with back in 1995 when I was using MK products, these were the problems I had with the products.

    I know when I was young my mom used Mary Kay, I had oily skin, she did not. When I tried her stuff it was terrible. Years and years ago, Mary Kay did really cater to dry skin. So if I said based on experience from 30 years ago, that Mary Kay only worked for people with dry skin. - Well, I bet I would get alot of negative mail.

    However if I said that years ago, Mary Kay catered to drier skin but now it is great for all skin types, I don't see a problem.

    Hope this makes sense?

  15. mk4me,

    I do agree with your assertion that anyone who has not experienced Mary Kay lately should either;

    a. give it another look
    b. not talk about today's product as though it were the same as when they tried it
    c. "disclaim" the fact that their experience was from x years ago.

    Times change, product changes, and from what I can tell Mary Kay works hard to offer a competitive product at a competitive price.

    I was simply asking that you be careful with your tone. It "felt" like you were suggesting that gothchic was out of line for talking about her experience because it was so long ago.


    I do agree with mk4me that it is possible that the products have come around to me more appropriate for more skin types. I do not want you to feel that you have to go try everything MK has to offer just so you can be "qualified" to post here!

    Anyone that is willing to share what their experience is/was like is welcome here.

  16. I was a consultant around 1994-1995, so I can say that the MK I saw at the recent class I went to was no comparison to the MK I was in so long ago.

    They have also changed (from what I have seen) the administrative stuff, too. There is a lot more available to the consultant than when I was in MK before, as far as training, online ordering, etc.

    I always felt I "knew" what MK was before I went to that class. When I really fell in love with is what the product line has become. :o)

  17. miranda,
    I really appreciate your comment. It really showes how not everyone will have the same experience in this business.

    Sounds like MK was horrible for your skin, just as some other products have been horrible for mine. I dont blame you for stearing clear of it. I am glad that you finally found something that works for you. But like many consultants, I have found very few women in my 10 years of selling that had problems with it. But that is the same with everything. There will always be someone out there who cant use a certain product when many around them can. Its ok.

    I also hate that your consultant experience was not a good one. I have had similar frustrations, but not enough to make me quit. This is why I always want to get it across that we are not hiding or ignoring negative things that happen in this business.

    Also to Ashley Ladd
    I often hear the "fake it till you make it" phrase as a main complaint from those against MK. But that statement is taken out of context. I guess it depends on your leadership and how you were taught to use that phrase. I have never thought of it as a tool for manipulation or deciet, like you say it is. But rather as a way of building your self up to face your fears. That is how I was taught to use that sentiment. Not to use it against people like you describe it to be. But once again, that all goes back to how you were taught to do MK from your leadership.

    Actually I am glad that you ladies posted. And thanks for acknowledging that they are "your" experiences.

  18. I don't blame Miranda for not wanting to try MK now. My experiences with Clinique were over 10 years ago, but I don't think I'd be open to trying it now.

    In my experience, I've met people who have described similar problems from past MK experiences and I always ask them if they are aware the MK has an entirely new system. Even making them aware of this doesn't seem to change their minds. And that's OK. I can totally relate. ;) Actually, some of these people have referred me to people they know who do love MK. So that works nicely, too.

  19. speaking the real truthJanuary 8, 2008 at 3:21 PM

    I understand what MK4ME is saying, and I guess that's no surprise.

    I have found in my experience that someone can have an allergic reaction or breakout, yes, but there may be one ingredient in those products that is causing the problem. I also found that often times the problem stems from using the wrong formula. Clients sometimes have trouble knowing the difference between breakouts caused by too much moisture, etc. and allergic reactions, and jump to the conclusion that they are allergic to Mary Kay. You are allergic to ingredients, not brands, and across a brand, their products will contain different ingredients.

    I believe that Gothchiq had some unfortunate result with her products, but I also agree with MK4ME that you cannot compare products from 12 years ago to the ones we have today. She probably had a reaction to an ingredient, or had the wrong products for her skin type.

    Everyone will not LOVE Mary Kay, but most that I have sold to did like their products, so I don't think that Gothchiq can write off the company as a whole based on this experience. Yes, she herself is entitled to her opinion and does not have to use the products, but the products themselves are not faulty.

  20. Thanks STRT - another thought, many are allegric to fragrance, years ago this information wasn't known and whether products needed it or not, fragrance was added. This includes products in our past. Now for the most part all of our products are fragrance free. So if somone was using our products while fragrance was still the "in" thing, they could have had a reaction to the fragrance and not the product.

    I am pretty sure that in our skincare line now the only thing off the top of my head that I can think of that still has an added fragrance is our cream (NOT c -t- P) foundation. and... there is a reason, if let without the fragrance the actual smell of the biotanicals is offensive. If soneone know others, please feel free to add.

    And as STRT mentioned, in the "olden" days we use to have Formulas. Formula 1, 2 and 3. For the most part 1 was for dry skin, 2was for normal/combination, and 3 was for oily. However, it didn't mean that someone was always all 1's or all 3's. Sometimes you had to mix lines to "balance" the skin. In most cases, most people would be a mix of 1 & 2's or 2's and 3's. In most cases, you wouldn't be mixing 1 and 3's. I can tell you when I have met clients that said, they used MK and often pulled out old products, I would look at the mixture of formulas and it didn't surprise me that they didn't like it.

    Seriously in the olden days, it was alot tought than d/n or c/o!
    Wow, what a flash back.

  21. It's nice to find an honest site about Marykay. Of course there are pro and cons to everything. Talking about them both is good. I have been using MK for around 15 years and finally signed up as a consultant in April 2007. I have loved the product, especially the foundations...I've only ever wore MK because I didn't know how to find the right colour in a store...Anyway, Now that I am a consultant I'm trying out products I didn't have the opp to try before. A weird thing happened today that maybe some one can help me understand. I applied eyeshadow from a sample card because I wanted to try a new colour combo and mid day, my eyelids broke out in bumps that look like hives and my eye lid skin was burning. The sample was the duo fig I think,(light and dark purple)and was the only change I had made to my application routine. I noticed the info in another post about being allergic to blues or purples. I have been using virtual violet for a few months and haven't reacted, But I did have a minor that I think about it, to another sample colour sheer pink two days ago. I wonder is there somewhere to find out if they do something different with the samples to get the powder to stick to the paper that isn't put into the regular size eye shadow? Or is it the pink or purple dye? I took some Allegra and the reation went away.
    I used to be allergic to the lipstick as well, but I'm loving the new formula they came out with this year. Products do change and get better, but I can see how if you've reacted strongly to something in the past, you would be hesitant to try again:)
    Thanks agian for hosting this safe place to talk about MK stuff:)

  22. Bekah, hi and welcome. I don't know if there is a different process or not, but whenever in doubt, please never hesitate to call the Medical Relations Department of Mary Kay and ask your question, They are super at answering our questions. You can find the number on Intouch or in your datebook. I will never try to bluff a client, I will tell them I am not sure, and as soon as I get a definite answer get back to them. They will respect your effort and realize you are serious about your business.

    I wouldn't be surprised if there was a different process because somehow they have to get the powder to adhere to the card.

    As you mentioned, in my many years in this Company, I have found if someone is going to be allergic to any color, it has seemed to be one of the dyes that is used in blueish color.

    Wishing you much success in your MK business!

  23. Hi Bekah! Welcome! I agree with MK4ME. You should probably call Medical Relations on Monday. They will help you. It may not be the actual product you're allergic to, but something else on the sample card, adhesive, laminate from the card, anything really. Good luck to you in your new business and in deciphering the cause of your discomfort. ;)

    ~Shades of Pink~

  24. As I was trying to log in to my marykayintouch website I came across this “untold stories about Mary Kay that I don't Know about" websites in which I sadly came across Pink Truth, I could not believe my eyes on those comments it was midnight and I was about to call my director until I scroll down and saw this website which brought me back to sanity.

    I’ve started my Mary Kay business in 2002 my story was similar to shadesofpink’s story I actually chased my friend down to sign me up with Mary Kay I loved make up and I wanted to sell it. I was only 19 so my mom was the one behind me making sure I was making the right decisions, since she is a professional business administrator. I consulted all the things that I could search about MK with her all the cons and pros about the business she told me to shoot for it. Although she warned me as a former business owner (not MK) that, this opportunity was just like any other business and that it would require discipline, hard work and consistence. (She never had the chance to attend any of our success meetings though) So she was never “brain washed” like they say at Pink Truth.
    During my initial time with MK I’ve been on and off the good times and the bad times I was able to pay for two semesters of college with MK back in 2003 thanks to my sales. I was adopted by a great top director who is featured in one of our MK-CD’s in which she tells her story word by word of what her real life with MK. I remember In the cold evenings after our meeting she would give me a ride back to my house in her pink Cadillac. And she was just my adopted Director, my unit director lived thousand miles away. I received lots of recognition and made a lot of sales with all her help and knowledge that she gave me from her heart, because no matter how good I was doing I was not adding to her commission checks.
    I moved to a different state in 2005 and although it took me a year and a half after having a baby and all this different things that went on in my life I went back to do MK. I met a great Director in my new home state, we are building our relationship and I’m starting fresh again with new team members who are signing up with me and whom I’m very happy to help. I never thought of recruiting before but these ladies tell me that they like what I do and that they would want to do it themselves. I like my Director she never forced me to make any inventory that I cannot sale. We actually get a guide- line from the company whenever we bring a new member to our team which asks how many appointments they will be handling a week and tells them a suggested inventory depending on how active they will be. Also when you become a star consultant the company helps you by sending you customers who needs they’re Mk I’ve experience this myself and received great loyal customers.
    We have all kinds of resources in which you can learn how to manage a business, because in fact it is a business and it needs to be treated like one in order for you to be successful.
    Thanks for this Website

  25. Hi Diana, thanks for sharing your story! Glad to have you here. :)

    ~Shades of Pink~

  26. Hi Everyone...been busy working on my Court of Sales and Unit Club, but thought I'd check in.

    A note to Bekah. Many women that I run across are allergic to red dye. Fig and Sheer Pink would both have red dye in them. Is it possible that the colors that you've used before did contain red?

    just a thought!

    Speaking the Real Truth

  27. Becka, I just had a customer do the same thing (hives, swollen eyes) with the brand new color group Pastel Pallete. She had first tried the color card, and a little corner of her eye swelled up. She has known in the past that all the pinks usually do this to her eyes, but did not share this with me. She ordered the set, and tried the purple instead and the same thing happened. Almost like a chemical burn, it started peeling a few days later.

    This customer has used Mary Kay for over 25 years, and knows to just stay away from the reds/pinks/purples now, but was just hoping the new mineral formula would of changed that. I am exchanging her for browns and greens that she is used to using.

    Even with this bad experience she is still a MK user for life.

  28. speaking the real truthJuly 2, 2008 at 10:14 AM

    Huny, your client sounds as if she is allergic to red dye. The dye will be in any formula eye color. You might want to advise her to avoid browns that have a lot of red in them as well.

  29. I have been a consultant with Mary Kay since August of 2007 and I have gotten out of my business what I've put into it. I thank you who had negative experiences for sharing because I am ready to move up in the Mary Kay ranks at this point in my career and I NEVER wanted to be "the pushy Mary Kay lady." Reading your experiences helps me with my approach as a genuine and honest recruiter, so I know I'm on the right track. There are definitely consultants and directors out there that are less than honest and ethical in their approaches to booking and recruiting, but I wouldn't generalize that group as the norm. There are many women, who I personally know, who make a living with Mary Kay and then some, women who make a good part time supplemental income, and woman who have a lot of product just sitting around. My question to the women who's case is the latter is "how did you end up in that situation?" so that I can be sure to help my recruits avoid that. Thank you for sharing.

  30. Thank you for doing this blog to counter post with Pink Truth. I agree some of the woman's opinion just sound bitter to me. Why blame on the company with their poor handling. Nobody said MK is easy, and MK is definitely not for everyone. I have the privilege to join MK not too long ago and I am enjoying it. I belong to a great unit and I have a dedicated director who took her time to become where she is today so she can coach us in a the correct way.

  31. Wow! Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou for this blog! I totally agree with what Vivian posted above. I'm not sure what the pink truth's vendetta is really all about but, it's a shame they are misrepresenting the entire corporation and sales force. Thanks again for this blog.

  32. Good blog! I just had a reaction to the product yesterday. I bought the $54 set too. The consultant was pretty pushy, but I liked her and wanted to buy something so I did. Now however, I'm worried that my "no" won't be accepted when I tell her I want my money back. So I was actually online researching so that I'll have facts when I call her. I'm actually nervous! This isn't like a store counter where it isn't personal, this is a friend of my best friend and I don't want it to turn ugly. I almost considered just calling it a $54 lesson learned, but I just can't do that. So here goes! Wish me luck!

  33. OK well, I am surprised at what happened. I told her what happened, I told her I didn't think the product was bad just that I had a reaction to it. I told her that I was sure disappointed because I was looking forward to using it but that I didn't want to experiment with any other types at this time. She did press a little for details but I'd done my homework and just stated the facts matter of factly. I didn't try to "fill" the dead silence by continually explaining. She ultimately was kind and said that she would destroy my check for me. Overall it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought. She didn't react the way I would have, but that is because she is not me! :)

    Here is the funny part...she invited me to a JD Premium meeting. Apparently she is into a lot of different MLM programs. So the funniest part of all is that I agreed to go. I will not buy any JD anything, I will not start selling JD anything, I just like this lady and I think she is extremely interesting because of how she treated me. I would even recommend her as a MK consultant to my friends. YAY!

    Thanks for this blog! I was able to learn a lot from the other MK consultants here and it really helped build my confidence to speak to my MK lady intelligently about what happened to my face. Additionally, because of this blog even if she had been awful I would have been able to lay the blame at her door and not at Mary Kay entirely. This really gave me some good perspective.


  34. I find this blog site refershing since having joined MK as an Ind. Beauty Cons. last summer and already have gone through some personal struggles that have perceptively haulted a successful launch of my business, but to no fault of anyone but myself. After all, I am a beliver that we are in control of our lives no matter the circumstances.
    I have read a enough of the 'Pink Truth' blog to notice that it is a consortium of negative energy based on individual experiences. Not fact of how everyone will experience the Mary Kay journey.
    There are people that come up with their own product and start their very own business and then...(I don't like the word "fail") but for lack of a better And there are people that take on the same venture and succeed. Why? Because every individual is different and will run a business differently.
    In comparison, Mary Kay is a business, however, as an independent consultant, you 'adopt' the business and marketing plan. If you believe in it, you will launch it with 100% motivation and sensability. If you expect the MK opportunity to just "work" for you? You will go wrong. The business does now work for you. You make it work, right? With any business, that is the case.
    I have an amazing director, whom I now personally refer to as my "mentor" because she is honest, well vested in the business (30+ years into it) and encourages me at all times, no matter the circumstance. I have lost 2 immediately family members in the last 6 months, have had a tough time with my full time job and have 2 children whom I just want to be with all the time and she has been extremely supportive through it all. I practically dropped off the face of the earth for 3 months when my father and grandmother passed away (2 weeks apart) and she showed so much support and concern that I am just so grateful for. Even just as a person, never mind that she is the Director of my unit. She genuinely cares and I fully trust in that.
    The Mary Kay business means a lot to me and although I haven't made a dime yet, but not without confidence that this business will someday support my whole family and my husband will be able to retire early, I am willing to give it my all to finally disolve my full time corporate job and be able to witness my children grow and give them all anything and everything they need.
    So, thank you for creating this site and for sharing your belief in your wife's business and Mary Kay. This is again...refreshing.

  35. So I'm just wondering if anyone knows about the men in MK selling the products and how they fair? I hope that someone on this blog may have some information or tips for me because I am a man and I just signed up last night and I could use any help and tips that would be sent my way. I thank you for your time and also mk4me thank you for this blog. :)

  36. There is one guy about 10 years ago who won a Pink Cadillac I cant remember his name but there have been several men who have done well.

    Women would probably appreciate the novelty of a man doing skin care, so I could see the male species doing well with this endeavor.

  37. John M.

    Hi there! I am a consultant who has been working my business for 6 years. I was also in the Army National Guard for a few years, and I knew a SGT in my Guard unit who was a consultant. His was a funny story...his wife was a MK customer, and she was using EVERYTHING. He told her she should become a consultant just to get a discount, but she was so busy with her work, kids, clubs, etc that she really had no time for it. So HE decides to check into it and become a consultant so he could buy her products. Next thing you know, women are flocking to him for Mary Kay products and he's driving a free car! And of course, he loves the products himself. And personally, my husband is an MK man...if he starts to run out of his moisturizer he comes running to me to let me know and won't let it drop until I've ordered it :-)Remember...being a man can really work to your advantage. Women love compliments and advice on their appearance...but especially when it comes from a man!

  38. Hello! While there are a LOT of Pros and cons, I still am interested in MK. I have super sensitive skin and the first time I used the MK mineral foundation and it really evened out my skin and it didn't bug me. I also got to use face wash and moisturizer, very nice!

    I'm not being pressured into selling, but I have been interested. My only issue is I am shy! I have experience in retail and customer service, but it still scares me. "Fake it 'til you make it" becomes "yeah..ok! fake it...." I want more info on the product and my friend has asked me if I'd like to be a consultant. This is how I found this little blog! :] I guess I have questions... 1) How does one get passed the investment and just get the ball rolling(after signing-up and paying for start kit? 2) Is it horrible for a shy person to get into it?

    Like I've said, I like the product. I used eye shadows, lip glosses, foundation, soap, lotions etc..As a sensitive skinned woman...I LOVE IT! If you saw a before pic and after it's pretty amazing how I evened out and the make-up wasn't caked on or gross..I usually am uncomfortable with make up 'cause I see women with the mask line around their jaw..EEEK! Well, this is only my experience and I will check out the site more for responses. :] Thank you all for your stories! I like un-biased sites that can deliver a good balance of good and bad and it not blow up in your face. :]

  39. Desiree i dont know if your question has been answered but Mary Kay can totally work for you even if your are shy. Being a consultant and helping other women feel good about themselves will also help you because it will help you get out of your comfort zone and grow with more self confidence. Ask your consultant about more info, im sure she will be glad to help. I hope you give it a try and sign up! Good Luck

  40. Thank you very much for this post and all of these comments. My best friend has been selling MK for the past two years and she recently had a fb post on a deal for starting up MK. I was initially hesitant because when she had me speak to her director a year ago I felt her director was very pushy and I was very uncomfortable.

    But, my best-friend is very inspired by MK and has found her own success with it so I figured I should give it a try. My reasons for joining MK may be a bit different from other people. I have been working on my personal business for a while and although I have made some sales I'm certainly no saleslady and I felt that if I start with MK that may provide the opportunity to learn how to approach people, experience rejection, learn to sell, and enjoy profits while doing all of those things.

    I have been up and down the MK website trying to research and learn about new things and during my research I came across ThePinkTruth. I found the website so negative that it does not seem real to me and the more I read through the website I started to question my decisions for starting MK. I was thinking to myself omg..did I really just waste 75(plus tax and shipping) to start this business for nothing. Am I really not going to have ANY sales? Then I googled some more and I came across this website. I read through some posts and I read through the comments I realized that there are a lot of people out there that have some pros and cons to the MK. I feel that you get what you put into it and I of course would like to make some money but at the same time I am hoping that I can learn some other skills that will help with my own personal business. I also hope this will help me with networking. Aside from my interest in MK as a consultant I have also had success with the product.

    I have really really sensitive skin. I have eczema and super dry skin. I can hardly use any products and like a comment mentioned before I experience awful break-outs with Clinque, Aveeno, Aveda, and etc.. About 9 months ago my best-friend suggested I try MK's botanical sensitive skin care line and I was hesitant because of my experiences with other products. She sent me some samples and I started using it and I really like it. I feel like my skin is clean and the lotion hydrates my skin so well. I also like their mascara as well as their eyeliners and their other make-up products. I grew up using Avon because my grandmother sold Avon and it was great when I was 12 but lately their products have been lacking. I really really like MK now just as a buyer and the way I see things is if I don't sell anything then at least I got a bunch of product for 88 dollars.

    Alright, sorry for such a long post. I hope my comment helps future buyers and consultants of Mary Kay.

  41. thank you for sharing, and I am going to share this on the front page.. it is great to have some true experiences!

  42. Fast forward to 2013. What an interesting thread. After reading it all my thought is that if one is allergic to MK products they should look for something else without trashing the whole company.

    As to pushy consultants, that is relative to their temperaments and personalities, not their sales teaching. Any sales company will teach independent contractors how to overcome objections. In doing that it's up to the contractor to be polite, understand no, and leave a potential client feeling glad to have met them regardless of their decision not to participate. A broad perspective of life and experience teach to look at the larger picture and not one bad experience before trashing a entire company. As to the truth about pink, I wondered if anyone would be complaining if they worked the business to 10 active consultants on their team and were pulling in an excellent income.
    As to pushy consultants, their problem, and they won't be successful. Their pushiness has nothing to do with the company or its ethics or products. Mary Kay isn't for everyone. Everyone with skin is a potential client, but nothing works for everyone all the time.

  43. This is something to consider: Everyone with skin is a potential *client* but not necessarily a potential recruit. I think people get so caught up in team building that they aren't selective enough and end up "capsizing their boat," if you will. I didn't work out as a consultant. I belong as a customer. Which reminds me, I'm going to go browse MK4ME's page and see if there's anything new I'm in the mood to try....


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