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Mary Kay Products - Hot or Not

Is this your first time on this site? Do you like Mary Kay Products? Do you think they stink? At the root of the question, “Is Mary Kay a scam?” is the issue of whether or not they have a competitive product to offer.

There are many that swear by how amazing Mary Kay Products are. I have talked to several of them myself. If you are one of the many Mary Kay lovers out there, here is your chance to declare your undying affection to your favorite brand!

On the other hand, there are those that say Mary Kay products are cheaper than the drugstore brands and way more expensive. They posit the theory that the only way anyone sells Mary Kay Products is by “front-loading” new consultants and that there is no way that “real” people would never buy this product. If you are not a fan of Mary Kay, please explain what you don’t like about it here.

Whether you love Mary Kay cosmetics and skin care products, can’t stand them, or are somewhere in the middle, please leave your thoughts here. It might seem obvious to you how good or bad the product is, but for the sake of the inquisitive minds on the internet, let your voice be heard here!

Please note, this post is for comments about the Mary Kay Products ONLY. Please do not talk about your thoughts and feelings about selling, front-loading, scams, conspiracy theories, evil people, hypocrites, or chopping broccoli! If you want to comment on the high’s and low’s of the Mary Kay Business Opportunity, Click Here.



  1. I quite like the products, and since I am prone to cystic acne I have tried many product lines, believe me. The very first time I was introduced to Mk products, I did not like them, but that was back in the mid 80's, and I do not believe they had the line for Combination skin that they do now. That line was the orginal line which now I sell to my customers who have very, very dry skin.

    When I became a IBC, 10 yrs ago, I said to myself that I would only use the color cosmetics, but learned very quickly that would be misleading, so started on the Basic System for oily skin. In about 2 weeks I couldn't keep my hands off of my face as it felt so good! Even tho I still had blemishes, it felt so good.

    As the product line has evolved , my breakouts have become fewer and fewer. I find for the acne, the microdermabrasion has been a Godsend. If I start to get a breakout, it is likely because I haven't done a micro session for a while ( or drank enough water, as I believe that too) ....

    I have some customers that have strayed and tried other brands, but they always come back, and even tell me that. I have customers who will buy nothing but. I do find that those people blessed to have wonderful skin, whose only skin care regime is when the shampoo runs over there face, will be hard sell. Why would they be interested in purchasing quality skin care when so far they can get away with the minimal and still look great. These are our future customers when their skin starts to show the wear and tear of this type of skin care...

    It may not be the only great skin care out there, but it is one of the best and cheapest. before Mk I was using a quality brand that I liked and worked for my skin... but I was paying $40 for the foundation, and Mk's was just as good and it was only $16 ( canadian prices)

  2. I can not use Mary Kay products due to allergies and asthma. They claim they have improved the product and made it hypoallergenitc. I have tried the products throught the years and same results, I get red spots all over my face. The make-up is ok, but the skincare breaks me out.

  3. sorry to hear that Connie, we actually have great results with the majority of the population but nothing can ever be good for 100%.

    Often if someone is very sensative especially towards antiaging ingredients, then selecting the classic basic is an option but if you have already tried the classic skin care... velocity would be the only other option. Another valuable piece of information for the basic skin care is if someone is sensative to "nuts" - the Revitalizing mask has walnut shell in it so anyone with a nut sensativity would definetly want to avoid that product. The Formula 1 Hydrating Freshner has witchhazel, another ingredient that some people seem to be sensative to and the purifying freshner has alcohol in it. Often it is only one ingredient that can cause a person to have problems with the line and if I know the issues, I can make suggestions to avoid any problems.

    Knowing the products is an important part of being a succesful consultant.

    If a consultant isn't sure.. our excellent Medical relations department is cnly one call away too.

    Thanks for commenting!

  4. Firs, I would like to thank you for developing this blog. It has been a source of great information and comfort.

    Now to the ugly stuff. I recently got into a discussion over my business with one of my closest friends. She told me that I have been brainwashed by Mary Kay since I choose to not try any other products out there. I asked her, how beneficial would it be to me if I bought a competitor's mascara? She answered, but what if its better than Mary Kay? What if something was way better than Mary Kay, you wouldn't buy it? My answer to her was that I loved the products. End of story. She ended by implying that when I am done with this I will see how futile it was.

    Being that I am a new IBC, I am choosing to see this as her way of "looking out for me". However, I have to ask: Do you use other cosmetics besides Mary Kay? How do I handle this kind of negativity?

    I can honestly say this has been the lowest point of my business experience.

  5. Hi, MsMKPink,

    I will say to you what I say to a client that is happy already with her skin care, mascara, eye colors, etc...

    I tell her that it's awesome that she's found something that works for her. Different things work for different people. If she ever does become unsatisfied or wants to try something new, I will definitely be here if she does.

    I personally love all Mary Kay products that I have tried. I haven't gotten in depth with the anti-aging supplements yet (only 25), but I don't use much else. Lotion occasionally, but nothing else I can think of. I also can't convince my husband to try the MK Men. He either uses my TimeWise - I know; I caught him once :) - or he just uses soap in the shower.

    It seems to me that you are bothered by the fact that your friend seems to think you are setting yourself up for failure. If you keep reading here, you'll find (literally) thousands of suggestions and things to avoid in order to build yourself into success - your definition of success.

    I would tell her something like: "I know you are just looking out for me, but this is something I want to pursue and I hope you will support me." -Not support you in a financial sense, but as any woman would when her friend sets out on an endeavor. if you don't, that's fine, but please don't try to 'pull me out of the pink fog' or some other way of saying that you're brainwashed. It comes across as if you are offended by that. You're obviously a smart woman looking for real information about Mary Kay. Stick around, and of course, welcome! :)

  6. I was offended. I perceived it as her implying that I am in idiot and didn't consider the ups and downs of owning this business. It took me three years to finally say "yes". Upwards and onwards, right?

    I completely forgot about the "diffrent things for different people" part. I was just floored by the whole thing because I didn't know it was coming.

    Yes, I read as much as I can on this blog, absorb as much as I can from my Monday meetings, and just let the best person I can be grow.

    Thank you mkmommy...

  7. Hmm...I hadn't heard the 'different things for different people.'

    That was just something I realized when faced with that type of situation. I mean, it's true. My aunt has roseaca - not something you want to mix TimeWise with - she doesn't like the basic or velocity either - she uses something else. She still buys color from me, but it's not like she resents me for selling her something that didn't work for her - nor do I resent her for using St. Ives.

    I would have inferred the same thing from the statement she made. Again, just something about 'thanks, but I've got it - I'd love it if you'd support me, but if not, I totally understand' seems to me would be the simplest and politest route.

    Have a GREAT day!

  8. wow, mkmommy - great response. I use almost all mk products, why? Because I love them and am happy with them. If I wasn't happy with a product and there was another brand that made one I like, I would be using that other brand. but if I am content with what I am using why would I want to go spend money (and @ retail) to try something that might be okay and that I might not even like).

    Perhaps she knew someone that had a bad experience and is just trying to protect you but I would have been insulted to. (I would be thinking - don't you think I have a brain?? If I didn't like it, I would not use it and then would be buying another brand, duh...)

    and then I would have asked her if she had ever tried our three different types of mascaras, because if she hadn't how would she know that they weren't better than what she was using! And I would reitereate that we have 3 different types so that if she had tried only one, that perhaps one of the others would be more to her liking.

    Don't let her rain in your parade, personally, if I have a friend in a sales business if it is a product I use, I would much rather spend money and give it to a friend than go buy it at a store and support whatever rich owner owns the store.

    Be smart with your business and you will do great! Welcome to our little community and Mary Kay.

  9. mk4me, good point about the other types of mascara. I guess I've done that too - just kind of responded off the top of my head without thinking it through.

    My sister has tried the ultimate mascara - and although I don't understand it, she doesn't love it. I just gave her the lash-lengthening to try - if she doesn't like that either, no biggie. She doesn't think she'll like the waterproof. Does anyone on here not like the ultimate? I love that stuff! I can't imagine why she doesn't. Somebody?

  10. I LOVE the ultimate! What I have found is that if someone already has thicker, lush lashes (oh, how I wish) - the ultimate can feel "heavy" and I find that those type of clients do prefer the lash lengthening type. I do have few clients that like the consistancy of the waterproof just because they like the consistancy of it not particularly because they wanted it to be "waterproof".

    All three have a different feel.

    Choices, don't we love choices. But as a consultant if we don't offer the choices out clients will not realize. :)


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