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This Week on Pink Truth 12/15-22/07

Ok, having a "today on pt" post everyday is getting difficult to follow.

Let's try a weekly thing!

If you have something to say about the conversation on Pink Truth, this is the place to do it.

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  1. Oh com'on!!! How 'bout a comment for Dave's site! Nobody reading anymore?


  2. no not reading pinktrugh reading pink untruth.

    Well, let's see today tc is telling everyone if their log in is not work to e-mail her. She must have done a mass banning of people due to her post on the chartiable acts of MK. I think that some might have offend her royal hinney.

    You know blessed I read some of your comments and you are suppose to be a Christain man, however in your post you don't sound like it. You know the Word says that we are known by the fruits that we bare.

    Anything that is given to those that are not as fortunate as others is a blessing to that person. You know you never know when you might be entertaining an angel.

    Ok let's move on tc was at it with her math. She is not very good at it and she is a forensic accountant, wouldn't want her doing my books. Oh well... maybe she just needs some more practice. Then you have lazy gardens saying whatever she said and she has never even been in MK so she doesn't really no anything. I guess her names says it all LAZY.

    WEll have a good evening.

  3. Actually blessed, this post says 12/15 -12/22 and quite frankly, there are only a few lame comments over there today that really aren't even worth commenting on.

    You must really be bored, I will not make fun of the PinkTrugh because we all make type o's. Of course, if you had made this typo on PT you might have earned about five comments making fun of your intelligence.

    Have a great weekend.

  4. This week PT really went a bit down hill. I am not MKC cheerleader but they are donating, even it is discontinued (and no one has confirmed if it is, but really I would doubt if it is the new stuff) they are indeed donating something to someone in need. PT should never have said anything. And then the others simply follow. It's a snowball.

    I don't understand the log in thing. Am I banned? If so, why does she give me another password? This topic comes up every other day, it seems.

    The selling item caught my attention. I relate to those since my director inflated those numbers. I found it interesting that even if you sell a lot, you really don't make "a living". Not a co-living, with hubby paying the real bills. But is this business working for a single person's only source of income? What is the reality that someone is working this business and from day one supporting themselves on it?

    And they talked about the compacts changing. I really don't see a HUGE problem with this unless your director has frontloaded you with a bunch of them right before the announcement was made that they were changing. But with the product return in place even that shouldn't be a problem.

    Overall, it was mostly a repeat week. I wish she would find some new topics. Maybe she lost her "mole?" There used to be more juicy little nuggets!

  5. On the banning thing. I think that tc uses this e-mail thing so that you will have to contact her and then she can give you a new password if you have not said something that she doesn't like. However if you have bucked her you don't get a new password. It is called she wants control and this is one way that she zan have it.

    Have a GREAT DAY

  6. I meant can not zan it is early.

  7. Today PT is about the change in product and how much money MK is making off this change. I do think they change their product packaging too much with not enough notice. But I don't think they should be faulted with making money. They are a business. And, after all, you can do a product replacement of the old with the new. I think PT should have waited for more comments about when to order rather than putting a new topic before people could comment.

  8. speaking the real truthDecember 17, 2007 at 11:16 AM

    here we go again! the assumptions, the assumptions.

    How many of those platinum compacts do I have on my shelf right now? ZERO. I ordered about $1600 wholesale last month and have very little on my shelf. I am only ordering color as needed and am trading with other consultants to get what I need and help move their existing color inventory.

    We've known about the changes since last July. Anyone should be able to sell down inventory by March! Or use it for little gifts like for hostesses doing certain things, or offer an eye color out of your in stock items as a gift with purchase instead of the advertised PCP gift, giving the client the choice.

    Anyone working their business will have little color left if they are smart about their ordering.

    Also, I will not be ordering up one of every item that we roll out. Just like the lip colors, I started with what I felt were the most popular, and guided by consultants on the colors. We do not have to stock every color of every thing!

  9. I think PT assumes that a lot of consultants still have inventory is because everyone on that site DOES STILL have inventory. I know I do.

    And I was told it was WRONG to swap out inventory. That it was doing a disservice to your fellow sister consultants. Otherwise I would have swapped out lots of stuff instead of placing a $200 order when all I needed was a concealor.

    Hey, David, how come we don't hear so much from you anymore??

  10. One thing I wish everyone would remember, just because we come out with new compacts, most clients are not going to want to switch right away, if the have a palette or a custom compact tat is pratically full and only need for instance a spun silk, they are going to want the spun silk in the old shape. I still go in search of older products for clients that do not want to change. Also if someone is not big on having the newest, many people would love to have the platinum compacts if they can get what goes in it (maybe for a little bit of a discount.)

    And another thing I find, is that clients that have been with you for awhile sometimes tend not even to look at the New Look Books and just order what they always order, I laugh because they know what they need, they may see what is new but they really don't look at stuff like packaging changes, besides, most of my clients throw their boxes away any way and could truly care less what the box it came in looked like or the container as long as it is the product that they want.

    I know my unit isn't overstocked on any of the stuff that is changing and just like STRT if it is a big change like what is coming out, we, too swap and help each other move stuff we would prefer not to keep. (We don't make a habit of this all the time, it is just under conditions like this overhaul).

    As far as the amount the Company will make on this change, the only colors I really "need" are the new colors because I know when the books come out I will have clients that want to try them. As for the colors that are only changing packaging, I have HAD to order because I was out of whipped berries and frosted rose, so I didn't order because the packaging changed, I ordered because I needed the product.

    I have been around long enough, I lived thru the rectangle pink compacts to the oval pink compacts, to the platinum compacts, and now I am looking forward to the black ones. I have to admit when we were going from the pink to the platinum, I was a little nervous because of the recognition with the pink and MK - once I saw the platinum, I had to agree they definitely looked more professional. From what I have seen of the black ones, they look even sharper and classier than the platinum. Change can be a Great Thing.

  11. speaking the real truthDecember 17, 2007 at 3:08 PM


    I have heard that policy about not swapping product, and the company does frown on it for some valid reasons.

    As a director, it can become overwhelming, because everyone in your unit wants to trade with you and often they want to give you product that you do not need for the newest items.

    I teach that trading should be the exception to the rule, and that if you have to trade everyone time that you make a sale, you need more inventory. I also teach that the trade should be beneficial to both parties, not one just dumping on the other. THIS IS IN MY NEW CONSULTANT PACKET THAT THEY USUALLY RECEIVE BEFORE THEY EVER PLACE AN ORDER, so they know about trading going in.

    During times of change as we are in currently, I think that most are open to trading. Those with little color left do not want to order any more other than their biggest sellers, and those with a lot on their shelf want to move it, so it's a win-win situation.

    WE SHOULD NOT USE THE PRODUCT REPLACEMENT for items on our shelves. This is a violation of the program and it hurts all of us, because then they clamp down on the guidelines of the program. Plus, someone may need that product!

    MK4ME is right again, I am often in search of older products. Just today I had consultants looking for Dreams Lotion and Sable liner. Over time, most items can be moved in one way or another. Worst case, I put them in a sale basket at half off. That way I get my money back to invest in newer product.

    Another comment on inventory. I have found that when you are not a selling consultant, a $200 wholesale seems like a lot of inventory. When you are selling like I do, and my unit does, anything less than a few thousand dollars worth seems like your shelves are bare! I ACTUALLY NEED MORE INVENTORY THAN I HAVE RIGHT NOW. I've seen consultants get just as frustrated by not having inventory as I have those who are frustrated by having too much.

  12. speaking the real truthDecember 17, 2007 at 3:12 PM


    I am glad to see you on this site. I have a question for you. Does your wife know about your postings on PT? I got the feeling that she did not.

  13. speaking the real truthDecember 17, 2007 at 3:18 PM

    I could fill a page per day about the stuff on PT.

    Today, more manipulations and UNTRUTHS.

    The challenge is NOT to order 3 of each color. I do not recommend that anyone do that.

    The challenge is to order 63 lip colors, OVER A 3 MONTH PERIOD. Yes, order them, because that is the way that we track things in MK, like it or not people.

    That's approx. 20 lip colors per month. With new colors, that isn't so much.

    I love that one poster suggests that there are no colors for those with pale skin. Hello, TANNED! Use it with Melon Sorbet for one of the hottest looks for pale skin. Or add Coral Rose or Pink Diamonds, it's gorgeous and perfect for paler skin tones. Then we still have Shell, Apricot Breeze, Pink Satin, Frosted Rose, Dusty Pink, Sweet Nectar, etc. Maybe that is why some of these ladies did not make it in MK, they did not understand the products.

    I had 6 achievers in the Scent Sational Sales Challenge and I know that they were NOT just ordering up fragrances. My number 2 gal ordered 31 and when I asked, THEY WERE ALL SOLD! I ordered 22 and I think that I have 2 wands and a High Octane on my shelf, and that's it!

  14. No colors for pale skin?? Let's see, my senior director wife wears Ivory 104 and loves the new Hibiscus lipstick. If my wife was any more fair, she'd be a vampire. (Oh, I'm sorry, in PT-Land the goal of all sales directors is to suck the life out of their unit members and then replace them with fresh consultants with lots of credit.)

    And no, she has not taken one of each new shade for personal use. She has taken Red, Bronzed, Tanned, Berry Kiss and Hibiscus. Another PT exercise in inflated assumptions goes down in flames.

    My wife & I do agree with PT on the basic objection to these 13, 26, 39, double-39 and now triple-21 sales challenges. She does not promote these challenges at her weekly meetings or in her newsletter. Why? Because she has seen consultants over-buy wholesale just to get recognition. One of her adoptees ordered double-39 (aka 78) of the peach Satin Hands Pampering Sets. Two months later, she told my wife that she still had 70 on her shelf!

  15. Mkhonesty,

    Sounds like your wife is one of the directors who brings integrity to the table.


  16. Raisinberry said on PT:

    "If this was a real sales contest, they would just watch the sales and award the highest top ten... or top 100 and it would have NOTHING to do with a pre determined number, pulled out of the air.REAL SALES CONTESTS ARE BASED ON SELLING

    Imagine the car dealer telling his salesmen that they win the trip to Cancun when they sell triple 21 cars! O my Lord...i used to FALL for this stuff!"

    Once again I find myself surprised that people on PT do not have a grasp of basic marketing and sales principles. (Perhaps a clue as to why they were not successful in MK? Hmmmmmmmmmmm)

    There are 2 different types of contests.

    One type rewards your top performers. Basic and simple. Good for some healthy competition. LOL

    A big drawback to this type of contest is that only a few win the prize, and often the same person who is your top seller wins every time.

    Another drawback is that if the sales force is large, many people won't try because the chances of winning are perceived to be small. OR if someone really pulls ahead, others may stop trying.

    The second type of reward is for EVERYONE who achieves a certain number of sales. You find out what the average number of sales is and also what your top performers are doing. Somewhere in between is the goal.

    Salespeople love this challenge because EVERYONE has a chance of winning. Sales managers love it because it boosts sales.

    Again, what MK is doing is not evil. It is a standard business practice.

    As far as people simply buying the number needed to achieve the goal:

    There are those types of people everywhere. I have seen salespeople have a buddy buy stuff when the salesperson is actually paying for it (paying his buddy back), just so they can win.

    Dishonesty is in the person, not the company. If someone buys their way to a goal, they won't last. It is a matter of integrity, IMHO. The house of cards will fall one day.

  17. Hi Shay! You make some excellent points!

    Going back to "no lip colors for pale skin"--I am Ivory 104. Pale pale PALE! I can wear *ahem* Raisinberry, Amber Suede, Apple Berry, Gingerbread, Pink Shimmer, Shell, Sweet Nectar, Mocha Freeze...shall I go on? I haven't ordered any new lipsticks yet. Right now, I have more lipsticks in my inventory than anything else. I'm promoting them buy one get one 1/2 price. Even then, I probably won't order a ton of lipsticks. I tend to order the colors I want to try and go from there.

    Anyway, finding the right colors isn't JUST about skin tone. It's about hair color and eye color as well. If you have high contrast, you can get away with some bolder colors even though your skin is pale. Dark hair, dark eyes against ivory skin can get away with colors like Gingerbread and Amber Suede because the dark hair and eyes detracts from the darkness of the lip color. If you're pale and blonde, it's a different story.

  18. Hey all.. Thanks for all your interesting contributions.

    Judi, I have been trying to post twice a day this month. I am not sure I can do more!

    I try to respond to any comments that are specifically addressed to me, or if there is somewhere that I can hopefully bring clarification to a misunderstanding. I most definitely don't have time to respond to all of the great comments that are being left here. And there are plenty of people that are much more qualified to comment on some of the questions being asked here.

    I wish I could respond in real time to every comment that is left here, I am sure that this site would grow more quickly if I did that, but it just is not realistic right now.


    My goodness, I am so glad to have you here. Your points about sales goals are very well made.

    I believe that my post tonight will be about this subject, so more later. But for now, welcome and thank you.

    For everyone,

    I think this concept might still need some work. This post has the potential to have a few too many comments on it - by the end of the week - to be able to keep track of conversations.

    Any suggestions?

    One a day was too often, one a week may be too rare, anything in between will end up being arbitrary.

    Need help! Let me know.

    I am open to any and all suggestions, but as I have a fairly rigorous schedule, it may take a while for any changes to take place, so suggest quickly and then be patient!!!!

    Thanks everyone.

  19. On that note,

    lucky for me, nothing good is on TV these days!!!!!

  20. MK Honesty,

    I did not even realize you were a husband. Have I even said "Hi" yet?

    I know this is not your first post (or at least I think I have seen you here before!!).

    If I have not, thank you for jumping in and welcome!

    It sounds like you and your wife are on a good track!

    Glad to have you!

  21. Have you read the latest Raisinberry bunk? I wonder how long it took her to write it--she was so drunk last time she posted on Duh's blog, she is probably just now getting over her hangover.

    I also believe that most of the comments to her rambling are fake people that Tracy has made up. The comment level is way low over there these days.

  22. Shay the Starfleet CommanderDecember 18, 2007 at 9:20 AM

    Hi, David! *waves*

    Thanks for the warm welcome! :D

    I have an extensive background (over 17 years) in retail, sales and marketing. (Yep, I'm old. LOL)

    I find it amazing that so many PTer's are ridiculing the actions of MK, when what MK is doing is simply a standard business practice. (There I go again with that phrase. LOL)

    I, of course, was not allowed to voice this fact on PT, but I am happy to have the opportunity to do so here. :D

  23. Shay the Starfleet CommanderDecember 18, 2007 at 9:44 AM

    About the post by Raisinberry today.

    At what point do you (not just raisin, but a general "you") take responsibility for your actions?

    Wrong is wrong. Period.

    Common sense is common sense.

    If someone is buying inventory they are not selling, then something is wrong with their noggin. I could see making that mistake once, maybe twice, but to keep purchasing over and over and not selling is kinda stupid. Sorry. And if you are buying and buying just to keep up appearances, then that is dishonest.

    Buying your way to prizes or recognition, hiding purchases from a spouse, convincing women to buy more than they can afford - all of these things are character issues, not MK issues. Just because someone tells you it's okay, doesn't make it right. You cannot blame MK for tossing your ethics out of the window.

    I can see making a mistake on the bad advice of others. (Buying a huge startup inventory, for example.) That is an honest mistake because you were mislead.

    But to do things you know are wrong for years....just makes no sense to me.

    To keep blaming MK for things that you have control over and knew better....well....I don't think that is healthy.

    The inventory thing really confuses me. I guess because I have had to place orders every week for the stores I ran, to keep ordering things you don't sell makes no sense. If I ordered things that just sat on a shelf, I would have been fired. If something new was coming out, I would order a few to see how they sold. If they sold, I would order more. If not, I wouldn't. Simple.

    Forgive me for being so blunt. I was not allowed to post this kind of thing on PT. I find the experience liberating. ;)

  24. speaking the real truthDecember 18, 2007 at 11:31 AM

    Again, put everything on paper, "run the numbers" as one might say.

    If you sell a lot of lip color or any other product and there is a special or a prize, then order more than usual, it will move, it not, don't order it.

    I did not order up the Satin Hands, because I do not sell that many of them. However I did take advantage of the Miracle Set/Eye Cream bonus and am practically out of both already. What a deal...I think that I cannot remember how many eye creams that I received free, but the profit on their sales amounted to hundreds of dollars (100% profit).

    I teach my consultants to work smart. I encouraged my working consultants to put their REORDER money into the Miracle Sets during that special promotion. Then to use the profits from the sale of those to order the Holiday items, then the profit on those sales for the Winter order form. I have been teaching them to roll the money around, not to go into debt. Right now I am encouraging them not to reorder much color, put that money in the Mineral Foundations and new lip colors. Then in the Spring, they can use reorder money for the new color.

    I adjust my inventory based on the season and what's hot. Just like retailers who do not stock many swimsuits in the winter, I don't carry as much of the darker foundations, etc. and vice versa.

    Yes, I know that all directors do not operate this way, but I am here for the long run and that means that I must have integrity with my unit and clients.

    1. I have a question? Do you ever keep money for yourself or do you always use your profits to purchase more product? I'll interesting in selling MK and I don't want to buy things to sell to buy more things to sell. I'd like to pay my bills.

  25. This is said tongue 'n cheek...

    On PT today they have decided to critize prizes.. one consultant would prefer a lump of coal..

    Lazy Gardens (never a consultant but knows everything there is to know about being one) made this comment:

    Lazy Gardens said:
    At least you could burn the coal and get a few seconds of warmth.

    Tue 18 Dec 05:00

    My evil side came out because with all the berating of MK's charity donantion, all I could think of is that is far more warmth than would be gotten from the hearts of most of the posters over there on PT.

    (Disclaimer: I said MOST not ALL.)

  26. and STRT, once again, I teach exactly what you do as far as inventory I think you may have described it far better than I would have though.

    These challenges are really no big deal if you understand the focus of it is to help you promote moving certain itmes! Not to buy a charm.

    Common sense. Back to old saying your mom used to say, "some people don't have the sense to come in out of the pouring rain". I guess as we grow older and wiser - why some of these old sayings are so true!

  27. It seems there is such a misconception regarding recognition for new consultants... I think it relates to the two philosphies for self esteem--- one camp believes that you praise people to success, and the other group believes that doing a job well is its own reward. The second group feels that they are being manipulated and lied about if they are recognized for selling items that they have only just purchased and not yet sold. Yet the first group believes that this praise will cause the recipient to put forth the effort necessary to "earn the praise..." the saying is "Praise what you want to create." Yet if people are awarded praise that they feel they do not deserve, they will try to find a way to justify their feelings... and the result is usually less than positive.

    Does anyone else notice that the posters on Pink truth all seem to be unsuccessful? And most are justifying any praise they got in their businesses? I don't see any postings from people who ARE making it in MK.... and I know from reading the Applause that there are many women who ARE making it big.... Why is this?

  28. mkkm,
    I dont know how long you have been visiting the blogs about MK, but the reason that you dont see any post by anyone being successful in MK on the Pink Truth blog is because the creator of that blog wont allow any comments about MK that show this business in a positive light. Occasionally she will allow a positive Mary Kay comment but it is taken down very quickly and not allowed to remain up for very long. So people like you come along and read that blog and they will assume that noone is having a good experience in this business, because the only comments allowed are bad ones. She wants to control what people see and thus control what they think. Yet she accuses Mary Kay consulants of being brainwashed, when it is she who is attempting to brainwash people by trying to create a false enviornment that only shows one side of an issue.

    The owner of the Pink Truth blog, Tracy Coenon (not sure how to spell her name) wants to rid the world of Mary Kay. She and a hand full of followers believe that noone can ever be successful in this business and if you are successful you have to do it by cheating and taking advantage of women, leaving thousands of women in debt, breaking up their marriages and so on.

    They make exaggerated claims and misrepresent the truths about this business to further their cause. You will never see any positive experiences being posted because she does not want a balanced view of Mary Kay to be portrayed. She purposfully wants it seem as if everyone is being unsuccessfull and having a horrible time, so that is the only thing that is allowed on her site. If that is all you read, then you will think that those experiences are the only ones out there.

    But from reading some of your comments you have been in MK a long time and you know that the things that they say are not all true. We have both seem success in MK and it is unfortunate that many of those women are so bitter that they want to ruin it for others. Yes there are many in MK that are unethical and are training women the wrong way, but it is not all of us.
    Keep reading on this blog and other promk sites to see what we are trying to do to change things

  29. I just read the post about creative ways to get the money for $600 wholesale and the $100 for your kit.

    The more I read PT, the more obvious it is why these ladies either were not successful in MK or were not successful in running a business ethically.


    "That won't work!"

    "Seeing all those numbers makes my head hurt."

    blah blah blah

    In fact, every single idea sent out to consultants by Directors to help those consultants make more money (get more sales) is ridiculed by the PT masses.

    Perhaps a clue as to why the PTers were not successful? Hmmmmmmmmmmm....

    If you ask someone how to solve a problem (example: "How can I get $100 for the kit" or "How can I get together $600 for a wholesale order?") and you get several suggestions/solutions...whose fault is it if you don't even TRY what is suggested?


  30. MKShay, would you like some cheese to go with the whine?? yuck, yuck

  31. Today on PT:

    "How MK is hurting the women in your flock"


    First of all....didn't Scrib leave off the first part of this post? Isn't this the message board post where she has been putting PT cards all over her church and her pastor's wife confronts her with it, and this is how the whole conversation got started?

    Convenient how that was left out.

    Anyway, I digress.

    Now, the whole idea that recruiting is a practice that can inhibit your spiritual growth is pretty hilarious to me.

    The techniques she mentions are mostly sales techniques (such as getting a check and holding it, overcoming objections, etc.)....HOWEVER, I would say that if you need to talk someone INTO MK, it won't take much to talk her OUT of MK.

    Now, I know, that there will be women who are actively looking for a way to make extra money, something to do, etc. Those are the ladies I would look for, and those are the ones who would ask ME about MK.

    Trying to look for IBC's in a desperate attempt to get a promotion (as Scrib paints the picture) just tells me you are doing things WRONG! You are forcing the situation.


    I'll write more later....gotta run for now.

  32. speaking the real truthDecember 20, 2007 at 11:03 AM

    Does Scribbler really believe what she is saying? how in the world can someone group together 1 million people and consider them the same spiritually. Without talking to a large number of consultants and verifying that they have been spiritually damaged through MK, she is making some unfounded claims. Can she provide documentation of her surveys or studies?

    I for one, have grown spiritually through my association with MK. God has used the Godly women around me in MK to bring me closer to Him.

  33. speaking the real truthJune 17, 2008 at 6:51 AM

    My goodness, it never stops!

    I checked in over there this morning and could not believe what I was reading, but then I remembered "where" I was reading.

    In the latest post, the writer is complaining about and bashing the latest commercial, even though admitting that they wanted corporate to support the sale of products with their commercials. Then, she goes on to speculate that Mary Kay has not paid to use the music lip in the commercial. How in the world could she know anything about that? She doesn't, it is just something negative to say.

    I hope that they post more junk like this piece. It helps those shopping around to see just how far the people will stretch to be able to bash Mary Kay.

    BTW, I am selling a lot of the new color and have only 7 compacts to my name after ordering 49! See, most their comments are not based on any research or data, just their very biased opinion. They are telling consultants not to order the new items, while the best way to sell color is to show it, live and in person. I am not saying to go crazy, but having it for clients to see and buy on the spot does help sales.

  34. What about what they are saying about GMB? Is it possible that someone would charge someone to come into their home to spend time with them?? Does that really happen? I hope not. That is ridiculous.

  35. speaking the real truthJune 17, 2008 at 9:52 AM

    I checked on this director's website and found the flyer/event that was being discussed. To be honest, it made me sick. The verbage, the picture, the "emeralds get in for half price", pretty much the whole thing.

    It sounds as if those who are not an Emerald Star have to pay. The question is pay for what? If the price is for food, that is not so bad, but it should state that on the flyer so that it doesn't sound like you are being charged to come over to her house.

    I know that the anti-Mary Kay people pick on every little thing, but I do not like this either. For me, the Hummer in front of "the mansion" is just disgusting.

    How do we stop this stuff? STOP ATTENDING!

  36. What is the point of that? And why make your guests pay for food? My home is probably a quarter of that size and I've never charged for a guest to visit.

  37. speaking the real truthJune 17, 2008 at 4:10 PM

    Becca, I do not know the details, only what is on the flyer.

    And let me be clear about this. This NSD is an incredible woman. She is smart, successful, energetic, and powerful. I have been in a small group when she was speaking, and she will breathe belief into you. That is a wonderful gift.

    Consultants just need to keep in mind that simply being in someone's presence or attending ANY specific event will not along make you successful. YOU MUST DO THE WORK. Being around successful people and seeing just how big Mary Kay is at events like Seminar is very motivating & empowering, and it can make a difference, IF it is followed up by work.

    So, weigh the value of any event, and follow up the event with a plan to do the work and the discipline to do follow the plan.

  38. Kinda like a televangelist who preaches so nicely, asking for more money from someone who can't afford it? Or maybe a healer who is so convincing even the sick think they are cured? Until they get out of his presence and then realize the headache is still there. Yes, she sounds incredible. Sounds very manipulative. And the flier is beyond tacky. I guess it's true. You can't buy class. Even with all that MK money.

  39. Even if the money is to pay for food it must be a slap in the face for the consultants who go to be asked for money from a woman who probably has pleanty of it. How many of the women who go are in debt or will be scraping the money together in order to get there while GMB is driving the hummer? I'm not saying this because its MK or anything--- I'm saying this because having someone rich ask someone with less money for money just seems backwards to me.

  40. First glance, doesn't seem quite right to me.

  41. GMB is a great motivator!!! I dont know her as a person but I have seen her speak and I have to tell you she is worth paying to see!!
    However admission to her home is another thing. I think one can conclude (if they know her background) she is all about making money but she DOES teach her area to sell and recruit not just recruit. She always stresses being a master seller and master booker.

  42. speaking the real truthJune 18, 2008 at 7:26 AM

    Okay, today we have a perfect example of postings over there that are not based on any kind of fact other than one person's experience over a very short period of time.

    To make sure, I went to Google and did a search for "lipstick sales during a recession". There are several articles that discuss what they call the "lipstick effect". Maybe Dave or mk4me would like to post one of those articles for discussion.

    Just because this lady did not see anyone using Mary Kay products while at a conference, that does not mean that Mary Kay is not selling! She then goes on to say that lip color sales might go up during a recession, but that Mary Kay does not necessarily do so. Really? What is she basing that one on?

    Good grief, it never ends!

    Then she goes on to say that the products do not work. Really? Then why did she use them all of these years and promote them as working all of these years?

  43. I agree that saying that MK must not be selling based on the fact that she didnt' see anyone using it at one conference is absurd reasoning. As a psychology student I take research methods classes and I can attest to the fact that just watching some women in the bathrooms using their lipgloss is not a scientific way of determining whether any cosmetic company is selling or not.

  44. speaking the real truthJune 18, 2008 at 8:59 AM

    Oh, BTW, I had a client over yesterday who has bot a lot of products from me. Recently she has been using up some things that she received as gifts, etc. Yesterday she re-purchased her Miracle Set stating that even though she has some of the other left, that ours just feels better. She is a high end client and could afford whatever she wants, she chooses Mary Kay! So much for what they say over there.

  45. speaking the real truthJune 18, 2008 at 9:01 AM

    whoops, I combined bought and got to get "bot". I'm losing it!

  46. My director sent this on email recently. Maybe it's circulating and it was a jab:

    As you read this, let me tell you that I was listening to Fox News last week and Shephard Smith said, "Lipstick Sales are UP?? What's up with that?" Then he went on to say that cosmetic and lipstick sales were on the rise, even with the state of the economy! He was shocked....but we aren't, are we? Mary Kay always taught us that you can count on seeing 3 things go up in sales in a recession - cigarettes, alcohol and cosmetics!!

  47. this is the same sentiment that was pointed out on Linda Toupins "Choices" recruitment CD. It is actually true in some sense. On her tape she talks about times such as the great depression as an example of times when the American ecomony was bad. But the types of indurstries that survived throughout those times are those that deal with entertainment, liquour and beauty industry. She goes on to say that even when times are hard, people will find money for the things that make them feel better. Unfourtunaltely alcohol is on that list, but it is true

  48. We should bring this part of the website back! :)

  49. That is a good idea, i will get to work on that...

    re-reading some of the comments here makes me miss some of the original readers...

    any of you guys still here and reading a bit?

  50. ... and done. Check the home page for the latest "this week on PT"


  51. I came in as an Emerald Star this quarter and I have barely anything left on my shelves. I ordered correctly, ordered what I needed, and did not order anything I knew wouldn't sell. I actually had to place more orders for mineral foundations in Ivory 2, as I constantly sell out. My inventory decision was just that, my decision. I decided based on my customer's needs and have very little left at the end of quarter (which is next week)


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