Friday, December 14, 2007

Further Pleading for Charitable Christmas Spirit on Pink Truth

If you have not already heard, I am profoundly disappointed and inconsolably nauseated by Pink Truth's decision to criticize the very spirit that makes this Season special by deriding Mary Kay's donation to the Today Show Gift Drive.

You can read my response here and here.

Today, they are still finding a voice to their outrageous and unfounded criticisms.

"unpinkinny" said:

Most teenagers I know (which includes my daughters) wouldn't use the lip gloss. They always said that Mary Kay was for "old" women! And I too wouldn't let any daughter of mine under the age of 12 or 13 wear any colored lip gloss.

katherinenot4mk said:

Is the lip gloss for girls and the banks for boys?

currantcraze said:

If I remember correctly, a good amount of that product "leaked". That certainly would be a surprise in the stocking of some unsuspecting teen Christmas morning

My request is simple.

Remove this post. Remove ALL of the ridiculous comments.

My reason is simple.

Mary Kay has generously donated to people in need. Those people (and those people alone) have the right to appreciate or judge this gift.

If ANY of you dares to call yourself a follower of Christ, please ask yourselves if your tactless indictment comes from the new heart you received. If not, from where are you drawing this hostility?

I will say again. Anyone that has posted a ridicule against these people being blessed should recant their statement. If not on Pink Truth, at least do so here.

This is unacceptable. You talk about sleeping at night. How's that going for you? Can you honestly live with yourself knowing that you have condemned a gift before it has even been given? Are you the one in such dire circumstances that you are reduced to receiving the charity of others? Do you know how that feels? How dare you reject something on behalf of those that are so grateful?

I would love to form a line of those receiving this gift from Mary Kay. Single file. Standing in front of this line facing the recipients would be a representative from Mary Kay and a representative from Pink Truth. Everyone in line would be informed of what has transpired here. They would be told, "Mary Kay (represented by ....) has donated the lip-gloss and/or poodle bank you just received." "Pink Truth (represented by ...) claimed that it was shameful for them to do this and that they should have just trashed that newly treasured gift you just received."

Everyone in that line would then get the chance to speak their mind and/or interact with either/both of them.

Pink Truth, I again implore you. Take back your hateful poisonous words. They do no one any good. You can hate Mary Kay as much as you want. But this helps no one.

Anyone who would like to add your voice to my plea, please comment here.

Also, if you have not already been banned on that site (it's all the rage these days, welcome Shay of SC!) and would like to make the most of your "one shot", this may be your time!

Something along the lines of:

"This criticism of an organizations generosity should not be tolerated. Please remove this post and all of its comments."

Or of course create your own wording. You will have to sign up for an account there. You will have to provide an email address -please don't use your primary email address as I have no idea what will be done with it- and check your email to activate your account. It is pretty simple, and after you get banned you may have a hard time viewing their site. Please only do this if you feel strongly about this. I am very passionate that this is not just "a bad thing", it is wrong.

Tracy, I will appeal directly to you here. I have no problem with you disliking Mary Kay. "To each his own", right? But THIS is unacceptable. Please. Search your heart and do the right thing.

Thank you all.

Nothing Follows



  1. speaking the real truthDecember 15, 2007 at 6:36 AM

    still waiting to hear where they got the info. that the glosses are d/c product, or that they are the ones that leaked.

    Or, if you have no proof, admit it.

  2. speaking the real truthDecember 15, 2007 at 6:40 AM

    David, David, I am fine with them leaving up the posts. It shows their spirit and should turn off anyone looking for truth and balance.

    That's a good thing. Seeing the truth and negativity attitudes up front before someone starts believing all that is said over there.

  3. Repeating STRT and a previous comment I made on another thread - hopefully newer readers on PT will see the character of the site and decide not to align themselves with people of such low character.

    And to dispute the comments you listed that were on PT:

    Unpinkinny -
    My teenage daugher, 16 and her friends love MK and wear tons of lip gloss, we do have lighter shades. (If you're attitude is such about MK, it is no surprise you couldn't get people interested in you and your business)

    katerinenot4mk -
    obviously is not an original thinker she is a follower - check out her name, and noone said that the banks were for boys and lipglosses are for girls, the banks can be for a little younger girl and the lipglosses were for older. Duh....(To be a good consultant, you must be able to think and learn)

    current craze -
    the problem with the production on the lot of lip glosses that leaked was long ago and dealt with. Did you have special information that said they took up room in the warehouse storing these just so they could donate leaky lip glosses. Do you realize, as soon as the production prolbem was discovered, it was fixed. And Mary Kay would care enough about it's reputation not to don't defective products. (Don't believe in your products? Then you are not going be able to be sincere about and why would anyone want to buy product from you.

    PT continues to answer my question on why some people can not be successful in their businesses. It has less to do with a director, a NSD, or the structure of the Company, it has to do with the character of the individual.

  4. Whoops, should have proofed before I hit submit, sorry for the typos!


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