Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas WITH Mary Kay!

Well, THEY kind of asked for this one!

On a recent post, "Christmas without Mary Kay" a commentator comments,

"Reading all these comments, I can just FEEL the sense of 100% true relief and joy you all have. I have it too. It's more real than any what-I-thought-was-real-at-the-time joy I had in MK.
I think to myself, if this was a pro-MK site, all the comments about how great MK is this time of year would be completely bogus. Denial is so ugly.
THIS site is the truth.
Gosh how I wish every Director could be lifted out of the fog this season.
That is my prayer for the New Year.
"2008-it's not too late...Get out of the fog and your life will be great".
(truly great, not the "fake great" we were all brainwashed to say)"

This is not a pro-MK site (it is not an anti-MK site either), but I get the feeling there will be some comments about how great Mary Kay is. My question is (as you say how much you love Mary Kay), "Are you being completely bogus or in denial?"

Go ahead and let me know what your Christmas is like "IN Mary Kay"!!


P.S. About Christmas - I WILL be traveling to NJ for the holiday, but I plan to bring my trusty laptop and will TRY to continue posting from there. I will be pretty busy with family and I am sure they do not want to see more of the backside of my Toshiba so there will probably be some "lulls" in productivity. Enjoy your families and friends and feel free to stop in whenever you need to "get away" for a bit!


  1. Christmas with Mary Kay-

    Started MK in Sept. Purchased too much inventory. Have been selling fairly steadily but still $1900 in debt. Will not be ordering more until that is a smaller number.

    Everyone is getting MK for Christmas of course.

    I like balanced views of MK.. I'm definitely a light pink sort of IBC.

  2. Smartinpink,

    Thanks for weighing in! I am sorry to hear that you got started on the wrong foot. I hope that you have read here long enough to know that you should not buy more until you are moving what you already have.

    I am sure that other people will weigh in here and give you suggestions for selling what you already have.

    For my part, I will say that the more people you get in front of, the more opportunity you have to make those sales. Figure out the ways that you are most comfortable getting leads and do that A LOT!!!!

    Are you hoping to make a career of Mary Kay or just a little extra on the side?

    Either way, here's wishing you a very Merry Christmas and lots of success in the New Year!

    Thank you for commenting

  3. Honestly, my Christmas is no different in MK or out of MK. Christmas is Christmas. Mary Kay is not the end all be all of my existence. It's simply a side business that I enjoy and that affords me some extra money when I need it. It also helps me and my husband through in rough times. Ultimately, I am very happy I'm involved in my MK business.

    Happy Holidays! :)

  4. I started MK in July and I must say, that for me, Christmas has been my slowest time. Yes, I've have two killer Open Houses, and a few gifts here and there, but I didn't start out even WANTING to bust my rear to work and work and work this season. I wanted to have the means to make some extra holiday dough (which I did - thank you MK) without having to work a ton of hours, AND I wanted to be home - which I was - making those sales.

    Some consultants put alot of time and effort, and sweat, and creativity, and delivery into their MK business during the holidays, but as this was my first holiday season, I CHOSE (CHOSE, CHOSE, CHOSE - get it? CHOSE) not to go completely crazy with it. Still brought in about $700 (profit) this month. THAT was my goal - a bit of profit without working a TON of hours.

    I'm spending the next two weeks getting my Boulevard program set up. I'm excited to begin 2008 with everything entered into the program, organized, and ready to go!

  5. Love4MK, that is awesome! This is also my slowest time of year as well. This year I sold more than past Decembers. I would love to do an open house, but my hubby isn't keen on that idea. What I did differently this year (and I should have done this in the past) was take some older discontinued products to work and sold those at a discount for stocking stuffers and such. I sold about $120 total in the week prior to Christmas (this past week)! I'm keeping the sale open until these items are gone. I expect to move most of them by early January. That will make me very happy. :D

  6. smartinpink--I understand your situation. I felt at times that I started with a little more inventory than I really needed. I focused on selling and kind of felt my way around in the dark. Now, I'm all paid off and completely profiting! :) You're brand new. You can definitely sell your inventory off--especially if you're consistent. Best wishes to you.

  7. *Actually, by selling inventory off, I really mean pay down the debt with your profit. You can do it! ;)

  8. Hi love4mk,

    Thanks for dropping in!

    So you CHOSE not to go completely crazy this holiday season? :)

    Sounds like a good plan to me!!!


  9. Yes, I CHOSE!

    "CHOSE" is the word that seems to be forgotten in all the debate about pro/con MK.

    I either choose to work or choose not to work.

    I either choose to attend meetings or choose not to attend.

    I either choose to purchase more inventory or choose not to purchase more inventory - I don't purchase to win prizes or hit "star". I only purchase when I have earned enough to put in an order.

    I could go on and on.

    Smartinpink, I started with an $1800 order. I charged it and then IMMEDIATELY opened a card that offered a 0% interest rate for transfers for 12 months. I am currently paying $200 a month (out of my profit) to pay this off. 8 more months to go!

    My Director has encouraged me to "build" my inventory. I am not. I choose (there's that word again) to replace what I sell, rather than build.

    You'll pay it down - try the transfer idea - that might give you more time and less anxiety.

    As for holiday - I just added everything up and had just around a $1400 month. I did not go and peddle to businesses, I did not do huge baskets, I did not call every single customer, I did contact at few husbands and sold gift certificates, offered to put together the class gifts for teachers, etc. . . . I kind of did it my way (do I hear a song).

    Anyway, I'm not blind. I DO see the concerns about the MK opportunity. Really, I do.
    I'm not going for a car. I'm going for the cash. I have one member on my team and I encourage her to make her own choices as well in MK.

    But, I DO have a CHOICE as to how to run my business.

    I'm longwinded. Sorry!

  10. GOOD EVENING ALL!!! Well, the hubby is home from Iraq and that is GREAT!!

    I am with Shades on this one. I believe that Christmas is a time of being with family and no work. So...Christmas to me is about my Saviors birth. I don't even think about MK on Christmas Day. I am telling you those over at pink untruth are really looney and I mean that in the nicest way possible.

    They are so caught up in MK that they are still talking about it this Christmas. And they are saying that they are forgetting who are they kidding?

    Well, I hope that everyone has a BLESSED CHRISTMAS AND KEEP CHRIST IN IT.

  11. So happy to hear your hubby is home safe for the holidays, Pink Bren!

    Merry Christmas, all!

  12. speaking the real truthDecember 23, 2007 at 5:11 PM

    Pink Bren, that is wonderful news that your hubby is home safe and sound. Those are the kinds of things that matter most.

    Welcome love4mk. You are showing that we really do control our own businesses. Your holiday ideas are reasonable and work. Congratulations on your sales.

    Smart in Pink. I would try to find a buddy to trade with until you pay down some of your debt and only use your proceeds for reordering when you need to. Are you doing a split of any kind with your money? You also might consider a Jan. sale on in stock items if your main goal is to pay off the debt and then use all of the sales money to sock at the debt. Holding appointments though is the best solution. The more that you sell, the more that you have towards the debt, and when you get with ladies for appts., they often buy $100+ each at a time, rather than the smaller orders that you get from working the Look Book.

  13. Thanks all it is GREAT to have him home. Hasn't been home for Christmas in 3 years and the girls are really happy. So this is a GREAT Christmas already.

    Oh one more thing my director's husband went to the Mayo clinic for a 5 bypass and they came home back to Texas and he is now in the hospital with a staph infection, and blood clots in his lungs. For those of you that Pray will you please for them. He has been a friend of our family for about 37 years. He is my dad's best friend and he really needs a touch from the LORD! Thanks in advance.

    Have a very Merry Christmas

  14. Praying for your director's husband, Pink Bren!

  15. I truly hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    But... a quick comment on the topic


    Requalification on Car... Done
    Production for December .... Done
    Personal Retail Sales Goal ...Done
    Wholesale Goal................Done
    Star Consultant (diamond).....Done
    Deliveries done..............Done
    Parties/facials booked
    for January .................Done

    Oh my, guess I don't have to worry about anything until after January 1 except spending time with my awesome family and being grateful for everything I have.

    Because of having my flexibility things to do this week:
    Eat too much, ice skating with family, trip to drive and enjoy the sites on Candy Cane Lane, Midnight Mass, shopping with daughter and friend for after Christmas bargins. Friends, family, and when I can't find something fun to do, it is the best time to regroup and clean the house!

    And in case we do get visiters from PT that think it is necessary, when I go to family get togethers and parties, I am "off". I don't satin hands everyone in the bathroom or try to book, etc... to surprise all PTers there are times I would like to just relax. I don't want or need to be "on" at all times.

  16. I believe that most experience come from which director and national sales director you have. I joined MK 5 years ago and currently not working MK now and havent been all year. My director still contacts me, without mentioning mk at all.

    From other MK'ers, I think we had an acceptional MK family. We ate lunch and went on weekend getaways with my director. We had lunch and dinner with my national sales director (grand ma) and I have even went to the house of my senior national sales director (great grandma) several times and went on vacation with her.

    I will say on the other side of things that it was stressful. Going to fast and before I new it I was in qualifications for director, wow! I didn't want that, so I backed out gracefully. And that was ok with my director.

    Some people say that they are fake (MK'ers). I dont think so. When I had a bad day or I was being too negative, I went to a meeting and I felt like a new person. My family helped me stay positive and I love them for that.

    I would say before you sign, go to a meeting and see how they run. If it feels like an AA Meeting or a boring weight watchers meeting, dont sign with that group. You need to have fun, fun, fun and if you dont, I dont think it is worth it.

  17. Well... I have to admit, this year I took the month off. Yep. I said the month. :) I have been focusing on recharging my batteries for a kick-bootay Jan-Jun and mainly, I just felt like I needed a break. So... I CHOSE to take one!! Now that is not to say I did not work at all... in fact, those darn clients (joking - I LOVE my clients) had the audacity to call and email and web order and whatnot throughout the month! But that is FABULOUS!!

    Still in taking the month off:

    Q1 Requalification on Car... Done by 12/15
    Production for December .... Done by 12/15
    Personal Retail Sales Goal ...Done - errr... well... I did not have one for December... LOL - BAD INFLUENCE!!
    Wholesale Goal................Done & then some
    Star Consultant (just Sapphire this time around - taking time off does mean some sacrifice).....Done
    Deliveries ..............Done
    Parties/facials booked
    for January ................. OOPS... guess I will have some catch up to do first week in January, but hey - 1 hour on the phone and that will be DONE!

    Oh, I did do an open house too. :)

    Not quite as rockin' as mk4me but hey, not bad for taking some time off. :) Like mk4me said, I do not live and breath MK. It is my job - like any other job I have had except with far more benefits!

    Have an incredible new year!!!

  18. Hi everyone! I hope you all felt the Happy Christmas wishes I sent your way! No time to visit the blog lately though, been doing damage control ever since my husband came home early from work on Dec 22nd and announced that he had quit and given his boss 6 weeks to find a new chef!

    My Christmas with MK was very much as Christmas without MK. I, too, CHOSE not to do anything MK-related so that I could focus on my family. Two of my sisters wished for Satin Hands sets and I was happy to oblige;)

    I noticed that my inventory is close to depleted, so I sent off an order for things I know my customers will want in January (using money I made in Nov), and accidentally qualified for a free perfume from the company and a brush set from my SD. Christmas bonus for me!

    My SD wanted us all to use this week to find new customers by calling around and wishing old friends a Happy New Year, but I don't feel comfortable doing that. If I suddenly call someone after several years of not talking, I want it to be only about our relationship. I get enough customers that I don't have any personal connection with previously. Maybe I'm missing out on a bit of income, but it's worth it, always feeling comfortable with what I do.

    Now I'm off to think up some good resolutions for 2008!

    Holiday hugs from Sweden!

  19. Hey Myst! Don't you just love being able to make the decision you made? I, too did an open house but choose to do no classes, did a couple of casual facials but I too wanted a little down time too. And oh so true, those pesky little clients (who I just love) just kept calling and emailing orders. I do alot of mailing with self addressed stamped envelopes, oh, I am going to so love getting the mail next week!!

    This week, my daughter's boyfriend is home on leave between basic and mos school (new marine) will be home until January 2. My stepson came home on leave from his duty station (another Marine) and will be home until the 10th. Kids are on school vacation...So we are just doing so much family stuff. It is so awesome. Oh, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS BUSINESS.

    Oh, just realized, I am also on target for Court of Sales - totally done because I needed the product. I even had to put in an order a couple of days ago because I absolutely couldn't wait until after the new year.

    ** Matilda** hello over the Ocean!

    to all Have a Very Happy and Blessed New Year!!!

    Christmas was the best and it was paid for in cash, not one dime went on a credit card and hubby was a little tight had some medical bills not covered with insurance and I was able to tell him not to sweat it, I would take care of it this year. What a great feeling. You can really have it all and do it honestly and ethically.

  20. speaking the real truthDecember 30, 2007 at 6:21 PM

    okay, I like this reporting in thing:

    Car requalifications-Done (mid Nov.)

    On Target for Court of Sales-Done (early in Dec.)nad needing to order again now!

    On Target for Unit Circle-Done

    Bronze Medal for the month-Done

    Pearl Star-Done

    Bookings for Jan.-4 parties and more to call so far!

    This all while having my family here one weekend, my hubbies family here another weekend, son out of school since Dec. 20th, one trip back to my hometown, room mom for little one (putting together party), organizing brunch at church, attending church play and banquet, whew, I feel tired thinking back on the month! And, I've hardly done anything the last week because hubby and little one were both home.

    Christmas with MK, I Love it!

  21. speaking the real truthDecember 30, 2007 at 6:22 PM

    CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF YOU WHO ARE CARRYING ON MARY KAY'S VISION. I am glad that we've found a place to speak out our truth for others to read. This business works and kudos to all of you for your hard work.

    MK4ME, are you attending Leadership?

  22. STRT, I am putting my registration in tomorrow. But my stepson is schedule for two surgeries in January. One was suppose to be last week but do to an emergencey at the hospital and had to reschedule, so once I get the surgery dates, I will decide. I really want to go but if he is in the hospital or just discharged I wouldn't be able to leave him anyway, especially once the let him leave the hospital, I will be his primary care person again.

    Will keep you posted, it would be great to be able to meet. If it didn't happen at Leadership, What Seminar affiliation are yOU>

    Pink dreams, got to get some sleep!


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