Saturday, December 1, 2007

Most recent poll.

Results of the most recent poll.

Thank you to the 22 people that voted.

Still need ideas guys... What questions should I ask? Don't make me beg.

There has got to be some questions that you want answers to.


  1. What is your largest SCC, dollar wise, to date?

  2. well the problem I have is that I dont book on the spot so I get names, then its calling them and trying to get them to commit to a time and date. people cancel on you which I know is normal, so in this day and age is there a better way to sell the product, get names without having to lose so much time.

    Its always interesting to hear from people to see whats working for them, and what they are doing to be consistent in their business.
    I always read about consultants who signed up to earn $50 a week but ended up doing so well, or people who are working other JOBs and have found time to make the MK profitable, what are their tricks?
    I want to know

  3. Judi, anon,

    thanks for your suggestions, and I will hopefully implement them into the main posts, but I need multiple choice questions for the poll.

    Judi, any suggestions on dollar amounts for multiple choice?


    Would that seem about right?

    It seems like a good question, I just want to make sure I create a range that gives us an accurate picture of what people have achieved.

    If everyone that starts gets at least a $500 class, I would be wasting the low range.

    If no one ever sells more than $500 in one class, I would be wasting the high end.

    Based on what I think my wife averages and peaks at I think this would be a good range... any thoughts?

    thanks both of you.

  4. Anonymous, something that really works for me is this system:

    When I call all my guests before the SCC, I ask them to bring their calendars. At the class, I then book preliminary dates/times with as many of them as I can (if they absolutely don't want to, that's fine of course). I try to book them two weeks into the future, and then make an agreement with them that I'll call one week in advance to see if their guests are ok with that date/time, otherwise we'll change it. This still results in a few SCCs not happening, but then you'll know in advance, and you'll have a chance to reschedule.

    My best way of getting them to book (besides always offering Satin Hands if they have 3 new guests) is to tell them when the SCC begins that this is only the first time we'll see each other. That after the SCC, we'll be looking at individual appointments for them to go through either makeup or special products (whatever suits their needs, such as the eye revitalizer, microdermabrasion etc).

    That way, they already know that this is the beginning of a professional relationship with their personal consultant, not a hit-and-run by a greedy salesperson. That way, they're already prepared when I tell them to take out their calendars. I ask them: "What is interesting to you when we meet next time, makeup or specialized skincare?" We make a one-hour appointment. Then I ask if she would like me to reserve two hours directly after her appointment, in case she finds 3-5 guests for a SCC of her own to host. "Well, why not, I can at least try! I do love the hand set !", is the most common answer.

    Good luck trying my system!

  5. David, I'm sorry but the questions I want answered can't be answered by polls...

    Also, sorry for hijacking this topic with my tips, but I love to help!

  6. Matilda,

    I don't mind at all.

    Requesting and offering advice is what this site is all about.

    If you have questions that can't be answered by polls, ask them here. I am sure that someone will be willing to offer some advice or an opinion!


  7. how much inventory did you begin with?

    how many customers do you have?

    what career level are you?

    did you already ask some of these, if not they might be good

  8. fp

    good suggestions

    look for some of those soon.

    keep em coming guys


  9. I'd like to know what you meant on somecallmeduh's blog by aiding and abedding a known felon. What were you referring to there?

  10. FreeFromPT:

    I was referring to myself.

    I was inviting anyone on somecallmeduh to help me by letting the good folks of PT know that I was not responding because I was banned.(aiding and abetting a known felon because that is how I was treated on PT... a known felon)

    just trying to be funny ;)

    thanks for stopping by!


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