Monday, September 28, 2009

Review of the Fall/Holiday Products

I had my quarterly open house this past weekend. I am always able to get a pretty good indication of which new and limited edition products are going to sell the best from the Look Book. I see alot of people in the two days and get alot of feedback and I watch what sells or goes on their "wish lists". So here goes:

The sets of Gingerspice and Peppermint (shower gel & body lotion) were a hit with the price. Many plan on picking them up at the Christmas/Holiday Open House but they were very excited about the $15 dollar price tag. Gingerspice was the def. fav of the two fragrances.

The loose powder eyeshadows were moving. Everyone that tried them absolutely loved the way they went on so smooth and the soft beautiful finish they provided.
The two new regular line lip glosses: Fancy Nancy and Bronze Bliss were well received but Fancy Nancy was the top pick. I would also like to add for anyone that has the Caribean Coral left over from the Coastal Cool Looks, the Fancy Nancy is almost the exact same color (only about one shade different.)

To my surprise, the blush sets sold, I have none left. (Need to get an order in asap because I need more stuff)- I thought that clients would think that the price was too high even though they do receive the blush (3 + shades), the blush brush, and the cosmetic bag) but it was not a deterent for anyone. We discussed it and figured that it was the size of two of our blushes and that would have been $20 dollars and the brush is certainly worth $10 plus they get the cute pink lace cosmetic bag, so all in all it is a fair price.

There was interst in the men's limited edition but it is on the to do list for the December open house.

Serum +C rocked. It was the first item many requested as soon as they walked in because most had already received their Look Books in the mail and couldn't wait to get their hands on it.

Many were excited to be able to get the shower gels and sugar scrubs to match the "spa" line and I had requests for gift baskets for Christmas.

So all in all, I would say we have a very strong Holiday line! Sell, sell, sell. Grand total of my two day open house .... over $3,000! Not bad for having a great time with wonderful folks. It is a rough job but hey, someone's gotta do it! ;)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Price Check

Tube of MK medium coverage foundation: $14. Covers well, wears great, excellent skin tone matching.

Bottle of same amount of L'Oreal or Revlon foundation: $12. Skimpy coverage and is see-thru and shiny by lunch time. Tends to be yellowy or pinky, never really blending perfectly with your color.

That's a two dollar difference. Two dollars! Time for people to stop chanting over and over "MK is so expensive." Sometimes, not always, it costs a buck or two more than drugstore items. Sometimes it costs the same or a bit less. Have y'all looked at drugstore makeup prices these days? They have gone way up, but the quality has not.

Tube of MK lipstick: $13.00.
Tube of Revlon or L'Oreal lipstick: $12.00

One dollar difference. Guess which one lasts longer and is more moisturizing? Hmm? Guess!

MK eyeshadow single: $6.50.
L'Oreal or Revlon eyeshadow single: Usually $7.

Hmmm. Guess which one has better pigmentation, better texture, blends better, lasts longer, and doesn't flake off and irritate your eyes?

Are we starting to see a picture emerging here?

I just got rid of 90% of my drugstore makeup. There are a select few items that stand out, like a liquid eyeliner that is truly waterproof, but those are rarities. I can no longer be bothered with washed out, chalky colors or lipsticks that give me dry lizard lips. I will no longer tolerate foundations that turn shiny and orange. It *doesn't* cost me more to do better. In fact it costs me less because I am no longer throwing stuff away when I discover that it sucks. If a MK product is defective, I can return or exchange it via MK4me no problem.

So instead of believing whatever you hear, everybody please go out and verify. Look at your local and/or online makeup prices. Open up the MK website and compare. (plus, I dare you to find an eye makeup remover that holds a candle to MK's. really.)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Eco Friendly


Published 09.22.09 from Mary Kay Intouch

(I love that the Company is doing there part in "Going Green".)

TimeWise® Miracle Set Bag Update

Independent National Sales Directors and Independent Sales Directors: Earlier this summer, the TimeWise® Miracle Set was updated to include beautiful new pink and black packaging as well as an updated Miracle Set bag. The original 2008 Miracle Set bag material was made from PVC plastic, which is not as environmentally friendly as other plastic materials. After extensive research, we moved to Polypropylene material for the new bag because it is more environmentally responsible.

Based on sales force feedback, a newly redesigned Miracle Set bag will begin to phase in later this fall. You, your area/unit members and your customers will notice several enhancements.

First, the newly designed bag will look more like a gift bag, making it the perfect way to present the best-selling TimeWise® Miracle Set. It will now feature two white ribbons for handles (rather than the threaded, fold-over close of the current version), and it will be smaller in size, similar to the original 2008 Miracle Set bag. These changes will give the bag a more elegant look, be more appealing to your customers and help prevent the bag from being damaged in transportation. The newly redesigned Miracle Set bag will still be made from Polypropylene material, as it supports our efforts to be even more sustainable and green.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New product test

Loose eyeshadow: Pink Organza and Lilac Lace
Lipstick: Passion pink

These shadows are really nice. I wore them to the club last night. First I did Pink Organza over my whole eye area, then I blended some Crystalline over the brow area, then Coal in the crease and outer quarter, blended well, put some Lilac Lace over the lid only, added a little more Coal, blended again. Lined with Coal. Filled in eyebrows with Espresso. Added waterproof mascara. At the end of the night, even after dripping sweat all over the dance floor, I still looked good and did not have smudges.

Passion Pink is a cool pink of course. It seems designed for cool skin tones. If you have warm tones to your skin, you might want to blend this with something like a warmish lip gloss. That's what I ended up doing, and then it looked good on me.

Later I will try the gingerbread lipstick and the cashmere shadow.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Product Review

MK Liquid Medium Coverage Foundation.

First of all, I actually get full coverage with this, whatever it may say. I hid a zit breakout and a mosquito bite on my jaw with one moderate layer. Ivory 100 will be my winter color.

This foundation is very natural looking despite the good coverage. Matte finish, not oily in the slightest. Skin looks soft, even toned, and porcelain perfect. Color match is awesome. NOT orange. Blends in fabulously. Looks and feels very high-end. You can use powder, and probably will, but it is not necessary to set the foundation. Doesn't disappear/change color/get patchy or shiny as the hours go by. I tested it at the club last night under the harshest conditions: Sweat, smoke, people hugging me, etc.

Highly recommended.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009



I just found out the Women's Center in my small town (which was in danger of having to close) received 1 of the 150 grants the Foundation just distributed. The grant was for $20,000. Wow, this is so totally cool. Knowing a few of the employees and volunteers and knowing it serves such an important need in the community, what a blessing that they received the money and now have some much needed relief to continue to help those in need. I feel so proud to be part of such a wonderful Company!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Results for the New Serum +C

WOW! They say, "A pictue is worth a thousand words".

This is an actual picture of director who used the new Serum + C on one side of her face and not theother for 9 days! Wow, doesn't take much to figure out what side she used the product on. Great for marketing the product. I love this product and it smells good too.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Customer Service


What Miranda said is so true, weather changes can bring about skin changes, make sure you check with your clients to see if their skin care is working for them or if you need to make adjustments. If you don''t help educate your clients on the seasonal changes and either changing a piece or supplementing a product, they may feel Mary Kay just isn't working for them any more and look for something else.

A classic example is someone that is combo/oily in the summer and uses both 3/1 c/o and moisturizer c/o may start feeling dry as the weather turns, simply changing the 3/1 cleanser to the n/d and leaving the moisturizer the same could be just enough to have their skin feeling balanced again. Not enough, then they could go to both n/d products for the winter. If they would prefer not to change supplementing the oil free hydrating gel could be just the fix.

If someone is already dry they may want to add the intense moisture cream for the colder weather to keep them from feeling dry. It is up to us to gain this education on our products and then it is our responsibility to make sure we keep our clients happy and their skin looking and feeling great. Not taking care of your clients will cause them to go else where.

As for the "papers" Miranda was talking about Mary Kay has a great product for absorbing oil without hampering your make up. They are called Beauty Blotters - thay will lift the oil off your skin and leave your makeup perfectly in place.
Take care of your clients and they will stay your clients. Read about your products in the product guide and MKintouch. Knowing your products ensures you can suggest what will work best for your clients.

When in doubt and can't find a good answer in your guide or from your director? The medical relations department at MK is awesome and will give you suggestions and information that will aid you in keep your client happy. Learning about our products is our responsibility, the products do not sell themselves, we must market them but if we don't know what we are marketing, it makes it hard to sell. Knowing your products and their benefits will make the difference in how well you sell the products.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Weather Change = Skincare Change

Here where I live I can definitely see (and feel) that the weather is getting cooler and drier already. Time to get our cold weather products! MK4ME, I have an email in to you inquiring about the liquid foundations. I'm trying to choose between medium or full coverage.

Time to moisturize! Even if you're oily. There are blotting papers on the market everywhere to soak up extra oil without wrecking your makeup, so don't skimp on hydrating your skin. Dryness = wrinkles! Don't forget your neck, chest, and cleavage area. Moisturize the heck out of all that. Your partner will thank you. ;) Exfoliate your legs before shaving, moisturize after. Am I a bad feminist for shaving? lol I don't care, I am NOT going around being a hairy monkey woman. :P

And if your eyes water in the wind, get waterproof mascara if you don't already have it.

My summer just went by in a flash. *sigh* and I will be 41 years old this Sunday.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Happy Labor Day Weekend!


Will try to get a thought provocating article up soon, having too much fun this weekend! September is going to be an awesome MK month though, things are hopping already! Book those fall appointments and get ready for the Holiday selling season, you need to market yourself as a gift giving service..

Have a safe, fun, end of summer, Holiday weekend!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Something to thing About...


Love these!

"Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it." - Lou Holtz (In case you don't know he was the football coach for Notre Dame).

“It's too bad that stupidity isn't painful.” ~Amberella Anton LaVey

"When you realize you've made a mistake, make amends immediately. It's easier to eat crow while it's still warm." ~Dan Heist

The elevator to success is out of order. You'll have to use the stairs... one step at a time. ~Joe Girard

Success is simply a matter of luck. Ask any failure. ~Earl Wilson

Tuesday, September 1, 2009



Some people sit – some people try;
Some people laugh – some people cry;
Some people will – some people won’t;
Some people do – some people don’t.
Some people believe and develop a plan;
Some people doubt – never think that they can;
Some people face hurdles and give it their best;
Some people back down when faced with a test.
Some people complain of their miserable lot;
Some people are thankful for all that they’ve got;
And when it’s all over — when it comes to an end —
Some people lose out and some people win.
We all have a choice — we all have a say;
We are spectators in life or we get in and play;
Whichever we choose — how we handle life’s game;
The choices are ours — no one else is to blame.

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