Thursday, September 24, 2009

Eco Friendly

Published 09.22.09 from Mary Kay Intouch

(I love that the Company is doing there part in "Going Green".)

TimeWise® Miracle Set Bag Update

Independent National Sales Directors and Independent Sales Directors: Earlier this summer, the TimeWise® Miracle Set was updated to include beautiful new pink and black packaging as well as an updated Miracle Set bag. The original 2008 Miracle Set bag material was made from PVC plastic, which is not as environmentally friendly as other plastic materials. After extensive research, we moved to Polypropylene material for the new bag because it is more environmentally responsible.

Based on sales force feedback, a newly redesigned Miracle Set bag will begin to phase in later this fall. You, your area/unit members and your customers will notice several enhancements.

First, the newly designed bag will look more like a gift bag, making it the perfect way to present the best-selling TimeWise® Miracle Set. It will now feature two white ribbons for handles (rather than the threaded, fold-over close of the current version), and it will be smaller in size, similar to the original 2008 Miracle Set bag. These changes will give the bag a more elegant look, be more appealing to your customers and help prevent the bag from being damaged in transportation. The newly redesigned Miracle Set bag will still be made from Polypropylene material, as it supports our efforts to be even more sustainable and green.


  1. Yeah. I REALLY dislike the new bags and don't actually use them.

    In fact, I don't give bags t'all.

    My goal is to get some brown paper gift bags with a handle, plus an "M" and "K" stamp. I'll stamp MK in pink on the bag.

    I just can't justify giving a plastic shopping bag when we are "pink going green". Most customers don't want the bag, so it saves me money! No need to purchase them.

    I AM, however, still using the old Miracle Set bags for product orders and the new for recruiting and hostess information.

  2. When I was in, I used the pink plastic bags. I don't remember what they cost though. But by all means if you have a more economical method that works well, that sounds like a good plan.

    I wonder how many customers are reusing their bags. I always get plastic for everything I buy, because I store them to reuse, and my mother found out long ago that if you store paper bags (except in a tightly enclosed container) that cockroaches will come in and eat the glue that holds the bags together and infest your place. Nice bags like these MK ones get reused for work lunches; grocery store bags become trash bags and kitty pan cleaning bags. But if ppl just immediately toss them then that would be a waste.


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