Friday, September 18, 2009

Product Review

MK Liquid Medium Coverage Foundation.

First of all, I actually get full coverage with this, whatever it may say. I hid a zit breakout and a mosquito bite on my jaw with one moderate layer. Ivory 100 will be my winter color.

This foundation is very natural looking despite the good coverage. Matte finish, not oily in the slightest. Skin looks soft, even toned, and porcelain perfect. Color match is awesome. NOT orange. Blends in fabulously. Looks and feels very high-end. You can use powder, and probably will, but it is not necessary to set the foundation. Doesn't disappear/change color/get patchy or shiny as the hours go by. I tested it at the club last night under the harshest conditions: Sweat, smoke, people hugging me, etc.

Highly recommended.


  1. When I want to have a "perfect", "flawless" finish, I have used a layer of medium coverage foundation, gave it a chance to dry then touch up any spots that I want a little more coverage, let it dry, and then go over the whole face with a layer of the mineral powder foundation, and bammmm... killer finish..... and it wears all day....

    and doesn't feel heavy.

  2. 607 medium coverage is one of my favorite products. u r right, combine this with the mineral powder and it is flawless.

    the tinted moisturizer in bronze plus mineral powder also looks flawless on me as well


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