Friday, September 25, 2009

Price Check

Tube of MK medium coverage foundation: $14. Covers well, wears great, excellent skin tone matching.

Bottle of same amount of L'Oreal or Revlon foundation: $12. Skimpy coverage and is see-thru and shiny by lunch time. Tends to be yellowy or pinky, never really blending perfectly with your color.

That's a two dollar difference. Two dollars! Time for people to stop chanting over and over "MK is so expensive." Sometimes, not always, it costs a buck or two more than drugstore items. Sometimes it costs the same or a bit less. Have y'all looked at drugstore makeup prices these days? They have gone way up, but the quality has not.

Tube of MK lipstick: $13.00.
Tube of Revlon or L'Oreal lipstick: $12.00

One dollar difference. Guess which one lasts longer and is more moisturizing? Hmm? Guess!

MK eyeshadow single: $6.50.
L'Oreal or Revlon eyeshadow single: Usually $7.

Hmmm. Guess which one has better pigmentation, better texture, blends better, lasts longer, and doesn't flake off and irritate your eyes?

Are we starting to see a picture emerging here?

I just got rid of 90% of my drugstore makeup. There are a select few items that stand out, like a liquid eyeliner that is truly waterproof, but those are rarities. I can no longer be bothered with washed out, chalky colors or lipsticks that give me dry lizard lips. I will no longer tolerate foundations that turn shiny and orange. It *doesn't* cost me more to do better. In fact it costs me less because I am no longer throwing stuff away when I discover that it sucks. If a MK product is defective, I can return or exchange it via MK4me no problem.

So instead of believing whatever you hear, everybody please go out and verify. Look at your local and/or online makeup prices. Open up the MK website and compare. (plus, I dare you to find an eye makeup remover that holds a candle to MK's. really.)


  1. ROTFLMAO, Miranda you rock! What an awesome testimonial. Thank you for being willing to keep an open mind and tryng the products again. I want to expand on what you have started. I have never "pushed" or sold, hounded, or bugged M - she has asked about a few products, sent her a few samples, if she likes it great, if she doesn't no biggey. She tries it and forms her own opinion.

    I don't think she has ever felt pressured, "STALKED", and guess what, we can talk about other things besides MK...

    we live several states apart but because I choose to carry inventory, I don't think she has ever waited more than 2 - 3 days to receive her orders. I even did a little experiement with the Delivery Service MK started - we did part of her order with the service and a portion I shipped, she actually received the one I shipped a few days before the one from MK.

    so, I guess there are really clients out there buying MK from non pushy, non- kaybots who actually like and appreciate the value and quality of MK products.

    ps Miranda, I have two Cranberry Ice (found a consultant that had them on the shelf) and asked if I could please take them off her hands on so whenever you want your "fav" color, it will be here! :)

  2. AMEN.

    I have clients who give me the same spiel about how "overpriced" some MK products are. I've looked at prices of drugstore brands and department store brands and we're not more expensive.

    Can you buy cheaper products? ABSOLUTELY. But the key word is "cheaper" meaning poor quality as well as lower cost.

    You can't try before you buy at the drugstore.

    Neither the drugstore nor the department store will give you a fat discount or freebies if you show up with 2+ girlfriends.

    No one can match Mary Kay's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. It's not for 14 or 30 days. It's for the shelf life of the product and that's 2-3 YEARS.

    Yes, the department store brands run coupons in the paper that will bring the cost of their products down, but I let my customers use those coupons on like Mary Kay items (lipstick coupon for lipstick, etc.).

  3. Miranda thanks for that comparison! Its so true and coming from a someone who is not in Mary Kay makes it that much more valid. One of the things that makes our prices and service that much better than everyone elses is our 100% guarantee plus the product replacement program. I never hesitate to let a customer know that she can bring something back to me, becaue I know I will not lose anything in the process. MK will send me a replacement product ASAP in its place. I can get the same product or something of equal value, so my inventory does not suffer if someone returns something.
    I have used this service about 8 times since joining MK and I have been in over 10 years. I have never had any problem with it and I encourage all consultants to use all the tools available to them in order to provide great customer service.

  4. Something else the oil free makeup remover does: Get printer toner off your hands. Now if only it could fix my printer for me. :/

  5. This is probably one of the most sane postings I have ever seen on an a pro or anti MK board! You are telling the people to go check for themselves! Kudos to you Miranda even if you didnt like MK you at least have the facts put out here for all of us to see.

  6. I know this post is old, but I wanted to comment on the eye makeup remover; it removes other kinds of makeup two-year-old got into my lip gloss at my sister's house this weekend, and he smeared it all over her guest bedroom wall. I got paper towels with water, and it did nothing. I had the eye makeup remover in my bag, and I gave it a try. My sister will never know!


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