Saturday, May 31, 2008

The So-Called "Mary Kay Husband Story"

Man, my blogging job gets easier and easier!

Here's another jewel from PT:

(This content has been temporarily removed. A DMCA complaint has been filed by Tracy Coenen alleging that this content violates or infringes on her copyrights. This temporary removal of content does not represent a concession that the material infringes. Please stay tuned for updates as they become available. Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.)

-Admin -

Here are a few comments/observations I had:
  • He quit his job because MK was supposed to be their primary support? Huh? Did he not know how much she was making and if they could make it on that amount? The money "soon started to run short" - What happened?
  • Directors, help me out - a $680 payment on the Caddy? What kind of production did this woman have? (Or not have)
  • So is he bailing because she isn't making money or what? Is he blaming Mk for the divorce?

This whole post is hinky to me. Just doesn't sound like something a guy would write. I don't know of any guy that is going to up and quit his job and be Mr. Mom without a LOT of proof that the bills are going to be paid and the money is going to come in. Even then, I can't see it. Call me old-fashioned or whatever, but I just don't see it.

Thoughts, everyone?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What do Mary Kay inc. and Ford Motor Co. have in common?

I read something today that made me smile. It was the kind of smile you get when you see something that confirms something that you have known, something that you have tried to explain to others, and yet something that they can not understand EVEN IF they could see what you were looking at.

Curious? Good. Read on.

I was reading a Time article: "Ford No Longer Expects '09 Rebound" and was almost to the end when I stumbled on this intriguing paragraph.

"Production cuts hurt revenues, because automakers book vehicles as sold once they leave the factory."

Since this blog's inception, and more so since the addition of Shay as an author, we have often pointed out the many times that Pink Truth decries standard business operating procedures as dark, devious schemes perpetrated by the insidious beast Mary Kay.

One such business practice (across most product distribution industries) is considering an item "sold" once it has been shipped from the factory. What the distributor does with it from there is their business. So it is with Ford, so it is with Mary Kay.

I know this is nothing new or groundbreaking for most of the readers here, but hopefully some of the intelligent readers on that site will begin to see the twisted, illogical reasoning that makes that site so indigestible and migrate over here so that we can get some of their perspectives in the mix here.

Building an ethical business

I have a short quote from the post on PT today:

"Written by PinkPeace

I'm a liar. Or more precisely, I was a liar – a big one. There are few things worse to be. You can't trust a liar; everything she says and does is suspect. A liar ultimately only has her own interests at heart, and a liar is responsible for leading others into bad decisions.

I didn't start out that way. Although I was prone to exaggeration sometimes, and could tell a little white lie...."

The post goes on to whine about how evil Mary Kay is and how MK corrupted her character. Yeah, right. PinkPeace, by her own admission, told "little white lies" and "was prone to exaggeration". So how can Mary Kay be made to be the bad guy in all of this?

Oh, yeah. I forgot. No one on PT is at fault. They lie, cheat, etc., but that is NOT their fault. Mary Kay is the one that made them bad girls, and as soon as they lefy MK they their pure white selves re-emerged. Right. (And the ones who stay in Mary Kay because they are supposedlyt still reaping the benefits of all that cheating and lying they did in the past....well, that's okay, right?? They are all better now that they post on PT. Right. Bleh.)

Anyway, I know from the ones who post here that doing business in an honest, ethical fashion is not the exception - it is the norm!

I would love to hear from all of you doing your business the right way. The way it is supposed to be done.

Directors, Team Leaders, consultants, etc. -
  • How are you finding new customers?
  • How many classes are you booking?
  • How are you providing great customer service?
  • How have you achieved the level you are now?
  • What kinds of plans/goals do you have for achieving the next level?
  • How do you help/support/encourage your team members?
  • What advice do you have for other IBC's?
  • What gets you motivated?

AND, what would you say to a potential recruit if she said:

  • "I have heard from this website I read that it is impossible to do Mary Kay as a business without being dishonest."

How would you answer that?

Monday, May 26, 2008

But what have you done for me lately?

Thanks to "speaking the real truth" for this post-

This is prompted by the posts on the other site about the "stupid prizes". I'll admit that there are some out there, but I've received lots of prizes from Mary Kay that I have really enjoyed.

The key to the prize thing is to remember that it is a bonus, the real win is growing your business and the earnings that come from selling and recruiting & training others. Prizes are EXTRAS. With that in mind though, there are some that do add value. Especially when it is something I was going to purchase anyway.

Being a director, I've already received next quarters prize brochure. I was curious about what one of the items was, so I looked around online. While there, I thought to myself that I would just check out the value of some of the other offerings. I found it interesting since the other site is constantly talking about the "cheap prizes", etc.

Next quarter some of the choices will be:

Apple Ipod Classic, retails for $249
Michael Kors Travel Tote-similar bags found online for $378
Roomba IRobot-$149
Leadership Registration-$175 (while this might not cost the company much, it would save me $175)
Bed Head Flat Iron and Blow Dryer-$100+
Copper Fire Pit-$149
Red Patent Leather Handbag-similar bags started at a low of $59
Chic Buds Ear Buds-$49

There are some offerings from the different categories. I just found it interesting that the other site only lists the ones that fit their criteria to prove that the prizes are worthless. I offer the above in rebuttal.

Some are cheap, some are not. Some I care nothing about, some I love.

What do all think?

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Most Recent Poll

Good response to the age question! And what an even grouping up and down the spectrum.

One of the things that I love and find fascinating about the faceless anonymity of the internet (particularly on blogs like this one) is that you can truly get a sense of what it is like to interact with someone without having any of the usual preconceived notions about them. Racism, ageism, et. al tend to be reduced or done away with and you are left with simply the "meat" of a persons thoughts and feelings.

As such, and because I have always loved making people guess my age before I tell them, I invite you all to paint a picture of how you picture me. That's right, I want to know, based on your interaction with me on THIS blog what you imagine I might look like. How old do you think I am? What race/ethnicity am I? How do I style my hair? What kind of clothes do I wear? I want to know... If you saw me in "real life" would you recognize me?

For those of you that don't already know what I HAVE revealed about myself, I am a husband of a Mary Kay Beauty consultant. So at least you know I am not a woman, and I am married - so I am probably not a 13 year old! Other than that, I have kept it purposely vague and I want to see if you, my readers, have been able to pick up on subtle clues that I have laid down, intentionally or otherwise, that would give an accurate or inaccurate picture of who I am.

I am curious who will be brave enough to start this out - or if everyone will be to afraid of offending me, or being wrong to actually get this 'experiment' started!

Please humor me - and have fun with this!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Personal responsibility

Gather 'round, Boys and Girls, and listen to a story by Auntie MKShay.

Once upon a time there was a Princess. She had a Handsome Husband, beautiful home and nice cars.

There was something else she had, though, from time to time: bruises.

Yes, Handsome Husband had a tendency (not often, just once in an while) to smack the Princess around a bit.

The Princess gave the usual excuses:

"He doesn't mean it."
"He is stressed about losing his job."
"He feels really badly about it afterwards."

Finally, the King (who lived in a Land far away from the Princess) heard about what had been going on with the Princess. He found out that his Princess had been hurt, but she had gone back to the Handsome Husband 3 times after staying for a few days in a shelter for battered princesses.

He sent a Messenger to the Princess with his Royal Decree:

"At some point, if you keep going back, you are no longer a victim. You are an active participant."

What does this have to do with Mary Kay? Glad you asked. :o)

There has been a lot of talk lately about personal responsibility lately in response to the posts on PT. Many of the PT posters are crying about being "victims" - but are they really?

You know the old saying: "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me"? Getting talked into starting with $3000 in inventory is one thing, but ordering month after month after month and stacking inventory on the shelves is quite different!

I am hard on the PTers that made bad choices month after month after month and then blame MK for their problems. I admit it. It drives me crazy. They still blame MK years after the fact - and never accept their part of the situation.

I am hard on PTers that were dishonest, cheated and lied to their team while in MK and then blame MK for their wrongdoing. I admit it. It drives me crazy. I don't see how someone can blame a company for their dishonesty month after month, year after year.

There are times when I use not-so-gentle language when referring to these people. I admit it. It drives me crazy. I am hoping that some tough love might wake them up!

Mary Kay is a business. Plain and simple.

I have a friend who had a business in California 10 years ago. She made millions a year in revenue. Then, in her 4th year, because of some changes in CA law, the company went under. She filed bankruptcy to the tune of millions of dalloars in debt.

Then she had a choice. She could give up, join (or start) a blog like and whine for years about how she was a victim of the system; or she could suck it up, learn from experience, and rebuild.

She chose Option B.

My goal is not to get PTers to rejoin MK. Far from it. I think they should be far, far away from anything having to do with MK, because they simply are not meant to be in MK. MK is not for everyone.

My goals are the following:
  • I want to be the voice of reality that they won't find on PT. PTers will hold your hand and say that nothing was your fault - it is all the evil MK Empire's fault. I will say that you need to own your part of whatever you did, learn from it and move on. ("You can't change what you don't acknowledge." Thus saith Dr. Phil.)
  • I want to help provide a balanced view of Mary Kay to those who might be searching online. There is nothing wrong with sharing your experience, but don't blame others for what you did and don't assume that everyone else suffers from your lack of values or judgement.

If you own your part of what you did wrong, then you can grow. You can change. You can heal. You can stop wallowing in the self-pity that accompanies being a victim in your own mind, because you realize that you are the one who controls what happens to you.

In case you haven't figured it out yet, the story at the beginning of this mine.

I am so glad my father did not take a "you poor thing, what a terrible life you have" attitude with me. He helped me see that I was in control of my fate - not the man I was married to. He was tough, and I did not like it! LOL But he made me realize that at some point, you stop being a victim and you start being an enabler. Once you stop being either, you can control your own destiny.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Bright, Shiny, 2006 Red BMW 325i that I PURCHASED...

I believe that the first full time staff position for this blog will have to go to someone willing to just read Pink Truth all day... There are so many "gems" that we are missing out on...

I just popped over there and the comment count on Danibel's post is at 105

the second to last one gave me a good laugh... well more of a chuckle... actually really I just kind of smirked because it wasn't THAT funny... but still I have to point it out...

MKidiotNOmore said:

Yes from qualification $130,000 in wholesale is produced to maintain a vibe. How many of you complaining about this or even those earning them can actually afford to go into the dealership and purchase one and then get a new one every two years. More than likely none of you can.

I'll just take this "opportunity" to tell you that I wouldn't have taken MK's crappy Vibe if they'd have REALLY GIVEN the thing to me for FREE as everyone in MK claims they do. I am currently driving a bright, shiny, 2006 Red BMW 325i that I PURCHASED (note: not leased) - the full coverage (with additional coverages) insurance payments for which (along with my 3 bdrm 2 bath house that I also OWN) run less than $200/month. can keep on striving to achieve the qualifying amount of production and then maintain that $130,000 to drive that Vibe, hun. I'll wave to ya as I zoom on by with the windows down, the radio cranked, and my hair blowing in the wind!
Wed 21 May 11:43

"...look at me, look at me, hands in the air like it's good to be... alive... and i've got a bright, shiny, 2006 Red BMW... "

I think that she is saying that the INSURANCE is $200/month (relevant how?) But this brings me back to my "where is this money coming from?" question from a few days ago.

Assuming she bought her shiny new bimmer in 2006 when it was new she probably dropped 32K on it. (with her obvious penchant for bragging, I am sure that a convertible top would have been mentioned, price based on the current model year pricing for a comparable 3 series, adjusting for inflation, blah, blah, blah) Again, not sure what her house has to do with anything (does Mary Kay offer houses as prizes now as well?) or the insurance but my point is really very simple... If you had/have such a great job, enjoy it so much, and did not enjoy Mary Kay, then it was simply not for you! There are some folks (I see them every day) that have NO car. They ride the bus to their min. wage job and are trying to sustain a meager living and the thought of being offered a car as ADDITIONAL compensation for their sales efforts is a wonderful incentive. If it doesn't "do it" for YOU, then drive your phat ride and take the cash compensation.

What turns me sideways about this (as in, I go, "huh"?) is that there will probably be some anonymous commenter on here (and I mean jumping all over me for this) saying, "but why do you have to 'put down' the VICTIMS?" I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT THE VICTIMS HERE. I am talking about ms. 325i. Unless the Bavarian Motor Works company victimized her as well (I suppose that is quite possible - - can't wait to see the site that develops when they get bored of picking on MK!! - "They told me that image was EVERYTHING and took advantage of the trust that I placed in them because they said they were automotive professionals")

But I digress.

Victim or no, MKidiotNOmore has amazed and stunned me with an attitude that I have encountered everywhere in life (including some of the women I observed at seminar) that simply CANNOT control the urge to shove their earthly possessions in your face (even if what you have is better than what they have)

**I am going to speculate here**

I suspect that MKidiotNOmore was like this BEFORE Mary Kay, she was like this WHILE she was IN Mary Kay, and as we can plainly see she hasn't changed now that she is OUT OF Mary Kay.

**Speculation over**

My boss drives the Mercedes SLK 350 and has a friend who drives a 2000 Saturn (not sure what model). My boss is very modest (though you may be tempted to think otherwise because of the flashy car, you will have to take my word for it, she is very humble) and had not told very many people about her new acquisition. This Saturn driving friend happened to see her walking to her car (Saturn friend was driving by in aforementioned Saturn) and condescendingly remarked, "well at least I OWN my car".

Some people simply NEED to play the "look at me" game.

I am working on a concept for a new reality show (no, I don't have a job doing that, I just fantasize in my little head about what would make better TV than "Are you smarter than a 5th grader" because after a while... c'mon!). One that I think will get massive ratings is putting two people in a room together. For instance, we put Saturn Driver and Ms. 325i together, cameras rolling and see what transpires... call it something like "How high can YOU one-up?"

Ms. 325i, I hope this doesn't get you down. I am sure that you are better than me and everyone on this site in every way. Maybe sometime soon you can give me the privilege of a ride in you shiny red car. Even if it is just around the block.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Danibel has been "escorted from the premises...."

Yes, I was reading on PT today. There are days when I just have to get a good laugh.

As I was reading through the comments (and rolling my eyes), I came across someone who obviously disagreed with the thoughts expressed in the main post. Her name is Danibel.

She posted a short comment and then was pounced upon by the PT mob. Not only did they attack her ideas, but they attacked her spelling - even her name, for crying out loud! And then.....nothing.

No rebuttal, no backing up her statements. Nothing.

This is all cleared up a few comments later by TC. She explained that Danibel had been "escorted from the premises" after Danibel had posted a few scathing comments about (wait for it)...."personal responsibility." (Yeah! I would love to have been able to chime in on that! Oh, no - wait. I can't. I have been banned. Boo hoo.) TC promises that Danibel's comments will be on tomorrow's post. Oh joy!

See, this is my main issue I have on PT. There is no tolerance for anything that remotely resembles a dissenting comment. If you don't chime in with the mob - POOF! - you are banned. No chance to give a rebuttal or to even defend yourself. Yet the PTers are quite liberally allowed to tear this person down with no hope of her being able to comment.

This site is different. We show both sides. We allow differing points of view.

What do you feel about the banning of people from sites (any site - not just PT) simply for not having the same point of view? (Not talking about personal attacks - just for a different point of view.)

When is banning justified? (If ever.)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Time for a new game...

I know this will not be the first time that this has been pointed out, nor will it be the last, but perhaps it is time to make a game of it...

I am talking of course about the ever so exciting "fresh converts" that extol the many wonders and virtues of Pink Truth and their god TC.

So without further delay, let us play... "IS SHE REAL OR FAKE" !!!!

The quirky exciting game where YOU the reader attempt to guess whether the newest disciple of Pink Truth is an actual, honest-to-goodness ex-MK, ex-lurker that has SEEN THE LIGHT and come out of the Pink Fog - OR - just a made up person that exists only in TC's head and now the hearts of many faithful, devoted PT'ers.

For this FIRST installment, I would like to introduce you to "rica82" - safe to assume that that is an anonymous screenname. She says,

"I have been reading this thread for over a year now and have just gotten the courage to post. I have been in Mary Kay 15 years and a director for 4 years. I tried to run my business with integrity using the golden rule but got no where. I was never one to frontload recruits, I just couldn't do it and feel good about myself. I held classes , facials and ran unit meetings. I observed other directors who would recruit anything breathing and frontload and they were the most successful in our area. I always felt that I never said the right words to get it done. So therefore I was a hit and miss director working very hard to maintain production every other month. I just could not do it any more. I left a great paying career in order to pursue directorship and make my dreams come true. I felt so successfull when I achieved directorship and took it very seriously that I was to lead other women there also. I can't believe that I hung on so long and truly believed in the opportunity and believed other top directors and nsd's and believed they were all legit until I had been a director for a while and then you hear the make a way logic and the rumors about other directors and nsd's and you can see the backstabbing to get recruits. It is so saturated in our town that directors would be recruiting other peoples customers etc. to get it done. I just got to the point where I couldn't go on and it was the most painful decision I made to step down from directorship. I didn't feel this bad leaving the career I had for thirty years. I now just service my customers and sell products, no recruiting. I also got us into alot of debt and have been working to pay that off. I want to thank everyone who has posted here at PT as it has helped me so much. Some time later I will post my whole story but for now I just wanted to thank you all and finally got the courage to do it."

Ok, there's the first challenge. And here are the rules.

Clearly state your opinion - Is this a REAL person? OR is this a FAKE person? Indicate your guess with a REAL or a FAKE.

If you feel so inclined (and because this game wont be much fun without it) explain WHY you think that.

Thats it. Rules are simple. There are no prizes because 1. I am cheap and you can get prizes from MK anyway 2. We will probably never know for sure.

Finally, if YOU are rica82, you can hop on into the discussion and defend your "real-ness".

..."Is she REAL or FAKE starts......... NOW"

{cue cheesy game show music}

Oh, what a tangled web we weave.....

"Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive....."

-Sir Walter Scott

I just pulled this little tidbit from a certain site we all know (from a comment, not a post):

"Also...has anyone ever suggested a major strike force on the marykay web sites? kinda like going to the consultant locator and just emailing each site a link to [PT]? How fun that could be...everyone doing it on the same evil, possibly crashing their systems! ha..."


This goes beyond just wanting to tell your story. This is (as the author even admits) "evil."

So, let me get this straight. This person wants to get all of the PTers to misuse the Consultant Locator system so they can cyberharass consultants?

Not that I see PTers banding together to do anything but whine (remember the billboard they were going to purchase? Or that they were going to hand out PT cards at MK events? Hahahahahahaha), but we are talking about sending anti-MK website links to consultants via a MK website they pay for!

Anyone else see anything wrong with this?

PTers - want to explain how this is a good idea?

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Most Recent Poll

For those of you that responded "pink what?", Pink Truth is the website that lies about Mary Kay so much that I decided to start this site as an alternate place where EVERYONE can describe their experience with Mary Kay without fear of being banned.

Where is all this money coming from?

I have been thinking about this for some time, and finally thought it would be appropriate to ask it out loud.

I have read on some other sites (Pink Truth, Pink Lighthouse, etc.) about the interesting predicaments that people got themselves into with Mary Kay.

Most recently for instance, JTA on Pink Truth says,

"And I can’t even begin to imagine the finances. I’ve said before but it bears repeating that I have seen with my own eyes the basement full of product. Boxes and boxes. How does one continue when a person they care so much for is in this situation? If it were a one in a million case, I could have helped her and moved past it. But sadly it is rampant and I could not ignore it any longer."

An unnamed husband writes,

"My wife has been in Mary Kay for 4 years. In that time she has lost over $30K. I had to remortgage the house to keep her from going bankrupt, but still she's back at it. Her credit is going to max again in the next few months. This time I will lose the house. I have a good job, but she's losing it faster than I can make it."

And there are others that have mentioned spending even MORE than this. My question is, "Where did you get all this money in the first place?" Is your husband doing THAT well at his job that you were able to not only NOT make money, but at the same time LOSE tens of thousands of dollars?

To compound the problem, and almost in answer to my question above, many of the "exit testimonials" describe how GREAT their life is now that they can stay at home with their kids all day and "just be a mom". Look, I have no problem with that, AND if you family's finances allow you to do it, I actually recommend it. What better way to raise a child/children than to be right there with them as they grow up?

But this raises a very curious, but so far unasked question. Why did you join MK in the first place? Why did you, upon realizing how much work it was, not stop at that point? And probably the most important question, why do you feel the need (now that you are out) to turn your nose up at the ones that NEED that extra income for their family? It is a sad commentary on your compassion (or lack thereof) that you are willing and able to trump yourself as somehow "better than" just because you and your family had the ability and means to lose thousands of dollars on a venture and then, when you finally "had enough" just quit and go back to "life as usual".

And those of you that went from Mary Kay to your magical "high paying" careers, don't think you are exempt. You are telling me that you were working making 6 figures in the corporate world, you loved your great job and normal hours, but for some reason you left all that completely, jumped into Mary Kay with both feet, AND THEN discovered that Mary Kay was "not for you" or a "horrible trap designed to lure you into debt" so you went back to your lucrative position in Corporate America? I don't necessarily buy into this whole "Obama is an elitist" controversy, but I would say that your attitude definitely stinks of elitism.

Look, if you had something good going before... and you fell for the "grass is greener on the other side" sentiments that we all feel from time to time... then realized that you had it better before, that is GOOD. You learned what some of us like to call a lesson. For some of you it took you years (or decades) and for some of you it cost thousands (or tens of thousands). But why not thank God (or whatever or whomever YOU thank when things go well) that you HAVE that kind of money to "lose" on your education.

Have you ever heard of people spending massive gobs of cash on a college degree (let's say doctor or lawyer just to be super generic) only to realize that they just couldn't handle BEING a doctor or a lawyer? Does that mean that BEING a doctor or lawyer is a BAD thing? Should they start a website called "doctors suck" or "lawyers suck"? Does that mean that all doctors and lawyers are shams that are just "pretending" or "faking it until they make it"?

Listen, you had a bad experience. It probably had a little to do with the people that brought you in. It probably had a little to do with the fact that you really wanted it to be as good as they (the ones that were lying to you because they had been lied to themselves) told you it was. The thing is that most of the people on THIS site and others like it have been trying to tell you that we are truly sorry that happened to you. It is NOT how we operate, it is NOT the way Mary Kay is supposed to be done. We want the people that did this to you to "get busted" just as much as you do. But the bottom line is you are not HELPING anyone by stirring up controversy. If YOU had a bad experience, most likely you KNOW the NAME of the person or people that perpetrated the unethical behavior. REPORT THEM. Call Mary Kay. Tell THEM what happened. Use REAL peoples names, give specific examples, and then move on... "lesson learned". You do not need "PT Therapy". Be thankful that you can spend time with your kids and then SPEND TIME WITH YOUR KIDS instead of spending time telling the anonymous blogosphere how much you love that you COULD be spending time with your kids.

Oh, and since you have SO much money now, I have a great investment opportunity for you... it is a bridge in... never mind, you wouldn't be interested in my stupid bridge.

Honest, ethical Director speaks out

The following is written by Speaking the Real Truth - all I did was copy and paste. :o)

- MKShay


Yes, I am still happy with my MK business. And, I'm not torqued at those here, but at one of the latest posts "over there".

This is what really gets my goat, is when someone over there tells their experience and thing slings it all over the rest of us.

If you want to speak for herself or first hand stories, fine, do so, but leave me and the other thousands of MK consultants and directors that you do not know out of it.

I too was a monthly Miss Go-Give. I too and well liked and respected and plan to become an NSD. But,

-No, I did not fake ANYONE to become a director and do not teach others to do so.-My first line offspring have not faked their units either.

-Yes, I have counseled consultants who I felt were ordering more than they should. I have actually told them to stop ordering until they sell some products!

-No, I have never pumped in large amounts of inventory out of my personal budget to make production...NEVER.

-Yes, I have encouraged another director that I saw doing so to step down, I told her that she wasn't saving anything. (And no, she was not mine, so I was not gaining anything).

-I have counseled my offspring that we do not buy production, we sell enough product to warrant our ordering a significant amount each month, thus taking personal responsibility for our units, setting an example of a successful consultant, and making money at the same time.

-I do not encourage consultants to start with inventory that is over their heads. It's really dumb to do that anyway because a scared, overwhelmed, woman usually does nothing, and like it has been pointed out, it can all be returned. My return rate is very low, and consultants regularly contact me to re-join my unit.

-I am happiest when I know that my consultants are making money and so am I. If you build correctly and train your people correctly, this will be the case. When you help enough women get what they want from their businesses, and they are earning money, unit production takes care of itself. REALLY. That is the way that MK is supposed to work.

Please stop blaming me/us if you and others have bastardized/hijacked the system for your own benefit and now you feel badly about it. We are not all like you. I am glad that you finally got a conscience, but those who are truly repentant, don't need to blame others or sling mud onto others undeservedly.

Fess up for your own crimes, and leave the rest of us out of it please.

My Senior is legit, as is her Sr. and our NSD. I know these women and know the intimate workings of their businesses. They are ethical and they make money, every month. I've been around and I've seen it all, the good, the bad, and the ugly, and there is some in MK, but please stop acting like there is no good or that all of us are bad.

Whew, I feel better now.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Turn your Stimulus Check into a Million Dollar Business!"

Here is a copy of an email I received yesterday:

"Turn Your Stimulus Check Into A Million Dollar Business!

HOW?????? By joining the ABC Widget Millionaire's Club!! We will show you exactly how to turn your US Government Stimulus Check into a Million Dollar Business that will pay you for the rest of your life! Just listen to this short recording at"

Now, this was NOT a MK email. (And, obviously, the company name and website were changed.)

How do you feel reading this?

Do you think that using your Stimulus Check for starting a business (MK or otherwise) is a good idea?

Do you feel like using your SC to invest in inventory, etc., is a good idea?

Do you feel it is terrible for companies to encourage using your SC to start or invest in a business?

Please share your views.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Touch of Pink Cosmetics Lawsuit

I am sure by now that most everyone reading this blog has heard of the lawsuit MK is bringing against Touch of Pink Cosmetics and the Webers.

I have read the lawsuit. 70+ pages of fun, to be sure. (That was sarcasm, BTW).

The suit is mainly about Trademark infringement, but it also brings up several other points as well.
  • The lawsuit alleges that the Webers are knowingly encouraging IBC's to violate the terms of their contracts.
  • Products purchased through ToP are not covered by the MK guarantee, therefore ToP is potentially fostering ill-will for MK with their (ToP) customers. (For example, if a ToP customer wants to return a product to MK, it is not covered, so the result could be ill-will from the customer and damaging to MK's reputation.)
  • ToP also carries non-MK products, and that could be confusing to customers.
  • MK wants ToP's records so MK can find out which IBC's are supplying ToP with merchandise.

I have also read the commentary on the anti-MK sites. The general consensus is that the poor Webers are being wrongly persecuted and MK doesn't have a case.

I disagree on both counts.

Since I am not a lawyer, I am not going to argue the legal strength of the lawsuit. The courts will decide that. There may be readers that have a legal background - by all means, share your views if that is the case.

I will, however, express my views on other matters, since I cannot express them on the anti-Mk sites.

There are 2 things I find puzzling:

  • The Webers are applauded for helping IBC's violate their contracts. Isn't that one of the things the anti-MKers villify Directors for doing?
  • The Webers give 50% of wholesale for products, and they are seen as wonderful; yet MK offers a 90% of wholesale buyback and they are villified for this.

There is more I want to say, but I will post this much so the discussion will get rolling. I will add more later tonight.

Please give your views on this lawsuit, no matter which side you are on.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Honeymoon Phase

Everyone has experienced the thrill of a new venture:
  • New job
  • New car
  • New marriage
  • New business
  • New shoes
  • New jewelry
  • New school
  • New house
  • New apartment

Whenever someone starts something new, he/she runs into 2 groups of people: the happy and the jaded.

When you start a new job, you find 2 groups:

  • "Hey! Glad to meet you! You are going to love it here!"


  • "First day, huh? Wait 'til you've been here a while. You'll hate it."

New marriage? Two groups:

  • "Newlyweds? Wonderful! Those first few years are so much fun! But after a while, you'll enjoy how comfortable you are with each other. That's even better!"


  • "Newlyweds? Sorry to hear that. You have no idea what you are in for. I wish I had never gotten married."

New house? Once again.....

  • "Oh, you just bought a house? Great! Sure beats paying rent every month, doesn't it?"


  • "You just bought a house? Hahahahaha. Hope you like having to pay for all of the repairs and taxes yourself. It sucks."

And so on....

Even if someone still enjoys the job, marriage, etc., after many years, the relationship or enjoyment level changes. The first blush of excitement passes and a more comfortable enjoyment begins. It is familiar, pleasant.

For those who become disenchanted when "the polish is off of the apple," it can be a time of resentment, anger or disappointment.

How would you describe your MK experience? Has it evolved into a pleasant, easygoing relationship? Is it still new to you? Is it a past "relationship" that you don't like to think about?

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Did you forget Mother's Day?

From time to time, Mother's Day sneaks up on all of us and catches us unaware. Maybe not ALL of us. In fact, since I am one of the few guys on here, it may really be JUST me.

So this is only for the small handful of you that just realized Mother's Day is THIS SUNDAY!!! and you have no idea how to get something to that mother that you really care about. (Most likely it is YOUR mother, but perhaps you would like to honor another mother - or your "honorary mother")

Here is the great news. Even if you are on the other side of the country, IT IS NOT TOO LATE!!! - their banner has been at the top of this page for a few months now - can ship most of their flowers on the same day that you order them. I have used FTD flowers many times already and I can personally vouch for the quality of their flowers. Well, not me personally, but I always get a call from MY mom (and yes she reads here) and it is not the canned "oh, you got me flowers" phone call. She is always blown away by how incredible these flowers are.

Now here is the fun part. If you click on the ad below (or the banner at the top of the page) you can save 10% on your purchase. Plus they will usually throw some other great deals at you when you are checking out. So go check them out... maybe send yourself some flowers if you are a mother! Send some flowers to one of your clients that is also a mom. I guarantee you that the value you get will impress you and the recipient of your generosity will be impressed BY you!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's out there.

And Mom, I love you. Happy Mother's Day.

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Good night all

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Well, boys and girls, I am still not up to par, but I had to take a moment and post!

I will be honest - with my health the way it has been, I have not been getting out and working my MK biz like I want to.

HOWEVER! I got a call for a reorder today! A nice-sized one - almost $100! And a request for a 2-person Color class. WOO HOOOOOOOO!!!! Because of the health issues I have at the moment, they are coming to my house.

Ladies and gents, this business DOES work. It IS a great business, and I am so glad to be a part of it!!

Just popping in to share the luv......


Thursday, May 1, 2008

Drop Some Names

Per a recommendation from a reader, and because I have been deplorably absent lately, I present (finally) a "new" topic!

What "big name" director do you know?

What interaction did you have with her? (personal conversation, lunch, etc.)

What was your overall impression of her?

What about her inspired you? (either positively to do better, or negatively to "never be like that")

{On a side note, please feel free to recommend topics, or email me if you have an interest in being an author for this blog. There is a lot that can be talked about, feel free to bring it up.}

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