Monday, May 26, 2008

But what have you done for me lately?

Thanks to "speaking the real truth" for this post-

This is prompted by the posts on the other site about the "stupid prizes". I'll admit that there are some out there, but I've received lots of prizes from Mary Kay that I have really enjoyed.

The key to the prize thing is to remember that it is a bonus, the real win is growing your business and the earnings that come from selling and recruiting & training others. Prizes are EXTRAS. With that in mind though, there are some that do add value. Especially when it is something I was going to purchase anyway.

Being a director, I've already received next quarters prize brochure. I was curious about what one of the items was, so I looked around online. While there, I thought to myself that I would just check out the value of some of the other offerings. I found it interesting since the other site is constantly talking about the "cheap prizes", etc.

Next quarter some of the choices will be:

Apple Ipod Classic, retails for $249
Michael Kors Travel Tote-similar bags found online for $378
Roomba IRobot-$149
Leadership Registration-$175 (while this might not cost the company much, it would save me $175)
Bed Head Flat Iron and Blow Dryer-$100+
Copper Fire Pit-$149
Red Patent Leather Handbag-similar bags started at a low of $59
Chic Buds Ear Buds-$49

There are some offerings from the different categories. I just found it interesting that the other site only lists the ones that fit their criteria to prove that the prizes are worthless. I offer the above in rebuttal.

Some are cheap, some are not. Some I care nothing about, some I love.

What do all think?


  1. I agree.... the prize is definitely a BONUS! I don't work for prizes, but they certainly are nice to get. I have gotten many things over the last 12 years (star and court every year...with sales to back it!). Some items are not to my personal liking, but they certainly make great gifts! I have gifted my four kids more than I can count with different prizes... and my mom, brother, etc. I love seeing what is available each quarter (and like the original poster, I get the brochure early as a director) and letting my family look through the prizes to pick what THEY would like to have!
    No... not everything is to my personal liking, but I can always give the prize to someone else as I see fit ;)

  2. I'll admit most of the Star prizes don't motivate me to work. I'm motivated by the kind of lifestyle changes I could make by succeeding at my goals. If there happens to be a Star prize I like, great! Otherwise, I just pick whatever and then use it as a hostess gift or something. ;)

    I don't Star all the time, but my favorite prize was my first prize: the Mary Kay Consultant Barbie Doll. My other favorite prize was a red leather jewelry case set.

  3. You know if we look hard enough we can find fault in anything. I think that the Bonuses are nice. Do you get a bonus at your 9 to 5. I think that most are nice enough. I know that I got the notebook thing and a Kathy purse and a laptop desk they have all been nice. I think over there at pt they want to find something anything they think is wrong so that they can down MK. So that is my thought and there you go. HAVE A GREAT EVENING

  4. For me, it is about attaining the goal, not the prize. I do appreciate all the prizes I have earned, but I would still be doing the work with or without them for the income so I have to admit, it is fun getting something "extra" and fun. I aprreciate them and if I can't use them, I can always find someone who can. We also take turns in my family picking prizes for the star consultant quarter. So if it is a prize, they have selected, they become my biggest cheerleaders and really encourage me to book those classes and sell that product!

    Just something fun that I do, I have a scrapbook and ever quarter, I cut out what prize I earned from the Star Consultant brochure, each year end, I cut out the court ring and the diamond bumble bee, etc.. I'll tell you, if I am ever feeling ungrateful, all I need to do is flip thru the pages and wow, it is such a neat feeling.

  5. speaking the real truthMay 26, 2008 at 9:39 PM

    Great idea MK4ME, because as long as we've been in the biz, it's hard to remember all of the "extras" over the years.

    BTW, I saw a Kathy Van Zealand purse in a local mall that was similar to the white one that was offered at one of the lower Star levels, price tag? $96.00. I selected the bronze one with the wallet one quarter and have gotten lots of complements on it.

  6. The scrapbook is a great idea mk4me! I am going to share it with my new stars this quarter. I know after 12 years, it is very difficult to remember what came when;)

  7. You all need to see this

  8. speaking the real truthMay 27, 2008 at 8:51 AM

    Another idea for a post. How about tell us about your day? Let's hear from those working the business. How does your day look and playout? How much time do you spend on your business and what are you doing during that time?

  9. in my recruiting notebook, the last several pages, are also pages in protector sheets with the prizes I have won thru the years. Sometime depending on the interview I share them.

    It is fun to see the reaction, "wow, you can win oall sorts of stuff". - I always say, no but you can earn all sorts of neat stuff.

    My daughter's most favorite prize was the clock/radio alarm clock that projects the time onto her ceiling.

  10. Funny that this is the most recent post. Back in 2006 (I think), I earned a really nice watch as my Star Consultant Prize. I love this watch, but I haven't worn it for quite a while. Yesterday I wore it to my other job (server), and got complimented on the watch twice. It made me proud to be wearing something nice that I had earned.

    There are some gifts that aren't as cool or as nice, but seriously, does any rational person really think that Mary Kay, Inc. could come up with prizes in all Star levels that would please absolutely everyone every single quarter?? No freaking way. Something that excites me could be dull to you. That's just how that rolls.

    I think they do a pretty good job offering a decent variety...girly jewelry or a pink cooler, gift/cash card or a hammock.

    Another little comment...I could see people getting grumpy about the prizes when they didn't work hard enough to earn the prize they really wanted. So, they get stuck in the 1800 category picking from the (obviously) cheaper prizes...bitter all the way. Now that is just dumb logic for those folks.

  11. Hey Colleen--Pink Renegade is great! I linked to her site when I found it. She has some great business sense about her, too. :)


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