Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What do Mary Kay inc. and Ford Motor Co. have in common?

I read something today that made me smile. It was the kind of smile you get when you see something that confirms something that you have known, something that you have tried to explain to others, and yet something that they can not understand EVEN IF they could see what you were looking at.

Curious? Good. Read on.

I was reading a Time article: "Ford No Longer Expects '09 Rebound" and was almost to the end when I stumbled on this intriguing paragraph.

"Production cuts hurt revenues, because automakers book vehicles as sold once they leave the factory."

Since this blog's inception, and more so since the addition of Shay as an author, we have often pointed out the many times that Pink Truth decries standard business operating procedures as dark, devious schemes perpetrated by the insidious beast Mary Kay.

One such business practice (across most product distribution industries) is considering an item "sold" once it has been shipped from the factory. What the distributor does with it from there is their business. So it is with Ford, so it is with Mary Kay.

I know this is nothing new or groundbreaking for most of the readers here, but hopefully some of the intelligent readers on that site will begin to see the twisted, illogical reasoning that makes that site so indigestible and migrate over here so that we can get some of their perspectives in the mix here.


  1. Great post, Dave!!

    In retail, EVERY supplier/manufacturer considered a product sold once it was shipped to a retail outlet. They based their sales numbers on that, not how much product was sold from the retail outlet.

    They also didn't call to make sure we had sold the product or check up on us, either (unless it was a courtesy call). They expected us to order more product when we needed it.

    Seems reasonable to me. :o)

  2. Shay...what seems reasonable to reasonable people for some reason seems SOOOOO unreasonable to unreasonable people. I wonder how tc is tracking the sale of her book when it leaves the distributor or when it leaves the bookstore. She is something...she is profitting off of women that go to her sight and she eggs the on to hate everything MK. Actually if she was so good at what she does she would realize this is how business is done. I think she doth protest to much plain and simple. HAVE A GREAT MK DAY.

  3. I often post similiar to this when the anti-mk people say that MK can't count sales to consultants, for their figures, because it isn't in the "customer's hands" - why do people think it is any different than when Estee, Clinique, Mac, etc.. sell to the stores, ie: Macy's, Bontons, etc...
    they don't turn around and have the stores report back to them. And when the stores order more, the Company doesn't make them prove they need more, they ship what is ordered. These Companies also offer promotions on occassion, I am sure the buyer from the stores, don't spend way more than they need just to win something the Company.

    Also, the stores must write stuff off when it gets too old, and deal with changes in the lines too.

    People that want to be a MK consultant should really have some business sense or at least common sense, if they join for fast, easy money with no hours and no work, expecting something for nothing,and wanting to "look" more successful than they are, well, not take action to learn how to do things right, I guess they will continue to end up on pt.


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