Monday, May 12, 2008

Turn your Stimulus Check into a Million Dollar Business!"

Here is a copy of an email I received yesterday:

"Turn Your Stimulus Check Into A Million Dollar Business!

HOW?????? By joining the ABC Widget Millionaire's Club!! We will show you exactly how to turn your US Government Stimulus Check into a Million Dollar Business that will pay you for the rest of your life! Just listen to this short recording at"

Now, this was NOT a MK email. (And, obviously, the company name and website were changed.)

How do you feel reading this?

Do you think that using your Stimulus Check for starting a business (MK or otherwise) is a good idea?

Do you feel like using your SC to invest in inventory, etc., is a good idea?

Do you feel it is terrible for companies to encourage using your SC to start or invest in a business?

Please share your views.


  1. I look at it this way: This is extra money. Unexpected money.

    Unless you have an immediate need, why not invest all or part of it in your business?

  2. I don't think there is anything wrong with investing a stimulus check into one's business; however, the wording of this particular email is questionable. I don't know the company, of course, but making claims of turning it into millions is kind of sketchy.

    Would I consider investing my stimulus check into my business? Yes, I might, but I may just put it into savings instead. :)

  3. I think it should be encouraged to thoroughly research a business before investing ANY money in it. And any company that wants you to spend your money TODAY, or TOMORROW when you have had no time to think about it and research it, then those companies should be avoided. What is the rush?

    In the instance of MK, if you want to order inventory with your check then that is your choice. BUT, have you been holding consistant classes? Is there a need to have inventory when you are just starting out and don't know if you can even sell this stuff? That is what is so good about the starter kit. It has everything you need to do 30 faces, which usually ends up being your friends and family who don't mind waiting for their orders. I would suggest starting with that and using your proceeds from friends and family orders to get inventory. Then, after you are finished facialing people you know and have successfully moved on to holding classes with people you don't know, then think about inventory. Just because you have a closet full of inventory does not mean that you will become a salesman.

  4. Excellent points, SoP and Chrissy!

  5. And I agree - the wording of the email really puts me off. :o(

  6. What about using the SC to invest it in sales aids, etc.? Not a ton of stuff, mind you, but items that would help you get more bookings and do more faces?

    What about investing in some sort of sales training materials?


  7. Honestly, I don't think we need to spend much at all in "sales aids." The last thing I ordered on Section 2 was the new display trays (2), a lipstick caddy (1), and the hostess gift. I learned a cute way to use these things to take it on the go. I'll be writing about it tomorrow, I hope. I have to travel out of town for my uncle's funeral :( so I'm not sure I'll have the chance to post before I get back. It's been utter craziness in my life!

    I only buy Section 2 stuff if I know I'm going to use it. Typically, I only spend a few dollars here and there on supplies. Of course I buy Look Books and PCP gifts. I don't always buy the hostess gifts. I only buy them if I want one, too. ;) Hee hee! My director warns don't go shopping on Section 2! Sage advice.

    I get the color look cards, but only the basic looks. I focus mainly on the skin care. I try to bring guests to my meetings to do color. That way, the samples are provided by directors. Just trying to keep things simple. When I do order samples, I order one or two per order. I don't go crazy.

    I know this has gotten a little off-topic of the stimulus check, but I just don't think excessive "supplies" are a must. Maybe a carrier for products, but that would be the most I would make of it.

  8. OK. I had a chance to post it since I can't sleep! There are pictures, too. :)


    You all should read this link there are PRO and CON MK'ers on it



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