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My Bright, Shiny, 2006 Red BMW 325i that I PURCHASED...

I believe that the first full time staff position for this blog will have to go to someone willing to just read Pink Truth all day... There are so many "gems" that we are missing out on...

I just popped over there and the comment count on Danibel's post is at 105

the second to last one gave me a good laugh... well more of a chuckle... actually really I just kind of smirked because it wasn't THAT funny... but still I have to point it out...

MKidiotNOmore said:

Yes from qualification $130,000 in wholesale is produced to maintain a vibe. How many of you complaining about this or even those earning them can actually afford to go into the dealership and purchase one and then get a new one every two years. More than likely none of you can.

I'll just take this "opportunity" to tell you that I wouldn't have taken MK's crappy Vibe if they'd have REALLY GIVEN the thing to me for FREE as everyone in MK claims they do. I am currently driving a bright, shiny, 2006 Red BMW 325i that I PURCHASED (note: not leased) - the full coverage (with additional coverages) insurance payments for which (along with my 3 bdrm 2 bath house that I also OWN) run less than $200/month. can keep on striving to achieve the qualifying amount of production and then maintain that $130,000 to drive that Vibe, hun. I'll wave to ya as I zoom on by with the windows down, the radio cranked, and my hair blowing in the wind!
Wed 21 May 11:43

"...look at me, look at me, hands in the air like it's good to be... alive... and i've got a bright, shiny, 2006 Red BMW... "

I think that she is saying that the INSURANCE is $200/month (relevant how?) But this brings me back to my "where is this money coming from?" question from a few days ago.

Assuming she bought her shiny new bimmer in 2006 when it was new she probably dropped 32K on it. (with her obvious penchant for bragging, I am sure that a convertible top would have been mentioned, price based on the current model year pricing for a comparable 3 series, adjusting for inflation, blah, blah, blah) Again, not sure what her house has to do with anything (does Mary Kay offer houses as prizes now as well?) or the insurance but my point is really very simple... If you had/have such a great job, enjoy it so much, and did not enjoy Mary Kay, then it was simply not for you! There are some folks (I see them every day) that have NO car. They ride the bus to their min. wage job and are trying to sustain a meager living and the thought of being offered a car as ADDITIONAL compensation for their sales efforts is a wonderful incentive. If it doesn't "do it" for YOU, then drive your phat ride and take the cash compensation.

What turns me sideways about this (as in, I go, "huh"?) is that there will probably be some anonymous commenter on here (and I mean jumping all over me for this) saying, "but why do you have to 'put down' the VICTIMS?" I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT THE VICTIMS HERE. I am talking about ms. 325i. Unless the Bavarian Motor Works company victimized her as well (I suppose that is quite possible - - can't wait to see the site that develops when they get bored of picking on MK!! - "They told me that image was EVERYTHING and took advantage of the trust that I placed in them because they said they were automotive professionals")

But I digress.

Victim or no, MKidiotNOmore has amazed and stunned me with an attitude that I have encountered everywhere in life (including some of the women I observed at seminar) that simply CANNOT control the urge to shove their earthly possessions in your face (even if what you have is better than what they have)

**I am going to speculate here**

I suspect that MKidiotNOmore was like this BEFORE Mary Kay, she was like this WHILE she was IN Mary Kay, and as we can plainly see she hasn't changed now that she is OUT OF Mary Kay.

**Speculation over**

My boss drives the Mercedes SLK 350 and has a friend who drives a 2000 Saturn (not sure what model). My boss is very modest (though you may be tempted to think otherwise because of the flashy car, you will have to take my word for it, she is very humble) and had not told very many people about her new acquisition. This Saturn driving friend happened to see her walking to her car (Saturn friend was driving by in aforementioned Saturn) and condescendingly remarked, "well at least I OWN my car".

Some people simply NEED to play the "look at me" game.

I am working on a concept for a new reality show (no, I don't have a job doing that, I just fantasize in my little head about what would make better TV than "Are you smarter than a 5th grader" because after a while... c'mon!). One that I think will get massive ratings is putting two people in a room together. For instance, we put Saturn Driver and Ms. 325i together, cameras rolling and see what transpires... call it something like "How high can YOU one-up?"

Ms. 325i, I hope this doesn't get you down. I am sure that you are better than me and everyone on this site in every way. Maybe sometime soon you can give me the privilege of a ride in you shiny red car. Even if it is just around the block.


  1. Is MK hot or not???May 22, 2008 at 7:25 AM

    I am speculating here. I do not know this person. But I think what she is trying to say is that even if you earn the use of the car you still have to pay part of the insurance. And I know in my directors case, she could get the insurance cheaper on her own policy than the one on MKC's. So this poster was probably showing how much cheaper she got her two insurances going on her own.

    What I do not understand in these cases is why in the world to die hard proMKers go on PT and try and tell them how wonderful MK is???? The vast majority of the commentors on that site have all been in MK and know exactly what it's like. If they had a horrible experience someone else's wonderful experience is NOT going to make them want to try it again. And it certainly won't make them like MKC.

    I think someone should come up with a list to ask a recruiter so as not to get burned. Before you sign up you only have what your recruiter tells you. You aren't privy to InTouch and the MK website only offers so much info. These are a few of the things I was told by my recruiter and director, together. I think one of them should have known better.
    Free car.
    No quotas.
    Can't sell from an empty cart. You must order at least the $1800 package or you won't go anywhere.
    You must go to seminar.
    You can't miss career conference. Meetings and training are free.

    I had no reason to think these things weren't completely accurate.

    I want to go somewhere to get ACCUATE info on this company. NOT MKC. They are biased. The exMKers are biased. I would like real answers, not exagerations. I am on the fence here. Haven't returned some stuff, but am ready to. I got front loaded with alot of the silver compacts and color that went in them. If I think I can turn this around, I will. Someone here help me believe that it was not insane to invest in this company.

    I will check back later. Must go to playdate with daughter.

  2. You know, I went for a long time avoiding PT, but I realized that I need to read PT so that there can be an answer to whatever is being said over the there. You know, the Dark Side. LOL We are the Luke Skywalker to their Darth Vader. LOL

    I don't say that to mean PT is evil, BTW. PT is, however, completely negative in their portrayal of MK.

  3. Is MK hot or not??? -

    I think you are right about the insurance price in the comment - probably showing how inexpensively she can get the insurance on her own, including her house insurance.

    I think one reason why pro-MKers go on PT and try to post the good side of MK is that PT is SO one-sided and (in most cases) misleading. Someone reading PT does NOT get the whole story, and the pro-MKers are trying to combat that.

  4. to is mk hot or not???,
    there are many directors on this blog who post on a regular basis that work their business in an ethical manner, I am sure they will have some advice for you upon reading your post.
    One thing I would like to say is that everything you need to know about MK is written on Intouch or in your consultant aggreement. You cannot argue with what is in print. Its easy for a person to give you their version of what should be done, but if you go to the Mary Kay printed material you will find your answers. Check legal ease and other links on the Intouch website. There is absolutely no reason for anyone to be confused. If you question what someone says, go the the source and find out what the real deal is.

    If you have already made up your mind that everything you get from the company will be a lie or biased, then you have limited yourself from ever finding the answers to your problems. The poison of PT is that they claim to have all the answers and discourage people for going to the source. PT often makes claims that they know things that MK wont tell you, but that is not true, because every thing about this business is spelled out for you in the legal information that is in print for everyone to see.
    They are not hidden like PT wants you to believe.
    A poster called Rebecca who post here would tell you to read, Read and READ somemore, everthing on in touch, legal ease and your beauty agreement.
    Start there and compare what you read to what you have been told by shady directors and by PT. The answers are there all the time, we just have to take responsibility and find them.

    And just for the record, we as promk are not trying to get those on PT to come back to MK. That is the last thing we would want. Many of them admit to doing unethical things and now want to blame others for thier failure, so I am glad they are out. We also are not wanting to change their minds about how they feel about MK, but to offer another view point to those who find that site to let them know that the PT experience is not the only kind of MK experience you can have.

    I hope you find the answers you need and make the best decision for you.

  5. "And just for the record, we as promk are not trying to get those on PT to come back to MK. That is the last thing we would want. Many of them admit to doing unethical things and now want to blame others for thier failure, so I am glad they are out. We also are not wanting to change their minds about how they feel about MK, but to offer another view point to those who find that site to let them know that the PT experience is not the only kind of MK experience you can have."

    AMEN to that!

  6. I have a question: ??
    "Yes from qualification $130,000 in wholesale is produced to maintain a vibe."

    Qualification $18,000 wholesale.
    (1 -4 months)

    24 months: From Qualification -
    24 months @ $4500 = $108,000

    Where is $130,000 wholesale produced in qualification??

  7. to is mk hot or not??

    Let me know the questions you have and I will provide the answers I would give to my very own unit members.

    I can start with the "too many platinum compacts". - First not everyone will be able to use the minerals, so to have an alternative may actual be a selling point for your clients.

    Second, it may hurt your profit a little but you may offer a small discount on the platinum ones, many times I will have a mother and a daughter, the mother wants what she wants but doesn't want to leave the daughter out. She may be more likely to purchase products for her daughter that are a little less expensive but still good.

    As long as you can sell them for at least wholesale plus tax on retail, even if you didn't make a profit, it would allow you to purchase product at your discount that you could then sell at 100% retail. (I know this is not a perfect solution) but if you don't want to give up your MK, it would be a way to balance your inventory and get the products you would like to have.

    Once you get things were you feel they need to be, you will be back on track.

    The trainings are optional. Yes, many can be very beneficial but you will not get terminated from the Company for not attending the events.

    It is easier to sell the products when you have them, that is a fact. When I have the products, my sales are higher.

    Maybe the next several faces or classes you do, use your older look books and present the platinum compacts. Any client can switch over in the future, let's face it, the colors are very limited right now and clients won't have privy to the new ones until towards the end of June when the new look books mail.

    Whether or not you were frontloaded with these compacts, is hard for me to say, is it possible that you recruiter or director thought you would be selling them sooner (before the change) and made an error in judgement? (I am not saying she did or didn't) just asking.

    If you want to make a go of it, I think you owe it to yourself. Many of us are making great money. I make great money selling my products. We buy at a 50% discount. So yes, your gross profit is at 50% (Yes we will still have some expenses) so your net profit may not be 50% but it is certainly is going to be better than some of the other plans I have seen where different direct sales Company's are making 20 - 30% gross profit, and then after the expenses imagine what there net profit is.

    This business absolutely can work, if you work it right.

    I would be happy to answer any other questions you have. Please don't be afraid to post them.

    (One thought though, ask yourself, do you love the products, do you believe in the products, do you use the products) because this will make a very big difference in whether or not you are going to be successful in selling the products. )

    Another thought, are you willing to conduct facials or get togethers, because if you only want to be an order taker, it may not be the right choice if you want to make more than a few pennies.

    One last thing, are you willing to conduct your business with honesty and ethics, if yes, you will go far, if not, than it may be best, just to send the products back.
    If you are going to compare yourself to others, you will loose. Learn to be the best "YOU" you can be. Don't worry about what dazzling Deb is doing.

    Be willing to take the time to read intouch, your applause magazines, etc.. Stay intouch with your products and you will be qable to go far if you choose to.

    Best of luck with your decision and I hope we can help you out!!

  8. Dear Hot or Not,

    I believe there is no such thing as the “right way” to operate a Mary Kay Business. Any participation in this MLM serves to simply (in varying degrees, of course) embolden this MLM. It feeds on hyped dreams to transfer (bilk) from so many at the bottom to so few at the top of the pyramid. You may not be the one directly committing the disgusting acts. As they say, maybe you’re not in the bank holding the gun in the teller’s face, you’re merely in the get-away car. Or, at the very least, you helped put gas in the get-away car. In short, if you’re helping the MK beast survive and propagate, you are (at least) distantly culpable for the most heinous acts committed by the beast.

    Nobody can ague, though, this company isn’t downright incredible. The MK business model is a picture of efficient marketing craftsmanship. Have you ever seen a demonstration by a professional pick-pocket artist? When the guy is handing the wallet and watch back to his mark (who had no idea he’d been victimized) you’re sort of filled with a sense of, “Wow! That was amazing the way he was able to do that.” Well, you can feel the same awe toward the accomplishments of talented MK provocateurs. What’s more, you should have no trouble finding within yourself a sense of wonderment about this institution’s ability to rip people off for so many decades. Fortunately, things may be slowing down, thanks to the internet., I believe, is not intended to be a venue for open, objective discussion re the pros and cons of peddling the dream. No, this very helpful site ( is the cold hard, open-handed slap across the face that yells “WAKE UP”! It is a source for facts re this cult-like curse. It’s a place for those injured by MK to vent, to share. It does not, thankfully, permit dribble about how great this opportunity actually is, “...if you just work your business.” Oh Please!

    Thank God, and other Mary Kay clarity web sites are around to help. The really good news is you too can come out of this and be better off. It just takes continued reading and time.


  9. Regarding comment by "Deleted" --

    Rolling my eyes

  10. Oops! Rolling eyes was me!

  11. delete, please, blessed you are,

    Pink Truth and you do not prove that Mary Kay can not be done right, Pink truth and you prove how it can be down wrong and how you can get into alot of trouble financial doing it wrong. And from reading some of your posts we all know there is a glimmer of intelligence in there. So it is hard to sit by a watch you make such a silly of yourself.

    This business can be done right and for you to continue you to say it can't, I and STRT can prove you wrong.

    I am sorry things went so poorly for your wife, maybe if you had taken a more active bookkeeping accounting position in her Company, you wouldn't be pt's "poster husband".

    You can diagreee with me all you want. My unit books loads of classes and facials and sells products at full price, we sell big, team build little, start with small inventory packages and let the inventory grow with the consultants, I don't frontload and I do all I can to stop the buying of products. Interesting concept isn't it?

    Please read this as it is the TRUTH ***Very few of my over 100 unit members carry debt. What debt there, is minimal. The majority of us run on a cash only basis. Yes it can be done, so please, stop telling me it can't because my entire unit is doing. it. Because of our money management plan and our savings accounts, we have ready paid for or airline tickets, seminar registrations, and hotels room. (hmmm this is May) paid for no debt) Not on a charge card, they only thing we will need is money for a few meals and souvenirs.

    You and PT would love people to believe it can't be done successfully and you can't make money if you are honest and ethcial, well I STRONGLY disagree, but it will not work when you have a selfish director that wants to appear all that but only has her self serving interests at heart. And for those cheating the system with fake people, fake orders, buying Cadillad production, buying unit club production....

    The cry we hear on pt, we have successful directors over here, pink car drivers, almost niq's etc... b/s keep reading as each one of them come clean to say all the horrible things because they were brainwashed. Well, that doesn't mean it can't be done, maybe some of us have a brain that we choose to use ourselves. I don't need to follow the pack, I can think for myself, and if it ain't good for my unit, it ain't good for me.

    And wawa for jtp whoever she is, you all go ahead and keep calling her an almost NIQ, because that is b.s. By her very own posting, she had two directors that were good as gone, she had two directors that were not very fair behind, and the other two, weren't even making Saturn/Grand Prix production. That doesn't make her a Successful NIQ no matter how you spin it, she had six very week directors that never would have last much past her resigning, I don't believe she walked away from "oh I see the light" I can't condone this behavior anymore" - I think she thought, oh, this is going to sound like I have done something awesome instead of sitting here crying as I go from 6 directors to no directors and then people will wonder what happened. to me> (Of course this is just my take on the situation) but I did learn alot reading PT, ..
    She make herself look like a NIQ, but behind the curtain, haha, the true story.

    blessed, deleted, peace be with you

  12. speaking the real truthMay 23, 2008 at 7:26 PM

    I say, "who cares" what she drives.

    I have my shiny new Mary Kay company vehicle parked here at my home. No co-payments. I just pay a minimal amount for insurance and gas that baby up and go. And no, I did not put in one extra penny of production to EARN it. In fact, we finished it early, very early, with no special promos or begging for orders.

    If Blessed or anyone else doesn't think it is real, they can call my first husband who said they same thing 13 years ago. Now, many, many, cars later, he believes that Mary Kay, and the cars, are for real, AND SO DOES MY 2nd HUBBY OF ALMOST 10 YEARS!

    I just wish that some of these people could talk to my husband, my Sr.'s husband (she has built a Sun Room, a Swimming Pool and funded her children's college accounts with her Mary Kay money, on top of having a Mary Kay company care the entire time that I have know her), the list goes on.

    In addition, when those who own their own cars (which is great for them) are still paying on a 4 or 5 year note on THAT car, I will have picked up yet another NEW Mary Kay car. That works for me! If you'd rather purchase and own your own, then great, that's for you, but just don't anyone tell me that my situation is not what it is!

  13. Okay. It is truly amazing what one can learn if one will only READ the Agreement.

    Hello? You really are supposed to READ it before you sign it.


    Amazing how helpful that is.

    I'm with MK4Me, where the blip did $130,000 wholesale come from? For the Vibe?


    Isn't Vibe production $4,500 a month, your personal recruits? $4,500 times 12 months is $54,000 w/s.

    Is this person really saying that her car insurance AND her home insurance is less than $200 a month? Well, maybe. But what't her point?

  14. speaking the real truthMay 24, 2008 at 7:36 AM

    I agree, I find it suspicious that by her own admission, thinks weren't going as well as they might have seemed. This is presented as someone who walked away from "success" in Mary Kay, but I am wondering if she walked away because things were starting to crumble. And, it has been said here before, if you do not build strong, and only frontload and move on, you are in jeopardy of it all falling apart. This lady has admitted to some of the things that went on in her "group", so is anyone really surprised that it wasn't sticking together.

    If you teach someone to really sell this product, and they build a large customer base (not one time sales, a REAL customer base), then they recruit others and teach them the same thing, then you are building something.

    Those consultants rarely quit. They are making money, and they are happy.

  15. I'm not sure I understand the point of claiming insurance is less than $200/mo. My car insurance is $500/yr. I pay roughly $250 every 6 months (that's a lot less than $200/mo; so is she bragging that she pays $200/mo?, because that is way too much)and I have max coverage and a very low deductible ($100).
    I have not earned a MK car so I don't know what kind of insurance coverage comes with it, however, I have a preference for cars not in the MK program so my plan is to take the cash compensation and use it to pay on cars I own. This is at least until I become a director in Premier Club. Then I'll have to make a decision. :)

  16. She said, "I am currently driving a bright, shiny, 2006 Red BMW 325i that I PURCHASED (note: not leased) - the full coverage (with additional coverages) insurance payments for which (along with my 3 bdrm 2 bath house that I also OWN) run less than $200/month."

    So that's her car ins., with additional coverages - I suppose that could be those warranties one can purchase -, AND her house insurance.

    I'm thinking she's trying to say that the ins. on the MK car is a whole lot more than $200 a month. Uhm, I looked into this once, and there are things one can do to bring down the insurance. Having no accidents for a certain period of time, not adding additional drivers, drivers completing some safety course. All bring the ins. down. If I remember correctly, to as little as $20 a month.

    I think MK4Me and STRT probable know the details on this stuff, since I think they both drive an EARNED (not free) MK car.

  17. oh, well I can help a little. I do know if you go 2 years with out an accident, they amount goes down, and if both drivers (if you have two, take the defensive driving course) it does go down to very little (a don't have the exact figure, but I do believe it is under $20/month).

    The reason I don't know is I made a decision 4 years ago to buy my hubby's dream vehicle and so I took the cash to pay on this dream vehicle. (I drive a car a love a couple years old but looks showroom new =hot Red Hot Pontiac Grand Am GT - spoilers and all (fell in love with the grand am, when I earned my first one, but with this one because we bought it, I was able to get it all tricked out like I like it.

    We have been a very solid Grand Prix/Saturn unit so for the last 4 years, I have selected the Cash and now I am only about 4-6 months of paying off an over $40,000 Dodge Cummings Diesel Extended Cab, Short Bed, Two tone paint, with towing package complete with the diamond plate tool boxes in the back with bed liner and tonneau cover!!

    Now is that a vehicle that would make many a many very happy with their wives, courtesy of Mary Kay Vehicle. And I am happy to say, I have made the decision I am willing to do the work to get Cadillac in process.

    I am what I am not what I drive.
    I might be driving a Grand Am, but I feel like a queen when I see how happy my hubby is driving that truck, best part of it all, we call it the MK vehicle!!! Because it was my cash comp that paid for it.

    Got to love it!

  18. Do you know if they review your entire driving history when you qualify for car and take the car instead of cash? I have only had one accident and I was not at fault. I was rear ended at a red light 4 1/2 yrs ago. What insurance company does MK use? I may go look on InTouch. I'll bet it's there. ;) Just trying to figure out if cash is the best way to go. I know for consultant car it is. At least, it is for me.

  19. speaking the real truthMay 25, 2008 at 10:23 AM

    I do believe that they pull a copy of your Motor Vehicle Report (I think that is the correct term). As for the company, they have their own scoring system and it takes into account your driving record during the past 2 years.

    Everyone should put pen to paper to determine their best option. Also consider your short and long term goals and plans, both professionally and personally. If you are planning to go on into directorship, then I think the cash is best for a consultant. Some, like MK4ME, have a plan to use that money for another purchase, perhaps another auto for a family member.

    Two notes though, the car is a rolling trophy. People will ask if you have a car and saying that you take cash doesn't always have the same "ring" to it. On the other hand, if you have strong doubts about being able to maintain your production, TAKE CASH! Once you take possession of the car, you must keep up your production or pay a co-payment. Now, with that said, good and poor months and quarters can balance each other out, plus you have bonus credit. But, if you do not keep up, the co-payments are steep, and not financially wise. If you choose, you can return the car, and start taking cash, but then you will have a waiting period before you can take another car.

    In either case, DO NOT earn a car on bonuses, on the production from one hot consultant, or when you are a director, from a DIQ. These set up a shaky foundation for your being able to maintain that production.

  20. thanks speaking, I had always wondered about that. I had always thought that when the time comes, I would take the cash, simply because I could use it to pay bills or save for a rainy day. if I am fortunate enought to earn a cadillac, I think I would take the car in that case.

  21. Thanks, STRT. That is very helpful information. I'm with forverpink--cash for now; but I'll take a pink Cadillac when the time comes! :)

  22. speaking the real truthMay 26, 2008 at 10:16 AM

    Since we are talking about the cars, here is another idea for a post, let's talk about prizes, have everyone share their favorites.

    This is prompted by the posts on the other site about the "stupid prizes". I'll admit that there are some out there, but I've received lots of prizes from Mary Kay that I have really enjoyed.

    The key to the prize thing is to remember that it is a bonus, the real win is growing your business and the earnings that come from selling and recruiting & training others. Prizes are EXTRAS. With that in mind though, there are some that do add value. Especially when it is something I was going to purchase anyway.

    Being a director, I've already received next quarters prize brochure. I was curious about what one of the items was, so I looked around online. While there, I thought to myself that I would just check out the value of some of the other offerings. I found it interesting since the other site is constantly talking about the "cheap prizes", etc.

    Next quarter some of the choices will be:
    Apple Ipod Classic, retails for $249
    Michael Kors Travel Tote-similar bags found online for $378
    Roomba IRobot-$149
    Leadership Registration-$175 (while this might not cost the company much, it would save me $175)
    Bed Head Flat Iron and Blow Dryer-$100+
    Copper Fire Pit-$149
    Red Patent Leather Handbag-similar bags started at a low of $59
    Chic Buds Ear Buds-$49

    There are some offerings from the different categories. I just found it interesting that the other site only lists the ones that fit their criteria to prove that the prizes are worthless. I offer the above in rebuttal.

    Some are cheap, some are not. Some I care nothing about, some I love.

    What do all think?

  23. speaking the real truth,

    Thanks for the suggestion!

    I just created a post on the main page about this.

    Anyone wishing to comment on strt's questions, please do so on the "official" post I just created here.



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