Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Building an ethical business

I have a short quote from the post on PT today:

"Written by PinkPeace

I'm a liar. Or more precisely, I was a liar – a big one. There are few things worse to be. You can't trust a liar; everything she says and does is suspect. A liar ultimately only has her own interests at heart, and a liar is responsible for leading others into bad decisions.

I didn't start out that way. Although I was prone to exaggeration sometimes, and could tell a little white lie...."

The post goes on to whine about how evil Mary Kay is and how MK corrupted her character. Yeah, right. PinkPeace, by her own admission, told "little white lies" and "was prone to exaggeration". So how can Mary Kay be made to be the bad guy in all of this?

Oh, yeah. I forgot. No one on PT is at fault. They lie, cheat, etc., but that is NOT their fault. Mary Kay is the one that made them bad girls, and as soon as they lefy MK they their pure white selves re-emerged. Right. (And the ones who stay in Mary Kay because they are supposedlyt still reaping the benefits of all that cheating and lying they did in the past....well, that's okay, right?? They are all better now that they post on PT. Right. Bleh.)

Anyway, I know from the ones who post here that doing business in an honest, ethical fashion is not the exception - it is the norm!

I would love to hear from all of you doing your business the right way. The way it is supposed to be done.

Directors, Team Leaders, consultants, etc. -
  • How are you finding new customers?
  • How many classes are you booking?
  • How are you providing great customer service?
  • How have you achieved the level you are now?
  • What kinds of plans/goals do you have for achieving the next level?
  • How do you help/support/encourage your team members?
  • What advice do you have for other IBC's?
  • What gets you motivated?

AND, what would you say to a potential recruit if she said:

  • "I have heard from this website I read that it is impossible to do Mary Kay as a business without being dishonest."

How would you answer that?


  1. Tracy's a liar that just kept on lying.

  2. speaking the real truthMay 27, 2008 at 4:58 PM

    I had posted this elsewhere, but thought that it really should go here.

    Again with the everyone lies thing.

    After reading today's post "over there", I am trying to figure her out. I think that sometimes you want to think that "everyone" does something so that you do not feel so badly about your own behavior.

    Not everyone does what she did. I didn't and know many who have not. Here's the big point:


    Does everyone see it? The ones who are now confessing to their behavior are also the same ones saying that they really didn't make any money, and that they couldn't ever get where they wanted to be. Do you see the connection? Those of us posting our stories here, who do work ethically, are making money.

    I think that the Rena comment is also taken out of context. Sure, many people sign up family members who use the product. That is a far cry from inventing people and making up social security numbers. Sometimes that family member wants the discount and wants to help you. Maybe they'll do something with the business, maybe they won't. The point is that if you finished DIQ with less than 30 working consultants, you had better get busy finding some working ones.

  3. speaking the real truthMay 27, 2008 at 5:05 PM

    If I was asked about the business being done ethically, I would either say, "well you know me and how I work", or if they do not know me, I would invite them to watch me work and to talk with my clients and unit members.

    What do I do? I focus on FACES, and that is what I teach. I truly believe that your success in Mary Kay will be directly proportionate to the number of faces that you put this product on. You build your customer base in two ways; adding new clients, and turning those into better clients. I always teach my unit members that they will sell more if they sit down with someone 99 times out of a hundred. When someone gets the products on their face, they then have to decide what they do not want, rather than flipping through a book and deciding what they do want.

    Goodie bags and a coupon for $10 off at the time of a makeover are my best tools for attracting new business. I do not teach standing at the mall trying to talk to people, taking surveys, accosting people in the product section, or bogus drawings.

    I make it part of my life pretty much everywhere that I go.

    And the new Saturn Vue is attracting attention for me. I've had two different bank tellers comment on it. One asked about product and made a sizeable purchase :)

  4. Amen strt, faces, selling the product, loving the product, loving the Company, learning money management,focus on others.... and I am totally with you, how can the ones complaining not see how they did it wrong and realize that it isn't the Company? The irony of the situation is they "confess" to their past behaviors but don't realize that is probably why the are on PT not because the Company doesn't work.

    Still shaking my head in disbelief.

    Done right this is a very rewarding business.

    Sometimes, I actually feel guilty that I can love what I do so much and earn great money at the same time. - It doesn't even feel like work, I love my clients, my unit, and my MK family!! (Of course, I love my family oodles too)

  5. Faces faces faces! That's what our area focuses on, too! We have "Face Races" where we try to do 100 faces each quarter. It's all about the FACES! :)


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