Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy April Fools Day!


Make sure you don't let anyone get you today!!!



Thanks to our reader, Shades, here is a sample of what one can acheive with the new Coastal Cool Eye Palette. Here is what she did:

Shades used Eyecicles® in Vanilla as a base. She used Moonstone as a highlighter in the brow line. The light green color is in the inner corner while the brown color is on the entire lid to the crease. The blue color is lining the lower lashes. The Tahitian Gold liner lines the top lid while the Bahama Blue is lining the bottom. It is enhanced with the blue shadow. Personally, she likes the blue liner better than the gold. The gold doesn’t show up well, but she does like how this look turned out overall.

Great job modeling Shades and thank you for letting me use this!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Is frontloading necessary?

Well, I hope everyone has a nice weekend - something to chat about while I am away. I know many feel that a director frontloads a consultant because her commission depends on it.. but 13% of $3000 is $390 once placed, the consultant has lots of inventory and then will not place another order for quiet awhile (at least not of a substantial size). If a consultant starts with a $600 and starts selling and then orders a $600 every month while she is selling and building her inventory and client base... in five months - if she placed a $600 each month, the sales director would still earn the very same $390, 13% of 5- $600/ws orders would be the exact same in pocket.. .and a consultant that is not overstocked is going to be far less scared to death or tempted if she doesn't get off to a good start to freak out and return the product those casuing the sales director to be charged back much of that $390.

So, if I am going to end up with the same abount, it only makes sense to me to go about it the way that is also best for the consultant. I would rather not get the commission if she didn't get started right away, then to have to be charged back.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Oilfree Eyemakeup Remover


OIL-FREE EYE MAKEUP REMOVER.... and we thought it was just to remove eye makeup, silly us! :)

Gently removes eye makeup (even waterproof) and lipstick effortlessly and quickly.
Removes labels (especially our MK reorder labels), price tags, etc. Removes all Traces of duct tape, too.
Removes lipstick stains, tomato stains, etc, in clothing. It's a great pre-wash!
Loosens stubborn zippers.
Untangles jewelry chains.
Keeps scissors working smoothly.
Placing on an umbrella stem makes it easier to open and close.
Removes splattered grease on stove and in clothes.
Keeps bathroom mirror from fogging.
Removes crayon from walls.
Removes black scuff marks from kitchen floor.
Removes Magic Marker and stubborn temporary tattoos from skin.
Removes Band-Aid residue with one swipe.
Cleans and lubricates guitar strings.
Lubricates noisy door hinges on vehicles and doors in homes; rids rocking chairs and swings of squeaky noises, etc.
Lubricates tracks in sticking home windows and makes them easier to open.
I'm sure that you can think of even more! Please share

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


My apologies to everyone. I am trying to help cover for David because he has some other projects taking up his time right now but I feel I am going to let you down today. I think one of the reasons that I never had a desire to have my own blog is that I just have a busy life and don't like not doing something 100%. I have a super busy day and need tomorrow to take care of family and get ready for Career Conference. I promise a full report when I return.

I would like to ask a little favor though. On occassion I feel that I am writing the same thing over and over and don't want things to get so boring that you won't read any more. So are there any particular (MK) topic you would like me to discuss or any questions you would like me to give me best answer to?

Please share any ideas you would like to - if you dont feel comfortable posting them, you could email to me at the mk4me2@gmail.com address below.

Today's note, people are buying MK, I have had the best sales month since December -
5 of my unit members are also having their best months,tons of bookings and the future is looking good (at least it is right now) - what has surprised me, honestly lately, is even my sales per person has increased. It does feel like that people are having to give up other big ticket items, vacations, rec. vehicle, so what money they do have, they want something for themselves.

Have a great day everyone!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Mary Kay Ash Charitiable Foundation Kick Off

Team Up for Women! Challenge 2009

The Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation will kick-off this year’s Team Up for Women! Challenge from March 20 through Mary Kay’s birthday – May 12!
Last year, generous donations from you and your customers helped raise more than $165,000.
Please help in continuing to honor Mary Kay Ash’s legacy of enriching women’s lives by helping to eliminate cancers that affect women and to end domestic violence.

-Just another way this Company helps woman. I know I am proud to be a part of our Company.

Product Reviews by Miranda

Well, we have our non-biased reviews of the first few products that she is testing.... I am going to have David encourage her to become an author so that she can post at will.... but I am moving this from where she put her comment to give it its own topic. Thanks Miranda!

Today I tried:

Cream to powder foundation: I tried Ivory .5 and Ivory 1. I had to think pretty hard about this, but for the summer, I will go with the slightly darker Ivory 1. .5 would be right for the winter.

The foundation blended in really well. no oily eww. No cakiness. No smell. no irritation. It really does look and feel just like perfect porcelain skin. (yes, I ran my hands over my face after it set to see if it rubbed off or felt greasy.) I applied extra with my finger to conceal; didn't need separate concealer. This is a winner. MK has sure come a long way with their foundations.

Lipstick: I tried black cherry. The "black" part is a bit of a misnomer IMHO: It's beautiful, don't get me wrong...but it's more of a bright fresh red. In fact, it's blood red. The texture is very nice and the pigmentation is high. Easy application, no drag/catch on dry skin, no odor, smooth/even color.
(note: plush violet a limited edition from the past got a thumb's up for her club nights)

continuing with the fruit colors here...I tried Sweet Plum eyeshadow. This is like purple with an undertone of black. It's very intense, highly pigmented. It blends easily, but it doesn't come right back off when you blend it, either. I *did* try it with eye primer. That's how I wear all my eyeshadow. No irritation, no fallout.

Amethyst eyeliner: smooth texture, no drag/skip, average pigmentation level. It's a muted purple, like the eyeshadow I just described but less intense. Suitable for wear on the lower lid; I always do black on top.

Blush: Cherry blossom. Holy pigmentation, batman! I barely tapped my brush on the sample card and applied very lightly. That's all you need. It looks like a natural flush of color from dancing; if your skin is pale, go really lightly with this. It blended very smoothly, too.

I'll see how I look throughout the evening in terms of how the makeup lasts on my skin. I'll be standing over a hot stove so that will put it to the test.

March 23, 2009 2:51 PM

Quarterly Taxes

Whether you consider Mary Kay a business opportunity or not, the bottom line is you are self-employed which makes you responsible for your own federal, state, and local taxes, since you have no taxes withheld because you do not receive a "paycheck" from the Company.

If you end up owing IRS too - you can be be charged penalities and of course will owe what ever shortage. Each quarter I simply take one of my quarter coupons and send IRS, a check I do the same for state and local. (there are worksheets available to help you figure out your estimates based on what you are making)

My method is to put a certain amount weekly into a savings account and then once a quarter, write out and mail the checks.

When I was newer to Mary Kay and just dabbling, I was still working a fulltime job. To save myself, the added trouble of filing quarterly, I simply increase the amount I had withheld from my primary check, to make sure I was covered.

Getting into the habit of keeping the money there makes writing that check alot less painless.

Don't forget that the tax filing deadline is approaching fast so get your taxes done and don't forget to use every legal business expense possible.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Business Cycle or Hampster Wheel

I don't know why this suddenly dawned on me, I have often read ex-directors stating one of the things they hated while being a director is the "hampster wheel" feeling of the end of the month deadlines. For me, it is just the way things are. I work hard at the begining of the month and usually just let the end roll in on its own, so that the next month starts at the begining and not half way thru. I rarely have the "last day" omg, I can't walk away from the phone syndrome, simply because if it isn't there, I am not waiting for it. I don't want to have my life ruled by "the last cent". If I have something else I want to do, I do it, if someone assigns an order to me to submit to the company, I will make every effort to submit it, but seriously that only takes seconds. With WI Fi, laptops, and cell phone internet access, this really is not an inconvenience and if I can't - well it goes in the first day of the new month - now if I have someone that is trying to attain a certain goal, I would be more than willing to go the extra mile for her but as a rule - what is in, is in.

It hit me tonight, that this cycle was no different than the cycle I had when I worked as a Corp. Accountant/Financial Anyalist. Part of my job was to do the monthly Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss sheet and have them faxed to the Corp. by midnight the 3rd day following our closing. I couldn't do my part until I had all the pieces from all the other departments and they had a 5:00 deadline. Often I could not start to do my part until everyone was leaving and often (very often) it would be me and the security guard with me watching the clock so that I could get things transmitted before midnight - calling home and telling the kids "good night and that I loved them". This was the typical month end of a manufacturing business. Of course the year end stuff was more demanding and of course the yearly inventory was extensive as well.

Any business or industry has projected targets, they will work harder as the deadline for the goal approaches, some may be monthly, others yearly. We always see - year end clearance sales, etc.. increase sales, reduce inventory. It is simply that ""nature of the beast".

I guess my point to this is: it isn't only Mary Kay that may have a "cycle" - if it doesn't work for you, then obviously, being a director is probably not going to be your cup of tea. Many careers (jobs) outside of Mary Kay will also have what could be considered the "hampster wheel".

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Exciting March in Mary Kay!

I believe I have mentioned that the Company announced at Leadership Conference that we had a 5% growth in our sales over the previous year. The long term goal is to DOUBLE our sales in the next 5 years by our 50th Anniversary!! In order to double our sales, it will require more consultants, let's face it, the consultants we have aren't going to all of a sudden want to double what they do. So.... the Company has a super exciting offer for anyone joining Mary Kay the month of March. I think it is the best Incentive I have ever seen.

I will put details next, but in a nutshell, the $600 can be cummulative, does not need to be done all at once (withing March/April) and then the new consultant will receive a $100 rebate from her starter kit, in addition to that, she will receive a 6month FREE subscription to her personal MK website and 50 FREE business cards.. and some other perks... and the regular bonuses for the $600 initial order are still available. Wow!! If someone ever considered trying Mary Kay, I don't know if there would be a better time. (PS - if you don't want to do facials, or shows, or show and sell the product - please don't think that Mary Kay is right for you) - it will require some nights and weekends - you will have good shows and poor shows... you will get some yeses and you will get some no's. There is no magic. Put your focus on selling the product and building your client base and put team building second.

Here is the information from the Company.
Make the Most of Great Start

Check out www.marykay.com and www.marykayintouch.com for more information.
(ever have a question - we would be happy to answer them to the best of our ability!)

Direct from MK:
With commercials airing in television markets across the country and the Great Start promotion underway, there's never been a better time to build your team!

Your customers have more incentive to consider a Mary Kay business with the Great Start $100 rebate program. Women who already love the Mary Kay® products will welcome this opportunity to add extra dollars to their budgets. So take action now, and use the tools created to grow your team. You'll especially want to take advantage of the customer-ready flier designed for you to use when talking about the special offers that come with starting a Mary Kay business along with limited time offers available only in March.

$100 Rebate for New Consultants - How it works

A new Independent Beauty Consultant will receive a $100 rebate check if she submits her Independent Beauty Consultant Agreement from March 1 – 31, 2009, and in the month of March or April submits one or more $600 Section 1 order(s) which, alone or combined, equal a wholesale amount of $600 or more (excluding sales tax and shipping). No further action is required to receive the rebate check. Rebate checks will be mailed no later than thirty (30) days from April 30, 2009.

Check- back often as more tools and resources will be added.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More and More!!


Published 03.17.09
Alicia Keys Wears Mary Kay® at the Oscars®

Nine-time Grammy Award winner Alicia Keys rocked the red carpet at this year’s Oscars® with a glamorous look featuring Mary Kay® products! Alicia’s look was created by celebrity makeup artist Ashunta Sheriff whose client base also includes Jennifer Hudson, Hilary Duff, Ashlee Simpson, Queen Latifah and Rihanna.
Alicia’s entire red-carpet look which included Mary Kay® Lip Liner, Lip Gloss, Mineral Cheek Color and Concealer can be easily recreated using ALL Mary Kay® products! Check out this full list of products to show your customers how to get a hot celebrity look without paying high celebrity prices!
Share this exciting news with all your customers and pass out this fabulous flier or direct them to your Mary Kay® Personal Web Site starting March 16th – so they can get this glamorous look and unlock their own inner celebrity today!

Mary Kay Co. is helping us with lots of TV Ads

Make the 2009 TV Advertising Campaign Work for You

Beginning in March, you’ll see two new TV commercials in English and one in Spanish featuring the Mary Kay® brand! One commercial promotes Mary Kay® products, while the other highlights the Mary Kay business opportunity.

These commercials will air through September on various networks including ABC, Lifetime, E!, The CW, TLC, Style Network and Univision during various programs that appeal to our target market of women and drive them to www.marykay.com to connect with an Independent Beauty Consultant.

You’ll want to check back often to this area of the Mary Kay InTouch® Web site for updates on programming, news about consumer sweepstakes, product segments and booking tools you can use.

Consultants can view the commercials online and most directors have them on their unit sites!


Saturday, March 14, 2009

MKA Charitable Foundation

The Suits for Shelters Campaign that ran during Leadership Conference collected and were able to donate over 801 items (519 suits and 282 seperates)to the Sojourner Center in Phoenix. The Center provides shelter and support services to thousands of individuals affected by domestic violence since 1977.

More Publicity for Mary Kay


Mary Kay on Good Morning Texas

On March 5, Good Morning Texas on WFAA-TV dedicated an entire segment to the Mary Kay business opportunity and how it can be a solution for women in today’s economic climate – either to earn extra money or to begin a new business. The segment also talks about our brand new ad campaign promoting the Mary Kay business opportunity. Vice President of U.S. Marketing Yvette Franco and Independent Beauty Consultant Michelle Mikulas appeared live on the show.
There is a link to see the video on www.marykayintouch.com

Friday, March 13, 2009

Go-give Award Nomination for PT Member


As I was reading the post where everyone is mocking the college student that wrote about her view of the Mary Kay opportunity, I was so disappointed at the pettiness surrounding the majority of the comments. Many were tearing down her spelling, others her grammar, others her age and lack of wisdom. It was really getting pathetic and then I read a comment for the member "mkfoolnomore" and thought, finally!

It is been few and far between I have read a comment that stands apart from the rest and this one showed a human compassion. I wanted to point it out and thank her for a kind act. I would like to extend the Balanced Go-give award. Thank you mkfoolnomore for not going down the road the others were going by trying to insultant more than the previous heckler.

Here is her comment: mkfoolnomore said:
"Ladies, I have a comment slightly off the topic
It seems like everyone who is critiquing this college student's grammar and writing skills is assuming this person is a native English speaker. I personally feel a little uncomfortable every time I read a comment about poor grammar, etc. However, I am not easily intimidated and have enough self esteem to continue posting my comments. English is the forth language that I speak. People have told me before that sometimes I have an interesting way expressing myself, but I just smile and don't mind at all to repeat or express myself choosing different words.

My point is, please be a little more forgiving for those who are English grammar challenged, because I personally consider you my PT friends and truly hope I am not the only one who's English is not their language of origin."

Question on sales/orders

(Amended abit at 12:00 on Friday)
One of our readers asked this question and I thought it might be a good one to run with for today. (I don't have as much time as I would like to really do a great job on this, so how about I get started and everyone can pitch in and I can just check back and keep adding my 2 cents? Help audience.

mkmommy said...
I have a question. Do you think there is any validity to the points made on PT about orders and their reflection on profits? I mean there are people who order large amounts, but don't sell it. I have done it myself unfortunately. Doesn't that "inflate" things to make them appear better than what they are?

For those that put in large orders in any given month, there will be those that don't order anyting in a month. If a director brings in a new ibc with $3000 - unless the ibc is a real hotshot, it is going to be quite awhile before she orders again, (at least a large) order ...(any reader here know I do not promote large startup orders - for the record) - So the large orders are just going to balance out the small or zero orders. Month after month, it just all comes out in the end. My unit production comes from seasoned consultants reordering because they are doing their business, selling their products, and then need to replace it so they will have it when their next clients needs it. (Very little of our production comes from the new consultants because I my sincere belief, start and build just as you start and build your customer base. (it works to everyone's benefit down this way)- this way of operating creates an easy flowing stream of production, it is consistant - it means there is consistant prodction coming in from the being of the month, the middle of the month, right thru the end of the month. Best part of operating like this is that I never have to do the "dialing for dollars" I read about on pt - ugg, that must be horrible to deal with the every month. I am proud to say that I can call any unit member any day of the month and she will answer my call (even if she has call id) - good feeling, they know that "THAT" call doesn't happen.

Our Company showed a 5% increase in sales this past year - an increase up to 2.5 billion. Now in this economy, not only did we not loose money, we actually showed an increase. That is pretty impressive. The long term goal is to double that figure to 5 billion by the 50th Anniversary - 5 years from now. The Company is looking at growth. Now for general comment, common sense tells you the same number of consultants that we have now will most likely be able to maintain or perhaps slightly increase what they are doing (at least long term) so the bottom line is the Company will need more consultants. Despite the fact that some want to think MK is going dooowwwnnnn..... (for the times) we are doing quite well. The new advertising is selling the opportunity to find more consultants and I mean (good consultants) not bodies.

The negative nellies can say that Mary Kay does no count sales to their customers, it is to their consultants. I really wish that when people use that to justify their complaints they would realize, MK is no different than any other cosmetic company (or any company for that matter)that manufactures and then distributes to retail estblishements. Seriously, when Clinique, Mac, Estee, Bobby Brown, etc... report the figures for the products that were shipped to Macy's, Bon Ton, etc.... - they don't then go into the stores and call the stores liars because the store has the inventory they purchased. The only difference is in our set up the "stores" are they consultants. (disclaimer: there are consultants that are sitting on too much inventory because they just kept buying and buying and buying to hold on to this or that but let't face it sooner or later they are going to room out of storage space).

It is sad that so many ibc will go nuts and buy product to win a car, and buy more production to become a director, and buy more product to keep her unit, etc.... as we say here, "Looking Successful Doesn't Mean You Are" and sooner or later you are going to max out your available credit trying to look successful. A house built of cards, comes down very easily. Build a strong selling unit, build a strong customer base, and then build your team, while you are servicing your existing clients, finding new clients, and continuing to build your team. And if you can't juggle all this then directorship is not for you. All the balls must be kept in the air, you can not be successful, long term as a director without this balance.

That is one of my biggest peeves as I read those statements of the posters on pt, going on and on about I was a succesful director, I won x# of cars, went on 2 trips, drove 2 Saturns and one Cadillac, worked hard ...but I was $25,000 in debt. Excuse me, if you were $25,000 in debt, you appeared successful. And when it caught up with them and they realized they had run out of credit and what they were "buying" was insane. Then hey, why not just admit it. Stuff happens. - This MK just didn't work for me and I made some bad business decisions I love the recognition and the praise and made foolish mistakes so I would get the attention. Oh, I wanted that pink toaster and I know Suzy Q won't be able to star this quarter and she wants it too, soooo, I will just charge it. Buying your recognition and prizes will bring one down every time. It is hard to operate successfully in a people business if your attitude and self confidence is down. Being too hungry is also not appealing. One can say that people don't know that but when you're stressed it comes acrss in your mannerisms. Time to get out and move on to something else. Just find something that works for you... so why can't one just admit i?, Ok, we have a little egg on our face... but pat yourself on the pack for trying, figure out where you went wrong so you learn from your mistackes and move on to something else. But no, as if all of a sudden they get a case of "the ethics" and quit, saying, oh, this bad, bad, Company, I just won't represent it anymore. ummmm.... sorry..... you let yourself down, the Company didn't let you down. I have used people and I manipulated people for 15 years, I have lied, I pulled inventory, I used others charged cards, I bought my prizes, I bought my car, I sponsored my cat and dog, I stole other ibc's customers and potential team members. But it none of it is my fault, bad Company, bad bad Company, none of this is my fault, I was taught this way, everyone else does it this way, ummm... that excuse may be valid for a few years... but it doesn't take one 10 years to figure out that you shouldn't cheat- sorry....

So there is a start, come folks there is a ton to add but I am dozing off. So catch you tomorrow!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Just another little picture of some of the spring items.

Another exciting piece of news is that the New Look Book will now be available on www.marykayintouch.com so if a personal use consultant doesn't receive the Look Books regularly or the don't want to order until the see what is available and prefer not to order just the Books and then have to do another order to get the products, they can just visit intouch.

This is an awesome feature, especially for directors. In the past we had the option to send our unit members a Look Book thru a program that was called Consultants' First Look, it worked just like PCP but we enrolled consultants not clients. (Of course there was a fee but it was small, just as pcp is so very afforable.)

I love this, it is just another way the Company is helping us save money where we can too. Every little bit we can save is always great. Wow, I am impressed.

I also would like to take a moment because I had read a poster complain that she thought she would have to pay $50 a year to be able to use online ordering. This is not correct.

As consultants we have two sites we can get from Mary Kay. The first one is called www.marykayintouch.com you will need to use your consultant number and select a password to use this site. This is your MK source of information. It will have all product information, Company contest and events, Propay (the credit card processing service), the product/replacement return system, your ability to do online orders, enroll our clients for pcp, show your production, and learn MK, and much, much more. This site is free - there is never a charge for it. I always encourage my unit members to check it often. It is always being updated. It is your lifeline to the business and you will always be informed if you use it.

The second site is option It is a site that we as a consultant may use - it is your www.marykay.com/darcimk - This is basically a site provided by MK for you to provide to your clients. - I always encourage my clients to visit. There are always fun things on it. Especially this new virtual makeover, where you can upload your photo and then have the makeovers done on "you" - you can even change your hair color or style. It is really cool. I even have a hair dresser firend of mine that uses it in her shop to help clients select hairstyles and then does give them my business card in case they want to try any of the looks ( done very low key).
Our clients may even shop on line and pay online (if the consultant has propay set up). This site only costs season consultant $50 / yr and the Company is always updating - it is a very impressive site. BRAND NEW consultants can take advantage of it for 1/2 - so only $25/yr. Now how can you beat that?? Well if someone becomes a consultant during the March promotion, I believe they even receive their first 6 months free!!

The Company announced at Leadership our sales had increased by 5% over the previous year, in this economy, I feel that is very impressive but our longterm goal is to double and reach $5 billion by our 50 anniversary. Now is just such an awesome time to be in MK, if the Company wants this type of growth, things are just going to get better and better for the consultants. Wow, I am so excited.
I plan on selling my share of that additional $2.5 billion!!!

for the upset reader on pt: You only need intouch the free site to do online ordering as a consultant (the Marykay.com site is totally optional).

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The PT Cost of Doing Business

We went over a few of the items that contribute to the cost of doing Mary kay, so I wanted to back up that post with this one.

180degrees and a few others said in reference to the post – (please feel to read the entire piece on pt)
This woman once again assumes that if a website has ads, it must be making a profit. If she reads in other places on the site, she will see that the income maintains the site. Believe it or not, the real motive that the creator, Tracy Coenen, had, was to help MK ladies, at whatever point of their MK trek they were on, or to warn them about the business if they hadn't signed yet.
TRACY said: Just to ease the concerns of the Kaybots... PT has NEVER turned a profit. It has always COST MONEY, which I have paid for out of my own pocket because I want to. I'm not looking for any sympathy, but just want the record to be set straight that this is not a money making venture. It is a special project that I fund personally because I feel it is important. So there.

My Comment:
Now, with advertising the site has, the site has the potential to make a profit. Also, the sales of pt cards, T-shirts, hats, Essentials of Fraud book, the donation bucket etc… So everyone is to take Tracy's word that it looses money? I will not call anyone a liar, but with her business savy, I do believe she very easily could have a money maker. (As we all know, none of us are in business to loose money, right? But my biggest question is…Why does no one ask to see Schedule C's? All mkers, if we say we are making money, we are lying because we don’t pony up a schedule C. But the other side would be if they say they are loosing money, it is the truth? (no supporting data is required) hmmmmm....
I wonder if fewer people would want to be a part of pt if they found out TC was making money from the site? (None of them are getting anything for their time or there stories- wouldn't this be taking advantage of all the stories and posters that keep the site going?)

Kinzie said: (quoting the author): “The creator of the site appears smart enough to take all of that frustration and turn it into profit.”
LOL! At least Tracy appears to be smart which is more complimentary than most of the Kaybot letters that come through here!

And I say she is smart enough to make a profit on pt., she is a savy, business woman, in business to make money.
In closing, I make good money with my Mary Kay Business. So There! .. I guess we were all just missing the So there... must be just as good as a Schedule C!

So that wa basically what I wanted to publish, but a little bit of a poll could be fun too:

If pt (loyals) found out that the site was making money (after the expenses of running it) and tc was taking a paycheck, do you feel that they would still feel as passionate about being a part of the forum? Just curiousity? What is your h.o.?

More Publicity for Mary Kay

Sorry, this is a day late but the information is still exciting:

Two Mary Kay Directors will appear on American Idol, Tuesday March 10th at 7pm Central time! Andrea and Kimberly Murray are proud Premier Club, Honor Society Directors in NSD Cindy Williams Inner Circle Area! Their little sister, Jasmine Murray, is competing tomorrow night! (American Idol producers flew to Mississippi last week and filmed all the Murray sisters.)

Jasmine will be performing, so let's show our Mary Kay support of this amazing young woman. She wears ONLY MARY KAY makeup on stage!! (Jasmine is only 16 yrs old and has never recorded an album. Many of the American Idol contestants are already well known in the music world, so they have an advantage of having a fan base and "following".) Let's show the world the POWER of our MARY KAY SALES FORCE by voting and advancing our girl!

Can't you read,kaybot?

Do as I say, not as I do is all I can think of when I read this on pt.

The following is a direct quote from Pt:
"I am so happy that one Mary Kaybot had the presence of mind to ask what the real story is behind this website and the owner. She certainly couldn't have followed the first link on the "Welcome" page and read about us there."

This is rich. What are we always saying when people say "I never knew that", "no one every told me" - hahahha, ready your consultant agreement, read your inventory options brochure, read your consultants guide, read the Appaulause Magazine, read your unitnet site, and read www.marykayintouch.com --- everything that you need to know about everything in Mk is written in there. (and many of them couldn't read any of this.) But have an arbitrary visitor stop by their blog and post but not follow the link to the welcome page to rad what they were all about... oh my.. chuckles and double standards.

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Spring Products


Want to see what is coming out for Spring? Make sure you visit www.marykay.com on or about March 16th- the photo is the travel set.... it even comes with two bottles that you can use to fill with your cleanser and moisturizer (or shampoo and conditioner) when you travel - and you could always slip in the foil packs of the cleanser and moisturizers, a mini sunscreen, after sun gel, mascara, island bronze eyesicle, and lip gloss! How cute and convenient. The Coastal Cool Color selection are very in trend. The tri color eye shadow square, three limited edition color lip glosses, and two eye pencils - a blue and a gold. (I used the blue over my liquid black liner and absolutely loved the look). Products will be available for all to order March 15th - the new quarter starts March 16th.

My suggestion is these are best to market to your existing client base - when working with brand new clients I try to always introduce them to regular line products so that when they go to reorder, the colors they have been using are still available, my regulars know these are a fun but limited edition. If showing them to your new clients make sure they realize they are seasonal and are a limited edition so that they are not disappointed if they can't get them when they run out.

T.O.P. Lawsuit Article Comment/PT

Often when I read any article I have many questions as to how much of it is true or "ebellished" I try very hard to read into the information to see if it adds up. This one doesn't compute but because the poster is complaining about a MK director it becomes instant truth, not one person questions what was apparent to me in an instant. If you want to read the whole post, just visit the TOP Lawsuit Article - I have no opinion on if her director did this or did not do this, also I have to ask since she admits to starting to repay the debt if she didn't want all this to happen in the first place but is having buyers remorse. or why she never felt that she should notify the Company about the unethical behavior before now- aside from all of that -I am only looking at the numbers-

{{Mary Fitzpatrick said: Hello, I am a fairley new X-consultant.( Defected Nov. 08
Here is my prediciment. I joined MK in Jan. 0f 08. High pressure tactics from the director and National- I got into over 10K in credit card debt.
I decided to send back 11K worth of inventory to the company - got a check back quickley for a little over 6k.. }}

So in 10 months she incurred over $10,000 in debt... she returned over $11,000 in inventory to the Company and received a check for over $6,000 - which means she must have returned $22,000 retail to the Company because had she returned $11,000 retail, that would have been $5500 wholesale which at 90% would have been a maximum of $4950 - and since she had that much the Company would have deducted prize money or commissions leaving her with less that $4950. So that means she had purchased over $22,000 retail or $11,000 wholesale which 90% of that would have been approx $9900 less prizes, commissions, etc.. I don't see how that stuff would have added up to close to $4000 - but to have over $22,000 retail/$11,000 wholsale in 10 months?

This whole post seems very, very questionable - things don't just add up.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Is it a Lie?

Since this question was asked, I thought perhaps this poster may have wanted an answer...so I would like to do my good deed for the day.
"pinkpinkustink said: (she is quoting sommeone)
Everyone makes 50% commission on their sales (from a brand new consultant to a National Sales Director)" she goes on and says, "LIES, LIES......
Why do Directors lie like this? Directors get an additional 13% commission form their own orders, which means they actually purchase their products at a 63% discount!

I see flawed logic in her statement. When anyone places a product order from the Company, we all ibc, sd, or nsd receive a 50% (if the $200/minimum order or the earned discount is in place). Period. That is the truth. Now, a director will be paid a commission on the amount of unit production. This amount can be 9% or 13% depending on the unit production. - and according to pt all directors receive chargebacks monthly which will reduce or even wipe out (according to pt sources) the commission. So there is no guarantee what a director will get as far as unit commission. When an order is placed it is at 50% off at the time of purchase. The commission that is earned is paid the following month -

Spin it any way - all receive a 50% discount when we purchase the products, a director does not receive a 63% discount when placing the products. So I say there is no lie of omission, it is just an attempt to once again twist the facts. And we do purchase our products at 50% off retail. If the products are then sold at retail, one will earn 50% profit. It might not all be spendable profit, and after subtracting samples, etc... the net profit may be reduced to less that 50% - but the truth is we do purchase the products at a 50% discount and when selling the product at retail we do earn 50%. These are the simple facts.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Cost of Doing Business

I think we have always heard the old saying, "It takes money to make money". I have to agree that there will be some costs when starting any business or opportunity. I like the option that we can use items that Mary Kay has provided for us if we choose and that the price is very attractive in my opinion. I have also read where others complain about the options we have available to use in MK that they are too expensive. I thought it would be a good post to go over some of the items and to get a feel for if the fees are reasonable or high.

When a consultant joins MK a starter kit which costs $100 plus tax, shipping and handling. The kit comes with a all the supplies to do your presentations with, mirrored trays, the styrofoam trays, disposable face clothes, the applicators, the color cards, the Look Books, the beauty books, sales tickets, profile cards, etc as well as over $300 worth of retail product to demonstrate and loads of training material and Company information. Imho, this is a very fair price to have the tools to begin a business opportunity. (and there is no commission earned for having someone purchase a starter kit) -

For us that want to promote what we are doing the Company has a website designed that is always updated with new products and the latest and greatest going on in the Company. A new consultant can purchase their site for $25/yr, their first time and then it is an annual fee of $50/yr after that. Now for me, not being very computer literate, I think this price is extremely fair, I know I have friends that pay way more than this to have a webdesigner do sites for their business. Once again this is an optional expense. If a consultant joins only to do personal use, there really would be no reason for her to incur the expense.

For those of us who are doing the appointments, I love being able to offer the benefits of Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express, even if it is because individuals like to use a debit card as oppossed to writing a check. Once again for personal use, this is an option probably not necessary but for a consultant actually running their MK as a business, I think it is a great feature. I have looked around and found that it would cost me much more to try to do it as an individual. We can use Propay for the cost of $29.95 a year and then there is a 2.69% +.30 transaction fee (3.19% for American Express). Now if you do a one time payment of the $29.95, you are also eligible to get a $29.95/rebate so you can actually get the ability to process credit cards for free and only end up paying the transaction fee. If you don't want to pay one lump sum they will even allow you to pay 1/3 (9.98) at sign up, 1/3 30 days after enrollment, and 1/3 60 days after enrollment. I am glad we have this option and find it very afforable. Once again it is optional and not mandatory.

Want to send your clients a catalogue? We have the PCP program available - for the cost of $.65 we can enroll the people we choose to receive a catalogue from the Company. (This program is available to us quarterly and we can add or delete anyone on a quarterly basis.) There is no minimum or maximum to enroll. I have priced the cost of mailing the Look Book and it would cost far more to mail it myself than it is to use MK to do this service. My sales always increase following a mailing because of my clients having a new book in their hands. Once again this is optional.

As for advertising, we are allowed to advertise, we simply must use Company approved advertising which the Company provides for us in the form of Legalease ad slicks. The artwork is great and all one has to do is insert their personal information and they are ready to go. These ad slicks are professional looking and provided at no charge to the consultants. The only cost associated with them would be the cost a consultant incurred running them in a publication. (of course this charge would be for anyone running advertising) but if MK did not have this artwork available I am sure it would be costly to hire someone to design an ad that would be professional looking and attractive to the consumer. Once again, this artwork is free to consultants.

When I was first offered the Mary Kay opportunity I thought it sounded too good to be true and kept looking for the catch. I finally thought I had figured it out because when I ran out of the supplies need to do the presentations with, I would have to buy more from MK and that is probably where they would get me, well, after looking at the cost of "Section 2' - I found out it wasn't there either. Examples, sponge tip applicators - 15 for $.90, mascara wands - 15 for $1.50 , Color cards 5 - $1.50, etc... I find these prices extremely reasonable and yet, if one wanted to go to a beauty supply store to find applicators (if they could find them cheaper) there is nothing saying one can't use other disposable items.

So in conclusion, yes there may be some cost to being a consultant but I feel that they are extremely reasonable and all are optional. So would love to hear some feedback, are these items priced well and are they reasonable items to support a business opportunity??


Whenever I read pt, I often read complaints that the "whole truth" is never told so therefore, it is a lie. I read complaints over and over again about the MK world not being honest and that all are deceiptful because of lies of ommission or half truths. (First I disagree with that statement - I am sure some do just as I am sure others don't) but... once again I think I see a great example of the pot calling the kettle black! One of the posters nomoremlm4me makes a suggestion on how to rip off the Company - out and out stealing - the following post applauds the behavior and there are two thumbs up points and at the point I am writing this not one poster, points out that doing something illegal or immoral doesn't become right because you feel you want to stick it to MK.
and/but just in case anyone is thinking this is such a good idea, I am sure that MK would be intelligent enough to deduct the $100 rebate from buyback check amount. The rebate is being offered for a $600 wholesale inventory - if the inventory is returned, the rebate isn't valid.

The quotes:
"nomoremlm4me said:
puc4now, you've given me a great idea! Sign up, order the $600 and get your rebate. Then send all the inventory back for your 90% buyback, and you're still up $40! I would love to see thousands of women do that - it might be the proverbial straw that broke the MK pyramid's back! "
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Mon 02 Mar 02:22
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"ILikeRedBetter said:
That would be hilarious!! "

I think this is really sad that noone speaks up and says that this behavior is in poor taste.

Monday, March 2, 2009

New Promotion for March


Great promtion, post is probably to small to read, so make sure you visit
www.marykayintouch.com and find out all the details!!

Stay tuned

I apologize for the lapse in our regularally scheduled programming... I think David had to do some traveling and I was busy with family outings and events. I promise to get a new article up soon. Until then since Raisinberry says they have over 5,000 members posting (or not) I am sure you will be able to find something NEW (or not) on that site and then tell us if you agree or disagree with it!!

We will be back to regularly scheduled programming soon!!

Have a very great day everyone.

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