Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Consultant Training

This is awesome.. It will be streamlined so all consultants will receive the exact same information when becoming a new consultant so there won't be all the different or conflicting information based on the director's personalities. This was posted
on intouch: Published 01.26.10

Check Out the New Start Earning Now Magazine!

Click here to see a preview of the brand new Start Earning Now magazine, which will be included in all Starter Kits beginning March 1!
As you’ve heard, Start Earning Now magazine can help new Independent Beauty Consultants start working their Mary Kay business toward success right away. The magazine was created based on samples of “Welcome” packets and new Independent Beauty Consultant orientation programs put together by experienced Independent Sales Directors, and it can be a great help to you when you conduct your own new Beauty Consultant education! Start Earning Now magazine will be updated yearly and includes tips on how to find customers, hold facials and parties, sample, sell and order products, pack the new Starter Kit bag and more. Plus, it includes the First Steps offers.

Friday, January 29, 2010

A Little Business Wisdom


In 1910, J. L. Nichols authored a book entitled: "Safe Methods of Business" In his book he described many "Safe Principles and Rules" following are just a few of the points he made, amazingly they still apply today. Here are just a few of them:

#1. Remember that time is gold.
#2. True intelligence is always modest.
#3. Keep your eyes on small expenses, small leaks can sink a great ship.
#4. Avoid the tricks of the trade. Be honest and never misrepresent an article that you desire to sell.
#5. Be affable, polite, and obliging to everybody. Avoid discussions, anger, and pettiness. Interfere with no disputes or the creation of others.
#6. Finally, examine carefully every detail of your business. Be prompt in everything. Take time to consider and decide posetively. Dare to go forward. Bear troubles patiently. Be brave in the struggle of life. Maintain your integrity as a sacred thing. Never tell business lies. Make no useless acquaintances. Never appear more than you are. Pay your debts promptly. Employ your time well. Never be discouraged. Then work hard and you will succeed.

Even though this book was written 100 years ago, it is still true today.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Inquiring Minds Want to know/ Fact or Fiction??


I have received a few emails asking why we are not disputing pt posts that often anymore. If there is an article that really needs to be addressed, I promise it will be, but lately, it is just more reruns... and almost a waste a time reading the same thing over and over. (I would like to point out that I think many pt followers research, study, and are more involved in MK now, then when they were in MK. Now, they will read the Applause, now they will go to intouch.... too bad that they weren't this educated when they were in MK perhaps if they had been this diligent in there studying while they were still in, perhaps, they would still be happy consultants. - lol

any way... must point this comment out that was forwarded to me and ask what the reader asked me... I know what I think but before I put my 2 cents out there, I would love to hear yours ... what do you think? Where is their proof that there are that many members??

{"And YES the 6000+ members of PT ALL had that ONE Bad Apple Director."}

Is there any proof for membership or do we take it at face value.

hmmmm???? 6000 ??? what do our readers think???

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Can I sell to xxxxx ??


As a new consultant it can be difficult to figure out who to sell to if you want to do things the "Mary Kay way". - (as in we don't take each other's clients). Mary Kay always said that family and friends would want to support the new beauty consultant even if they already had a consultant and that is understandable. It is never easy to loose a client but if I loose a client to a family member, I understand and it doesn't hurt as bad. I also know it wasn't anything I did wrong ie: bad service. (I also tell the client that it is the way it should be but if her new consultant ever goes out of business, I would be happy to have her back as a client) this little kind line and gentle good bye with a thank you for having had me as your consultant has help me regain many a client that perhaps would have felt uncomfortable to return to my business if our separation had not been a pleasant one.

The best way to handle gaining a client from another consultant is to have the courteousy to let the other consultant know. The former consultant will then not wonder why the client is no longer purchasing from her and can delete her from her pcp list - (saving her a little money). On occasion if I am really busy, I may ask the client to let her former consultant know but often even if they say they will they don't, so to avoid any hard feelings I personally feel the communication should be from consultant to consultant.

Next, if we haven't seen someone that may have been in our kindergarten class 30 years ago, let's not use this to justify selling to a client already being serviced by a consultant - by saying "we are friends" - let's not do to anyone something we would not want done to us. (Hopefully this is making some sense, it is often hard to express everything I want to say without writing a book every time I try to answer a question.)

The other time it is "okay" to assume another consultant's client is if the client is unhappy with the service she is receiving. I have had people complain to me about waiting two - three weeks to get their products - they love MK but if they can't get it in a more timely manner they would be looking for another brand. The decision here is to keep the client happy because she will be lost entirely (from Mary Kay) if she doesn't find a consultant that will deliver in a timely matter.

I have heard complaints that they would prefer not to have to go to the consultant's home to pick up their products - it is important to make sure a client is getting her products the way she wants, whether it be a personal delivery, via mail, or picking it up at the consultant's home. (and it may be smart to check with a client once in awhile because even if it has been her m/o - clients can change their minds as things in life and that may mean adjusting how we service her to maintain her as a client. (In these situations I encourage the client to contact her consultant and ask if she would consider the different option, often that is all it takes, if not, I gain a new client but I know I got her by doing things the right way.

Of course,I think some will find a way to justify any behavior or action, even if they know deep down it is wrong or unethical, but there is only so much that can be done about that type of behavior except know that the old sayings "What goes around - comes around" or "what you send into the lives of others, comes back 10 fold" are oh, so true!!

I believe I have gained many a client and retain loads of clients because of strong ethical behavior. I receive lots of referrals from my clients because they know they can count on me and know that I am a woman of integrity. The best way to retain your clients is to provide cutting edge customer service!

Happy Selling!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Product review: sheer blush lipstick

If your skin is light/pale, this is a must have. It's what it sounds like; a sheer blush color, with shimmer. The usual long wearing, moisture laden creamy formula. It's the only nude-ish lipstick besides Shell I've ever tried that looks classy rather than giving me "porn star" lips. It's pale and yet it makes a statement. Wear this with smoky eyes for a great classic look.

Photo Shoot w/ Mary Kay Makeup


This is a photo of our Miranda, I am posting it with her permission.... her message to me is below... please note this is NOT retouched. Now how awesome is both Miranda's skill with makeup and the products?

Makeup is all MK. I did a natural look. Photo is not retouched. You may post if you wish. :)

Questions from one of our new readers


Received this great compliment (thank you) and some questions from one of our newer followers. First I wanted to share her email and I will answer each question individually in their own posts to help out anyone with the same questions and a big Thank you to you for sharing!

From the "busy bee"
I have been reading up on the site. I just want to applaud what you are all doing, especially welcoming pros and cons, good and bad. I have a friend that is a consultant who just started up and I am also interested in becoming one in the near future. I had a few personal questions and I hope you don’t mind me emailing. I don’t have a profile set up for the site, so I will have to figure that out soon so I can contribute my 2 cents(if I have any).
I wanted to start my business as more of a hobby. I would eventually like to spend more time, but currently I am a full-time student(19 credit hrs this semester!), mother of a 4 and 5 yr old, working part-time, and also married. My husband is getting ready for a year-long assignment (active duty Air Force) in July so I will be an “almost” single parent for a year. Can you tell me if I would still be able to consider my business as a “business” and claim expenses, etc? I wasn’t sure since I would probably only spend a few hrs a week and have about 2-3 parties a month. I didn’t know what all the rules were and wanted to do my homework before I got started. I haven’t signed up yet and I am planning to in a few months. I am continuing to try the products because I want to make sure I love them before I sell themJ.
I also had another question. My step mother-in-law currently purchases MK from another consultant. I would never want to steal another consultant’s clients but she had offered to use me as a consultant when I start up. I did not offer any type of discount or anything to entice her to switch consultants. I already feel bad for the offer because I wouldn’t do that to anyone! On the other hand, I would understand if I had a client who started buying from their relative, but I would never expect it. What are your thoughts?
I think I’ve wrote more than enough to keep you busy. I apologize for the length and I appreciate your time. I’ve read on a few of the older blogs and how you started off and you are an inspiration! I’m not sure how far I want to go with MK but at least I know that the possibilities are endless. Before I found this blog, I almost reconsidered. I actually was thinking about it so much that I couldn’t sleep and at 4 am I got out of bed and started to look for information. I am so happy I found you and just want to say thanks again. Take care and have a great weekend!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Product review

Intense Moisturizing Cream

Just what the doctor ordered when the air is dry (or your skin is just naturally dry). It is thick, silky, and smooth. Chock full of moisture but not the slightest bit greasy. Skin feels dewy after application. A little, as always, goes a long way.

Something else I've noticed: Though I'm oversensitive to the MK products designed for the eye area, I'm not sensitive to the serum that goes with the microderm set. I can moisturize my eyelids and under-eyes with it. If you are sensitive, try it and see what you think.

Besides, you DO microderm, don't you? ;) You really must. Makes your skin baby soft and your makeup goes on so smooth.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

From one of our Readers


First, I would like to say I love the way you explain what you feel about what you have acheived with your MK opportunity. Next, I love the reason for your question, you are concerned about helping others avoid bad situations. I would just like to applaud you for that style of thinking. I would love to share my opinion on some of this and will but I will be attending Leadership Conference in San Diego this week and must get things in order to leave and have things on the homefront run smoothly while I am away. So if I have free time while I am away I will continue and if I am just having too much fun and learning too much, I will pick up this thread upon my return.

tunisha said...
I have been a consultant with Mary Kay since August of 2007 and I have gotten out of my business what I've put into it. I thank you who had negative experiences for sharing because I am ready to move up in the Mary Kay ranks at this point in my career and I NEVER wanted to be "the pushy Mary Kay lady." Reading your experiences helps me with my approach as a genuine and honest recruiter, so I know I'm on the right track. There are definitely consultants and directors out there that are less than honest and ethical in their approaches to booking and recruiting, but I wouldn't generalize that group as the norm. There are many women, who I personally know, who make a living with Mary Kay and then some, women who make a good part time supplemental income, and woman who have a lot of product just sitting around. My question to the women who's case is the latter is "how did you end up in that situation?" so that I can be sure to help my recruits avoid that. Thank you for sharing.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What are the rules about selling online?

The only website we can use to sell online is the website. From there websites we can link that but must be extremely careful with what we put with the link. Because I don't want to take a chance on not stating something accurately, if you are a consultant, I strongly suggest visiting and go to Legalease - everything is covered in there on what we can and can not do.

As far as other forms of advertising, newspapers, etc... the Company has tons of Company approved Ad slicks we can use. We can not creat our own (with a few self made ones I have seen, I am glad the Company is strict about this because what one person may think loks professional may not the same for someone else. A few years ago before we could order the great looking facial boxes from MK Connections I saw a self made one in a store and was embarrassed for the consultant, it looked like a first grade art class project. It is not the image, I would want to portray. I realize that a big complain on pt is always "we can advertise out business, but that isn't true at all. We just must use the Company approved ad slicks.

I will also like to add that advertising can be expensive and contrary to what everyone thinks, just because you run an ad in the paper doesn't mean your phone will start ringing off the hook, it doesn't... The absolute best form of advertising is - referals from your satisfied clients and believe me, when your clients are happy, they talk and their friends call.

If you can't find the answers you are looking for on intouch, a quick call to the Mary Kay Legal Department will get you the answers that you need. They are great to work with and very helpful. So protect yourself and your business... when in doubt - double check.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Things To Do!!


All Consultants, make sure you take your Year End Inventory. If you have any orders not received, make sure you add those items to your inventory, also if you have any product out on loan, etc.... Once you have taken it, have two copies, one for 2009 ending inventory and one for 2010 beginning inventory.

If you have a software tracking program, make sure your check what your system shows versus what you have on the shelf and make any necessary adjustments! Check out your sales and expenses for the year! Did you do what you wanted to?

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