Thursday, January 28, 2010

Inquiring Minds Want to know/ Fact or Fiction??

I have received a few emails asking why we are not disputing pt posts that often anymore. If there is an article that really needs to be addressed, I promise it will be, but lately, it is just more reruns... and almost a waste a time reading the same thing over and over. (I would like to point out that I think many pt followers research, study, and are more involved in MK now, then when they were in MK. Now, they will read the Applause, now they will go to intouch.... too bad that they weren't this educated when they were in MK perhaps if they had been this diligent in there studying while they were still in, perhaps, they would still be happy consultants. - lol

any way... must point this comment out that was forwarded to me and ask what the reader asked me... I know what I think but before I put my 2 cents out there, I would love to hear yours ... what do you think? Where is their proof that there are that many members??

{"And YES the 6000+ members of PT ALL had that ONE Bad Apple Director."}

Is there any proof for membership or do we take it at face value.

hmmmm???? 6000 ??? what do our readers think???


  1. It's baloney. At the very least, she's counting every member that has ever been there, including those who have left and those who have been kicked out. And including those at its old incarnation "MK Sucks."

    What I love is how they purport to have such integrity and yet admit to doing all sorts of manipulations. I also love how *they* were the consultants and directors who didn't know any better and were misled, yet everyone else in MK is deliberately a liar and a manipulator. And all the religious stuff thrown in as proof of whatever they state? People have used religion to justify flat out massacre. It's convenient, but it's also baloney.

    The recent mocking of one feminist member on the main page disgusts me beyond belief. No, I don't use the spelling "womyn," but so what? For crying out loud, what a bunch of nasty old crows. Those people have problems.

  2. Even if we did post the slanderous statements you will hear the same thing each and everyday.
    You cant make money in MK, everybody is frontloading, everyone is lying, if your income is 40,000 or better they will say you are making it up (show me a schedule C), they will probably say its a FAKE schedule C.

    Again I DO NOT discount what has happened to some of these women some of their stories are very real but what I cant understand is if someone comes on the site and doesnt promote MK negativity they are barred and shunned. The flock then starts to swarm around each other like little bees and attacks the new poster who had been lurking for a while. I have seen a few women there apologize to someone or ask others not to be cruel to the person blogging on the site who may have questions about their experience but that person has been in MK for a certain amount of time and are happy they are part of the pink fog or the pink haze! Im with Miranda that 6000 member number is everyone who has been through there. I cant speak for another person but anyone who has been manipulated that easily so fork over 4000 for inventory or asking anyone to put in that much money has a problem. Someone would have to hold my head at gunpoint for me to put in that much money unless I had 100 customers to start or had 20 classes booked solid already. The way some of these people speak lets me know how they are and some of them had no business being in MK or any type of business for that matter. Some people need a group mentality and that is what I see over there (there are needs for a group with a common bond dont get me wrong) Im speaking of peers who are putting down other peers to make themselves feel better.

  3. It's know those dolls that you push a button or pull a string and it says something? Pictue if you will a redheaded doll...there's a string in her side, and you pull. *squawk*SCHEDULE C!*squawk* Yank it all you want, that's all you're gonna get. lol

  4. lol, -when I was a girl, I had a one of those dolls!! even if a schedule c was posted, it would then be, it wasn't real. And... once again, we are not invisible on the net, I would strongly advise no matter how bad we would like to put up a Schedule C - it wouldn't be wise publish personal information like that for everyone to see. In this day of identity theft, etc... keeping personal information private is always the best decision. Anyone can dummy up a schedule c. - it wouldn't prove anything.


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