Sunday, January 24, 2010

Can I sell to xxxxx ??

As a new consultant it can be difficult to figure out who to sell to if you want to do things the "Mary Kay way". - (as in we don't take each other's clients). Mary Kay always said that family and friends would want to support the new beauty consultant even if they already had a consultant and that is understandable. It is never easy to loose a client but if I loose a client to a family member, I understand and it doesn't hurt as bad. I also know it wasn't anything I did wrong ie: bad service. (I also tell the client that it is the way it should be but if her new consultant ever goes out of business, I would be happy to have her back as a client) this little kind line and gentle good bye with a thank you for having had me as your consultant has help me regain many a client that perhaps would have felt uncomfortable to return to my business if our separation had not been a pleasant one.

The best way to handle gaining a client from another consultant is to have the courteousy to let the other consultant know. The former consultant will then not wonder why the client is no longer purchasing from her and can delete her from her pcp list - (saving her a little money). On occasion if I am really busy, I may ask the client to let her former consultant know but often even if they say they will they don't, so to avoid any hard feelings I personally feel the communication should be from consultant to consultant.

Next, if we haven't seen someone that may have been in our kindergarten class 30 years ago, let's not use this to justify selling to a client already being serviced by a consultant - by saying "we are friends" - let's not do to anyone something we would not want done to us. (Hopefully this is making some sense, it is often hard to express everything I want to say without writing a book every time I try to answer a question.)

The other time it is "okay" to assume another consultant's client is if the client is unhappy with the service she is receiving. I have had people complain to me about waiting two - three weeks to get their products - they love MK but if they can't get it in a more timely manner they would be looking for another brand. The decision here is to keep the client happy because she will be lost entirely (from Mary Kay) if she doesn't find a consultant that will deliver in a timely matter.

I have heard complaints that they would prefer not to have to go to the consultant's home to pick up their products - it is important to make sure a client is getting her products the way she wants, whether it be a personal delivery, via mail, or picking it up at the consultant's home. (and it may be smart to check with a client once in awhile because even if it has been her m/o - clients can change their minds as things in life and that may mean adjusting how we service her to maintain her as a client. (In these situations I encourage the client to contact her consultant and ask if she would consider the different option, often that is all it takes, if not, I gain a new client but I know I got her by doing things the right way.

Of course,I think some will find a way to justify any behavior or action, even if they know deep down it is wrong or unethical, but there is only so much that can be done about that type of behavior except know that the old sayings "What goes around - comes around" or "what you send into the lives of others, comes back 10 fold" are oh, so true!!

I believe I have gained many a client and retain loads of clients because of strong ethical behavior. I receive lots of referrals from my clients because they know they can count on me and know that I am a woman of integrity. The best way to retain your clients is to provide cutting edge customer service!

Happy Selling!!

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