Friday, July 30, 2010

More news on TW Miracle Set!!


announced at Seminar... now remember it is not a cure but the TW Miracle set is BENEFICIAL in the care of the skin affected by rosecea and/or sensative skin.

Good news for customers with Rosecea or sensitive skin- Timewise Miracle Set is highly compatible with great results!!!

and stay tuned... I have another super exciting announcement about the Miracle Set!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm Still around 2

Hey all,

Just thought I would mention that I am still here as well.  Thought a new look for the site would be nice and got the comments working again.

I also noticed that we can now add pages to the blog and I think I would like to start working on that.  I think that there are some crucial points that we (try to) make over and over again and having those easily accessible would be great.

Please let me know what kinds of "pages" you would like to see.  For instance, "Is Mary Kay a pyramid scheme?" would possibly be a good page.

As always, thanks for your participation and please make any suggestions.  With 90 readers, I would think someone out there might want to be a contributing author.  Any takers?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm still around

Sorry I've been absent, ppl. I've been going through a nasty breakup, with still the 3 jobs to handle, and new relationships to negotiate.

Mr. Gothboy is HISTORY. Can't deal with that mess any more. >:P Can't, won't, finito.

Saving money for the move. Looking for a rental house with my piercer and her teenage daughter. Did a lot of house hunting over the weekend; have some contenders. I hate moving but can't wait until I'm settled in the new place, away from all the negativity and bitterness.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Staying intouch


Hello Balanced Buddies!! I don't want to loose all our readers from boredom but I have a super busy weekend and then getting ready for Seminar so the next week or so the posts may be a little sparse. I will do my best to come up with something interesting and of course after I get back from Seminar you will have some fun stuff to read. I would love your input.. Either privately email me or post a comment here - what are some topics/subject, etc... that you would like to see?

For anyone newer to MK or looking at MK - I do stronger recommended building a strong customer base and then build your team. Mary Kay always said book, sell, book, recruit.... she didn't say, book recruit, recruit, recruit... if you are in MK to make "full time money" you will have to be working with both aspects but the sales should come first. 50% of a sale will put more money in your pocket than 4,9, or 13% of the order from a team member, especially if they are only joining for personal use. Once you have a client, make sure you take good care of them..
Last night while I was busy doing several things at one time none MK, I received two calls - one I was able to take the other one went to voice mail.... 2 reorders from clients.... total was almost $300 retail....I don't care who you are or how long you have been in MK, that there is still exciting!! (I am talking about a 10 minute time frame). So an important part of this business is always cherish your clients.

Seriously, I truly enjoy my clients and I know they appreciate me.. the other night one of my clients wanted to stop by and check out the new colors. When she arrived... she said I have a little something for you.... while on a trip she a found a quaint little gift shop and said when she saw this she just had to buy it for me. In a beautiful little gift bag, I unwrapped the cutest pin (elegant) with a little lipstick, nail polish, mirror, and heart on it.. very nicely done.. and then a little laminated card... she said to me, I think they wrote it for you... .... . can I even begin to explain how great that made me feel? as Mary Kay always said, no one cares how much you know until they know how much you care..... so remember, always try to treat others as you would like to be treated..

...God bless my Mary Kay Consultant who does more than give a facial.
She dotes upon her clients and makes them feel special, goes the extra mile in pleasing customers, Appreciates the business they happily refer. She always
hands out samples and has a smile to share.. Loves to book home parties in her
leather calendar..
She's a consultant for your beauty, an angel in disguise, she's an Mary Kay
Consultant, A Bumble Bee that has learned to fly.... Mary Kay.....

Have an Awesome Weekend Everyone!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Our Oilfree Eye Makeup Remover

MARY KAY -The August issue of InStyle features Mary Kay® Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover in "Deals & Steals" on page 184 as an ATM-friendly buy. The product is praised for its efficacy in the delicate eye area… "removes every drop of eye makeup – even waterproof mascara and liner – with no irritation."

Monday, July 19, 2010

Mineral Powder Eye/Cheek Colors


I believe I have written an article on this before but I read a post from one of our readers and just wanted to point out really quickly.... I absolutely love the new mineral powder line and my sales are higher than they have ever been. I believe the first reason is there has been so much marketing and advertising from all companies (not just mk) about "mineral this" and "mineral that" and how wonderful they are, I was beginning to loose clients to other brands until we launched ours.

Also the younger generation is definitely interested in the mineral line, without this line we would have a very "aging" market.

Yes they are smaller than our previous line but (especially the eye shadows) the colors is more concentrated with more pigment so I actually do use less but the biggest reason for the size difference is in the former shape (oval at the one end) in order to have the color hold its shape and stay in the container, a filler was needed to retain shape. (I believe I read this both on intouch and in the Applause). In the new shape, the rectangles, a filler isn't required so basically it is all product.

I did have a few clients ask and I explained this to them and told them to give it a try but if they weren't 100% happy with the product, I would be happy to get them the former shapes or return their money. I also explained this to almost every client I had and they appreciate the information and know I care about them. I did not have one, not one and I have over 500 clients return a blush or an eye shadow because they didn't like it or felt it didn't last as well as the former. The majority of them even commented they "loved" the new mineral line. So, armed with info we can keep our clients informed and happy!!

P.s. the new colors are a super success!!

Allison's Story

Here is the link for the message direct from Allison herself -

Friday, July 16, 2010

New Recycling Program at Seminar!


Another round of Applause for Mary Kay for doing their part!!
(from Intouch)

When you’re packing your bags for Dallas, don’t forget: At Seminar, we’re kicking off a brand new recycling initiative designed to generate even more momentum for our ongoing Pink Doing GreenSM efforts! We’re collecting empty flip-top caps and color refill cases at Seminar and at all Company special events and Mary Kay branch locations. Just look for the recycling bins!

As part of our ongoing commitment to Pink Doing GreenSM, Mary Kay Inc. will plant one tree in the United States in partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation and the U.S. Forest Service for every 10 flip-top caps and/or color refill cases received by Mary Kay Inc. through December 2011 -- up to 100,000 trees.
Got to Intouchfor a full list of eligible products.

You’ll also have the option to mail in your empty flip-top caps and color refill cases if you either don’t make it to Seminar or if you don’t live near a branch location. Please note the following, whether you’re bringing these items to Seminar or mailing them to the Company:

Detach flip-top caps from the main package or tube. Rinse caps and refill cases thoroughly of any product residue. If mailing, enclose in an appropriately sized envelope or box. You can mail your empty flip-top caps and color refill cases to:

Mary Kay Inc.
Caps and Cases Program
Attn: Carlos Troncoso
1330 Regal Row
Dallas, TX 75247

In advance, thank you for your ongoing support of Pink Doing GreenSM!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A little pricey!!


I really had to chuckle over this (I am being a little immature so forgive me, I am not perfect... but whenever I read the negative sites, they always carry on about how cheap the prizes the Company gives us are. So, would someone tell me when someone gets out of Mary Kay, the "cheap" prize that they (bought for $2,400) (rolling eyes) that they say isn't worth $20 now shows up on ebay for.. BIG $$$$$

Hubby was looking for something and saw this and had to show it to me because he thought I had one. Laughed so hard...So, it is not okay for a Company to take advantage of them, but it is okay for them to take advantage of others?? So is it worth it or not?

Here is the listing:

Mary Kay Star Prize 45th Aniversary Hot Pink Ring 7
Item condition: --
Time left: 19d 09h (Aug 02, 201008:35:16 PDT)
Price: US $399.99 Buy It NowBuy It Now

Don't miss that $399.00!!!!!!! ummm... can anyone go to the negative site that does the reviews and names prices for what they feel the star consultant prizes are worth and tell us what they felt the value of this ring was.

Kay Pink Prize Ring size 7 special for the 45th aniversary. Opens with special message. This is a rare collectors star prize item for anyone who loves MK. Picture does not due this one justice!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

NSD Allison LaMarr to resign..


I know there is alot of talk about this subject in the MK world and even non MK world so I thought a post was warranted. I have no personal information as I do not know Allison. I also would like to add that whatever agreement that the Company and Allison came to will more than likely be kept confidential. There will be be plenty of speculation and rumors. Chances are we will never know the whole story.

Not that it is worth much but imho, I am sure Allison had reasons, just because a National resigned doesn't mean the Company is going under, doesn't mean others will be jumping ship. Think about it... she achieved alot and fast.. at 31 she has "attained" the highest position in MK. Perhaps she has decided it isn't her passion. Perhaps she has decided she doesn't care for it. Perhaps the Company worked out a deal with her so she can go and pursue her new passion. Perhaps she sees an opportunity that will supersede the monetary value she could earn as an NSD. Perhaps she just wanted to move on. What have the "balanced" people always said, Mary Kay is a business opportunity. It is not the be all, end all. Allison may feel she had achieved the goal and no longer felt challenge and wants to go build again. She is only 31. She has been extremely successful perhaps she wants to pursue something new and exciting to her.

Just as consultants and directors, nationals have terms and conditions to their nsd agreements, if Allison was in violation of any of these, the Company would have warned her. She would have the opportunity to agree to the terms she accepted as a national or she would have the right to move on.

As for the rumors of the Company changing the requirements for Nationals, I am pretty sure that any that have already achieved the position would be grandfathered, it would only effect the new and up and coming nationals. So the speculation of her jumping ship because she wouldn't qualify under the new requirements sound pretty silly to me.

Nationals are allowed to market other products but I am sure they have certain requirements to meet and perhaps her speaking tour would not allow her to meet these.

So she moved on, what's the big deal? She was successful in MK and now perhaps she will be successful in something else.

As for not making enough money, I believe the Applause reported over $11,000 and I am pretty sure she retained her unit (nsd's have this option) and those commissions are not reported (to my knowledge) in NSD commissions, now we all know that many directors can earn $2000- $10,000+ just in director commissions, so .. ummm.. not bad money in my opinion.

Whatever she chooses to do, I am sure she will be good at it. It amazes me how individuals can make such an incredibly big deal over it. People change positions all the time, even C.E.O.'s of Companies, etc... so an NSD resigned.. okay... ??

In the previous post.. Colleen left a few interesting comments regarding Allison, so if you haven't read them yet, take a minute a do so.

I am hope Allison will be fulfilled and happy in her new venture and I am sure she touched alot of lives during her stay in MK. As we all have heard, things are in our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. So to sum it up, possibly for Allison, Mary Kay was just a season, not a lifetime.

a little of Allison's bio:

Allison LaMarr started her Mary Kay business in May of 2003 and debuted as a Sales Director in February of ‘04. She started her Mary Kay career in pursuit of unlimited earning potential and a balanced life-style.

Before Mary Kay, Allison was in Marketing and Product Management for a Global Bank. In her first 12 months of business, she completely paid off her $30,000 in credit card debt, and in her first full year as a Director she earned over $100,000 more than her previous annual corporate income.

Allison has earned the use of four Mary Kay Career Cars and has been driving the prestigious Pink Cadillac since her 10th short month in the company! She is currently driving a $70,000 customized Pink Escalade with about every option that Cadillac makes! Allison was a Star Consultant every single quarter from signing her Beauty Consultant agreement until becoming a National.

Her amazing Consultants and Directors recently made history when they officially debuted as the LAMARR NATIONAL AREA, becoming the fastest National Area to ever debut in the company’s 45 year history.

Allison led her personal unit to the Million Dollar Club twice and was Queen of the Pearl Seminar in 2006, breaking multiple company records along the way. Allison’s highest combined earnings in one month have been in excess of $33,000!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Stay tuned.... just busy playing


I will have a new post up soon until then... and wow - speculation, gossip, wishful thinking, has been taken to a new level. But has it ever occurred to anyone that she just wants a change?? more to come on NSD Allion Lamar.

Saturday, July 3, 2010



I hope everyone has a very fun and safe Fourth of July. Our weekend is full of family, bbq's and boating... I just love watching the fireworks in the boat on the water! (Don't forget your sunscreen!)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy MK New Year!!


Well, I guess most of us in MK Land realize our fiscal year ended June 30th @ 12:00 central time. All yearly items we track, return to zero - so it is time to start anew. A suggestion I have is not to just set another goal and dive forward in to it but to look at what you wanted to achieve last year, did you achieve it? Were you close to it? Did you track your progress through out the year or did you wait until the last minute and try to make up the better part of the year?

Whether or not you achieved the complete goal or not is not as important as if you consistently worked towards it. Goals are to have you looking forward - to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Ultimately having a goal and working towards it, will get you farther than working without a goal. It is just highly important to evaluate your actions and your results so that adjustments can be made if you have not chosen the best route to attain your goal. Goals are not evil. There is no shame in not achieving a goal as long as you put forth the effort.

When setting a goal, you want to make yourself stretch and grow if one sets a goal they know is "easy" to do, it really isn't a goal and no growth will be had. It is also wise to have a "larger" goal but have smaller ones as markers along the way, a way of tracking your journey. Looking like you achieved your goal and actually achieving it are not the same thing. Putting forth your best efforts but falling short of your goal is still something to stand tall and hold your head high about. Accepting praise for a goal you know did not actually obtain is going to result in a loss of self respect and self esteem. Which in turn will begin a downward spiral.

I set some big goals this year, I am pleased to have accomplished 2 out of the 3 of them. I would have been happier to have attained all three but .. hey.. I gave it a respectable try and faking it or buying it doesn't mean the goal was achieved. Had I not had any goals, I can assure you, I wouldn't have accomplished what I did.

I often explain to my unit that a large goal and smaller goals to measure progress are much like any of us going on a trip. If I wanted to go to Disney World and lived in Texas... I wouldn't jump in my car and just start driving (unless I had onstar, which I do, lol). I would have a plan, I would have a map, and I would have a route that I planned on taking to get there. Without these tools, I would aimlessly drive around and the chances are I would never make it to my destination. And that is kind of what Mary Kay (or just about anything in life) is like without a goal.

So I encourage everyone to set a goal - don't worry about how it compares to other's goals, make it your goal and then work towards it. Liken the smaller goals to rest stops or gas stations that you would have on your trip to Disney World.

I would love to hear from some of you on what your Mary Kay goal is.. but I also encourage you to work with goals in other areas of your life. I will share that my goal this year is Triple Star - that would be Court of Sales, Court of Sharing, and Unit Club.

In closing, always remember that "wishing" isn't going to make it happen - "working" will. Have a Great Day!

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