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NSD Allison LaMarr to resign..

I know there is alot of talk about this subject in the MK world and even non MK world so I thought a post was warranted. I have no personal information as I do not know Allison. I also would like to add that whatever agreement that the Company and Allison came to will more than likely be kept confidential. There will be be plenty of speculation and rumors. Chances are we will never know the whole story.

Not that it is worth much but imho, I am sure Allison had reasons, just because a National resigned doesn't mean the Company is going under, doesn't mean others will be jumping ship. Think about it... she achieved alot and fast.. at 31 she has "attained" the highest position in MK. Perhaps she has decided it isn't her passion. Perhaps she has decided she doesn't care for it. Perhaps the Company worked out a deal with her so she can go and pursue her new passion. Perhaps she sees an opportunity that will supersede the monetary value she could earn as an NSD. Perhaps she just wanted to move on. What have the "balanced" people always said, Mary Kay is a business opportunity. It is not the be all, end all. Allison may feel she had achieved the goal and no longer felt challenge and wants to go build again. She is only 31. She has been extremely successful perhaps she wants to pursue something new and exciting to her.

Just as consultants and directors, nationals have terms and conditions to their nsd agreements, if Allison was in violation of any of these, the Company would have warned her. She would have the opportunity to agree to the terms she accepted as a national or she would have the right to move on.

As for the rumors of the Company changing the requirements for Nationals, I am pretty sure that any that have already achieved the position would be grandfathered, it would only effect the new and up and coming nationals. So the speculation of her jumping ship because she wouldn't qualify under the new requirements sound pretty silly to me.

Nationals are allowed to market other products but I am sure they have certain requirements to meet and perhaps her speaking tour would not allow her to meet these.

So she moved on, what's the big deal? She was successful in MK and now perhaps she will be successful in something else.

As for not making enough money, I believe the Applause reported over $11,000 and I am pretty sure she retained her unit (nsd's have this option) and those commissions are not reported (to my knowledge) in NSD commissions, now we all know that many directors can earn $2000- $10,000+ just in director commissions, so .. ummm.. not bad money in my opinion.

Whatever she chooses to do, I am sure she will be good at it. It amazes me how individuals can make such an incredibly big deal over it. People change positions all the time, even C.E.O.'s of Companies, etc... so an NSD resigned.. okay... ??

In the previous post.. Colleen left a few interesting comments regarding Allison, so if you haven't read them yet, take a minute a do so.

I am hope Allison will be fulfilled and happy in her new venture and I am sure she touched alot of lives during her stay in MK. As we all have heard, things are in our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. So to sum it up, possibly for Allison, Mary Kay was just a season, not a lifetime.

a little of Allison's bio:

Allison LaMarr started her Mary Kay business in May of 2003 and debuted as a Sales Director in February of ‘04. She started her Mary Kay career in pursuit of unlimited earning potential and a balanced life-style.

Before Mary Kay, Allison was in Marketing and Product Management for a Global Bank. In her first 12 months of business, she completely paid off her $30,000 in credit card debt, and in her first full year as a Director she earned over $100,000 more than her previous annual corporate income.

Allison has earned the use of four Mary Kay Career Cars and has been driving the prestigious Pink Cadillac since her 10th short month in the company! She is currently driving a $70,000 customized Pink Escalade with about every option that Cadillac makes! Allison was a Star Consultant every single quarter from signing her Beauty Consultant agreement until becoming a National.

Her amazing Consultants and Directors recently made history when they officially debuted as the LAMARR NATIONAL AREA, becoming the fastest National Area to ever debut in the company’s 45 year history.

Allison led her personal unit to the Million Dollar Club twice and was Queen of the Pearl Seminar in 2006, breaking multiple company records along the way. Allison’s highest combined earnings in one month have been in excess of $33,000!


  1. I really am curious how one national deciding to pursue other interests is an indication that Mary Kay is "going under" - the opinion of negative sites?

  2. I can answer your question. Allyson is HUGE in MK everybody knows who she is she is a rock star National. The logical thinking is that if she is leaving her units will go with her and if she is leaving something is wrong! The truth of the matter is she either wants to do something else or the lord let her to a greater passion. No matter what the reason there has been no indication in any of her writings that she left because she is not making enough money or that her production is not good enough.

    Because of her stature Im sure they tried to get her to stay OR she did something that was not cool as a National neither one will say. Allyson doesnt have (no matter what anyone thinks) the kind of influence that a Pam Shaw or a Gloria Mayfield Banks has even if one of them worse to leave MK wouldnt go under but I think they would take a financial hit. Allyson is the only one leaving not her unit so they are actually saving money but not having to count on paying her retirement benefits. One person leaving exponentially (in this type of organization) because sales has a high turnover rate cant crumble a company! Allison was the do it fast standard and because she is 31 and did what she did her experience will easily transfer over to her new endeavor. Maybe she just didnt want a unit anymore who knows, I wish I could have been a fly on the wall myself. In some places the MK culture does encourage you to slip away quietly but this one wont and cannot go unnoticed. I wonder if she will be at Seminar. When they start cutting commissions and you hear rumblings in the camp that is when you know there are problems with a company. I dont know how many downlines Miss Allison had but whether she saved her money or not passion play whatever I also feel this was a business decision as well. Dont worry gang there will be more Allisons along the way. Remember Kimberly Walker got there in 2 and a half years and Allison did it quicker and nobody is thinking about her anymore Allisons ghost wont be there anymore to loom over frustrated consultants who need a savior or hateful jealous people who dont like MK. She will be on the motivational circuit making big money and the naysayers will still be talking and MK will function as normal.

  3. You will have all the facts if you visit,

    She explains exactly why she left. Check it out!

  4. ps Bella - thank you for the link..

  5. I'm sure she can make more money, faster, by selling tuition to her mentoring classes. Good for her!

  6. Well she is in BellaMora , A company that if offering free product samples. Why not try the amazing wow product and get your own answers.

  7. mary kay also offers free samples and free trials, did you check out the link for Bellamora on this site?? Did you check out the price on the skin care? the biggest complaint besides "manipulation" on the negative mk sites is mk is priced to high, bellamora makes us look cheap. But all the best to her, she is a business woman and sees an opportunity.

  8. I found it is interesting how lamaar retired then worked with another skincare company, close to mk way

    Guess this was her goal, and knew she could do both. MK would not have it. she was a great nsd, Hope all is well for her.

  9. Allison Just Decided To Move On


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