Thursday, July 8, 2010

Stay tuned.... just busy playing

I will have a new post up soon until then... and wow - speculation, gossip, wishful thinking, has been taken to a new level. But has it ever occurred to anyone that she just wants a change?? more to come on NSD Allion Lamar.


  1. I have a question mk4me, do I need to apply for a tax id number through my state when selling Mary Kay? I have not done that yet. I am going to be applying for a business credit card, but I didn't know if I needed this done first.

  2. no, as far as I know one does not need a tax id number. (one can get one and use it as an option but it does require more effort) - your social security number will work as an identification number for almost every purpose. :)

  3. Allison LaMarr is a genius! She becomes an NSD 2 years in the company and then decides she wants to be a motivational speaker. Let me tell you something she has walked the walk and talked the talk so she has street credibility. I have seen clips of her speak and there are many more people out there that sound much better and have more charisma however she has the experience and when you have that proven ability people will flock to see what you have to say. Im happy for her. Do I think that corporate asked her to step down, nah some of the other NSD's do motivational things and corporate has not said anything to them unless its because (Pam Shaw, Gloria Mayfield,) have been in a long time. Allison is only 31 and she has a long life ahead of her what she has accomplished is nothing short of a miracle so what she is doing now will burst at the seams. I would like to know what sparked this decision but its her business and I wish her well.

  4. I hope you all dont think Im manic I posted those other two comments at work on my break and they didnt show up that is why there is a third. You may think Im an Allisonatic or something...LOL..I just wanted to explain myself.


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