Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A little pricey!!

I really had to chuckle over this (I am being a little immature so forgive me, I am not perfect... but whenever I read the negative sites, they always carry on about how cheap the prizes the Company gives us are. So, would someone tell me when someone gets out of Mary Kay, the "cheap" prize that they (bought for $2,400) (rolling eyes) that they say isn't worth $20 now shows up on ebay for.. BIG $$$$$

Hubby was looking for something and saw this and had to show it to me because he thought I had one. Laughed so hard...So, it is not okay for a Company to take advantage of them, but it is okay for them to take advantage of others?? So is it worth it or not?

Here is the listing:

Mary Kay Star Prize 45th Aniversary Hot Pink Ring 7
Item condition: --
Time left: 19d 09h (Aug 02, 201008:35:16 PDT)
Price: US $399.99 Buy It NowBuy It Now

Don't miss that $399.00!!!!!!! ummm... can anyone go to the negative site that does the reviews and names prices for what they feel the star consultant prizes are worth and tell us what they felt the value of this ring was.

Kay Pink Prize Ring size 7 special for the 45th aniversary. Opens with special message. This is a rare collectors star prize item for anyone who loves MK. Picture does not due this one justice!

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