Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm still around

Sorry I've been absent, ppl. I've been going through a nasty breakup, with still the 3 jobs to handle, and new relationships to negotiate.

Mr. Gothboy is HISTORY. Can't deal with that mess any more. >:P Can't, won't, finito.

Saving money for the move. Looking for a rental house with my piercer and her teenage daughter. Did a lot of house hunting over the weekend; have some contenders. I hate moving but can't wait until I'm settled in the new place, away from all the negativity and bitterness.


  1. Miranda
    Im sorry to hear that I thought you and Gothboy would be together a long time Strangely enough I went through the same thing and its a looooong story, but it was not recent this was a long time ago. I hope things are better for you, I was wondering what happened. If you ever want to vent let me know or put it here. Im sure mk4me wont mind this is a topic. I hope things get better I know what thats like.

  2. don't mind and totally support Miranda, glad she decided to share... sending Miranda - good thoughts, prayers, and karma. She has had a bit of a rough spell lately... looking forward to seeing her in a "calmer" - happier environment.

    There is something to be said about being in a posetive environment.

    Some good stuff coming so stay tuned!!


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