Monday, July 19, 2010

Mineral Powder Eye/Cheek Colors

I believe I have written an article on this before but I read a post from one of our readers and just wanted to point out really quickly.... I absolutely love the new mineral powder line and my sales are higher than they have ever been. I believe the first reason is there has been so much marketing and advertising from all companies (not just mk) about "mineral this" and "mineral that" and how wonderful they are, I was beginning to loose clients to other brands until we launched ours.

Also the younger generation is definitely interested in the mineral line, without this line we would have a very "aging" market.

Yes they are smaller than our previous line but (especially the eye shadows) the colors is more concentrated with more pigment so I actually do use less but the biggest reason for the size difference is in the former shape (oval at the one end) in order to have the color hold its shape and stay in the container, a filler was needed to retain shape. (I believe I read this both on intouch and in the Applause). In the new shape, the rectangles, a filler isn't required so basically it is all product.

I did have a few clients ask and I explained this to them and told them to give it a try but if they weren't 100% happy with the product, I would be happy to get them the former shapes or return their money. I also explained this to almost every client I had and they appreciate the information and know I care about them. I did not have one, not one and I have over 500 clients return a blush or an eye shadow because they didn't like it or felt it didn't last as well as the former. The majority of them even commented they "loved" the new mineral line. So, armed with info we can keep our clients informed and happy!!

P.s. the new colors are a super success!!

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