Friday, July 30, 2010

More news on TW Miracle Set!!

announced at Seminar... now remember it is not a cure but the TW Miracle set is BENEFICIAL in the care of the skin affected by rosecea and/or sensative skin.

Good news for customers with Rosecea or sensitive skin- Timewise Miracle Set is highly compatible with great results!!!

and stay tuned... I have another super exciting announcement about the Miracle Set!


  1. How is it beneficial? I didn't go to Seminar this year and am very curious. I'd like to be able to explain this to my clients with rosecea.

  2. Our Medical department has always told us we should always have any under a doctors care for rosacea to check with their doctor before trying MK and get there recommendation.

    A panel of leading dermatologists did this testing... so we can share this with confidence when working with these clients now.

    Will post more exciting news from Seminar soon as i go thru notes and review.

  3. Darci, if you call up MK HQ, maybe they could send you a sheet of info about it or something? When I was a consultant I ordered a booklet from them that explained what all the cosmetic ingredients were and what their purpose was. (adds moisture, is shimmery, etc)

  4. - Medical / Consultant Relations dept is set up to handle all of these questions... and info also available on www.marykayintouch


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