Monday, August 2, 2010

the DIY issue

I see a lot of snarky comments in, ah, certain locations about a MK facial or pedicure being "less than" because it's essentially a guided DIY.

I see a lot of women over there going on about their expensive facials and pedicures that they pay others to do at salons.

Well, if you have that kind of money and spare time, that's fabulous, but it behooves you to remember that many women do not. There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing your own beauty rituals affordably and enjoying the experience. And there is *certainly* nothing wrong with learning how to take care of your own skin using high quality MK products. Your MK consultant brings quality products and experiences to your home that you might otherwise not be able to enjoy.

I sure don't have a problem with that.


  1. I don't think there is anything wrong with it, either. However, many consultants mislead potential customer with a "pampering" session, or a "facial" when all it really is a demonstration. Or they say that the person has "won" a pampering session or facial when in reality everyone who signs up "wins".

  2. I never agree with the practice of misleading people. Fortunately, my consultant is MK4ME and that's just not something she does!

  3. thanks Miranda! and Elizabeth, I agree with your statement.. but imho, most people are familiar with the "facial" / "party" do it yourself and "learn" what you are to do with the products of Mary Kay.

    Personally, I not only explain but teach my unit members that if the person is interested, that after you talk about getting together, share the details that they will get to try and apply all the products themselves with my instruction and guidance so they get the feel of the products and applications so that when they go to do it on their own, it is familiar. Unlike when I go to my hair stylist, so turns me around... and poof when she turns me back to the mirror, I have awesome hair.... it never looks the same when I do it because I never saw or tried how she did it.

    Mary Kay always said, we are a teaching company not a selling company and "TRY" before you buy or Test before you invest.

    and I totally agree that if we are calling just to book a facial...never say you "won" ... totally misleading unless they actually won a something with it because doing the facial is what we do.

    Once again imho, if a person learns after they "won" the facial.. that is what we do anyway, they will feel mislead and why would they ever want to trust us again.

    I have gone a round or two with director friends about the terminology and after listening to me many agree.

    May I add that we still take our time and products to allow the prospective client to try mk with no commitment. As I open an appointment with new clients... I say and if you fall in love with anything today, chances are I have it with me and you could leave with it today but if you just don't need anything or love it today when we do our private consultantion at the end, please don't feel pressured, just tell me, thank you for your time, I had fun but it just isn't for me. no pressure on either one of us! very comfortable for both parties.

    that's all folks....

  4. MK4ME, I completely agree with your attitude. I feel that being honest in what the facial/party is all about is better for everyone. I also set a very strict time limit for my parties and let everyone know up front. Everyone's time is limited and it is just respectful to show them that.

    Also, I personally LOVE to go to the salon to have a mani/pedi. However, time and money don't always permit that. So, I took the time to learn how to do this for myself. It allows me to quickly pamper myself at home, but when I really want to take the extra time, then off to the spa I go. I've found that the more I treat myself at home, the better I get, and the less I want to go to the spa.

  5. I actually had only used makeup once before Mary Kay. And for me it was a negative experience. I was 18 and had never used any makeup but, was told by family members I should go to a makeup counter to have my makeup done before prom. I didn't like the look and felt overdone. Also, I learned NOTHING from her makeover. Now looking back at pictures the look was not overdone but, I was uncomfortable. Three years later I experienced makeup for the second time: the Mary Kay way. I was invited as a face model to a weekly meeting. And, the sales director and consultant walked me through step by step how to do everything. Though this second look was more dramatic than the first I felt more comfortable because of their kind encouragement and step by step explanations. I signed less than a week later and have beeen in MK for 6 years. I have since taught all the "low maintenence" women in my family to love makeup and skincare. But, if you can't tell I LOVE MK.


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