Thursday, August 19, 2010

When does a new consultant have to order?

One of our readers asked:
I have a question I have been trying to get answered. What happens if I don't have a debut party or turn in an order within my first two months? I became a consultant, the end of July 2010. My director says we have to turn in an order of 600 wholesale by the end of August. I have been sick and haven't really done anything with the business since I got my starter kit. For various reasons I don't think I will be ready to have a debut party until Early September and doubt I can make 1200 retail.

Nothing bad happens. If your recruiter is trying to have you count as a qualified team member, well that will work against her but should not be a reason for you to place an order if you are not ready and you don't mind giving up any of the "free" bonuses the Company offers for doing your initial product order of $600 w/s or more the month you join or the following month. If you have decided you want some product but aren't ready to do $600+ , as long as you select $400 retail, you will receive the 50% discount. Just remember, if you end up placing a total of $600 wholesale in the first two months as a consultant, the amounts do not cumulative to a $600 for the free product bonuses. To receive the bonuses, the order must be all at once.

Once you submit your agreement you have up to a year to place a minimum $200 w/s to maintain your status as a consultant. For all intensive purposes a consultant "terms" in the 6 month with no product order but all that is required to reinstate is simply to place a $400 rt/ $200 w/s. As long as at least one minimum order is placed a year, one never has to sign another agreement.

I hope this helps to answer your questions and if it doesn't, please keep asking in the comments and I will do my best to further clarify!

Welcome to Mary Kay!

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