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Another fun Sweepstakes for our Clients to Enter!!


Published 04.28.10 Posted on Intouch

Life Happens... Get Away With the Girls! Sweepstakes Begins May 1

Here’s another great reason to contact your customers and hostesses about holding a trend party this spring. Just picture one of your customers relaxing in the lap of luxury in Beverly Hills – enjoying a girl’s getaway, spa treatments and $5,000 in spending money!

Your customers can enter for a chance to win an all-girl, stress-free, luxury escape when they enter the Life Happens... Get Away With the Girls! sweepstakes from May 1 through June 30, 2010. One lucky winner will receive a getaway for four to the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills with spa treatments, world-class dining and $5,000 cash! So, while you’re talking to your customers about hosting that spring trend party, also encourage them to visit www.mylifetimesweeps.com/getaway beginning May 1 to enter for a chance to win the trip of a lifetime and for complete, official sweepstakes rules!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Misuse of Scripture..


Whether it is good or bad, I tend to “think” or as mr. mk4me says “overthink” everything. For a long time now every time I read an article/comments on negative sites that bring religion into the discussion – I just really don’t understand their logic. Please don’t take offense if what I am trying to express doesn’t translate the way I would like it to but.. the more I read the complaints and the general trashing about anything to do with Mary Kay, and then to back up the complaints, they resort to twisting Christian viewpoints and values, isn't that an example of the pot calling the kettle black philosophy?

Now, try to follow my train of thought here, I am having a difficult getting the thoughts and feelings from my brain and heart to translate into the writen word. They are passing judgement on all in and associated with Mary Kay. They want to shut the company down.. They condemn, lie, exaggerated, and do things against Mary Kay which are not “Christian”. when anyone points one finger at a “kaybot” that means four are pointing back at them.
Does the Bible not tell us - "judge lest not be judged", let he who has not sinned cast the first stone, (another old saying: people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones) and last but not least.. Vengenance is mine said the Lord?

Many condemn the wicked mk people, accussing us of doing things that they really have no clue as to whether we are guilty of them. (Glad I didn’t live back in the days of the Salem witch trials, we all would have been burned at the stake).

Now all that being said this is what really confuses me. –if they truly want to use their religious beliefs to justify what they are doing they are big hypocrites . If one truly lives by Christian values, the Bible tells us we will be tempted. From Genesis thoughtout our lives are we not all “tested” everyday? Isn’t part of the idea of Salvation being tested and making wise choice despite temptation,greed,etc?

When Eve ate from the forbidden fruit… God lectured and punished her, but Satan has been allowed do his work and “corrupt” as many as he can. So.. how can an ex-mker blame MK and feel the Company should be destroyed if what got them into trouble was any of the human flaws we have: GREED, PRIDE, LIES, ETC… God did not destroy Satan so there was no tempation. We are tested to make the right (Christian) decisions many times a day. The idea is NOT to fall to temptation, greed, etc… there is not one place in the Bible where it says that making the right choice will be easy, in fact it says it will be hard “a narrow road” so to speak. We will all face “judgement” day. God did not remove the temptations, we are tested all the time and get the chance to make a decision, Just thinking of one line in the Lord's prayer.. "forgive us our trepasses as we forgive those that trespass against us and lead us not into temptation.

From reading many of the anti mkers for as long as I have, the only reason some of them got in trouble is because they coveted what someone else had, lusted after someone else’s success, lied and cheated to get ahead, used and abused others, *what happened to love thy neighbor?) and many dishonored their husbands by keeping things from them. Isn’t the wife to “love, honor, and respect (obey)?”. We are suppose to and respect/follow His Law. If many of these "now" Christians were as good Christians while they were in mk perhaps they would have not gotten into the situations they ended up in with thousands and thousands of debt.

The old saying “The Devil Made Me Do it” ain’t gonna cut it.
If God allows Satan to continue to tempt us and we are expected to still make the right decisions, how far is it going to fly when called on poor behavior…the response is my nsd, my director, Corporate “mk made me do it?” - ??hmmmmm I don’t see that being the answer I would want to give.

We all have free will. We are all over 18, we all must take personal responsibility for our behaviors. Destroying Mary Kay will not change anyone’s short comings or lapses in judgment. I have seen far more religious manipulation on some of the anti mk sites than I have seen in all my years in MK.

In closing, the thing I tell the kids all the time, “ you will never be able to change the whole world but you can change your little part, so always make sure you are being the best “YOU” that “You can be! Every night when I lie my head on my pillow I reflect on my conduct of the day. Was I respectful, truthful, kind, patient, etc.. when I think of something I perhaps would have done differently, I focus on impoving that behavior the next time I am in a similiar situation.

Have a Great Weekend everyone.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Customer Satisfaction Survey


CHECK OUT THIS INFORMATION THE COMPANY SHARED WITH US AT LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE!! I love this information, gave me even more confidence in what a great product we have. (Our Retail Sales were $2.6 Billion last year, that is billion with a B!)

Mary Kay And Customer Satisfaction

Note: The following is a transcript of Vice President of U.S. Marketing Yvette Franco’s speech on customer satisfaction given at Leadership Conference 2010. The source for the survey results mentioned is a survey Mary Kay conducted with consumers of Mary Kay® products through an independent research firm in 2009.

Today I would like to share some very current research regarding customer satisfaction – your customers’ satisfaction with Mary Kay® products and your service.
I am sharing this information with you today:

To give you confidence in yourselves as you work with Independent Beauty Consultants in your unit. To give you confidence about Mary Kay® products.
And, to give you confidence in building new customers who are just waiting to experience customer service the Mary Kay way.

You will probably not be surprised by these results, but this information provides some great reminders about selling. And while these results should make you feel great about what you are doing, they should also help you to recognize some opportunities to focus Independent Beauty Consultants--to help them increase their business with current customers and to attract new customers.

We conducted this research to find out about consumers’ level of satisfaction with Mary Kay® products; to understand what matters most in their purchasing experience; and learn how Mary Kay® products fare compared to competitors. For this study, satisfaction is based on how consumers rate the effectiveness of Mary Kay® products, their intent to repurchase, and their intent to recommend Mary Kay® products to others.

Let’s take a look at six key learnings from this study:

Nine out of ten of your customers are satisfied with Mary Kay® products.

In fact, 68% said that Mary Kay has “excellent” products. The remainder responded “good” or “very good”. This all sounds excellent to me!

89% said that they plan to repurchase the same Mary Kay® product. This is further proof of our exceptional brand loyalty.

And, 94% are likely to recommend Mary Kay® products to others.

Consumers are more satisfied with their Mary Kay® products than with other products that they use. (Mary Kay® product users are also satisfied with other brand products that they use, but to a lesser degree.)

Many of your customers have skin concerns, but are not using supplemental products to help manage them. What an opportunity to focus even more on needs and concerns, and to advise your customers how to address them!

What are their top concerns?
Under-eye bags and puffiness. (You could recommend Targeted-Action® Eye Revitalizer to your Miracle Set™ customers.)

Sunspots, age spots and uneven skin tone. (You would recommend the TimeWise® Miracle Set™ and TimeWise® Age-Fighting Moisturizer Sunscreen SPF 15*, as well as TimeWise® Even Complexion Essence plus TimeWise Even Complexion Mask. *Over-the-counter drug product.

Diminished skin elasticity and firmness. (To address those concerns, suggest the TimeWise® Miracle Set™ and Replenishing Serum+C.)

While some might see price as a concern with supplements, 87% of your customers say that Mary Kay® products are good quality for the price and worth the expense.

Your customers trust Mary Kay! But not all of them think that Mary Kay® products meet all their cosmetic needs.
However, you and I know that we have what she needs! This is a strong reminder for Independent Beauty Consultants to ask their customers about their needs and to recommend the best product for that need. Knowing women’s most common concerns and the Mary Kay® supplements that address them—like those just given—is a great place to start!

Your customers trust Mary Kay the most when:

She finds a great selection of products that meet her skin care needs.
When she finds products that work with her skin type.
When the products deliver what she expects.
When she finds a foundation that matches her skin tone.

Your customers spend 67% more on skin care and makeup when they are highly satisfied with their Independent Beauty Consultant. Wow! Now, you must be asking yourself, what makes a customer most satisfied with her Beauty Consultant?

When she provides detailed product use instructions. Your customers really want to know how to use the product correctly once you leave. When her Beauty Consultant follows up to make sure that she is satisfied, When her Beauty Consultant is always available in a time frame that meets her needs And when her Beauty Consultant makes it easy to purchase products.

Best of all: 99% of your customers agreed that they are “highly satisfied with their Mary Kay® Independent Beauty Consultant”!
Ninety-nine percent! This is great recognition of your efforts to your customers feel great about Mary Kay, but this information becomes more valuable when we use it to take action for the future.

Now as Independent Sales Directors, what does this mean in terms of educating Beauty Consultants? Here are the six most important things to consider:

Product knowledge. Don’t complicate it. Keep Independent Beauty Consultants focused on the Product Fact Sheets on Product Central. These sheets have everything that we as a Company are claiming about the product. All other literature is created based on this information. But there is one piece missing from the Product Fact Sheets, and that is an Independent Beauty Consultant’s personal experience with the product.

Offer to help Beauty Consultants understand that Mary Kay is the brand leader among your current customers, so, knowing this, she should approach new customers with confidence.

Offer to teach Independent Beauty Consultants how to ask her customers about their skin care and makeup needs, and then how to recommend the best Mary Kay® product solution.

Only 32 % of Independent Beauty Consultants have a Mary Kay® Personal Web Site. Help them to see how necessary this tool is for a modern Mary Kay business. Remember that every customer wants easy access and a Mary Kay® Personal Website will keep Beauty Consultants available 24/7.

Help Independent Beauty Consultants to imagine new customers spending 67% more with them when they keep their customers highly satisfied. Every Beauty Consultant can be a Star Consultant!

Work with Independent Beauty Consultants to become more confident in asking for referrals. Remember, nine out of 10 customers are already willing to recommend Mary Kay® to people that they know. Women trust the recommendations of their friends and families, and this can be one of the best ways to grow a customer base.

I hope that this information gives you great confidence as you teach your unit members to reach out to new customers and to build the business of their dreams.
* over-the-counter drug product

Monday, April 19, 2010

Product Review: MK concealer, Nutmeg lipstick

I should have bought this much sooner.

First of all, the tube is a generous size compared to most concealers, and there's no waste because you can squeeze it all out.

Most liquid concealers are worthless IMHO. I was using MAC cream concealer before. It was good, no doubt...but the MK concealer covers better! And it disappears right into my skin. No telltale color change. It hides acne, redness, and dark circles. My skin is pretty tore up right now, but with the concealer it looks like perfect porcelain.

Hint for best coverage: If you use the MK liquid foundation, put the concealer on after foundation. If you use mineral powder foundation, put the concealer on before the powder.

Now for the lipstick: Nutmeg looks very cool brown in the tube. Combined with your lip color, it looks more natural than in the tube. Also, something else you can do with it: Put on Nutmeg, then put on a coat of MK Red, then blot lightly. This gives you a brick red color. As usual, the color is moisturizing, comfortable, and long lasting. I'm pale and I can wear it, so don't think you can't wear it if your skin is light. You could also put a coat of gold toned gloss over it. I have one that has the MK pineapple scent fragrance on one end and the gloss on the other.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Media Mentions


From Mary Kay Intouch Published 04.16.10

Mary Kay Ash Featured in Good Housekeeping’s Anniversary Issue

We’re thrilled to announce that Mary Kay Ash is included in the 125th Anniversary (May) issue of Good Housekeeping magazine in a feature article entitled “125 Women Who Changed Our World.” The issue, which arrives on most newsstands during the weeks of April 19 and April 26, credits our founder with having “empowered and enriched thousands of women who otherwise might never have gotten a crack at a pink Cadillac (or self sufficiency).” This honor is evidence that Mary Kay’s beautiful legacy continues to live on and inspire women everywhere!

Please note that while we provided the editor with images of Mary Kay Ash, the publication ultimately decided to use their own images.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Interesting Tidbits!


Did you know?

*Our MK Ultimate Mascara outsold Lancome's last year by 4 to 1 in 12 months.
*Our Microdermabrasion Set is the ONLY one on the market clinically proven to reduce pore size.
*Our eyeshadow outsold Mac's by 3 to 1 .
*There are more MaryKay career cars on the road than UPS trucks and yes I do happen to drive one of them (MK car not UPS truck) and have since 1994 (or taken the cash option).

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Friendly Reminder -April 15 Deadline


Don't forget to have your tax returns postmarked by today!!
Questions on federal... visit www.irs.gov

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What is "The Truth"


I often am surprised at how fast people will jump on the bandwagon after reading a few paragraphs. As I read the negative sites that are professing to tell the truth, the first thing that I question is how can conflicting statements all be the truth?

One of the first statements we read is that : no one wants to buy Mary Kay and noone wants to pay the money for it. So then how is it that others say, they could sell plenty of Mary Kay, the problem was with the expenses, they couldn't make a profit? Then I have read that some sold plenty, made money but did not care for the "untruthes" told by some of the sales people.

How is it possible that all three are possible? These statements all contradict each other. Obviously there are multiple versions of truth.

Other statements I read on negative sites: "Mary Kay products are great but the company structure is not", "the products are okay but not worth the money", and "the products are awful and Wet 'n Wild is just as good" (lol) -oops sorry for that- again - mean streak came out... conflicting statements. Suggestion: if anyone is considering becoming a consultant, please love and believe in the product, or don't even bother, how can you expect others to buy something you wouldn't be willing to buy yourself? Why would you even want to sell it unless it was just what you could gain from it (basically greed). If one is low enough to not care for the product but is willing to take the money from her family and friends, perhaps it is the character of the individual that led to her failure in MK, people do not want to do business with people that they can not trust.

Some had awful directors, some had great directors, some were the awful directors and some were the good directors... so how is it that "ALL" directors are liars and cheats.

Many of us in MK are not pushy, manipulating, obnoxious, or cheaters. I am sure there are many that are. I don't have to push or stalk or beg people to try or buy my products. I am respected for what I do and how I do it and who I am. People are not laughing at me. I am sorry this happened to some of them but perhaps it was their behavior that made people react that way towards them. I still receive invitations to gatherings, events, etc.. no one runs when they see me coming but perhaps I know enough not to let every word come out of my mouth be MK this, and MK That, and MK this.... I have a very full life and Mary Kay is just piece of it. I am sure if I had crammed mk down people's throats every time I was around them, the invites would evaporate very rapidly.

As I read about one ex-mker who wanted to go to a unit meeting and put negative website business cards on all the windshields of all the consultant's cars, perhaps it shows the type of behavior that turned people off while she was a consultant? If she will stalk once she is out of Mary Kay, would it surpise anyone to find out she was one of those obnoxious MK stalkers while she was a consultant?

The statement that 99% of all consultants loose money? Where is the proof of this? Typing the statement over and over again does not make it true. If a consutlant joins as a personal use consultant to save money on her products, it doesn't mean she lost money because she didn't make any. Her purpose was to save money on her purchases. - I believe the statement is meant to mean that 99% of the people that join an mlm will loose money... I still have seen no PROOF of that either but!! if that is what is being use to justify 99% of people in MK loose money, it does not back that percentage up. Loads of the companies could be loosing 100% and some may only have 10 or 20% loosing money because the 99% figure would be an average of all companies....so it does not mean that every mlm would have only 1% making money.

I am still in shock every time I read a new visitor to the negative sites... that is ready to quit because it sounds just like what they have been experiencing. If they are actually reading everything how do they not question what they are reading. It can't be both ways.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Your thoughts/prayers/wishes please

Sorry I've been absent, people. I've been spending the last week sitting in a hospital ICU with breaks only for sleep and food. Mr. Gothboy's baby brother was in a motorcycle crash. He had forgotten his helmet, and a truck ran through a red light and bashed straight into him. His skull is cracked in various places and so is his pelvis. He will recover physically. Mentally, the jury is still out. It will take months to know.

We spent most of our money helping him with living expenses so he would not get evicted and have his utilities shut off while he was in the hospital. Then I did my taxes, and of course, I owe because I work 3 jobs and two of them don't take out the taxes beforehand because I am an independent contractor. X( I will sell investments to get the money to pay my taxes. Tell me that ain't wrong?

Anyway, I'll manage...but please keep Baby Bro in your thoughts. He has a hard road ahead.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend Humor/Wit


A sister director shared this with me and I wanted to share it with you! Just loved it!! I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Beauty Blunders that can add years!


I was reading an article on MSN and thought it was interesting, most of items are no surprise but always good information to keep in mind.. I wanted to link it but when I went back to find it again I couldn't - I had copied some of the information that I had wanted to save so here are parts that I found interesting. Enjoy.

(The wrong hair, makeup, or skin care choices can all add years).

* Letting foundations settle into fine lines -Think you're hiding wrinkles by piling on the foundation? Excess makeup just exaggerates them. The fix: After applying your foundation with a brush, take a damp makeup sponge and gently press it all over your face. This removes any foundation that has settled into lines, and creates a soft finish.

* Skipping eyeliner - As we age, our eyes start to droop at the outer corners—and liner and mascara can do wonders. Fake a lifted look by lining your upper lashes with black pencil, making the line a bit thicker at the outer corners. Next, curl your lashes and add a few coats of mascara—straight lashes may make lids appear hooded.

* Not exfoliating - The older we get, the longer it takes for dead skin cells to slough off. Translation: dull skin. But giving yourself a youthful glow is as simple as using an at-home glycolic peel once or twice a week. (or microdermabrasion treatments) Bonus: They will make any anti-aging products you are using penetrate better.

*Blunt hair cuts - Most of our favorite over-40 stars have layered haircuts—and there's a reason for that. All-one-length looks tend to draw the eyes down and therefore make your face look droopy. Instead, ask your stylist to cut some layers. This brings all the focus to your great cheekbones

* Neglecting your hands - Even the most diligent skin-care junkie can be guilty of forgetting about her hands. But why spend all that time saving face when your hands tell the world your real age? Once every two weeks, buff the backs of your hands with the same microdermabrasion product you would use on your face. Additionally, slather on a hand cream with SPF every morning and massage a retinol product onto the backs of your hands every night to fight wrinkles and keep the skin firm. And if you're plagued with brown spots, dot a 2 percent hydroquinone formula on them, and you'll begin to see a difference in about four weeks.
(Satin hands is wonderful combined with the new Hand and Decollete Product)

* Not using sunscreen -We may forget to floss occasionally, but you'll never catch us forgetting to apply sunscreen. Here's why: Nearly all wrinkles and fine lines are due to sun exposure, so skip sunscreen in the morning and you're basically asking for it. Covering your face with a broad-spectrum formula with SPF 30 will take a few extra seconds every morning—but can keep years off your face.

* Wearing frosty eye shadows - Metallic and frosted eye shadows were iffy back in junior high—and they're even less flattering now. Why? They look too harsh and highlight fine lines. Instead, look for shadows that have a subtle sheen when they hit the light—not a full-on sparkle fest

* Wearing the wrong shade of lipstick - Metallic or iridescent lipstick finishes may look pretty on the runway, but they don't work after 40. A better choice: Go for a lipstick formula with a sheen (not a heavy shimmer)or a sheer gloss which has the added effect of making thin lips appear fuller.

* Loading up on bronzer - Everyone wants to look like they just spent the weekend relaxing on the beach. But faking it can just make you look older, because the yellow and brown bases of bronzer give skin a dull appearance. Instead of brushing it all over, create a halo effect by dusting only your hairline, cheekbones, and jawline (and blending well). Avoid putting it around your eyes, nose, and mouth—darkness in these areas can be aging.

* Getting over zealous with concealer- Applying concealer with a heavy hand can end up looking almost as bad as letting your dark circles show. The secret: Tap a very small brush into a liquid concealer and pat it under your eyes, focusing most of the color at the inner corners, where discoloration is usually the worst. Then blend it well in a crescent-moon shape under the eyes. When you're done, set it with a little loose powder. And to make your concealer work double duty, mix it with a moisturizer that contains hyaluronic acid or peptides before applying, and you'll smooth wrinkles as you hide them.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

DIQ Information


I really love the fact that the Company is making all this information so easily accessible. It has always been available but now it can't be easier to find. So now everyone can check, verify, research the information for themselves!

Published 04.07.10 on www.marykayintouch.com

New DIQ Site Goes Live!

We’ve just rolled out a new and improved Web site dedicated to the Independent Sales Director-in-Qualification (DIQ) Program. Designed to guide future Independent Sales Directors through their journey into leadership, the site features recognition, DIQ department staff bios, a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the DIQ Program and, of course, all of the requirements to become an Independent Sales Director.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

eye makeup for pollen season

If you're like me, your eyes are watering like mad right about now. Very frustrating when you're trying to look your best.

I've developed a technique for this time. First, of course, prime your lids. Then, for the browbone and lid, use colors close to your own skin tone. (will not be super obvious when your eyes water part of it off.) Then put a bright pop of color in the crease and blend upwards into the browbone color so there are no harsh edges. Forget the outer V thing this time, because if your eyes tear up, that part will just get messed up. Use eyeliner pencil, not liquid or drylining with shadow...then finish with waterproof mascara.

For example: if you're medium to pale, try Sweet Cream or Spun Silk on your lid and crystalline or moonstone on your browbone. (Don't spread these pale shades into the crease, or your crease color will get diluted.) Then in the crease, you could use Iris, Raisin, Ivy Garden, Denim Frost (or other MK colors of about the same intensity).

This is also a good time to use those cream blushes and cream highlighter. Tears won't disturb them as easily as they would a powder blush.

Friday, April 2, 2010

MK Wisdom


Was doing some reading and found this wonderful piece.. If everyone followed the ideals listed... well as you read them, you will understand... ('nuff said) Enoy and some of the statements are SOOOOO True...

Wisdom from Mary Kay
In 1989 Mary Kay shared this New Year's forecast that is still as timely today as it was then.

*Business will continue to go where invited and return where appreciated.
*Reputations will continue to be made by many acts and lost by only one.
*People will continue doing business with those who give good service.
*Go-givers will continue to be the best go-getters.
*That extra mile will have no traffic jam.
*Performance will continue to outsell promises.
*Enthusiasm will be as contagious as ever.
*Know-how will surpass guess-how.
*Trust, not tricks, will keep customers loyal.
*Quality will continue to be a precious possession.
*Determination to do each part of your job better than you have done it in the past will make you a better Director or Consultant.

The Power of a Power Start


Thank you Colleen for sharing such an informational "lead" on good business practices. Since the link was not working for me, I went and did some exploring so that I could share how to find a wonderful training piece (as Colleen says about 20 minutes) on the power of doing FULL circle power starts.

Tammy's thoughts and opinions could very well be mine. I had the honor of even speaking on one of Tammy's conference calls once on the power of doing 20/20 (a long time ago) because of sitting together at a Leadership dinner we shared the same views... Selling is primary and mandatory to succeed and survive in this business.

Now if we have your int erst up and you would like a chance to listen to Tammy's very wise words, please go to www.unitnet.com Center page the have the Top 10 Most Visited Sites... select #2 Tammy Crayk - enter her site and then from the topics on the left, select audio training, and then scroll down that page until you see the Power of powerstarts... point and click on the forward button and you will hear some very wise advise.

My goal for this Seminar year is 12 months of straight power starts and I am happy to report to all that I have successfully achieved this goal for every month so far of the Seminar year and only have 3 months to go... it will be done...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy April's Fools Day!


Please share this valuable information! Thank you. Forward to all if you know someone, or have been affected by someone, who needs a smack upside the head. People who need a smack upside the head affect the lives of many. There is still no known cure for someone who deserves a smack upside the head, except a smack upside the head, but with your help we can raise awareness. Smack!

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