Friday, April 2, 2010

The Power of a Power Start

Thank you Colleen for sharing such an informational "lead" on good business practices. Since the link was not working for me, I went and did some exploring so that I could share how to find a wonderful training piece (as Colleen says about 20 minutes) on the power of doing FULL circle power starts.

Tammy's thoughts and opinions could very well be mine. I had the honor of even speaking on one of Tammy's conference calls once on the power of doing 20/20 (a long time ago) because of sitting together at a Leadership dinner we shared the same views... Selling is primary and mandatory to succeed and survive in this business.

Now if we have your int erst up and you would like a chance to listen to Tammy's very wise words, please go to Center page the have the Top 10 Most Visited Sites... select #2 Tammy Crayk - enter her site and then from the topics on the left, select audio training, and then scroll down that page until you see the Power of powerstarts... point and click on the forward button and you will hear some very wise advise.

My goal for this Seminar year is 12 months of straight power starts and I am happy to report to all that I have successfully achieved this goal for every month so far of the Seminar year and only have 3 months to go... it will be done...

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