Friday, April 16, 2010

Interesting Tidbits!

Did you know?

*Our MK Ultimate Mascara outsold Lancome's last year by 4 to 1 in 12 months.
*Our Microdermabrasion Set is the ONLY one on the market clinically proven to reduce pore size.
*Our eyeshadow outsold Mac's by 3 to 1 .
*There are more MaryKay career cars on the road than UPS trucks and yes I do happen to drive one of them (MK car not UPS truck) and have since 1994 (or taken the cash option).


  1. Thanks for the Tidbits. I will definitely tell my customers. Where did you find this information?

  2. I got it from another director but when I look thru my notes it wss provided at Leadership Conference with some other great "tidbits" which I will post when I find my notes. :)


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