Thursday, April 22, 2010

Misuse of Scripture..

Whether it is good or bad, I tend to “think” or as mr. mk4me says “overthink” everything. For a long time now every time I read an article/comments on negative sites that bring religion into the discussion – I just really don’t understand their logic. Please don’t take offense if what I am trying to express doesn’t translate the way I would like it to but.. the more I read the complaints and the general trashing about anything to do with Mary Kay, and then to back up the complaints, they resort to twisting Christian viewpoints and values, isn't that an example of the pot calling the kettle black philosophy?

Now, try to follow my train of thought here, I am having a difficult getting the thoughts and feelings from my brain and heart to translate into the writen word. They are passing judgement on all in and associated with Mary Kay. They want to shut the company down.. They condemn, lie, exaggerated, and do things against Mary Kay which are not “Christian”. when anyone points one finger at a “kaybot” that means four are pointing back at them.
Does the Bible not tell us - "judge lest not be judged", let he who has not sinned cast the first stone, (another old saying: people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones) and last but not least.. Vengenance is mine said the Lord?

Many condemn the wicked mk people, accussing us of doing things that they really have no clue as to whether we are guilty of them. (Glad I didn’t live back in the days of the Salem witch trials, we all would have been burned at the stake).

Now all that being said this is what really confuses me. –if they truly want to use their religious beliefs to justify what they are doing they are big hypocrites . If one truly lives by Christian values, the Bible tells us we will be tempted. From Genesis thoughtout our lives are we not all “tested” everyday? Isn’t part of the idea of Salvation being tested and making wise choice despite temptation,greed,etc?

When Eve ate from the forbidden fruit… God lectured and punished her, but Satan has been allowed do his work and “corrupt” as many as he can. So.. how can an ex-mker blame MK and feel the Company should be destroyed if what got them into trouble was any of the human flaws we have: GREED, PRIDE, LIES, ETC… God did not destroy Satan so there was no tempation. We are tested to make the right (Christian) decisions many times a day. The idea is NOT to fall to temptation, greed, etc… there is not one place in the Bible where it says that making the right choice will be easy, in fact it says it will be hard “a narrow road” so to speak. We will all face “judgement” day. God did not remove the temptations, we are tested all the time and get the chance to make a decision, Just thinking of one line in the Lord's prayer.. "forgive us our trepasses as we forgive those that trespass against us and lead us not into temptation.

From reading many of the anti mkers for as long as I have, the only reason some of them got in trouble is because they coveted what someone else had, lusted after someone else’s success, lied and cheated to get ahead, used and abused others, *what happened to love thy neighbor?) and many dishonored their husbands by keeping things from them. Isn’t the wife to “love, honor, and respect (obey)?”. We are suppose to and respect/follow His Law. If many of these "now" Christians were as good Christians while they were in mk perhaps they would have not gotten into the situations they ended up in with thousands and thousands of debt.

The old saying “The Devil Made Me Do it” ain’t gonna cut it.
If God allows Satan to continue to tempt us and we are expected to still make the right decisions, how far is it going to fly when called on poor behavior…the response is my nsd, my director, Corporate “mk made me do it?” - ??hmmmmm I don’t see that being the answer I would want to give.

We all have free will. We are all over 18, we all must take personal responsibility for our behaviors. Destroying Mary Kay will not change anyone’s short comings or lapses in judgment. I have seen far more religious manipulation on some of the anti mk sites than I have seen in all my years in MK.

In closing, the thing I tell the kids all the time, “ you will never be able to change the whole world but you can change your little part, so always make sure you are being the best “YOU” that “You can be! Every night when I lie my head on my pillow I reflect on my conduct of the day. Was I respectful, truthful, kind, patient, etc.. when I think of something I perhaps would have done differently, I focus on impoving that behavior the next time I am in a similiar situation.

Have a Great Weekend everyone.


  1. YES THANK YOU! That site is a hotbed of hypocrisy and condemnation. I loathe self righteous f***s who use their religion to be holier-than-thou and point fingers at everyone else. Though I am not a Christian, I know that in the Bible, Jesus said to remove the log from your own eye before you remove the speck from your brother's. PT has an entire freakin woodpile in their eyes. It's a bag of charcoal calling the kettle black! And it disgusts me immensely. They also spend a lot of time showing off their religion and what great Christians they are. It also says in the Bible to worship, in secret, your Father who is in secret, and you will be rewarded in heaven, but that those who pray loudly and publicly are like a loud trumpet or clashing cymbal and that they have their reward from men because they pray loudly to be heard by men.

    Pagan I may be; uneducated am I not. ;) The Christian Bible is a big part of our culture, so I took classes and studied it along with other important literature.

  2. well said Miranda, on the same issue, am I the only one that finds it very offensive when they photoshop pics of Mary Kay on the cross,etc?? I (with Christian beliefs) feel that this is blasphemy. I am surprised that noone ever comments on that.

    I will agree that some take their admiration of Mary Kay and nationals too far but once again that is some not all. Their is a big difference between respecting and admiring someone to worshipping them.

    Another question - if Mary Kay manipulates by Christian values, then does that mean those in MK of a non Christian faith are not able to be manipulated?

  3. You're definitely not alone there, mk4me!

    I would answer your question no. The thing about Christian values is you don't have to be Christian to have them. Values like integrity, work ethic, treating others as you want them to treat you, honesty, etc. are universal. They are values that people (should) aspire to, Christian or not. I'm willing to bet Miranda lives her life just as "Christian" as I I try to!

  4. What really bothers me about this whole "christian thing" and YES I am a Christian and proud of it (although I have slipped many times I know Jesus forgives) is that whether the company professes it or not let it go in one ear and out the other. Jesus didnt force people to listen the miracles spoke for themselves. I admire Miranda because although Im not fond of the gothic thing (I accept it) I used to think that all goths worshipped witches and were bad people. I met some and it was the biggest misconception I had in the world. I dont believe in prejudging people and I did that (sorry Miranda but I do apologize that was 20 years ago). When it comes to MK I have respect for women who say I dont like the business but I do love the product. Many many women on that site have professed their love for the product and didnt want to be consultants anymore and were told 'How can you support a company who puts people in debt, and how can you buy this miracle set when you can get Wet and Wild blah blah blah...." Miranda didnt come over here trying to change our way of thinking and we didnt try to change her. MK4ME gained a client...LOL! I think on this site we try to be supportive and over there what support do you get anything positive is thrown out the window and the negative is held to the utmost! Yeah Mary Kay was married two or three times that does NOT mean she was not a Christian. Tons of prejudging and tons of smear and scare tactics does not a balanced opinion make. I could care less if someone came on this site and said they hated MK the company or the cosmetics as long as they didnt spew hate. Heck they dont even need facts to back it up if it is their emotion running the statements fine but please give a certain amount of respect. I see none of that in some of the behavior or in the discussion of morals.

    Even Blessed when he posts shows some element of respect. I understand the manipulation that goes on in any business but if you came in being a hater to begin with you will go out being a hater. Im like you MK4Me I have seen more twisted scriptures on TV then I have in MK!

  5. You do have to wonder...If I were Christian, I would not be making horrible photoshops of an image that my religion considered a holy symbol. Even from an outside point of view, that's grossly tacky to say the least.

    Pagans are generally a live and let live type. The main rule is do whatever you like as long as you are not hurting anyone else. My right to swing my fist ends where your nose begins, in other words. That's how I do things.

    Goths are a heterogeneous bunch, just like the general population. We have people of all religions and of no religion. We have lots of Christians because that's the dominant religion in this country. And I think most of us pay extra attention to how we treat other people because we have plenty of experience with being treated like poo.'s a high school clique over on PT. bleh.


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