Monday, April 19, 2010

Product Review: MK concealer, Nutmeg lipstick

I should have bought this much sooner.

First of all, the tube is a generous size compared to most concealers, and there's no waste because you can squeeze it all out.

Most liquid concealers are worthless IMHO. I was using MAC cream concealer before. It was good, no doubt...but the MK concealer covers better! And it disappears right into my skin. No telltale color change. It hides acne, redness, and dark circles. My skin is pretty tore up right now, but with the concealer it looks like perfect porcelain.

Hint for best coverage: If you use the MK liquid foundation, put the concealer on after foundation. If you use mineral powder foundation, put the concealer on before the powder.

Now for the lipstick: Nutmeg looks very cool brown in the tube. Combined with your lip color, it looks more natural than in the tube. Also, something else you can do with it: Put on Nutmeg, then put on a coat of MK Red, then blot lightly. This gives you a brick red color. As usual, the color is moisturizing, comfortable, and long lasting. I'm pale and I can wear it, so don't think you can't wear it if your skin is light. You could also put a coat of gold toned gloss over it. I have one that has the MK pineapple scent fragrance on one end and the gloss on the other.

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