Tuesday, April 6, 2010

eye makeup for pollen season

If you're like me, your eyes are watering like mad right about now. Very frustrating when you're trying to look your best.

I've developed a technique for this time. First, of course, prime your lids. Then, for the browbone and lid, use colors close to your own skin tone. (will not be super obvious when your eyes water part of it off.) Then put a bright pop of color in the crease and blend upwards into the browbone color so there are no harsh edges. Forget the outer V thing this time, because if your eyes tear up, that part will just get messed up. Use eyeliner pencil, not liquid or drylining with shadow...then finish with waterproof mascara.

For example: if you're medium to pale, try Sweet Cream or Spun Silk on your lid and crystalline or moonstone on your browbone. (Don't spread these pale shades into the crease, or your crease color will get diluted.) Then in the crease, you could use Iris, Raisin, Ivy Garden, Denim Frost (or other MK colors of about the same intensity).

This is also a good time to use those cream blushes and cream highlighter. Tears won't disturb them as easily as they would a powder blush.


  1. Great advice! Although I live in an area of the country where the pollen count doesn't get unbearably bad, I do live in a desert area , and it has been very windy here, which of course is stirring up dust. I wear contacts, get dust under them, and guess what happens to my makeup? I'm going to try this out tomorrow and see if I have better luck. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Hi Miranda,
    Oh,I am like you! Thanks for the advice! I forgot my eye primer yesterday and I really regretted it. I love that our liners are waterproof too, that's a huge plus for me!

  3. The Vanilla and Island Bronze Eyesicles are also PERFECT during pollen season. They go on as creams, set as powders, and are waterproof. I LOVE them. They are very blendable and mix well with any of the powder colors. You can control the intensity with ease. They can be applied with fingers or with a spongetip applicator, but I haven't tried to apply with a brush.


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