Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Great Change to Seminar Agenda!

If anyone has ever been to Seminar, as exciting as awards night can be it makes for a tough early morning the next day. I am sure you use more concealer getting ready Day 3 of Seminar than we do in an entire week, lol... the great news is the Company announced a change and I personally believe it will be amazing and fun!! And def. make it more enjoyable for everyone!! Who is planning on attending this year? I am sure it will be a Seminar to go down in History as we Celebrate 50 Years!! << From MK Intouch: << If you joined us for Seminar 2012, you noticed that we'd made some changes here and there to freshen up the format just a bit and keep the anticipation high. Well, guess what? We were only warming up for some even bigger changes coming this year! It's 2013, after all ... we've got to do this 50th anniversary thing up big with an extra dose of fabulous, wouldn't you agree? < I'm so incredibly excited - as in "edge-of-my-seat" excited! - to share with you that Awards Night is moving to an Awards Show Afternoon - starting late afternoon and continuing through early evening. As much as we all love to party, don't we all sort of have to admit that even the liveliest among us had a case of the yawns come midnight -and especially on Day 3 morning? < But don't worry - we're not ending the celebration too early that evening. After the recognition and glamour of Awards Show comes a super-fun After Party with a band. Who's invited? EVERYONE at Seminar! That's your opportunity to hit the dance floor with your Mary Kay girlfriends, celebrate the successes of those who were just onstage and capture all of those priceless photo opps! We'll wrap up the night around 10 p.m., giving you enough time to recharge for the next day. Oh - and we're not changing a thing with the attire for the Awards Show; as always, your gorgeous gowns are encouraged. This is your time to feel like the stars you are! Just make sure you can dance in those dresses, because you'll be feeling like a million bucks after a full afternoon of recognition! The Royalty Reception will kick off at the start of the After Party, and qualifiers will enjoy food and drinks in a special VIP area. Food will be available for purchase for other After Party attendees, so we've got everyone taken care of from start to finish! As we get closer to Seminar, we'll be entertaining other fun updates for the event of the year. (In fact, right now, we're even looking at some cool stage options that could help accommodate more seats in the arena!) We'll keep you posted. We shared this news with Independent National Sales Directors while at Leadership Conference, and we'll give your team members the scoop next week. Of course, if you're just so jazzed about these changes than you can't wait until next week to tell them yourself, we don't blame you! One more thing I want to share with you about Seminar: All new Sales Directors will debut on the Seminar stage, so no debuts at Career Conference. We're saving that special moment for the big stage at Seminar in front of thousands of their best Mary Kay girlfriends.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Fake Orders

This was asked from a reader but because I know it has been awhile since we covered this. But they are starting to happen again --- they really do try to play on a kind persons sympathies, -- plealse!! if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Noone in one state is going to look for someone across the country to get MK from. Should you get any orders like these, don't do anything except forward it to mary kay legal. From our reader: I have a customer that sent me an email saying that she was deaf and lives in Utah. She wants to place an order for her daughters birthday. Its a $428 order (pre tax), but its 1 item each, mostly, except for 2 things that she wants 2 of. She wants a timewise miracle set, satin lips set, peach satin hands set, night restore and recover complex, broad spectrum spf 30, 2 microdermabrasion sets, 2 Thinking of you parfums, and one bella belara parfum. I thought this sounded mostly reasonable until I read this... but even I myself have bought satin hands, satin lips, timewise miracle set, and a perfume all at the same time before. What should I do? This person contacted my phone first, and then through email.

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