Tuesday, March 27, 2012


On MSN Home page... love it... from Good Housekeeping Magazine! Our new liners!

Best New Makeup Finds Under $20

The new crop of lipsticks, blushes, and more comes with rock-bottom price tags and hard-to-beat performance.
4 of 18
©Good Housekeeping
Mary Kay Lip Liner and Eyeliner ($12 each)
These smooth operators (marykay.com) have built-in sharpeners. Try the clear lip liner with any lipstick!

©Good Housekeeping

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Do You Have a Question??

Folks, I am here and apologize for not being more active. I am trying.. Business/unit has been doing great and personally helping with care for two elderly parents- and new grandbabies!! Will hopefully be dedicating more time to this as I know it is helpful to many!! If you have a question, please comment here and that will help me with the next few posts. I try not to bore you with "reruns" but I guess new readers have not read everything I have written. Have a great day!!
Will be off to Career Conference this weekend, so I will have some exciting information to share when I return.

Think Spring - the new spring line is selling like crazy, I can not keep it on the shelf!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Just to note...

Happy St. Patrick's Day to Everyone!! Don't party too much!!

and mark your calendars for intouch maintenance:

Online Maintenance Outage Planned for April 6
Published 03.15.12
Major maintenance is being planned for our online communication resources beginning Friday, April 6, from 8 a.m. through approximately 6 p.m. (Central time). During this time the following websites will be unavailable:

•All Mary Kay® Personal Web Sites
•Mary Kay InTouch®
•Desktop Office Manager

During this window of time, anyone trying to access these sites will see a message letting her know that the sites are undergoing maintenance and upgrades. You may consider letting your customers know who could attempt to place orders through your Mary Kay® Personal Web Site during this period. Thank you for your cooperation!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Reader Question


YoYoMeFeb 15, 2012 05:06 AM
I'm not sure where to post this, but I happened to see that a bunch of the limited edition items for the upcoming catalogue (not this one) are on eBay. I thought we couldn't do that? Doesn't that hurt other consultants?
First, my apologies that your question wasn't addressed sooner. I just noticed - for awhile we didn't have the tickler at the right that showed the newer comments and that is usually how I check the comments.. that being said..

We are not suppose to sell any products on ebay. It is also against the agreement all of us sign when we become a consultant. Yes, selling product especially for below retail does hurt honest consultants who are trying to earn money thru running their businesses. The sad part is that there are dishonest people everywhere, even in Mary Kay and they will do whatever they want and they do not care who they hurt or affect as long as they are getting what they want.

Mary Kay Legal does try to catch these people to shut them down - and they do but it is more than a full time job and for ever one they shut down two pop up.

People who have had a bad experience will say hey so what, but if a consultant wants out of Mary Kay - there is the product buyback option available to them & it is always with them because it is a moving year window... - seems obviously to me that if they want out, why would they care if they use the buyback option that they can't be a consultant again, in most cases it is something they know they won't ever want to do again, so just use the buyback... the Company offers it so use it..that individual would get 90% of what they paid for the product back and it wouldn't affect those running their businesses honestly and to earn some money.

From some of the comments from the negative sites that I have read it seems they believe if their experience was bad, that everyone's must be bad - not true... and contrary to their belief - not everyone in Mary Kay is bad or brainwashed. I guess this is a way of justifying doing something that hurts (or may hurt others).

When it is product that is limited edition before it is even available to the consultants - that is even sadder because that probably means it is a director who is suppose to be setting an example of others... but knowing that we received the new products at leadership, and diq's and future directors were allowed to attend - there is a chance that some of those individuals would take that option.

Some people will do anything to win a prize, get recognition, etc... and they will not even give a thought to what is right and what is wrong. We must always remember that just because the decisions we make may be involved in a business... it is still a matter of right or wrong.. and in the end .. I would prefer to have a clear conscious on judgement day.

Mary Kay Named a Top 20 Brand by Brand Keys

Mary Kay Named a Top 20 Brand by Brand Keys
Published 03.02.12 WE DID IT AGAIN!!!!
Mary Kay clearly is hitting the mark with consumers, as we’ve once again been recognized by independent research firm Brand Keys as a “brand that delights”!
Brand Keys has studied consumer behavior for the last 16 years and just released its annual Customer Loyalty Index Survey. The 2012 survey examined customers’ relationships with 59...8 brands across 83 categories. Mary Kay tied for first as the top brand in the cosmetics category and was listed as one of the top 20 brands overall in the “Brands That Delight” category. This is the second year Mary Kay has been given that unique distinction. Brand Keys describes a “delightful” brand as one that excels at offering meaningful experiences with products and services at a higher level than its competitors. According to Brand Keys, consumers demand more from a brand than just satisfaction with a product’s performance; they demand quality experiences and authentic brand values.
The overwhelming majority of brands included in the “Brands That Delight” list are relatively newer, technology-based brands like Apple, Amazon, Google, Samsung and Facebook. Mary Kay, which celebrates its 50th anniversary next year, is not only the brand with the most longevity, but also the only cosmetics brand listed among the top 20.
“Being recognized as a brand that delights by Brand Keys offers additional validation to Mary Kay’s steadfast commitment to offering a great opportunity for women, exceptional customer service and products that are simply irresistible,” said Sheryl Adkins-Green, Mary Kay Inc.’s Chief Marketing Officer. “These three critical pillars influence all aspects of our business. We hope that anyone who interacts with the Mary Kay brand can say with confidence ‘I love my Mary Kay!’”

The New Botanical Line

The new botanical line is wonderful, I have tried it for awhile and I of course being over 25 will stay with the t.w. but I am very happy to have this to offer all my classic basic clients and those clients that t.w. is not an option for. I was pleasantly surprised how wonderful it felt and I do not believe I will have much trouble moving my classic basic clients over to it.

For us to provide the best products to our clients, there are times improvements are necessary. The classic basic is approx. 30 years old and so is the technology and the ingredients. There have been so many advances made, it is time to bring the "classic" into the "present' and that is exactly what this new botanical line does. It is not only enhanced with natural botanicals but the packaging is environmentally friendly which is also a big plus as many of us are becoming more aware of the well being of our plant!!

More info from Mary Kay Intouch:
Great news! Botanical Effects™Skin Care is now available to your
customers who are looking for a simple, effective skin care regimen.

Available in three formulas: Dry, Normal, Oily
Each regimen offers four products sold separately:
Cleanse ($14) Freshen ($14) Hydrate ($16) Mask ($14)

Botanical Effects™ Skin Care is infused with the goodness of botanicals personalized for each skin type to bring out its healthy radiance. We tested the regimen to make sure those with sensitive skin could share in the beauty of its botanical benefits. And yes, they can! Botanical Effects™ Skin Care is hypoallergenic and free of fragrance, alcohol and synthetic dyes. Plus, the packaging is gentle on the planet while the price goes easy on your budget. Now doesnÙt that just feel good?

Make the Switch.
Help new customers who are not yet concerned with the signs of aging or have sensitive skin concerns switch from their other brand of skin care to Botanical Effects™. And, help your Classic Basic® customers make the switch to new Botanical Effects™.

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