Sunday, March 4, 2012

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YoYoMeFeb 15, 2012 05:06 AM
I'm not sure where to post this, but I happened to see that a bunch of the limited edition items for the upcoming catalogue (not this one) are on eBay. I thought we couldn't do that? Doesn't that hurt other consultants?
First, my apologies that your question wasn't addressed sooner. I just noticed - for awhile we didn't have the tickler at the right that showed the newer comments and that is usually how I check the comments.. that being said..

We are not suppose to sell any products on ebay. It is also against the agreement all of us sign when we become a consultant. Yes, selling product especially for below retail does hurt honest consultants who are trying to earn money thru running their businesses. The sad part is that there are dishonest people everywhere, even in Mary Kay and they will do whatever they want and they do not care who they hurt or affect as long as they are getting what they want.

Mary Kay Legal does try to catch these people to shut them down - and they do but it is more than a full time job and for ever one they shut down two pop up.

People who have had a bad experience will say hey so what, but if a consultant wants out of Mary Kay - there is the product buyback option available to them & it is always with them because it is a moving year window... - seems obviously to me that if they want out, why would they care if they use the buyback option that they can't be a consultant again, in most cases it is something they know they won't ever want to do again, so just use the buyback... the Company offers it so use it..that individual would get 90% of what they paid for the product back and it wouldn't affect those running their businesses honestly and to earn some money.

From some of the comments from the negative sites that I have read it seems they believe if their experience was bad, that everyone's must be bad - not true... and contrary to their belief - not everyone in Mary Kay is bad or brainwashed. I guess this is a way of justifying doing something that hurts (or may hurt others).

When it is product that is limited edition before it is even available to the consultants - that is even sadder because that probably means it is a director who is suppose to be setting an example of others... but knowing that we received the new products at leadership, and diq's and future directors were allowed to attend - there is a chance that some of those individuals would take that option.

Some people will do anything to win a prize, get recognition, etc... and they will not even give a thought to what is right and what is wrong. We must always remember that just because the decisions we make may be involved in a business... it is still a matter of right or wrong.. and in the end .. I would prefer to have a clear conscious on judgement day.

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  1. Thank you for answering this question. Obviously, I don't have rose-tinted glasses to think that everyone runs business honestly (shocking, I know!). It was more of a "this has to be a director, right?" question, simply because of the new limited edition stuff. Also, I wanted to make sure I understood the agreement correctly, so that I wasn't missing a sales avenue. For readers on your site, which is great, it helps remind all of us that, yes, people will be unethical, but not everyone is. And that the decision to BE unethical hurts everyone. Thanks again for answering this!


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