Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Do You Have a Question??

Folks, I am here and apologize for not being more active. I am trying.. Business/unit has been doing great and personally helping with care for two elderly parents- and new grandbabies!! Will hopefully be dedicating more time to this as I know it is helpful to many!! If you have a question, please comment here and that will help me with the next few posts. I try not to bore you with "reruns" but I guess new readers have not read everything I have written. Have a great day!!
Will be off to Career Conference this weekend, so I will have some exciting information to share when I return.

Think Spring - the new spring line is selling like crazy, I can not keep it on the shelf!!


  1. Hi! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to ask a question. I recently joined MK back in November. :)

    I was researching some websites that would be helpful with growing my business, and I ran upon that AWFUL site "The Pink Truth" These women claim to be truth seekers that are trying ot HELP women, but all I see is constant negativity.

    I couldn't help but get sucked into some of their articles. I hate to admit this, but they have really disocuraged me from my business.

    I am sure that there are women out there who have had some really bad experiences, with bad directors and the like, but these women act as if they have been SCORNED. My goodness..

    Is there any truth to this? Is it IMPOSSIBLE top make money off of Mary Kay because of all the freebies and investments that you MUST put into it? Please give your thoughts on this.

    -Nikki E.

  2. Yes, their stories def. play on the heart strings until one has time to really think about them and taking all things into consideration.. Yes it is possible to make money and do it honestly without working 24/7. The most important part of it is to start and build your business properly and not 'buy" recognition and prizes, do not cheat the system and don't use and abuse people.. I will write more on this soon but Mary Kay can absolutely be a way to earn either part or full time pay!


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